tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAllan & Jane's Bet

Allan & Jane's Bet


"I'll see your ten and raise you twenty," said Allan. As he spoke he tossed three blue chips from his very short stack into the large pot sitting in the middle of the table. He then leaned back in hardwood kitchen chair. His lanky body made him look very thin, but his friends knew he was in better condition than some of them. He wore his blonde-from-a-box hair short and messy, held that way with gel. His soft face was as flat as he could make it. His light almost transparent blue eyes were staring at his opponent across the circular kitchen table from him.

His opponent was the owner of the modest three bedroom house they were in. She had a smirk on her cute oval face, but her hazel eyes didn't carry the humor of her lips. She had that face framed by falling tresses of milk chocolate brown curls that hung to just past her shoulders. "You really think you're going to beat me?" she asked, still with the smirk. She took a glance at the other two women at the table with them. As her eyes came back to Allan she tossed five more blue chips, from her equally short stack, into the pot. "How do you like them apples?" she quoted Matt Damon from 'Good Will Hunting', one of her favorite movies. She reached her right hand up to brush stray strand of hair off her forehead because the air conditioning was blowing almost directly on her. Her left hand went to the back of her neck to scratch and stretch. Having both hands up caused her bit more than a handful sized chest to lift more into Allan's view.

His eyes locked onto the front of her sleeveless flower print blouse. "You know that's cheating, Jane?" he grumbled. Jane feigned innocence and smiled. "I'll raise you another ten." His blue eyes became hard now.

"Damn! I'm glad I fell out at the beginning," stated the woman to Allan's right. She sat back, brushed her long brown hair off her shoulder and smiled. She may be a brunette, but she acts more like a blonde. Her brown eyes always carry a glint of humor and confusion, unless she was at work. Then she is very much like a stereotypical brunette, smart. "Though it would be nice to have that kind of money, right, Amy?"

"Sure would, Becky," answered Amy as her chocolate colored eyes bounced back and forth between the only two still playing. Amy had strawberry blonde hair that barely covered her ears.

"I raise you fifteen," stated Jane, dropping two blue and one red chip into the pot. She had already thrown the matching bet into the pot.

"Shit! I want to see who won, but I can't see your bet. All I have is ten left." He held the last chip he had in front of him to show everyone.

"I have an idea," grinned Jane. "But first, Amy how much is in the pot?"

After a quick sort and count Amy gave the amount. "There's three hundred seventy-five dollars in the pot." Becky's eyes opened in surprise, Alan grinned and Jane gave him a mischievous smile.

"Allan, I have another fifteen here and you have ten. If we put that in it will make the pot an even four hundred. I don't care that you can't match my side of the pot. All I care about is this hand; I want to see who wins. As a way to make things a little more balanced let's add a side bet. That way it makes things just a bit more interesting." She flashed that smile again. Now everyone was hanging on her words. "First of all we put all the money in the pot. If you win you pay back the part you couldn't cover and you still get to call me on the side bet. If I win I get the full four hundred and to call you on the side bet. Sound fair?" He nodded,

"The side bet is that the winner gets to have the loser do one task. This task can be anything; the only stipulation is no sex of any kind. The task must last at least one hour and no longer than three. It can be completed in any state of dress from nudity to formal wear. Finally it must be completed within the next forty-eight hours. Do we have a deal?" She had been leaning forward as she spoke but was now on her forearms on the table and almost out of her seat.

"How do I know you won't back out on the bet when I win?" he countered.

"Have I ever been known to welch on a bet? Besides we have two witnesses right here," she answered reaching her right hand across the table.

"I want it in writing and signed by all four of us on top of the pot before we go any farther," he said taking her hand. He was already thinking of things for her to do. He had always fantasized about seeing her bare chest. They had been friends for ten years and he had watched her develop into her D-cup chest. The first thing that came to mind was to have her come over to his apartment and clean it topless, then the idea of having her be his nude beer maid while he watched the baseball game popped into his head. Jane produced some paper and a pen and then started scribbling the rules of the bet down.

"Why do we have to sign it?" asked Becky indicating Amy and her.

