tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Vampire Sperm Sluts Ch. 01

Alien Vampire Sperm Sluts Ch. 01


"How is the fleet?" Captain Red asked, as a smile spread across her flushed face. "Ready for the invasion to begin when your loveliness commands", said the soldier standing next to her. "Good, these human men won't know what's hit their juicy cocks, so let's put my plans into action now' she commanded. The solider next to her licked her lips, rubbed her hands together, gave her clit a quick rub, and charged off to implement the command; in anticipation of the fun that lay ahead for the invasion of alien vampire sperm sluts. Oh, this was going to be fun for so many including her hopefully!

On Earth not much was happening; lots of men were lying awake thinking about why thy seemed never to get laid any more. What had happened that they had ended up in lives with little or no sex? Were they so unappealing to their wives or perhaps they were just not that good at sex and their wives had given up on them?

One such man lay contemplating his lot in life! Dr Nipples was really almost half asleep in his bed when he heard the sirens wailing. Like any dutiful man; whose whole life was a conservative response to what others expected of him, he just when a noise indicating he was required was made for him. He threw himself out of bed and landed on his head on the floor [what a fuckwit he was]. Well he might be a doctor and have a PhD but he wasn't what someone else might consider to be a co-ordinated person.

His wife, muttered under her breath, 'get outta here you fuckin moron'. Well that answered the question about why he never got laid any more!

So Dr Nipples pulled himself upright using the bed as his means of pulling himself to a standing position again. He was ready for action; but was action ready for him? He had a big load ready inside his balls and he wanted it out. To be fair he did often fantasise about finding a lovely horny woman to swallow all his cum. Yes he though, down some silly slut's gullet, that's where he wanted his load to end up. All these thought were having an affect on his body. His enormous cock stirred in his pants. Dr Nipples re-arranged his cock and balls; his pants were far too small given the size of his equipment. Yep he was feeling like his balls needed to be emptied very soon. He headed out the door in anticipation of what lay ahead for him.

As he stepped out the door, the alien vampire sperm slut grabbed him and secured his body for her use. He was so totally surprised he just yelled "what the fuck do you think you're doing, I'm Dr Nipples a very important toenail specialist, and you have no right to grab my cock like that". She just smiled at him; her razor sharp nails sliced open his pants and his underpants. Her rough treatment of his cock had assisted him to come to full erect size and his flag pole like cock was ready for attention.

Actually Dr Nipples was surprised when his huge swollen cock sprung into the air in front of him; he wasn't used to be treated so roughly by a woman. The vampire sperm slut licked her lips and guided his swollen cock into her mouth. Dr Nipples was so horny he just couldn't help himself, instead of being upset by he familiarity and lack of lady like behaviour, he just patted her head and said, 'yes, that suck that cock of mine, I'm so full of cream I could deliver a load to an ice-cream factory, yes, yes, yes, that's fucking beautiful, use your tongue more, suck me good'.

She was delighted by her first human male's response. As she tickled his balls and used her special vibrating tongue technique [yes she'd been specially trained for this sperm eating invasion].

This was certainly a wonderful experience for Dr Nipples. Caught up in the bliss ripping tongue tickling technique being used on his cock Dr Nipples was moaning uncontrollably. This wonderful creature really knew how to give the most beautifully perfect head. His enormous cock was pulsating and quivering uncontrollably. His throbbing cock was feeling so totally marvellous, and he could feel the pressure building in his balls. His mind was being driven wild and crazy by the feelings her vibrating tongue was making on his pulsating big cock. It is was totally fantastic; where has she been all my life thought Dr Nipples?

Finally it was all too much for poor Dr Nipples. He felt himself reach that boiling point of absolute ecstasy. He couldn't hold himself back any longer. He just had to let himself go, oh, yes, it just had to fly away to a better home. As he came, his mind exploded in delight, and his cum flew into her mouth.

This alien vampire sperm slut could taste the cum in her mouth. Oh, it was so lovely. She had never imagined it would taste so wonderful. She had been promised that it would be the best experience of their lives at the training academy. It was wonderful that the promise had been met; it wasn't often that what was promised was actually what happened. She devoured the cum, sucking on Dr Nipples cock until every last drop was consumed. She licked his cock completely clean.

Completely drained Dr Nipples just slumped forward. Wow, that was so great. I'm in love he thought, what a magnificent blow job. To his surprise the alien vampire sperm slut just marched off to find her next human male victim. Life was so much fun being a solider in the alien vampire sperm slut invasion forces! So if you are lying in bed contemplating why you never get laid anymore, smile because she'll be around to see you so very soon.

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