tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAlien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 03

Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 03


"Alicia, Alicia, come in! Come on, tell me you're still there!" Taylor's voice crackled urgently over the radio.

The blonde-haired marine snatched it up from beside the security console and quickly responded back.

"Yeah Taylor, do you copy? What's your position?" Alicia huffed into her com set.

"I just showed up at residential complex D. The door's locked and my bypass module can't crack the damn thing because someone sealed the door from the inside. I'm guessing that was you," Taylor replied.

She wiped a bead of sweat from her brow. "Affirmative; I had to keep myself bunkered down here good and tight after I got the power back on. Couldn't risk any of the bugs getting in here," she said.

"Roger that. But, if you don't mind, I'd prefer to have this door open soon before any unwelcome guests come knocking."

"Oh shit yeah, sorry," Alicia mumbled, quickly scanning her eyes over the security console.

She fiddled with a few buttons and looked up at the wall of security cams in front of her. To the far left, a black and white video feed of a single marine impatiently waiting by a metal door into the building was seen.

"Alright I've got eyes on you. Someone down there looks a little nervous," she chuckled into her radio, staring at the security cam.

"Gee, you think? As much as I'd like to admire the beautiful exterior of this building a little longer I think I'd rather be indoors now. Like now now would be preferable," Taylor grunted back.

"Alright, alright, stand by. I'm unsealing the door. Be ready," she said to him.

She tapped away at the center keyboard of the console, occasionally looking back at security cam for any signs of trouble. On the cam, Taylor had his back pressed against the metal door as he was warily directing the beam of his flashlight in every direction of the barren street. Alicia typed in the final verification code into the console and with a loud pinging noise, the security system temporarily deactivated.

"Ok, the system is down for a few moments. Start the bypass and that door should open," said Alicia.

"Ugh great," Taylor sighed into the radio. "Watch my back while I do this would you?"

"I've got a fix on you. Just get that door open ASAP."

Taylor hooked up his electronic bypass module to the door mechanism. He diligently began splicing together red wires from his module to green wires on the door mechanism as Alicia intently watched him on the security cam. Halfway through the process, both Taylor and Alicia jerked up in their respective locations as the screech of a terrifying xenomorph rang through the street adjacent to Taylor.

"Speed it up Private, that's an order," Alicia chided into the radio.

"Almost done, almost done!" Taylor grumbled back urgently as he spliced the last few wires together. After that, he typed in several codes on his module. Finally, the metal door drew open as the screeches of the xenomorphs grew louder.

"Get inside quick, I'm sealing the door!" Alicia urged, already beginning to type in the code that would bring the security network back online.

Taylor scrambled to gather his module and stow it away back into the satchel slung over his shoulder. He then practically dove in through the doors, moving to manually close them behind him. As the doors slammed shut, a clicking noise was heard as Alicia reactivated the locks from the security room.

"Alright I'm in. What's your position?" he asked her.

"Third floor, security room 4," she replied. "There's a stairwell straight ahead that can take you to the third floor. From there, make a left, a sharp right, another right, and then go straight to the end of the hall."

Taylor took a deep breath and moved through the cold, desolate corridors of the building, guiding his way with the handy flashlight as he went. All the while, Alicia watched each of the cams carefully, looking for even the faintest sign of movement.

"So...were there a lot of xenos in this building when you came in?" Taylor asked into the radio as quietly as he could.

"No, not very many. Rodrigo and Pyle got snatched up by the xenos outside before I got to this building. I only had to kill a few xenos once I got in here and then I was mostly home free," she responded.

"Mostly?" Taylor asked as he reached the stairwell.

Alicia bit her lip as she thought about the unprecedented encounter that she had had not a half hour ago. She initially felt inclined to mention what had happened between her and the mysterious humanoid alien, but eventually decided against it. Taylor didn't need to be informed about the other species and he definitely didn't need to know about what Alicia had done with one of them.

"Umm yeah, mostly. There were a few xenos in the security center when I showed up but I wasted them so it was no issue," Alicia replied hesitantly.

