Alien Fur


Watch out for those beams of light. You might like it. If you don't like fur, run like mad.


While I was driving to an event one night about a year ago I was abducted. A bright light engulfed my car as I was driving down this dark back country road and the engine quit. I stepped out of the car to check it out and just like in the movies I was drawn up in a beam of light into a spacecraft. Everything else was totally different from the movies and TV stories from that moment on. At that time I was one of a very few abducted under these circumstances as these Aliens had only recently discovered our Planet.

I am no sooner in the space craft than my clothes are removed by invisible hands. I am then pulled onto a broad, thickly cushioned fur covered platform on my back and restrained by wide and soft fur straps around my ankles, upper thighs, chest, shoulders and wrists. The fur straps around my thighs sandwich my cock and scrotum and are rubbing against them.

All the fur was very long and ultra soft. It's incredible. I never thought much about fur before but I am immediately stiff with my cock sticking straight up in the air engulfed in the fur. I'm proud of my cock as it is rather large and thick and tonight it is quite fine standing up surrounded and caressed by additional wonderful fur that just appears around it. The furs seem to urge it to new heights.

I don't want to escape as I am lulled by soft humming sounds into a hypnotic, peaceful and wonderfully erotic state of mind. If I didn't know better I would think it a dream.

I feel sensations around my tool but can see nothing other than some furs floating, moving and wrapping around it. I am going out of my mind with the sensations of the furs around my cock!! They are so soft and stimulating like an ultimate vagina.

I am on the verge of ejaculation when a gorgeous woman materializes on my cock, the furs having mysteriously vanished and my cock is fully immersed in her vagina.

She is very tight and is already moving up and down on my cock slowly squeezing it with her soft vagina while fondling my body with more furs. She is in a hooded fur jumpsuit with cutaways around her vagina and tits.

Another pair of hands, like the cat of Alice in Wonderland appear also fondling my body with even more furs. I can hold back no longer and let loose with the longest ejaculation of my life. It was as if my entire body was being drained. Powerful pulsing shots into this woman's vagina that seemed to go on forever.

The fur Alien was moaning and shaking as she ground around my cock in a rotational motion, further stimulating me as I ejaculated into her. I think she was having an orgasm. I was sexually satiated beyond any previous intercourse of my life.

Near the end of my ejaculations another woman materializes over my chest and face. She is wrapped in furs except for the area around her breasts where the furs were cut away, exposing them to me for my sucking pleasure. They are firm medium sized tits with large, firm and protruding nipples.

My ejaculations gradually taper off and, though I couldn't see for the gorgeous tits in my mouth, it felt like a mouth licking and sucking my cock clean. The furs once again engulf my cock. It has softened some but is still half alert.

The woman then kisses me with a deep, wet and penetrating kiss causing my whole body to tingle. Also I feel the furs around my tool moving and fondling it back to full attention. It is soon standing at full attention again.

A different woman dressed in fur materializes on my cock again. They are all in loose fitting fur jumpsuits with hoods and the cut away areas.

There is a soft extra thick small fur hood around the opening behind her vagina which wraps around my scrotum and as we fuck the motion fondles them with the fur. The fur hood like collar around the breasts wraps around my face and as I suck her tits there are hands fur fondling my face.

I think the suites are fully fur lined as well. The women writhe and squirm in them with ethereal smiles. When we kiss the same is true with the hood over her head. Their hair is heavenly and full of large fluffy fur "tails". They use those to very good effect over my body as they kiss me all over.

The woman who just materialized on my cock is moving in the softest and smoothest way imaginable. It is like there is fur inside their vaginas as well.

I am exploding in yet another ejaculation series of pulsing shots. When they climax it is like a musical chorus accompanied by much squeezing of their vagina, shuttering and jerking of their bodies causing a heightening and prolonging of my ejaculations.

After my second copulation another woman materializes on my body in the 69 position and already has my cock in her mouth smoothly sucking on it. Her vagina is as fragrant as flowers and sweet as honey. I devour her and she is humping my face in short order. My tongue is in her and I am biting her sweet button. She jerks away only to shove it back into my face again so I bite her button again only softer and more sustained. She pushes it more forcefully into my face as I suck and lick her. There are soon the sweetest juices flowing all over my face and she turns around and slides my revived cock deep into her.

I start to buck up into her and can feel the end of my cock ramming against her cervix. The thigh straps are loose to let me do this. She lets loose with a loud moan unlike any of the previous women. It was like an echo or chorus.

I suddenly look up into her face and it is a woman down the street from my house!!!

