tagMind ControlAlien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 03

Alien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 03


After hypnotizing Donna, Brian hypnotizes Kathy too for threesome sex with his fiancé's mother and aunt.

Not wanting her to see that he was naked, he figured that she'd suspect something was amiss if he answered the door without wearing any clothes. Who knows, after how she aggressively acted when they were alone in the dark corner of the pool, maybe she'd prefer seeing him naked? Hoping the light would work through glass, he quickly ran to grab his light from his pants pocket and shined it in Kathy's eyes through the side window of the door. Such a powerful little beam, he lit her up as if she was on stage and he was in charge of the spotlight.

Afraid to do anything else with the light other than to turn it on and off, he wondered what else this little light can do. Maybe this light is much more powerful than he imagines. Maybe this handy dandy light has a death beam and can kill people and/or animals. Maybe it can make whatever you point the beam at long enough to make it disappear. Maybe it can act as a time machine and allow someone to travel to the past or to the future. Maybe now that he knows he can hypnotize people with this magical, albeit alien light, especially women, he should put it down and not open Pandora's Box in trying to see what else the light does and can do.

What if she's not hypnotized? Taking a chance on opening the door naked, when he opened the door, she was standing there in the same way that Donna had stood there. She was stunned. She was mesmerized. She was hypnotized.

'Oh my God,' he thought to himself. 'I don't believe this. If hypnotizing Donna wasn't enough, now I've hypnotized Kathy too.'

By the mere shine of his light, she certainly looked hypnotized to him. Maybe Donna called her sister, asked her to come over, and to act hypnotized when she arrived. She could have called her sister to come over before he arrived and before he had hypnotized her, but then how would she know to ask Kathy to pretend that she was hypnotized when she wasn't even hypnotized yet? Moreover, he's been with Donna the whole time. She hadn't made any phone calls while he was there with her. Besides, with her supposedly hypnotized, the only thoughts she has are the hypnotic suggestions that he gives her. If he was to make a judgment call, he'd say that not only was Donna hypnotized but also now her sister was hypnotized too.

Maybe this little light is an alien stun gun that they used in Star Trek. As the writer and the producer of Star Trek, maybe what Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame dreamt up as a science fiction fantasy is now Brian's reality? Maybe what had crashed was indeed an UFO and not a passenger plane. Maybe what he holds in his hand today is what aliens will be holding in their hands in the future.

"Come inside," he said closing the door behind her as if he was Igor welcoming her into Dr. Frankenstein's Transylvanian castle instead of into this Pennsylvania farmhouse.

The only thing missing from his diabolic plan to have his wicked, sexual way with Kathy as he planned to do with Donna, was him laughing evilly and hysterically in the background. Trapped in his hypnotic trance of a web, he stared at her as if she was the dumb fly and he was the killer spider. A younger version and a newer model, thirty-eight-year-old Kathy was just as beautiful as her older sister, Donna, and with breasts just as big. He only wished that Irene had inherited her mother's and her aunt's big breasts. He'd be such a happy man if only Irene had tits. Maybe he wouldn't feel the need to have sex with his fiancé's mother and aunt if Irene was busty.

Yet, now that he's gone this far, with Donna already in bed naked, there's no turning back. Unless the women were to have no memory of being hypnotized, he could never explain this or apologize this way out of this, even if he wanted to not continue. With these two sexy beauties so shapely and so willing to play, judging them by how they were in the pool last summer, stretching the envelope and thinking out of the box, now he wondered what their mother, Irene's grandmother looked like. Maybe she too is just as voluptuous and as sexually naughty as her daughters. If that was the case, then he'd like nothing better than to hypnotize all four women, Irene, Kathy, Donna, and her grandmother, Kathy and Donna' mother. He'd like nothing better than to know what it feels like to have sex with three generations of the same family.

Incorrigibly in his sexual desire and diabolical in his hypnotic scheme to seduce these sisters, he was perversely perverted in wanting to have sex with his fiancé's entire female family. He not only wanted to bed his fiancé but also her mother, her aunt, and now even her grandmother too. If Irene only had sisters, no doubt he'd want to bed them too. Undoubtedly, his sexual lust would stretch to Irene's cousins if they were as hot and good looking as the rest of her female relatives. An understatement, so long as his little light didn't run low on batteries, he couldn't wait to meet them all while thinking of laughing diabolically.