"You two are witnesses and he wants it covered in case he backs out," goaded Jane. She finished writing the rules then signed it with a flourish before handing it to Amy. Amy quickly signed it and gave the paper to Becky, who read it before signing. She couldn't help it, being a high school English teacher. Finally Allan got the sheet; he too read it before signing it.

The bet for this hand of poker is approximately $200 a piece. Also included in the bet is a task to be done by the loser. This task can be no less than 1 hour and no more than 3 hours. Nudity can be called for, but no sex of any kind. The task must be given and done with by 8 pm Sunday.

Jane's signature took up most of the rest of the page. Amy and Becky had squeezed their signatures between the text of the bet and Jane's. Allan grunted and signed right along the bottom.

"I added the part about a time limit for the winner to give the task. I figured it shouldn't take more than two days to choose a task," supplied Jane as Allan placed the sheet of paper on top of the pot and under his final chip. Jane placed her last chips on it too.

"Sorry Jane, I believe I win," said Allan with a wide grin. He flipped over his three face-down cards, revealing a pair of Jacks and the six of clubs. The face-up cards in his hand were the other two Jacks, the five of spades and the Ace of diamonds. In total this hand of seven card stud ended up giving him a four of a kind in Jacks, one of the toughest hands in poker to beat.

"Damn!" exclaimed Amy as Becky said, "Nice hand."

"Looks like it could beat the king high that I have showing, but first let's see what my hole cards are." Jane's four face-up cards were the king of spades, and the five, seven, and eight of diamonds. Slowly turning over one card she revealed the king of diamonds first, then she turned the second card over to show the king of clubs. Everyone took a deep breath and held it waiting for Jane to turn over the last card. As she turned it over everyone leaned forward. The card landed upright to show it was the last king, the king of hearts.

Amy almost fell backward over her overturned chair, that she overturned as she jumped back and stood up in surprise. Becky sat back laughing and pointing at Allan. "She screwed you. She knew she was going to win when she made that bet," bubbled Amy as she joined in the laughing and righted her chair. Jane just sat back, put her hands behind her head and gave Allan a shit-eating grin and a wink.

Allan sat staring at Jane's hand like he was in a trance, not even noticing anything around him. "How could I lose? I had a killer hand! How could I lose?" he mumbled to himself as if it were a mantra.

Once Amy, Becky and Allan calmed down or snapped back to reality, Jane pulled the pot to her, being very careful with the piece of paper on top. She made sure the slip sat in a place everyone could see, right next to her drink. She carefully stacked the chips while Allan watched in a stupor, still mumbling to himself. The other two started to converse, speculating on what Jane was going to have Allan do.

Allan caught snippets of their suggestions, like nude housework and meal server nude or not, but he was not really paying attention, neither was Jane. When Amy and Becky realized this they got up and headed to the kitchen sink about twenty feet away still conversing.

Jane continued to meticulously stack the chips and Allan stared, no longer mumbling. A good portion of three minutes passed this way, then Jane finished with the chips. She placed the paper back in the middle of the table. Amy and Becky returned to the table and became quiet. Allan's eyes lifted to meet Jane's.

"I'm calling this in right now. It's nearly one in the morning and the temp is still in the eighties. I want you, Allan, to strip to your underwear here then with only car key, driver's license and cell phone you will go out to your car. In your car you will remove your underwear, leaving them here, and go for a drive. At intervals I will call you and have you meet me at certain places. Also, you will lower the top on your car. Don't worry about where you're going to meet me. I'll give you an idea before we part each time," stated Jane, watching his face. Allan's face drained of blood and his eyes became the size of saucer dishes. The other two gasped at the idea the giggled like little school girls.

"Don't worry about being caught, it's late and if you end up attracting the cops, I'll pay your fine," said Jane with a smile. She then produced a slip of paper stating what she just said.

"I can see only one complication to your plan," answered Allan, finally finding his voice again. "I went commando today." He grinned as all three ladies, having just taken a sip of their drinks, sputtered with surprise.

"You what?" asked Amy.

"What's going commando?" asked Becky.

