tagIncest/TabooAll in Glory Ch. 01

All in Glory Ch. 01


It was a long time coming, but we knew before it happened. Exactly what happened was a mystery, but we survived and now travel the roads together, us two brothers, the last remainders of the Helvan family. America was once a great place, but now burned to a crisp, our only choice was to travel the lands and hope to find a refuge.

What exactly destroyed America, we weren't yet sure of. But we knew either way that we would be done for if we stopped moving for more than two days at a time. We carried heavy knapsacks everywhere, full of food and water, one extra set of dry clothes, a lighter, and other survival-based tools we picked up from looting houses.

Nobody believed the terroristic threats received except for us, and we prepared long before it could overthrow us. It used to be five of us boys walking together, but the other three . . . one couldn't handle it and offed himself. The other two risked their lives for our safety.

Damien is my younger brother. He has a head full of thick brown hair and bright blue eyes. Every time he looks at me, especially when the summer sun blazes behind his head, I feel as though his eyes show that he's dying. All we have is each other and we each have to survive.

Almost all of the others in America are dead or gone. We had a head start on scouring through houses and building up our stocks. Our plan was to get to one edge of the country and decide where to go from there. As far as we knew, the rest of the world was still intact, and we may be able to receive help from another country. Risky plan, but we had no choice.

"Damien," I mutter, shaking my nineteen year-old brother awake. "Come on. We have to get a move on."

"Just a few more minutes, Jackson. We can spare it."

"Not today. Let's go."

"I don't want to."

Every morning it was a new fight with him, but we had to get moving. I gripped the blanket over him and pulled it back, revealing his still-toned body, only covered by gray boxers. We were two straight brothers, who, at least as far as I can say, never considered anything outside of fucking a hot pussy. But even as a guy, I could say and see that any girl, or gay guy, would drool over my brother.

Damien tensed up as the woolly fabric left his body, and, as we brothers would normally do to get each other moving, I grabbed his crotch through his boxers and gave a good squeeze, causing him to jump off of the mattress.

"Shit! Fuck, I'm up, okay! Okay?"

"Get dressed, twiggy. We don't have time to spare."

He threw on a black tank top that defined his muscles, similar to the one I wore. Blue jeans and tank tops for now, until the weather turns colder in a few months.

"Well, where are we going anyways?" Damien asked, trying to stay ahead of the game.

"We'll decide as we go. Come on."

We threw our knapsacks over our backs and climbed out the front window of the one-story house we broke into last night. After being at this for a couple months, I thought he would have picked up on our pattern, but so far, he's either playing dumb or really doesn't get it. Good thing one of us was born as a leader-type.

We walked steadily for the next five or six hours until we were about two towns over from where we started. The sun was high in the sky as we walked, and finally we came along a long row of row-homes. It looked like only a few were scavenged, so we picked the first house on our right that wasn't. Damien took quick hold of his machete as I grabbed out my pistol and aimed toward the door. Kicking it open, we made our way in.

Smelling strongly of smoke, we figured quickly that nobody was here, and so we took to looking through the house. The kitchen was still stocked with canned foods, and Damien's pack was emptier than mine so we stuffed them inside. He took a lighter and pack of matches found in one cupboard, and then we moved to look through the second-floor bedrooms. I took the first door on my left, and he on the right.

I walked inside what would have been a teenage boy's room, from the look of the nude and nearly-nude girls posted up around his wall. It had been some time since I last saw a hot chick, so I wasn't surprised when I felt a soft stirring inside of my jeans. The girls were big-breasted with long waves of blonde hair, and I could imagine pinning one down and fucking her brains out.

"Yo!", Damien called, coming over. "Find any- damn," he mumbled quietly, looking around the room at the playboy posters. "What I wouldn't give to-"

"I know. Same," I muttered in return. "Go check out the rest of the rooms, Damien. I'm gonna see if this boy kept anything else in here."

"Okay," Damien replied, walking out of the room, but his head turning to look at the posters until he absolutely couldn't see them anymore.

When he was gone from the room, I quietly closed the door and sat on the bed. My member was throbbing because of how long it had been since I'd even stroked it. I needed a minute alone, and I would give Damien that moment, too, if he needed it.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my throbbing cock, standing erect at almost ten inches. My fingertips were chilly until I stroked my hard member for a few minutes. I could imagine the titties on those girls bouncing as my cock rammed inside of them. I leaned back on the bed and closed my eyes, stroking my cock to these bad thoughts.


I finished checking out the other rooms, only finding a few pocket knives to carry around with us. Curious if Jackson had found anything else, I made my way back to the first room. He had been in there for a while, so I knocked gently on the door but no answer came. I heard soft grunts from behind the wood, and I pushed the door open, surprised at what I saw.