"What are you doing here??" She is still in an ecstatic state and not responding at all. Her orgasm is totally consuming her. I ram her with all my might, slamming against her cervix and she flies into a convulsive orgasm like none I have ever seen. The grunting moans with each ram is accompanied with the chorus which massages my mind to greater ejaculation. My cum is filling her to overflow, running out on my stomach. She collapses on my chest, not dematerialized like the others.

Another mouth, body attached this time, is eagerly licking and cleaned all the juices around my cock making it totally stiff again. After a few moments of recovery for her and me she softly kisses me with a lingering tingling kiss. "You are our love slave. We need you for our healthy procreation and you are doing a marvelous job."

"You are from down the street from me?"

"You're correct. I was scouting for likely candidates. None of the other men have worked out very well at all so far except for you. Your sperm is excellent and you offer very stimulating intercourse. You respond to the furs excellently as we had intended."

"It was a surprise to me but I find them very exciting as well as the sex with you. I don't know if I can do without them now. I'll have to get some furs for myself when I get back, that is if you are going to send me back?"

"Yes, of course."

"You don't really have to restrain me. I will be ever so willing to participate in this need of yours." Suddenly the restrains vanish.

"Actually they were kind of exciting. It was very nice to be restrained and ravaged in such a way."

"Anytime you want them just say Restraints and they will be there."

I wrap my arms around her rolling her over in the furs, straddling her, simultaneously sliding my stiffened cock deep into her ramming against her cervix once again stroking her tits and grabbing her hair, pulling her to me in a deep and passionate kiss.

She is writhing wildly, screaming and moaning sliding into an ecstatic and orgasmic state. Her juices flowing and she is humping for all she is worth. Each time my cock touches her cervix she lets out with a sharp gasping moan with each stroke.

I increase the rhythm until she is screaming for more. The room is a crescendo chorus and her kisses are sending this same tingling through my body which is increasing my drive and passion making me rather light headed as I am pumping her to orgasm.

I began to shoot more copious loads into her as she increases the intensity of her moaning, kissing me with more tingling kisses. I cannot stop shooting my juices into her. Big load after big load. She suddenly lets go with another writhing , jerking and humping orgasm. Screaming and moaning for all she is worth. The room is like a Cathedral Choir. It feels as if my entire body is being sucked dry but I don't care for the high state of excitement I am experiencing.

This has become an addiction with the heightened sexual intercourse and the soft fur clad bodies of the women. I suddenly realize I cannot live without it and would gladly die for the last pulsing climax rammed fully into their wonderful tight fur like vagina's.

By this time I am in every way spent. I couldn't even get an erection let alone produce sperm.

"What has happened to me?"

"We don't know. No other man has gone this far with us. We think we have drained you. We hope you will recover. If you recover and want to return just go to the same spot on the road in the evening and blink your lights five times, five seconds then three times."

"What is with the chorus?"

"We all feel to a lesser extent what any one of us feels. When one of us is in orgasm we all are and responding in kind."

With that I was "Beamed" back down, fully dressed, beside my car and I was once again alone. When I got in my car and checked the clock only a few minutes had passed and it was the same evening. I started the car and continued on to the event.

While I was there all was totally normal except my memories and the total inability for an erection and scrotum like two small, shriveled raisins.

A woman I knew who has been hitting on me for sometime now that I know wants to make it with me came over. She would normally have me stiff as a fence post with her flirting but left me limp as a dishrag. She normally took pride in doing this to me, liking to see the large bulge in my pants. Tonight she left disappointed. She also seemed ordinary and unsexy to me now.

On return home all was also quite normal.

The following Monday I went to the office for a normal days work with all else quite routine. After several days my mind went back to its normal tasks and I was back into the routine of things not thinking too much of my abduction.

In fact I gradually began to think on occasion that it must have been a dream. Nearly two weeks had gone by when in the middle of the night I awoke from a dream of the abduction where I was fully into intercourse in the furs and awoke shooting cum all over myself and the bed.

I was suddenly very horny and wanted the women passionately, obsessively. I was way beyond the dream and no amount of masturbation would satisfy this craving. It was the deep craving addiction I had realized before being sent back that only much intercourse with the women would satisfy.

I got dressed and was at the site on the darkened road hardly before I realized it. I blinked five times then three and waited.

I was suddenly feeling very foolish. What if it is only a dream. Well, I only have myself to feel silly with.

No sooner was I thinking this than a narrow beam of light shown down beside my car door. I stepped out and was transported as before but with a narrow beam not nearly so bright.

This time the room was filled with beautiful women moving all around me fondling and caressing me and kissing me all over. Every inch of the space was covered with furs and thick blankets of fur floating around free.