"All I'm wearing right now is my shirt and denim shorts. My sandals are by the door," he responded, laughing at their surprised faces. "I try to go commando at least once a week, but it could be a problem at work sometimes. It's a great feeling physically and sexually. Physically cause there's no constriction on the package and sexually because women don't realize how close they are to feeling or seeing my member." He ducked with slight embarrassment but also smirked.

"Bullshit!" exclaimed Jane, staring hard at Allan. "I don't believe you. I think you're trying to back out on the bet."

"Really? You want proof?" He stood and carefully unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. He then slowly pulled the fly open to just before showing his dick. What they saw was bare skin and no tan line. Jane's jaw was practically on the floor.

"How often do you shave?" questioned Becky, her right hand moving to touch him. She stopped and grabbed her drink in an attempt to cover her move. Everyone knew what she had been doing.

"I don't shave anymore. I haven't since I was twenty-one. I'm twenty-five now. My girlfriend when I was eighteen, Jaime, dared me to shave my crotch. I loved it, especially the sex. She shaved too. Even after we broke up I continued to shave. Sam, my girlfriend when I was twenty-one bought me for my birthday present a laser hair removal treatment. The only unpleasant thing about that was the prickly stubble for a couple months while the laser killed all the hair. Now I never have to worry about stubble or ingrown hairs," he said enthusiastically.

"How smooth is it?" asked Amy. Jane and Becky just stared. Allan could feel the first stirrings of arousal from all the attention on his crotch.

"Very smooth," he answered. He was trying to will the erection that was close to growing away.

"Can I feel?" asked Becky, leaning forward. She was absentmindedly tweaking her right nipple through her clothes with her left hand.

"Yes you all can feel the smoothness." At that he dropped the shorts to the floor, baring his flaccid but hardening dick to the ladies. His attention was on Jane the whole time. He could see the lust in her eyes. He took off his shirt and threw it at Jane, hitting her in the chest. They smirked at each other.

Becky was first to touch, by placing her right hand right above his ever hardening dick. He could tell by her expression that she was surprised and very turned on by the smoothness. It was smoother than any other crotch she had touched.

"That's smoother than my legs after shaving," commented Becky to Amy. Becky ran her hand up to his bellybutton before removing it from his body. Amy's hand was there to replace it. She slid her fingers around being careful not to touch his now fully hard member. Jane estimated that it stood about six and a half to seven inches long and a little thin.

Allan stepped around the table behind Becky so Jane could feel too. She did by rubbing the back of her right hand between dick and navel. "Damn. That is smooth." He grinned, moving back to his chair. "Allan, give Becky your car key. She'll start it up and get everything ready." He sobered up, but complied with the request. He removed the car key from his key ring and handed it to Becky, who ran to the door and out of the house. "Since you decided to go without underwear today, you have to run to your car with out your shorts on."

He blanched at that thought and then reluctantly nodded. He was having trouble with the whole idea, but reconciled himself to it to fulfill the bet. Besides it was dark and very few people were going to see him in the nude in his car. To pass the time he looked over the instructions Jane had written. When he reached the last thing she had said there was one more line. What she didn't say was that he was going to have to run around both his and her cars.

"What the hell are you trying to pull?" he exclaimed. "What is this last line?" He threw the paper back at Jane.

"Oh. I forgot about that. To make sure that you stay bare throughout the entire time I want you to meet us and run around the cars. For that you can have your sandals," she said grinning. This was the make or break point. She was gambling on this point. His expression softened and he nodded.

"One stipulation on that point, there can not be a crowd of people near the cars. If there is, we move until there isn't. Agreed?" He stretched his hand across the table and she took it with a nod of her own. As their hands separated Becky reentered.

Allan stood grabbed his license and cell phone from his shorts and on his way to the door took the key from Becky. He took a deep breath and let it out as he left the house. By now his dick had softened, making it a little easier to run out to his 2000 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. The top was down and the engine turned over quickly. When he looked up Jane was leaning on the passenger door.

"In about fifteen minutes I'll call you to meet us at the movie theater. In the mean time have fun and don't go on the freeway," she said. She stood up and blew him a kiss. After she stepped a way he drove off.

