tagSci-Fi & FantasyAll I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas


I was in a funny mood the night of Danny and Elaine's Christmas party. I'd had more than my share of the old egg nog, if you know what I'm saying. I was trying to wind up under the mistletoe with anyone other than my boyfriend Terran. You know, for variety.

I guess by 'funny mood,' what I mean is a little bit horny. And I wasn't trying to hide it, either. I'm not gonna lie, it gives me a thrill to flirt. Now, I'm not all brazen or anything, jumping out of cakes or grabbing people or anything. I was very subtle. Little hints, body language, quick meeting of the eyes and away. It's a secret language I was speaking with every available or semi-available guy in the room… and even a couple of the girls. Watching Terran out of the back of my head. Aware of his eyes on me.

I looked good that night, and knew it. I had on this long silverish satin skirt that was slit up the thigh, and a black top that kind of sparkled. I'd even put this shimmery stuff on my cleavage – not glitter, I didn't want to look like a twelve year old – just something to make me glisten a little. Attract the eye.

Terran and I had an arrive-and-split rule at parties, because we both liked to work the room. But the whole way there he could hardly keep his hands off me. He had even wanted to park down the street for a quickie before we came in. My general rule is, it's bound to be better if you make him wait. But I got us both a little worked up in the car when I showed him I didn't have any panties on. He nearly burst his pants when I slid his hand up my thighs to touch me there, naked to the world. I pushed his finger inside so he could tell I was already wet, and then I kissed him deep and jumped out the car.

He likes it when I make him work for it a little.

So I was flirting around, talking about how Christmas makes me hot, nonsense like that. I was being real vocal. I even told this woman in the bathroom, who I didn't even know. I was fixing my eyebrows and she was fixing her wig, and I told her, "All I want for Christmas is to get fucked properly." And then I laughed.

But she didn't get the joke. Just looked at me kind of funny. Says, that's all you want, for real?

She must've been putting sparkle in her wig or something, there was damn glitter flying everywhere. I waved at it in the air like it was dragonflies or dandelion fluff.

What more could I want? I said it again to her, just like that.

And she's waving her arms and this long bunch of peacock feathers around in all the glitter and says "Cynthia, I hereby assign you three sex partners before the peal of the midnight bell. You will experience the fucking of Xmas past, the fucking of Xmas present, and the fucking of Xmas future."

And light was caught all around her in a million points of singing sugar and she wasn't waving her arms anymore. She patted her hair one last time like didn't nothing weird just happen, and solemnly pointed to the mistletoe above the bathroom sink.

This woman grabbed me by the hair and kissed me, openmouthed, assertive, like she meant it. And tasting like silver light and her tongue all honey. It made me forget to ask how she knew my name. When she was done kissing me I wasn't even sure I knew my own name.

I was more than a little bit moist, shall I say, when I left the bathroom, because I truly to love to kiss. Matter of fact, as soon as I realized which way I was facing I turned back to kiss her again some more but she wasn't in there. Don't know where she went so quick.

I spun around a little fast and tried to get my footing. My shoes cost too much for me to play myself falling off of them. I couldn't believe I was all feeble-footed over a glittery kiss from some strange chick in the bathroom. And the thought of fucking three different people tonight… it's not like I thought it was really gonna happen but the idea still made me a little hot.

I made my way through the crowd in the kitchen and out into the courtyard to get some cool air. Danny and Elaine had hung strings of blinking white lights all around the garden walls and hung evergreen wreaths at intervals. Little candles in red and green glass holders burned along the sandy paths. They'd even hung their huge cactus trees with blinking lights. It was very Albuquerque meets Martha Stewart.

I sat down on a wooden bench away from the door and settled back against the cushion. More people would have been out there, I think, if it had been a warmer night. But I was just worked up enough to really appreciate the brisk December breeze. People in New Mexico are so used to baking, it doesn't take much 'weather' to keep folks inside. I loosened my top a little and lifted my hair up to feel the night touching the back of my neck.

Almost immediately, this guy came up and sat beside me. He was heavier than me, built like a high school football player, I mean mostly lean but with a lot of muscle high up on his chest. His voice sounded scratchy and warm at the edges when he asked could he sit, like he smoked a lot of blunts. Already he reminded me of Dante, the first boy I fucked.

