All Mine


It's a typical Tuesday night; Casey is waiting at home for her hubby, Andrew, to return from work. He's been so busy the past few weeks, so she's been planning something special for him tonight. He'll be home in an hour so she gets herself ready. She goes to start the shower allowing the water to get steamy, hot; leaving the door unlocked, just in case he comes home early. She slowly gets undressed, gently tossing her clothes on the floor. She enters the hot shower, allowing the water to caress her body, making her sigh. She slowly lathers herself up with his favorite scented body wash. As she rubs her body with the soap, she starts thinking about all the things she's going to do to him tonight. Absent-mindly she starts to massage her breasts as the thoughts of him race through her mind. She realizes what she was doing and starts to rinse off and get out, lightly wrapping the towel around her moist, steaming body.

She tosses the towel to floor when she enters the bedroom, and puts on her lacy thong and sexy bra, and then covers it all up with one of his shirts. He loves it when she wears his shirts. She lies on the bed waiting for his return home. As she waits, she starts to touch herself gently, only teasing, from the thought of what she is going to do to him.

She then hears the car door and gets excited. She hears him in the kitchen setting his stuff down and he calls out, "Babe where are you?"

She calls back, "In here Andy." She stands up as she hears him coming. He looks tired and worn from all the work he's been doing. She knows he needs this. He walks over to her, embracing her, their bodies melt against each other. Then softly smiling, he gently kisses her on the lips.

She softly tells him in his ear "I love you."

He replies, "I love you too."

They let go of each other as he goes over to the dresser to get changed out of his work clothes. As he starts unbuttoning his shirt, she silently walks over behind him, turns him around gently, and starts kissing him wildly, as she backs him up against the wall, she pauses to look up at him; he has a mischievous yet tired gleam in his eyes. She begins to slowly stroke the side of his face, then down his neck, and under his shirt to push it off his shoulders. She starts to kiss him again, her soft lips gently grazing his, causing him to sigh. She gently slips her tongue into his mouth, as she starts to make out with him.

As they are kissing, her hands are exploring his bare chest, causing him to get goosebumps. Her hands slowly make their way down his body, until she reaches the bulge in his pants. She massages around his growing cock through his pants. Then slowly starts to remove the rest of his clothes. As she gets him undressed the rest of the way, he starts to grab her ass. She then grabs his hands and holds them against the wall.

She softly says in his ear, "I'm in control tonight, understood?"

He softly sighs "Yes".

As she continues to hold his hands firmly against the wall, she kisses him down his body, all the way to his already hard cock. He can feel her gentle breaths on it, and can't stand it.

He moans out "Baby, please..."

She loves to hear him say that. She started to take him in her mouth, slowly at first, then faster and faster, taking all of him in. As she feels his body tightening, and penis pulsating, she sucks him harder and faster. He grips her hands hard, and moans loudly as he cums in her mouth. She gently sucks him for a few moments getting every bit out. But she's not done with him...

She slowly kisses him back up his body, and whispers in his ear, "I'm not done with you yet babe," causing him to sigh in pleasure at the thought of her fucking him. She leads him to the bed, and pushes him down. She reaches behind the headboard and grabs the ties they have used numerous nights before. She makes him reach his arms up so she can tie him up. She walks around the bed looking at his exposed body. His dick hard, eyes gleaming with lust, his chest moving rapidly up and down from his heavy breathes. She can't wait to take him.

She starts to slowly undress, making sure he gets a good tease. He looks her over, taking in her beautiful, naked body.

He cries out, "Baby, please, I can't stand much more."

This causes her to get a mischievous grin as she climbs onto the bed. She swiftly climbs on top of him, straddling his naked body. She starts to rub her clit while slowly jerking him off. After a few moments of doing that, she moves her pussy up to his mouth so he can eat her out. He willingly accepts, licking her pussy all over, taking in her wetness.

When she can't take any more, she moves back down to his erect penis, gently brushing her pussy on his dick, teasing him before she allows him to enter her. Before he could cry out for her to fuck him, she slides him into her soft, warm pussy. They both sigh out in pleasure as his hard cock enters her, filling her with every inch of him. She starts to fuck him slowly and deeply, bending down to roughly kiss him. Their breathing increases with each thrust, sighs and moans coming from both of them. He wants so bad to touch her body, to grab her softly bouncing breasts, to touch her firm ass as she rides him.

She starts to fuck him faster and faster. As they both get closer to cumming, she stops, allowing his hard, pulsating penis to go in her deep.

He begs, "Please keep going...don't stop baby."

She bends down to say in his ear, "Tell me how bad you want to cum in me. Tell me how bad you want me to keep fucking you."

He whispers back, "I want to cum so deep in you...I want you to fuck me so fucking bad baby...Please keep going." As soon as he got the words out, she started to wildly fuck him. Taking him in her deeply, going hard and fast. They both start to moan loudly as he cums in her, the warmth of his cum filling her, as she orgasms.

As their orgasms subside, she lay on top of him, both breathing heavily, with his still hard cock in her. She reaches up to untie him. As his hands are freed, he gently strokes her back, and softly says,"I love you."

She quietly replies back," I love you too babe." They lay there silently, as she drifts off to sleep, he slowly brushes her hair out her face, says "I love you baby", and slowly falls asleep with his softening cock still in her.

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