Allie's First Time Receiving Oral


Suddenly he started licking my clit really fast and one arm released my leg and pulled off the blindfold. The surprise of it and the knowledge of what it meant took my breath. I looked down to see who the man was that had given me so many hours of pleasure, whether directly or through fantasy. I looked and saw...Robyn!...between my legs, her tongue flicking rapidly over my clit. I was so confused, but it didn't matter right then because she thrust two fingers from that free hand into my dripping wet slit, and the new sensation along with the added stimulation from her tongue sent me over the edge and I came. My jaw had dropped open in confusion but now opened wider in a scream of delight. Delight, but also of triumph, as if after making it through all the teasing and near torture I had finally earned my orgasm. My head went back and my eyes clenched shut as waves and waves of pure pleasure shot through my entire body. I had never known anything could feel so good as this orgasm. I came and came for I don't know how long, clenching my pussy hard around the fingers thrusting inside me, pushing hard against the tongue still running over my clit, letting out gasps and moans of satisfaction until finally my orgasm subsided. I don't know how much longer it was before I felt 'Bob'...Robyn stop licking me. "Robyn," I whispered, about all I could manage just yet. "What the hell?"

"Hi, Allie," she said, with a small, sad smile on her face. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a bun on her head, which was something I had never seen before

"How long," I asked. "How long have you been doing this."

She did look a bit guilty as she replied, "It's been me the whole time, Allie."

"But, the phone call, the stories? Everything you told me?"

She smiled again. "I faked the call. There was no one on the other end of the line. I made up the terms because I knew you wouldn't just let me do this. And I didn't completely lie to you. I never said 'Bob' was actually a guy."

"But WHY?"

She looked thoughtful. "Initially, I did it because I'd always been a bit curious about being with a girl. When we were talking that day about oral sex I thought that this would be my chance. But, I didn't want to make things weird between us, so I couldn't just come out and say, 'Hey, Allie, I'll go down on you.' You would have said 'no' and then I don't know if we'd have still been friends, you know?"

She held up a finger as she continued. "Then I thought up the idea of 'Bob'. If a guy offered to go down on you, and if it was just the one time, I thought you might be okay with it. Plus, I figured that I could blindfold you, pretending that he didn't want to be recognized, which would then let me be anonymous when I went down on you." She looked embarrassed when she said, "I figured I could do this the one time and it would be out of my system, you'd get to experience oral sex, nothing would be weird between us, and everything would work out fine. A win-win." She paused. "Then you wanted it again."

"So, why keep doing it?"

"Multiple reasons. For one thing, I was afraid the truth would come out. I mean, if I had said 'no' when you asked for 'Bob' again, that could have really messed you up. You might have thought you did something wrong, or that you were gross down there and that's why he wouldn't do it again. That would have scarred you for life regarding oral sex. I'd rather tell you the truth than let you suffer that. Another thought was that you'd think that I was being selfish in not wanting to let you be satisfied by my friend again, which would have strained our friendship. I didn't want any of that." Her cheeks flushed again when she said, "But honestly, the main reason I did it again was because I liked it." I stared at her, stunned. "I liked going down on you. Hearing your moans and sighs, the smell of you, the taste of you, the feeling of you grinding your pussy into my was everything I had wanted an experience with a girl to be, if only one-sided."

I stared at her accusingly. "What about every time afterward when you would 'take care of his needs' before coming back? If it was you, what took you so long to come back."

"Well, I DID get really horny doing this for you," she replied, "so I'd go to that bathroom with the lock on the ground floor and masturbate. God, I was so wet after every time. Sometimes I'd finger myself until I came two or three times." Looking down, I saw her hand was under her skirt, rubbing herself as we spoke. She saw me looking and smiled, almost shyly. "Remember what 'Bob'...what I said," she asked. At my confused look, admittedly I was still recovering from that mind-blowing orgasm, she continued with, "If the blindfold were to come off, that's to let you know you can take care If you want to."

I was in a state of shock. I didn't know what to do. Here was my roommate, one of my closest friends since I had come to college, admitting to giving me oral sex (damned great oral sex) for the past few months, and was now asking me if I wanted to return the favor. I had never really had any homosexual thoughts before, but after realizing what pleasures she could, and had, offered me, images began to pop into my head. The vision of her naked body, which I had seen before when she'd get dressed after showering, lying on the bed, her head thrown back in ecstasy as I went down on her. The both of us, lying together naked, kissing while we fingered each other. The two of us in a 69 position, something else I'd never done before, moaning as we pleasured each other. These images went through my head, and surprisingly they did not repulse me.