"Well that's good," Taylor huffed as he dashed through the halls of the building.

After a few minutes, Taylor had ascended the stairwell and had finally navigated his way to the security center. He looked up and gave a casual wave to the security cam looking down on him outside the room.

"Peek-a-boo," she laughed, "Gimme one sec, I'll get that door open for you."

She typed in yet another code into her console before the door to her room slid open. The black-haired marine stepped his way inside as the door automatically slammed shut behind him. Taylor let out a ragged sigh of relief at his newfound sanctuary, slipping the satchel off of his back and dropping it to the floor.

"Freedom!" Taylor jokingly gasped, falling to his knees and kissing the floor of the security room.

Alicia laughed, putting her radio aside as looked over the security cams one more time. Taylor got back on his feet and stretched himself out as he turned to her. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he looked at his fellow marine.

He now realized that Alicia was completely missing her pants. Her finely toned legs were bare and uncloaked as were the globes of her ass. A pair of grey panties was the only physical shield to her nestled treasures from Taylor's greedy eyes wandering over her legs and rear end. Alicia didn't even seem to notice that Taylor was ogling her backside until she turned to face him.

"Erm, Corporal," he coughed, averting his eyes. "What happened to your dungarees?" he asked her.

Alicia looked down at herself, blushing. Somehow she had completely forgotten about the loss of her pants in her "struggle" with the Predator. She looked back up at Taylor who was staring back at her with a raised eyebrow.

"L-, long story," she mumbled. "Xeno took a slash at me and shredded away the whole bottom part. It's a bit disgraceful I know, but hey, I'm still alive aren't I?" she lied, her grin complimenting it.

Taylor nodded slowly, his eyes still tracing over her voluptuously sculpted legs. Alicia smirked, snapping her fingers to grab his attention.

"Focus, Private. So, what the hell took you so long to get here?" she asked. Now the tables had turned and he was put in the same spotlight she had just been put in.

Taylor gulped in response. Just as his brief surge of arousal was starting to dissipate, it quickly resurfaced again as he thought to his own unusual experience with the female Predator in the central garage in the industrial complex. Unaware that Alicia herself had been in a nearly identical situation with one of the humanoid aliens, Taylor tried to keep his own activities from the other side of the colony concealed from her.

"Well...I...I tried to cut a shortcut through the southern motor pool but there was a hive of those eggs infesting it. So...I had to take the long way around to get back to you," he said to her, hoping that she would buy his excuse.

Alicia stared at him for a moment with arms crossed, trying to read his expression. Truthfully, as his superior officer, she always enjoyed making him squirm under stress. Taylor stood there rubbing his arms uncomfortably before she finally nodded in acceptance of his excuse with a smile. Outside of Alicia's view, Taylor pushed off the concealed hunting knife that the Predator had given him to the back of his belt so that she couldn't see it.

Taylor drew up his pack in order to change the subject. "I've got a spare pair of dungarees in my bag. Keep in mind they're not your size so they may be a bit baggy. Better then nothing though; it's not exactly warm on this dump," he said.

He drew out the extra pair of grey pants that he had stowed away and tossed them over to her. She caught them abruptly and rung them out, looking at them intently.

"Why do you carry extra dungarees with you? You don't soil yourself during combat do you?" she asked with a grin.

Taylor smirked, shrugging his shoulders. "What can I say? I don't possess half the backbone that you do," he replied, eliciting a laugh from her. "No, I've always brought an extra pair of dungarees after that revolt on Freya. Remember all those tropical storms?"

She shuddered. "As if I could forget. I looked like someone water-boarded me after we got back from that mission."

Alicia slipped her legs into the dungarees that Taylor had given her, pulling them up to her waist as Taylor turned to take account of his items. Alicia looked up at him as she buckled herself up.

"By the way, where's your weapon?" she asked.

Finally, a question that he could answer truthfully. "One of those fuckin xenos charged me earlier. I fired off a few rounds but it got into melee with me anyway. When I shot it in the head, its blood splattered and melted away the entire muzzle of my pulse rifle. After that, it was just dead weight and there was no point of haulin' it around anymore," he explained.

