All the Perks


"Oh, your cock feels so good. Fuck me."

"Hell yeah."

He took her hard and fast, making her breasts jiggle and bounce from the power of his thrusts. She squeezed her intimate muscles around him, adding to the sensations that both of them were experiencing. Their bodies collided with loud smacks, accompanied by her sounds of pleasure and wet slurping sounds every time he thrust, a testament to how wet she was.

"Tear that pussy up," Robert said, and then knee-walked over to her. She turned to see that he was hard as well, and didn't waste a moment when his smooth balls were within reach. Her tongue tickled the wrinkled orbs, making his shaft tap against her face.

The relentless assault of the big cock inside her soon stole her concentration, and she only managed to fitfully lap her other bedmate's organ as her pleasure mounted. The sudden void in her depths a minute later made her moan, "Oh no, don't"

She looked down to see Neil panting for breath, pinching the head of his cock.

"Fuck. Too good," he managed to groan.

"My turn," his friend declared, waving the blond out of the way.

"Don't make me wait," Jessica pleaded.

He didn't have any intention of doing so, and buried his cock inside her with the same eagerness his friend had exhibited a few minutes earlier.

Something about the curve of his cock or his stance caused him to hit different pleasure points inside her. He also rubbed two fingers back and forth over her clit, stoking her fires even more.

A tap on her lips caused her to open her eyes, which had fluttered closed as her pleasure mounted from the hard cock plunging into her. She hesitated, seeing Neil's pussy-slick cock aimed at her mouth. A mere moment later, her heightened sense of arousal caused her lips to part.

"Hell yeah," the dark-haired man pounding her pussy groaned. "Your pussy taste good?"

Jessica was just noticing — with no small amount of surprise — that it did. The taste was just a little bitter and tangy, but exciting. "Mmm hmm," she moaned around the cock in her mouth.

She sucked as best as she was able, fascinated by her own taste, as the other man took her. She was getting close — the itch of her approaching climax mingling with a warm, almost hot sensation beneath her mound.

"Dude," she barely heard over the thunderous sound of her heart in her ears.

The blond moved, pulling his cock from between her lips. Jessica watched him move over next to his friend, and then yelped as a quick jerk left her pussy empty — for a few heartbeats.

The two traded places, and Jessica fought against her dimming ability to think to lap her juices from the dripping shaft in front of her. After a few halting laps, she felt the fires inside her surge to white-hot intensity.

"I... I... I'm... Ahhh! Com—ing!" She screamed, the last word broken, and rising to ear-piercing pitch as an orgasm ripped through her.

Shortly after the first spike of her climax faded, another hot on its heels, she was empty again. She popped her eyes open and drew in a breath to protest, but need not have bothered. Another hard cock filled her before she managed to fill her lungs.

Jessica came, and came, her screams turning to croaks. Her strength faded, and she was barely able to do more than twitch in response to the electric current of orgasmic energy coursing through her. The two men took turns, pulling free whenever close to coming, giving her little respite. Eventually, they were both within a few strokes of an explosion, and let her settle down from the dizzying heights of ecstasy that had gripped her.

She had no idea how long it took her to regain her senses, but she croaked out, "D-drink. P-please," as soon as she could form the words.

She heard Neil's voice say, "Here," a short while later. Upon forcing her eyes open, she saw him holding a glass of water, his hard cock still twitching between his legs.

"Damn, that was hot," he said to her as she sipped the water, trying to keep from choking on it.

"Tore that pussy up," the other laughed, and the pair high-fived.

Jessica offered a weak nod, and took a bigger drink of water. She was mentally ready for her ultimate fantasy, even if she wasn't sure that her body was. "I want you both — at the same time."

"One in your ass?" Neil asked, almost incredulously.

"Mmm hmm," she answered.

"Dibs!" his friend called out.

"And I want you to come."

"Inside you?"

"Yes, I want you to fill me up."

"Oh yeah, let me at that ass," Robert declared, taking his cock in hand.

Jessica drained the last of her water, and flipped up the pillow to reveal the hidden lube and vibes. She handed the first to the man eager to violate her back door, and kept the smaller of the two vibrators close at hand.

"Lie down on your back," she instructed Neil.

He flopped over in the center of the bed, and held his cock straight up, more than ready. At the foot of the bed, the other man smeared lube over his manhood.