With him keeping his sexual desire all in the family, he had the morals of a hillbilly having sex with his sister, his mother, and all the rest of his kinfolk. Knowing what Irene is like now when in her twenties, by having sex with Donna and Kathy, he'd be testing the waters to see what Irene would be like when she's in her late thirties and early forties. Then, imagining having sex with grandma, he'd know ahead of time what Irene would be like when she's in her sixties.

* * * * *

"Come with me," said the spider to the fly while leading Kathy to Donna's bedroom.

When he entered the bedroom, as if she was a model posing for a Rembrandt painting, Danae painted in 1636 or Bathsheba at her Bath painted in 1654, Donna was on her back staring at the ceiling. As if he hit an off button before he left her alone, she looked like she was sleeping albeit with her eyes open. Strangely enough and telling him that Kathy was hypnotized too, when he entered the bedroom with her sister, there was no warm sisterly greeting, no hugs, and no kisses from Donna or from Kathy. As if they didn't even know one another, not even so much as acknowledging one another, they both just stared straight ahead. Donna stared at the ceiling and Kathy stared at the wall. Not wasting any time, should the roads open and Irene suddenly appear out of nowhere in the way that Donna appeared when he was in the pool making out with Kathy, he gave Kathy her first hypnotic suggestion.

"Undress," he said looking at Kathy as if she was a hot meal after not eating all day. "Take off your clothes. Strip yourself naked," he said. In the way he couldn't believe when Donna started undressing herself, he couldn't believe it when Kathy started stripping. "I want to see you naked," he said reinforcing his hypnotic suggestion by repeating his sexual desire for Kathy in the way he did with Donna.

Never having hypnotized anyone before, he had no idea what he was doing but with the help of that magic, alien, flashlight, with him quickly becoming a serial hypnotist, he was a master hypnotist. He wondered how long the trance lasted. When he was done having sex with the two sisters, he wondered how he could awaken them. With the roads possibly closed for days, perhaps he shouldn't worry about awakening them for days. Only with him more concerned with other and more sexual things, he'll worry about awakening them later. For now, he wanted to see Kathy naked.

* * * * *

In the same sexy way that Donna unbuttoned her blouse, one slow button at a time, he watched Kathy unbutton her blouse. First he saw the tops of her meaty, D cup breasts. Then he saw her long line of sexy cleavage. Finally, he saw her bra. As if waiting for his next hypnotic command, she stopped for further instructions.

"Take it off. Take off your blouse and show me your bra," he said. "I want to see what you look like in your brassiere."

Watching her undress was as if he was watching her undress in his sexual fantasy while sleeping or while masturbating himself over the thoughts of having sex with Donna and/or Kathy. Without even a look to see who was hiding in her bedroom closet, Kathy removed her blouse as if she was alone in her bedroom. Standing there in her pale, blue bra and skintight jeans, her body was just as shapely as was Donna's body. With things like this never happening to him, nothing ever happens in this small town.

He couldn't believe that first he was able to somehow hypnotize Donna and get her to strip naked and now able to hypnotized Kathy, he was getting her to strip naked too. More than even that, he had a huge window of hours, maybe even days to sexually experience not only Donna's beautiful body but also Kathy's beautiful body too. After having sex with Irene's mother and aunt, with them not knowing and/or even suspecting that they were so sexually violated by him, he'd have a sly smile on his smug face when standing at the altar ready to marry Irene. With him already knowing not only what his future mother-in-law looks like naked but also her sister, he was soon to find out what they're like in bed too, something that he doesn't even know about his virgin, soon-to-be bride. Truly, life doesn't get any better than this.

"Now your jeans. Take off your jeans. I can't wait to see what you look like in your bra and panty," he said.

As soon as he got the words out for her to take off her jeans, Kathy had her jeans unbuttoned and unzipped. She shimmied down her skintight jeans in the way that a snake sheds its skin, very slowly. She kicked off her sneakers and lifted her legs to extricate herself from her tight jeans. Then, as if she was a lingerie model posing for a fashion photographer, she stood before him in her sexy blue bra and matching bikini panties in the way her sister did just a few minutes before. Only, where Kathy had sexy, blue lingerie, Donna wore virginal white.