She nodded. "Fine, grab a replacement from the weapon locker behind me. I think there's a couple in there with a few clips," Alicia said as she laced up her boots.

Taylor worked his way around her and drew open doors of the metal weapon locker against the back wall. He pulled out one of the two pulse rifles from inside and inspected the gun from muzzle to butt. This one appeared to be a slightly-rusty, older model that had apparently seen better days. It would have to do though. He slung it over his right shoulder and began stocking up on the spare ammo clips, putting them into the pack on his left shoulder.

As he was arming himself, he turned back toward Alicia who was pocketing her radio. "Where are we heading off to now?" he asked her.

She made a motion to the shattered window. "This position is compromised now. We should head for the central admin building. There's another security center there where we can bunker down for a while."

Taylor frowned. "I would have thought that we would make for the nearest shuttle bay to try to get off this dump."

Alicia shook her head. "It will be dark soon, and those things will be scrambling all over this colony. Our best bet will be to lay low at admin until morning. Then we can head off for the shuttle bay and pray that there's an operational shuttle still there," she replied.

Taylor nodded in agreement as he finished with his gear and locked and loaded his rifle. "Ready to kick ass when you are," he said.

Alicia gripped her pulse rifle in one hand and motion tracker in the other. She nodded for the door. "Let's move," she ordered.

Alicia moving first with Taylor close behind her, the two battle-ready marines crept for the door to the security room and cautiously drew it open. As the door hissed open, Taylor directed his rifle and its underslung flashlight across the corridor in front of them. There was no sign of movement or any noises to be heard from the motion tracker. They both let out deep breaths as Alicia motioned for them to make for the stairwell down to the lower levels.

The subsequent time of moving through the building was a tedious routine of Alicia guiding them through the corridors with the motion tracker while Taylor shined his light and rifle into every barren office and bedroom that they passed. Despite the fact that the building appeared to be mostly clear of xenos, they did on one occasion accidentally stumble upon an office with several facehuggers skittering around.

The little spider-like aliens had turned for the door that the two shocked marines stood at and lunged for them, desperately seeking a human host. Quick reflexes on Taylor's part caused the door to the room to be slammed shut before the facehuggers could get to either him or Alicia. From that point on, the two kept even a more wary watch of their surroundings with guns at the ready.

Eventually they found themselves back at the entrance door that Taylor had come through earlier. Taylor slung his weapon over his shoulder and moved to manually pry the doors open. With a nod from Alicia, Taylor drew the doors open with a hissing sound as Alicia braced for a xeno confrontation on the other side.

Both of them jolted in surprise as when they stepped out onto the street of the colony, they were met with a reception of a dozen xenomorph corpses littering the street. Some of the black skeleton-like aliens were missing their heads, others missing tails, arms or other limbs, and others were simply reduced to a pulpy, sizzling puddle of acidic blood.

The Predators had obviously been quite busy during the time that Taylor had rejoined with Alicia. Both of the marines suspected that the Predators had surely caused this display of slaughter before them although they weren't really displeased with the results. Alicia and Taylor both looked at each other for a moment and shrugged, before Alicia made a motion with her head to keep moving.

"C'mon, admin is a click to the northwest," she said.

Taylor nodded and started moving. The two marines kept their distance from the smoldering xeno corpses as they bypassed around them and made their way through the abandoned street straight ahead. On either side of the residential block, metal doors were wide open, as if each of their colonist occupants had been abducted right out of their homes. This ominous ghost-town atmosphere unnerved both Taylor and Alicia and did little to slow their hurried pace.

More than once, they got the nagging sense that they were being watched during their forbidding trek throughout the colony. Alicia's motion tracker beeped several times, but before either she or Taylor could get a fix on what was in their vicinity, the blinking immediately stopped. Sometimes, a xenomoph would openly bolt out into the open either in front of or behind them, before disappearing down an alleyway or scrambling up a building. Every time one of the creatures tauntingly came into their view, it would always flee away before they could get any shots off on it.