My older brother sprawled out on the bed, stroking his huge cock desperately.

It's not like I'd never seen it before. We were brothers, almost best friends that told each other everything. What my brother didn't know, was that I liked guys. I couldn't tell him, because if I told him I crossed that one line, I would end up crossing the next, too- telling him that I liked him.

Incest, it would be, but even out of the friends we had, no boy was as fine as Jackson. Jackson was a tall, muscular twenty-one year-old male with hot abs and a hotter cock. I glanced at it whenever I could, and now that it was just out in front of me, I couldn't help it. I watched him stroking himself through the crack in the door until long, thick spurts of white shot from his tip and he moaned so loud-

I jumped away from the door and ran into another until he came to find me. That would be on my mind all night.


Another five or six hours later, Damien and I picked a house and took refuge in it for that night. I kept thinking about those posters of those girls, and every time I would, my member would get hard again. I knew Damien noticed my growing frustration, because he always looked concerned about me. After my cock got hard for what must have been the sixth time, I groaned, and Damien looked at me from his mattress.

"What's wrong, Jack?"

"Fuck my life, that's what."

"Huh?" he sat up, looking at me, confused. I was on my back on the bed with my knees bent, the only thing keeping him from seeing my hard member poking up the blanket.

"All I see are those fucking pictures, man. Those babes. What I wouldn't give right now to have a little slut to fuck, you know?"

There was a long wait in silence, and just when I thought Damien wasn't going to say anything, I heard him mutter, "What's to say you don't?"

It took me a minute to work through that. And for some reason, my cock felt like it was growing harder.

"What did you say?" I went to sit up, and was surprised to see how close he had come to me. He was kneeling by the edge of what was my bed, and my little brother was biting his lip up at me.

"We're in this together, right? You always say we are . . ."

I had caught my brother many times looking at my cock, but I wasn't sure I understood what this meant. Was he implying I could fuck him? As though he read my mind, he began to nod to me.

His fingers grabbed and pulled the blanket off of me, revealing my cock poking up my boxers. Damien stood up, revealing to me that he had none on. As quickly as he could lift my hips and pull my boxers down, his lips moved to find my tip. The way he moved his tongue around it and sucked on me, I couldn't help but let out a gasp and throw my hand onto the back of his head. My dick throbbed in his mouth and the way his tongue began to slide up and down my length, I could have released any minute inside of his mouth. But, oddly as his older brother, I found myself wanting so much more.

I pulled his head off of my cock and his baby blue eyes peered up at me. If he was willing to be my slut . . .

I pulled him onto my bed and turned him around so he was sitting just about on my lap. My cock was rubbing between his butt cheeks, and I was surprised at his willingness to grind against me. Holy fuck, if my cock wouldn't explode . . .

He reached around his back and lifted himself up, his warm hand grabbing my cock and pressing my tip against his tight little butt hole.

"Damien!" I sputtered, surprised once again by his actions. But he let my tip slip inside of his tight asshole, slowly, slowly. The warmth brought precum to leak from me, and I couldn't help but grab his hips and pull him down on me.

We moaned together, and I let him bounce freely on my cock. I could feel his balls bouncing, and then he let himself simply sink all the way down. He moaned loudly and continued to grind on me. I let my hand slip around him and grab his cock, starting to stroke it. I glanced over his shoulder, only to see that his cock was nearly as big as mine. It felt it, too.

I started to lose track of time as we flipped our position, Damien ending up on his hands and knees as I plowed my cock into his tight asshole. I'd fucked a few girls in my time, but none were ever as tight as my brother's glory hole around my cock. He would moan and whimper as I grabbed his cock roughly and stroked it, my ballsack slapping against him with every forward thrust. I was about to blow my load inside of him when I pulled out suddenly, freezing, forcing myself no to spray all over him.

I let my orgasm sink back, and just before he looked back to ask me what was wrong, I pressed my finger against him warm butthole and let my finger slip inside. I watched my fingertip be sucked in and listened to my brother's cold gasp. I felt his anus squeezing against my finger, the same way it had with my cock, and I began to slide it in and out of him. I leaned forward and licked his asscheek, hearing another soft gasp from my brother. I pulled my finger out and used both hands to spread his ass cheeks, then I leaned in and licked around his tight little hole. I let my tongue slowly slide inside of him. I had always wished to do this with a girl, but only now I realized . . . What's the difference between a male or female asshole? The only difference was I had a male asshole in front of me who was willing.

I ate out my brother as he moaned my name, pushing his hips back onto my face. I licked, sucked and made out with his asshole for quite a few minutes, pulling away onto to slam my throbbing cock inside of him again. I could only fuck him for a few moments before I let my hot seed fill up his tight asshole.

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