"Wow," he mumbled under his breath and quiet enough for Kathy and/or Donna not to hear.

If he thought Donna had a good body, Kathy had an even better body. My God, the gene pool in this family is totally amazing. Now, for sure, he couldn't wait to meet grandma.

* * * * *

In the way he did with Donna's underwear clad body, he ogled Kathy's underwear clad body. With Donna already on the bed naked, Kathy would soon be naked and on the bed with her sister. He always wanted to have sex with two sisters, twins actually. Yet, in the close resemblance they these two sisters looked, they could be twins and he enjoyed imagining that they were. A personal, sexual fantasy, favorite of his, it sexually excited him even more to think that he was about to have sex with identical twin sisters.

"Now your bra. I want to see your breasts. Show me your tits," he said.

Without hesitation, Kathy reached behind her, unhooked her bra, and removed her big, blue brassiere. First her blouse, then her jeans, and now her bra, her natural, D cup breasts were just as spectacular as her sister's natural, D cup breasts. She had big nipples just as her sister did. He couldn't wait to touch her breasts. He couldn't wait to feel her tits. He couldn't wait to finger her nipples and suck her big tits. Only, as he did with Donna, slowly bringing her along to now spook her awake, with him having no idea of what he was doing, he didn't dare touch Kathy for fear of awakening from her hypnotic trance.

Having waited long enough to see Donna's sister naked, it was time for Kathy to remove her panty. It was time for Kathy to show him her pussy. It was time for Kathy to get completely nude. It was time to get both women in bed and do what most men would love to do with two, hot, naked sisters. Knowing that he could probably get one of them in bed, unless hypnotized as they obviously were now, there'd be no way that he'd ever get both of these beauties naked and in bed together.

As if he was a modeling agent or a Playboy photographer and Kathy and Donna were his au natural models, he was eager to compare the bodies of the two women. With both seemingly having identical bodies, he couldn't help but wonder what their mother looked like. Perhaps grandma looked more like Irene then she looked like Donna and/or Kathy. Perhaps great bodies skip a generation for them to develop as if a new strain of grape growing on the vine that will surely mature into the desired vintage. He couldn't help but think of the wine called Manage a Trois wine, a bold and sensual wine that's a tad risqué and something that the women had in common with the wine. He couldn't even imagine a better variety of wine matching these sisters with what he was about to do with them in bed.

* * * * *

"Now for your panties. Take off your panties," he said. Hoping he didn't jolt her out of her hypnotic trance by talking so sexually explicit to her, he couldn't help himself from being inappropriate vulgar. "I want to see your naked pussy and beautiful your ass. I need to see your cunt. I want to see you naked Kathy," said Brian without shame or remorse that he had not only hypnotically suggested his fiancé's mother to strip naked but also he was commanding her aunt to strip naked too.

In one downward swipe, as if removing a canvas from an invaluable work of art, Kathy removed her panty. She was naked. Both Donna and Kathy were naked. With Kathy standing in front of him and Donna on her back in bed, he looked from one woman to the other woman. A sexual fantasy come true, he couldn't believe he was about to have sex with not only his future mother-in-law but also her younger sister too. After experiencing the two women sexually, his life and his relationships with them would never be the same.

Only, what he did here tonight would forever be his dirty little secret that he had inappropriate sex with not only Irene's mother but also her aunt while they were hypnotized. Indeed, the God of luck was shining down upon him today. Indeed, today is a wonderful day. Indeed, today was the best day of his young life. He couldn't wait to have sex with the two women.

"Get on the bed next to your sister," he said watching her get on the bed. As soon as Kathy climbed on the bed, taking things one step further and in a totally different direction, he surprised even himself by what he said next. "I want to watch you making out with your sister."

He was so glad that Donna had a king-sized bed. Needing to make sure they were both hypnotized and not pretending to be hypnotized, he needed for them to do something that they'd never do if they weren't hypnotized.

"Kiss one another while touching one another," he said.

* * * * *

As soon as he uttered his hypnotic suggestion, they obeyed. They were kissing. They were French kissing. They were making out while touching and feeling one another where sisters should never touch and feel one another. He couldn't believe his eyes. He watched them making out. He watched them feel their breasts, squeeze their asses, and finger their pussies. Another sexual fantasy of his coming true, watching two women having lesbian sex, this day just gets better and better.