Half an hour of anxious colony travel led Alicia and Taylor to a large hexagonal building situated in the central plaza of the colony. At first glance the administration building looked secure enough; the emergency shutter seals over the windows and double plated doors were an indication of this. However, once the two marines began to scan their eyes over the outside of it, they noted that the two large entrance doors had been forcibly torn into from the outside. Through closer examination, it appeared that this building and its inhabitants had been under heavy siege at one point.

They approached the doors hesitantly, gulping at the revelation that not even these formidable steel barriers had prevented the xenos from breaking in. An array of crude scratch marks all over the steel doors gave way to a large hole in the middle, the metal plating bending outwards from being torn open.

Alicia ducked down onto her knees, maneuvering herself through the hole in the door followed by Taylor shortly after her. Once through the door, the two of them were crawling under what appeared to be a mountain of various metal plating, chairs, crates and other objects. After they reached the end of this, they got back onto their feet and found themselves in the main corridor of the admin building.

Taylor turned around and observed the pile of junk that they had just crawled through. The mountain of solid objects had been forced up against the main doors and welded together to form a makeshift defense in the event that the doors were somehow breached by the xenos. Apparently, judging by the tunnel that he and Alicia had crawled through, this did little to hold the xenos back after they broke through the main entrance.

Alicia and Taylor looked around the main corridor that they had crawled into. Along the metal walls, bullet holes, scorch marks and other signs of battle lingered. In their minds, both Alicia and Taylor hoped that their own defense would fair better than the failed posture that the colonists had put up here previously.

Ignoring the evidence of the fight, Alicia and Taylor moved onward through the forward corridor. Ahead of them at the end of the hall appeared to be a large central chamber lit up by the emergency generator lighting; lighting which appeared to be flickering on and off eerily.

"We're heading for central operations. From there, we'll have security cam access to the entire complex and we'll be able to map out the quickest route to the shuttles," Alicia said to Taylor.

Taylor nodded, stepping around a series of holes on the floor where a xenomorph's acidic blood had melted away the metal flooring. They continued on, warily approaching the central operations room as the emergency lighting flickered overhead. Straight ahead, there was a wall of computer monitors even larger than the one from the security station that they had been at earlier. As both marines took a passing glance around the room, they noted two adjacent rooms on either side of the one that they were in; a med-lab on the left, and an armory on the right.

Alicia made a hand motion to Taylor for him to enter the armory as she herself moved off for the med lab. Taylor nodded uncertainly, feeling slightly uncomfortable with exploring the building without a motion tracker of his own. He only hoped that the range on Alicia's motion tracker would be wide enough that she would come running if any danger befell Taylor.

Taylor stepped inside and surveyed his surroundings. The back wall had an entire row of weapon lockers similar to the one that he had retrieved his pulse rifle from. At the back of the room, there was another doorway which led to an auxiliary bunkroom and bathroom. He stepped up to this doorway and illuminated every concealed corner of the bunkroom. This, like the armory itself, appeared to be clear of xenos.

"Armory clear," Taylor said into the radio.

"Copy that. Med-lab empty too. Motion tracker is still running silent," Alicia muttered back from the radio.

Taylor breathed a sigh of relief and stepped up to each of the heavy metal lockers in the armory. One by one, he opened each of them and took account of the items left behind. The first few merely contained some personal items belonging to the security personnel that had been stationed here; personal items that they would no longer need anymore. He then gave a grin of success as the next few lockers contained pulse rifles, grenades, ammunition, proximity mines, a smartgun, another motion tracker, and even two automated defense turrets.

"We hit the damned jackpot here!" Taylor exclaimed to her through the radio. "Colony security left behind a month's worth of ammo and a few other party favors, come check it out."

"On my way," Alicia responded.

Taylor went into one of the lockers, greedily pocketing grenades and ammo clips like candy on Halloween. A few moments later, Alicia walked up into the room, leaning her pulse rifle up against the door as she moved to collect supplies in a similar fashion to Taylor. In one of the farthest lockers, she noted the large briefcase-looking object and the laptop that went with it.

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