Dante was on the football team, and I was a cheerleader. He had been my boyfriend for two years, and had been working hard to get in the pants the whole time. He took every opportunity he could to fondle and titillate me up to a froth. I came countless times on his fingers and even a few times on his tongue until finally, at the prom, I let him go all the way.

Well, for all the work he had put in trying to convince me to fuck him, once we were fucking he didn't do nothing but plow in and out and bang a lot and then stiffen and grab the condom. Sure was a let down. He seemed either incapable or uninterested in giving me pleasure after he had permission to penetrate.

Not only that, but over the next few months before we went away to college on different coasts, Dante developed the creepiest sense of entitlement to my body. Would reach out casually, and grab a tittie like it was his birthright, especially after he'd drunk beer or …

And then I smelled the weed smoke. Right next to me. I looked over with half surprise and half interest on my face and the man next to me on the bench smiled, reached across in an oddly familiar move and fondled my breast! Didn't even stop pulling off his joint!

I jerked back and opened my mouth to holler when he turned his head to me and kissed the smoke into my mouth. Immediately, I was hot syrup between my legs, breathing it in hungry: good 'dro smoke and Dante's breath, just like old times. I filled my lungs up with it and feasted on his tongue, my nails working through his scratchy beard…

"Dante?!" I sat up and looked in the face of this man I was kissing. Was it him? No way it could be. Too many years, too many miles. The face was older, but I could see a lot of places where it was the same as I remembered. He was just looking at me and smiling. "Dante," I said. And there I was, horny all over again, with a man who fucked like walking disappointment. I slumped against his chest.

"No, don't you listen?" rasped Dante's voice above my head, "I'm one of the ghosts assigned to you for tonight. My name's Clarence." I looked up quizzically. I mean, he even smelled like Dante. "You can call me whatever you need to, babe," he said. "I'm just here to deliver the Fucking of Xmas Past."

"Oh, damn, do I have to?" I was asking petulantly, tryin to look cute and squirm my way outta this. Dante was one element of my sexual past I did not get nostalgic for.

"Hey lady, I'm just doin' my job," said Clarence. He mauled my breast just like Dante used to, and dove down to suck hard on my nipple. I rolled my eyes like I used to do back then, before I learned about sovereignty over my own body, and just gritted my teeth for the onslaught.

Then I had to be like, fuck that. Times done changed and I'm a grown-ass woman. I pulled the ghost out of my cleavage by the scruff of his neck and told him Christmas past or no Christmas past, he better get down to the honey pot and make me come. And then he could fuck me smooth and deep, until I came again.

And wouldn't you know it? That little bugger Clarence could lick pussy with the best of them. And with a smile on his face the whole time that made me think maybe that was the plan all along.

I mean, really. Why would a ghost come around to give you a flashback to the suckiest sex of your life? What kind of job would that be? Clarence struck me as a man that's got more joy in his work than that. Only pure joy in one's work could explain Dante's fabulous, limber tongue making me writhe and pant like he never did back then. Clarence was doing things with his mouth that made me stop breathing.

By the time Clarence was flexing Dante's slick, thick dick between the lips of my pussy, I had forgiven that poor chile all the sexual sins of our past. No reason to hold a full-grown man's memory hostage to the fumblings of his sixteen year old self! Aint I myself grown since then? Why, Yes. I'll even answer that question myself. I've grown into far more of a freak.

For illustration of said freak-itude, please refer to exhibit A, me, outside at a Christmas party, with my panties pulled aside and Clarence the ghost fucking me smooth and deep, against the garden wall. I was groaning and grunting because his shaft was just the hottest, hardest thing, reshaping my liquid pussy and I couldn't endure that kind of thing in silence. Could you? Oh I was making so much noise. So much that a few people must have heard me and come to the door.

Lucky we were in a corner. Under this grape arbor or something. So that people at the door couldn't see anything unless they came all the way out into the courtyard. When I saw their shadows I shut up my noise real quick so they'd think they'd been hearing things. Clarence did me the favor of melting into invisibility.

Yeah. Talk about freaky.