He always wanted to watch two women going at one another. Taking things a step further, even though they were obviously hypnotized, he wondered if they'd have sex with one another. Maybe because having lesbian sex with one another is something they wouldn't ordinarily do when not hypnotized, they wouldn't do now when hypnotized. Nonetheless, Donna and Kathy were going at one another as if they were lesbians incarcerated in prison in the new comedy show, Orange is the New Black. French kissing one another as if they were lesbian lovers instead of close knit sister, he couldn't believe they were touching and feeling one another while French kissing one another.

If lesbian sex between two heterosexual women wasn't hot enough, watching two sisters going at one another was even hotter. In the way they were making out with one another, if they weren't hypnotized, then they were great actresses. He imagined all the possibilities he could do with his wonderful, little, magical light. With the world's female population at his disposal, at his mercy, and vulnerable to his sexual interaction, no woman was safe around him now.

"Now me," he said climbing in bed between them. "Kiss me Kathy," he said to Kathy.

As soon as he told her to kiss him, she buried her tongue in his mouth. Oh, my God, a sexual fantasy come true, she was such a great kisser. Now he couldn't wait to kiss Donna to compare who was the better kisser. Yet, first, he wanted more than just a kiss from Irene's mother. He wanted another one of her great blowjobs. He couldn't wait to feel his cock buried in her mouth again while Kathy continued kissing him and while he felt her big tits and fingered her erect nipples.

"Suck my cock Donna," he said.

With him positioned beside Kathy while making out with her, immediately Donna climbed over him to take his stiff prick in her hand before taking him in her mouth. While Kathy was French kissing him, Donna was sucking and stroking him. Now he needed to know who the better kisser was and who the better cocksucker was.

"Now switch off," he said. "You suck my cock Kathy and you kiss me Donna," he said.

Not really into controlling women, it sucked that he had to tell them everything to do. He wished they'd take it upon themselves to sexually pleasure him instead of him having to tell them all that he wanted them to do. Still, he should have a problem. He should have a complaint. Not only was he seeing these two sexy sisters naked but also they were seeing him naked too while he had sex with them. Still not totally convinced that they were hypnotized, he had one final test to see if they truly were under some type of hypnotic spell that was caused by that light he shined in their eyes.

* * * * *

"Let me watch you eat your sister, Donna, while I fuck you from behind.

Just when he thought that things couldn't get any sexually better, they did. Immediately, with her on her knees on the bed with ass sticking up in the air, Donna fell between Kathy's legs. Brian watched Donna lick and finger her sister while he positioned himself behind her. He rubbed Donna's clit and fingered her pussy before inserting himself inside of her. She was so wet, plenty wet enough to accept his stiff prick inside of her pussy. Slowly humping her to go deeper inside of her, he fucked her doggie style while reaching down to grab onto her big tits.

As if he was riding a horse at the rodeo, he rode Donna. Looking down over her, he watched Donna finger and lick Kathy while he slid his cock deeper inside of her. She had her younger sister moaning and wiggling in just a few minutes and he had Donna wigging her sweet ass for more. Sliding in and out of her while humping her, she was so wet, plenty wet for him to slide right inside of her and back out again to build up the friction.

With her only having the one child and with her not having a steady man in her life, she was so tight too, as tight as he imagined Irene would be being that she was a virgin. He wondered if when he finally had sexually intercourse with her daughter, Irene, if she'd feel as good as having sexual intercourse with her mother did now. No doubt, Irene would be even tighter than her mother. No doubt, with Kathy not having given birth, she'd be even tighter than her sister.

Humping her faster but not too hard, he didn't want to interrupt Donna eating her sister. It felt so good to fuck Irene's mother while feeling her big tits and fingering her hard nipples. He reached beneath her to get a better feel of her big tits and finger her erect nipples while fucking her a little harder and a little faster. Not wanting to cum just yet, he still needed to fuck Kathy. Before fucking Kathy, he wanted her to suck his cock. After Donna has already sucked his cock twice, he needed Kathy to suck his cock too. Having had enough of Donna, not that she was a bad fuck but that he was so sexually excited to have sex with Kathy too, he saved Donna for when he was horny later. Now, moving from one sister to the other, it was Kathy's turn to give him hot sex.

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