He drove straight to the movie theater then started to circle the block it sat on. He continued to drive in a circle, always right so he didn't have to wait at the traffic lights too long. Only once did he think, someone saw how he was dressed or not.

Exactly fifteen minutes after he left Jane's house his phone rang. It was Jane and she told him to drive to the back of the parking lot for the theater and after finding her car, park his. He turned into the lot quickly and found her with in a minute of her call. She was slowly driving up and down the lanes. He pulled into a spot that was surrounded by at least five empty spots in any direction. She pulled into a spot over one row and five spots to his right.

He was very nervous and very excited. The nervousness and the excitement were actually working together and caused him to grow hard as he ran. He got out of the car and quickly circled his car then darted to her row and the nearest car to hers. After a couple quick breaths he circled her car to see Jane behind the wheel, Amy in the passenger seat, and Becky was in the back seat of Jane's tan 2003 Honda Accord EX. Becky slid across the seat to get close to him as he circled.

Jane had her window down and said, as he passed, "When you get back to your car get in and wait for me." He didn't really acknowledge her but did as he was commanded when he got back to his car. He sat there a couple minutes before Jane strolled over to him. "Nice to know you listen. Now listen to this. If I spot you near the end point of any other stop on this trip you will have to take a punishment of another stopping point. Understand?" He nodded swallowing hard. "Good. Our next stop is the Skyline. Know where that is?"


"Good, good. You can go now. Just don't be within a block of the Skyline until I call. See you there." She grinned and walked off. He practically floored it heading for the exit to the lot. On the road again he drove straight to the Skyline then turned left at the next intersection. He drove straight for three lights and was getting comfortable until he had to stop at the next light.

He was in the inside, left, lane and a maroon SUV pulled up to the light in the outside, right, lane. He panicked and tried to cover himself nothing was at hand so he used his right hand and it really didn't cover much. He also didn't look over, keeping his eyes out his windshield at the light willing it to change.

Once it did he accelerated smoothly and quickly as he tried to get away from the SUV. The SUV pulled into his lane behind him and easily paced him. His panicking escalated. To try to lose the SUV he turned off the road at the next right hand street, the SUV followed. He turned a few more times, two lefts and three rights, the SUV stayed with him. As a last ditch effort to loose the SUV he did a U-turn, so did the SUV. Finally in exasperation he turned into a well lit parking lot for a fast food restaurant that was closed. He pulled to the back of the lot and waited. The SUV pulled into a spot two away to his left.

That's when he looked at the SUV for the first time. Behind the wheel was a young woman with two tone hair, blonde over black. The back windows were tinted, but he did see a slim hand fly forward then disappear. With a resigned sigh he watched the doors open, at least three that he could see, the driver's, the passenger's, and the rear driver's side. Then he heard all four close. A couple seconds later he was looking at four young women, none of them older than twenty.

There was the driver with her two tone hair that barely fell passed her ears, bright blue eyes and heavy make-up. She was dressed in a sparkling pink mini dress that looked garish and pink heels too tall for her.

The girl that had gotten out on the driver's side was wearing her purple-black shoulder length hair pulled into two braids right behind her ears, dark eyes, and makeup to pale her out. Her outfit was shades of blacks and reds. It seemed to have no discernable shape and yet accentuated her heavy chest and ample back side. It was helped by her heeled boots that came up to her knees.

The two that came from the passenger's side were dressed in mini skirts that looked like rainbows and tube tops. One the true blonde of the group was in a red, almost pink, top while the dark brown haired girl was in a light blue top. Both wore black two inch heels. The blonde also had the strings of her black panties showing above the waist of her skirt. All four of the girls' makeup looked like it had slightly run from sweat and their hair was maybe a little limp.

During the chase Allan's anxiety got the best of him and what ever stiffness his dick had disappeared, but looking at these young women who had been the ones chasing him started getting him excited again. Before he turned off the car he looked at the clock and saw to his surprise that only ten minutes had passed since he had left the theater.

"Hey, why are you naked?" asked the driver. Her voice was higher than he thought it would be.

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