Clarence's skin got warmer and warmer as he disappeared from sight. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and he flexed his cock in me, whitehot. His arms were iron bands against my back, cradling my ass and crushing me close, waist winding in plunging circles. Me moved to the wall fucked me up against it, never stopping his deep plunging strokes. I was hovering in mid air supported by nothing, pussy wide open and stuffed with invisible cock and I filled my mouth with the hem of my dress and no one came outside to look, nice polite party goers that they were.

The climax was explooooosive. Hit me right when the invisible heat started spreading, and held strong until the danger was past. The last of the people walked away, and I collapsed onto the wall, my hands hanging limp at my sides. I was a little bit beat. Clarence had become hazily visible again, guzzling juices from inside of me with tender licking slurps. "Just collecting my tip, ma'am" he said, so polite, and vanished into a puff of sparkling weed-scented smoke. My skirt fell neatly back into place. I leaned there recovering.

And heard my name, called by a shape in the rectangular orange glow of the doorway into the house. The shape cast a dark, dancing man-shadow on the blue field of the sparkling courtyard. I managed a 'huh?' and Terran stepped into view. "Are you the ghost of Xmas present?" I asked him, giggling. It was a pretty reasonable question, I thought, given recent circumstances.

He stepped over the bench to stand right in front of me. Lifted my chin in his fingers and looked into my eyes searching, chin pointed down like he thought I was drunk. Said softly, "What are you talking about, Cynthia?"

I couldn't help it then. I started laughing. And crying. Like I said, I'd had plenty of eggnog. And all I knew is I'd been promised a night of supernatural sexual intervention and here came Terran, regular old Terran, interrupting it. I was crying because Santa or the Xmas spirit or whoever was organizing this sexual light show hadn't seen fit to bring me a second ghost to fuck me as good as Clarence did. And oh shit! What was I going to tell Terran about Clarence? Did I just cheat on him? Flirting aside, I'd always kind of considered myself a one-man woman. Well, at least, I wanted to be with Terran. Did ghosts count? I was feeling ridiculous.

Terran sat down on the bench in front of me and held my hips in his hands. He rested his head on my stomach and rubbed my back, saying shhh, shhh. I thought for sure he would smell my just-fucked-ness and demand some explanation. But he was so caring, only wanted to make sure I was all right. My tears dried up. I sniffled, played in his hair a little. Leaned down and kissed him on the top of his head.

"You've had a lot to drink, baby. Maybe you should just sit down for a while." He led me around the bench and I sat sideways on his lap, resting my head on top of his. We were quiet for a few minutes. There was a blanket thrown over the back of the wooden bench so that people could stand to sit out there in the 65-degree chill. We pulled it over ourselves and watched the sky, and the play of the moonlight with the sparkling lights strung around the wall. Terran stroked my hair. I thought about Clarence's dick plunging in me and tried to keep those telltale post-orgasm aftershocks from rearing up.

And then Terran said, "I've never known you to stroke off by yourself in the middle of a party, Cynthia. That's even freakier than 4th of July…" He was smiling. I know I changed that man's life that day. We had just started going out and I was so hot for him. I made him fuck me at his company picnic behind the storage shed while the sun shone and the grill sizzled and people's kids played Marco Polo in the pool. I shivered a little at that thought.

"I knew it was you out here," he continued, looking back toward the door. "You almost got caught, too. I convinced people it was nothing but I recognized your sounds…" Terran broke off again. Looked down at me and kissed me on my forehead. He knows I love that.

He kept on stroking my back and with the other hand, reached down to my thigh and nudged aside the satin of my skirt. I couldn't see what he was doing because of the blanket over us both but I could feel his hand stealing up between my thighs. I opened my legs for him, arched into his touch, turned my face to his body and bit his chest, chewed between his shoulder and neck. His breath came out in a sigh when his fingers slipped inside my wetness.

"How you not gonna let me have any in the car and then come out here and work it off all by yourself? You know you aint right..." He sank his fingers into me, one, two, three at a time. They were cool and as thick as always and I held my thighs apart for him. Clutched his neck with one arm and rocked my hips back and forth on his hand, whimpering a little into the side of his neck.

"Ooooh," Terran breathed. "Cynthia, you are wet as hell" He spoke into my moth as he kissed me, and shifted his hips his rock-hard dick pressed against my ass through our clothes.