I was soon having intercourse as I was being moved, more like floating, still totally surrounded by the fur clad women rubbing and fondling me from all sides. Breasts were in my face for my pleasure. Magnificent tits and sweet vagina's in my mouth.

I had my arms around a fur clad woman as she humped and moaned to the rhythm of my cock in her. Their fur filled hair was all over me.

I lost track of the orgasms with the women I inseminated or the times I ejaculated. It all seemed seamless and accompanied by their chorus massaging my mind and body.

There were the constant tingling kisses driving me on to new heights and nearly perpetual ejaculation.

During this ecstasy the voice of one woman spoke softly in my ear saying it was no longer just for procreation. They had become addicted to intercourse with me and wanted me as often as I could recover.

After I was spent I was not sent back immediately but was still surrounded by possibly a dozen women or more. They were continuing to fur fondle me and I held and fondled them, caressing their bodies and tits fondling their vagina's and kissing them passionately. I made as many as I could orgasm without intercourse, sucking vagina after vagina.

"This is a new experience for us that we are unable to do for each other. Our other ships have found a few other men around your planet now that are able to do what you do for us but we have only found two others for us. It is still not enough to keep us all satiated now that you have raised us to this new level of arousal. You had much more semen this time. Please come back as often as you can."

"I am addicted to you and forever your fur-love slave."

Subsequent visits after that they pleasured me in all manner of ways. Once when I entered the room they were all tied to posts wearing the thickest furs I had ever seen with their breast and vagina's exposed as usual. Thicker fur hoods and flaps around their openings as well as their heads. I discovered I could hover as they do on my own. I proceeded to ravage them as they had done to me my first time. I hovered with my cock at their face and they sucked me to full pleasure. Or hover in the 69 position with wonderful results. I sucked their vagina's as they sucked my cock ravaging them in bondage. They were moaning and screaming with agony and pleasure quite dramatically and, I am sure, quite sincerely, each pleading to be next. They were all wearing different furs which they are doing more creatively now.

On the fifth visit The space was once again filled to nearly overflow with furs and I began taking the 'suits' off the women as we joined for copulation. I more actively fur fondled their bodies all over prior to intercourse and as we were engaged.

After that they seldom wore the suites for our activities but only while lounging around after and not always then. Their bodies are flawless.

The time following that the space was much smaller and barely enough space for all our bodies and cushions of thick, soft Russian Sable blankets between us all as I squirmed and wriggled through and into their bodies.This was right after I brought them one. The orgasms were intense and I inseminated every woman that time.

They can replicate any type of fur plus some I'm sure never existed. I am bringing different ones of my preference to them from time to time.

Once I came to an entire room of thickly padded Chinchilla surfaces, platforms and blankets. We had communal intercourse like the second time with all totally wrapped in Chinchilla.

Next time they had a double thick version of the Chinchilla. We sure had a fucking good time in the Chinchilla and have had many more. It's a fur theme we all like very much.

When we are locked together it is as if I am in their mind and they in mine. I can read their thoughts and connect directly to their passion. I am compelled to satisfy them.

Their thoughts alone are sufficient reward. To share a thought we kiss. The stronger and more passionate the kiss the more complete the thought transfer.

Sucking their vagina has the same results. They like it better since they get an additional orgasm. Their thoughts are as soft as the furs and it is like being encased in furs of the mind. We don't "talk" much anymore.

This form of abduction you simply don't hear about because the abducted keep it as their secret. I only share this because of your mutual passion for furs.

Why would I tell any one else? The sexual and loving gratification is its own reward and I certainly have no compulsion to brag about it to just anyone.

I now focus on my work, making as much money as I can to support my new habit. Furs, lots and lots of furs. Also things like concerts and movies or other pleasures in life. I am always totally sexually satiated.

My rejuvenation has shortened to two or three days now and it seems the more I do it the more semen I produce. Any more than a week and my scrotum are so painful that I can't stand it so my visits are about every four days maximum now.

There are times when I have to do it daily for a few days in a row. This too is happening more often. I also spend more time fondling after being spent now and getting to know them individually and personally, sharing our thoughts. They are equally lovely in mind and spirit as in body.

I bought the piece of property and built a house where I am regularly abducted with an ultraviolet signal light on the roof pointing up so no one driving by or flying over will notice.

My abductors are very happy about that now. I have 15 wives now with as many children on the way, all girls of course.

The Daughters get their own Ship when they come of age and have to recruit their own stud husbands.

Who knows, you may have a lucky abduction one evening.

Good Luck.

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