Her heart beating fast in anticipation, Jessica straddled the blond's cock. She sank down onto it with a moan, and wiggled her hips a little before leaning forward. She grabbed her vibe, turned it on, and wriggled it between their bodies to touch her clit. He bent his knees, allowing him to make short thrusts up into her pussy.

Robert maneuvered into position between two pairs of legs, and spread her cheeks wide.

"Give it to me," Jessica begged, trying to relax. Despite the effort, her muscles clenched tight when the head of his cock pressed against her back door.

He pushed hard, his cock bending as he tried to jam it into her ass.

"Wait. Easy," Jessica pleaded, again willing the tightly clenched muscles in her ass to relax.

He tried a different approach, putting just a little pressure on his cock, and pulling her ass-cheeks out wide. When she managed to relax for a fraction of a second, the head of his cock popped into her ass.

Jessica growled at the burning stretch of his cock violating her puckered ass. She took several deep breaths, and then gasped as another inch of rock-hard cock slipped into her.

Though it seemed as though it would take forever, and her vision swam a little by the end, she managed to take all of him. "S-so full. Oh, I love it."

The blond beneath her returned to bucking his hips up into her, causing her to yelp. A mere moment later, the cock in her ass moved as well.

Jessica's eyes and mouth both popped wide open as two cocks filled her for the first time. She had to bend her head down onto the blond's chest, because one arm alone was not enough to support her. She managed to keep the vibrator centered over her clit, and panted for breath as the two picked up the pace.

A few pained whimpers escaped her as the cock in her ass pushed harder and faster. Slowly, the pain lessened, and she could almost feel their cocks touching inside her. It felt as if both were all the way up in her belly. Between gasps for breath, she demanded, "Do it. Fuck my ass. Fuck my pussy. Make me come. Fill me up."

The burning pain returned when Robert shifted his stance, allowing him to thrust even harder and faster. The vibrator tumbled from her nerveless fingers, but from the knot of crackling energy growing inside her, she doubted that she would need it. The reluctant muscles of her ass finally gave up the ghost, and she felt balls slapping against her pussy on his next thrust.

She half wondered what the odd, animalistic sounds were, until it dawned on her that she was making them. Grunts and growls sounded from behind and below her, the two men now giving her their all.

"Oh please," she squealed, begging her own body to give in. She teetered on the brink of orgasm, the sensation a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her senses reeled from the unbelievable feeling of fullness. A rapid series of grunts sounded from below her, followed by a hot blast of breath and a scream.

The blond's cock pulsed, filling her pussy full of cum. He continued to grunt and growl, unable to move from her gripping pussy. Still, Jessica couldn't reach the brass ring. Her orgasm refused to come, teasing her maliciously, swelling and retreating with every heartbeat.

Her body jolted forward, her pendulous breasts smacking against Neil's chin when Robert jammed his cock into her ass with an explosive cry. She could actually feel the spurts of cream in her ass, and that was what finally set her off.

Jessica came hard, nothing more than a tight, quiet scream able to pass her throat. Every throb of the cocks inside her felt like an earthquake, sending violent tremors crashing throughout her body. Her vision dimmed, growing black at the edges. Sandwiched between the two men, she could only twitch, despite her muscles trying to make her lurch.

She slipped in and out of reality, the little death claiming her more completely than it ever had before. One second she was drifting in an almost numbed state, and the next, the ecstasy of her orgasm hit her like a lightning bolt. Over and over again, her body gave her a moment's respite, only to make the following jolt of climax feel all the stronger.

She didn't even remember how she ended up lying with the men on either side of her, her ass still lifted high in the air, and cum running down her thighs from both of her abused entrances. It was the last thing she remembered before she drifted off to sleep, the pain in her ass a minor thing compared to the aftershocks of her incredible orgasm.


Jessica awakened from a dream much the same as the one the day before. This time, though, she looked on either side to see her two lovers sleeping, morning erections twitching in the dawn light.

A little twinge of pain in her bottom let her know that she wouldn't be doing that again for a few days, but her pussy tingling as it lubricated screamed that other things were certainly within reason. She slipped out of the bed to take a shower, as her thighs were sticking together from the glue-like mixture of her juices and their cream.

Before she walked into the bathroom, she looked back at the pair on the bed, half expecting them to vanish. Neil's eyes opened, and he smiled when he saw her standing nude in the bathroom door.

Jessica smiled back, twitched her eyebrows suggestively, and walked into the bathroom. She heard his footfalls a few seconds later, and moaned when he wrapped his arms around her to squeeze her breasts.

All the perks, indeed, she thought as she led him into the shower.

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