That was it. I had to have his warm, hard, living, human dick inside of me right then, right then. "Fuck me now" I half whispered, half growled into his ear, lifting up to kneel on the bench, and straddling his waist.

He reached between us positioned his cock, which was all of a sudden unwrapped and standing tall from the opening of his pants. I smiled at my baby, all ghosts forgotten, and settled onto the tip of him, rocking back and forth on the sweet glossy head of his dick. Slowly, I inched forward and down onto his shaft, bit by nudging bit. My center opened slick around him and practically gushed juice with each inch that pushed into me.

When my pelvis nestled flush against his, I propped my legs on the bench on either side of him, squatting like a Vietnamese market woman in my silver satin skirt. My body shook in acceptance of this whole man inside me and around me. He pulled the blanket around us and we settled inside each other in the chill of the Christmas night air.

Terran pushed my skirt to one side and cupped my ass in both his hands. Lifted me a little, gliding me slowly up and down his shaft. My pussy was grasping and gasping while he slid in and out. I thought I would fall apart at every joint, it was so good and slow and silent; I was becoming unhinged. Then he bit my lip and looked into my eyes and said,

"Cynthia, will you marry me?"

That sure brought me back. I would have laughed nervously if I hadn't been filled with good dick right to where I needed it. As it was I could only kind of groan and grunt some more. I think I might have managed to say his name.

Terran, on the other hand, was having no trouble talking. He talked through my shudders and gasps, while biting on my cheeks, ears, neck, breasts.

"I've been turning the idea over for the past couple of months, but when I found you out here with pussy juice practically running down your thighs, I realized once and for all that you're my dream woman. I don't want to be anywhere else but fucking you. Ever. You are a goddess and I want to marry you so I can tell my momma about it. Matter of fact, since this is kind of an impromptu proposal and I didn't bring a ring, I think I'm going to just fuck you until you tell me yes."

And he laughed, old evil thing. Terran knows he can fuck me into saying almost anything and twitched his dick inside of me to prove it. He wrapped his arms around my back and pressed me close to his chest. We fucked slow, almost immobile, intimate and unhurried. He flexed inside me, moving his hips in tiny circles and arches and thrusts on the courtyard bench.

We kissed. He stirred my pussy in soft deep circles and we danced our tongues golden in each other's mouths, clutched at each other's hips, pressing ourselves tighter together. I couldn't tell which one of us was pushing and which one of us was receiving. We melted together at our centers, under the blanket, outside in the cold. I was already married. I told him yes, a couple dozen times, I think, while I came. With his arms locked tight around me.

I came down shuddering on his dick feeling suddenly huge inside my pussy. I climbed off him and collapsed at his side, still shaking, in a tiny heap. Thanked yoga every Tuesday for being able to 'child pose' straight forward and take his beautiful shining dick in my mouth. My hand worked between my legs to coax myself down from the peaks of my climax.

Just then, I heard laughter ringing golden in my ear. In the blinking light of the Christmas lights, the sculpted sand garden sparkled like glitter. Terran's hand stroked the top of my head and whispered, I love you, I love you while I wrapped my lips, hungry, around the head of his dick. With my tongue I drank my own taste from along his length.

"Good choice, honey. This one fucks like a keeper. Congratulations."

In my ear, warm and soft, I heard the unmistakable voice of the glitter-wigged woman who'd kissed me in the bathroom. I opened my eyes and saw her floating in between Terran's spread legs, her tiny wand of peacock feathers trailing twinkles all over the place.

"Looks like you've made a friend in Clarence, too, sugar. He said he might be hanging around for a while." She sighed, tucked the wand into her wig, put her hands on her tiny hips, and started fading away, feet first.

"You know, sometimes my ghosts like to do a little freelance work. It's a bit of trouble administratively, but it keeps the little buggers happy. Did you know he paid off Bonnie, who had the assignment for your fucking of Xmas future? Oh, he's absolutely incorrigible. Anyway, he should be back for you soon, Dearie. Keep an eye out."

And she was gone, and my mouth was filling up with the taste of honey and silver. At the same time, on the bench behind me, I felt the scratching of Clarence's beard between my legs. He nuzzled me there for a wooly, ticklish moment, whispering that he'd just dropped back by to congratulate me on my engagement. Then his agile tongue joined my fingers at my pussy.

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