Not sure what to make of my hesitation, Robyn said, "Do you remember after the first time when you told me how you had to masturbate after 'Bob' had left? That night after you fell asleep I fingered myself while thinking about how you were masturbating at the exact same time I was earlier that day, and how when we did, we were thinking about the same thing. I felt so connected to you right then. You've told me how you masturbate after every time with 'Bob', and every time, I would be down in the bathroom, masturbating with you." She looked scared as I didn't say anything. "You don't have to do anything to me, but please," she begged, "at least masturbate with me. We've done it every time, even if you didn't know it. This one last time, let's do it together."

The pleading in her eyes and voice finally made me move. I leaned forward and kissed her, deep and hard. She wasn't expecting it, but recovered quickly, throwing her arms around me and pushing her tongue into my mouth. I could taste myself on her, and this too did not repulse me. We stood up and managed to get over to her bed and just fell on it, still clinging to each other. I stripped off her clothes until she was down to her panties. They were white, and she was wet enough to render the crotch transparent. I was reminded of the first time she pleasured me, and how I was wearing similar panties, with the same results.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband and slid her panties down her long legs, tossing them aside. We were now lying together, totally naked. I savored the feeling of our bare flesh touching, just as I once did with my ex. It was somehow better with Robyn though. She was softer, smoother. The feeling of our breasts pressed together was a new, and rather pleasant sensation. She sat up and removed her hair tie. The bun fell apart and her long hair cascaded down her back and then over her shoulders as she lay back down. The ends tickled my skin slightly, and I shivered a little. I rolled us over so I was on top of her. I moved down between her legs, and she spread them wide for me, exposing her shaved and very wet pussy to me, inviting me to taste her. I stopped. "What's wrong," she asked, looking worried.

She only looked even more worried when I said, "If you want me to do this, I have terms of my own." She nodded at me to continue. "First, no more blindfolds or no touching rule. I want to look you in the eye and run my hands through your hair from now on when you eat me out." The smile of relief on her face was dazzling and she agreed. "And second," I went on, "you can't be disappointed with me. I've never done this before, so I may not be any good."

She laughed at my worry and sat up to kiss me. "Don't worry about that, Allie. I had never done it before either when I did it for you. I just thought about when my old boyfriend would go down on me and tried to do that. Just do what I've been doing to you. You'll figure it out." She lay back down, and I leaned forward to take the first of many tastes of Robyn. I remembered tasting myself on my wet finger after the first time she had given me an orgasm months ago, and then just now again when I kissed her. She tasted different from me, but still not unpleasant. I let my fingers run over her pussy lips, caressing and massaging them as I let my tongue flick over her clit. She was so wet, my fingers were quickly soaked, and I used that to slide a couple of fingers inside her, like I often did when I masturbated. I did this for a little while, not sure how long, and my tongue soon felt really tired. I was amazed at Robyn and wondered if her tongue felt like this after so short a time. Maybe it just took practice to get the tongue in shape. Her hands ran through my hair and she whispered encouraging words to me, urging me to continue what I was doing and how good it felt. Despite how sore my tongue started to feel, I kept at it and after a bit longer I managed to make her cum, although not nearly as well as she did for me. But I learned quickly. We spent the rest of the day together. She taught me what she liked, and ways of using my tongue that she had figured out which didn't tire it out so fast. We didn't pleasure each other sexually very much, but just enjoyed the feeling of being together, the feeling of being safe and warm in each others arms.

After that day, we began to share a bed, usually sleeping naked together. Instead of the once every couple of weeks, we pleasured each other almost daily. When we moved out of the dorms the next year, we both had our own room, but we usually still slept in the same bed, and our lovemaking was better than ever. We invested in toys, dildos and vibrators. Robyn surprised me once with a strap-on which quickly became one of our favorite toys. It is kind of funny though. All this time together and all this intimacy, yet neither of us really feel like a lesbian. We both still have an interest in guys and have dated a bit, although neither of us has found one that we would want as a boyfriend. We don't expect to live together forever or even be a lesbian couple. We do love each other, but more as best friends than as lovers. We just enjoy a physical intimacy that most friends don't ever try, and I'm thankful for it.

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