tagErotic CouplingsAlly Ch. 04

Ally Ch. 04


Ally felt both dirty and screwed, literally and figuratively. During a time of weakness she had let Colin fuck her everyway he wished. This was only her second partner but she felt like a complete slut!

Colin told everyone about his conquest in graphic detail. She heard about it from a girl who asked her, "How does your ass taste on Colin's cock?" Ally was mortified. Later, when Colin tried to talk to her she slapped him and stormed off. "I guess it got back to her," he thought. Another bad man was done with Ally.

Ally had an image problem. Guys were propositioning her relentlessly and quite rudely. Some were grabbing her ass and tits in the halls, or flipping up her miniskirt to show her thong to the crowd.

She resisted their advances and slapped the ones who couldn't keep their hands to themselves. This worked to some extent, but she was lonely and though she hated to admit it, horny as hell. Who would want to be her boyfriend after this?

Lance was interested in Ally and smart enough to be subtle. He was a linebacker and "played the field". He was a physical giant with a 10" cock to match. And he knew just where he wanted to put it!

His plan was to get her to trust him. Next get the pussy. Finally he planned for her to star in a gangbang along with other football players. They bet him $50 each that he couldn't get her to agree to it. Lance was motivated to prove them wrong.

Lance began by staging a heroic rescue. As Ally walked out of the building at the end of the day, one of his buddies grabbed her ass, spun her around and tried to kiss her. She was struggling with him when Lance walked up and pulled him off of her. He then lectured Dre about respecting women.

Ally was impressed with Lance. At this point, he was the only one being nice to her. He was very muscular, hot and chivalrous. Lance began paying attention to her in school in spite of the grief he got for being seen with the school slut.

Ally agreed to go out with Lance but was cautious. She wasn't going to get fucked again. She was just getting over two bad experiences. Would she be able to keep her pants on?

Lance took her out on his Jet Ski one Saturday. He could barely keep his hands off of her when she stripped off her t-shirt and shorts to reveal a yellow bikini. It wasn't a thong but still very a very impressive sight.

Lance drove them around for a while then suggested they go for a swim. He pulled into an inlet and beached the Jet Ski. He then pulled out some beer and they swam and drank. After a few beers he suggested they head to the beach and get some sun.

When Lance asked her to put some lotion on him she obliged. When he offered to return the favor she got nervous. The sun, the beer, and his power were getting her hot. His hands on her body could be too much to handle.

Ally rolled over onto her stomach and he began oiling her up. He started with her feet and worked his way up her legs. His hands lingered over her ass and thighs causing her to sigh quietly. He then stopped and did her arms. When he got to her back he untied her top and she didn't object. He rubbed her back and decided to be bold. He untied the bottom of her suit and peeled it off. She was surprised and objected before he got it all the way off. "What if someone sees me?" She asked. Lance assured her that they were in a secluded spot and she relented, lifting her hips so he could get the fabric off of her crotch.

Ally was still concerned but he had her undressed and covered in oil! This was a done deal and she knew it. Lance applied more lotion to her ass and pussy. He spent some time rubbing the lotion into her. Then he stopped and lay down next to her, leaving her almost panting with anticipation.

After a bit she turned over onto her back. She reached for the lotion to apply to her front. Lance already had it in his hands and was looking down at her with glee. Ally laid back and knew she was going to get penetrated today.

Lance started at her feet again and as he worked his way up ignored her pussy. He did massage her thighs deeply and slowly before switching to her arms. Then he oiled her belly. Finally, He started touching her breasts. The nipples were hard before he even reached them. His work brought forth a low groan. Leaving them glistening and painfully erect, he slid his hands down her belly to her cunt.

Now he lost all pretense of applying lotion and began rubbing her clit and slid a finger into her pussy. Ally wasn't in any condition to object. She was spread out before him, oiled from head to toe, and completely naked.

Ally was surprised at how gentle he was. Not pleasantly surprised. She was ready for more forceful treatment. More teasing was not acceptable. She begged "more" as he continued his assault on her juicy pussy. He immediately pulled off his shorts and pressed his enormous cock head against her labia.

Ally was very impressed with his size, but apprehensive. She said "go slow". Lance mercifully squirted some more lotion on her pussy and worked it in with three fingers. Then adding some to his cock he began to push inside Ally. She grunted at the intrusion and pulled her legs back as far and wide as she could. Lance felt some give and slid in a few inches. This was slow going as it was more than she had ever taken. He would pull back and push in farther with each thrust.

Ally was coping with the intruder up until the 8" point. This was virgin territory and painful. She felt stretched again like the first few times before she had loosened up. Here eyes closed in relief when she felt his balls hit her ass. He is all in, she thought.

Now Lance was out of patience. He needed to cum. As he began thrusting harder she pushed back on his hips with her hands to slow him down again. Lance sought to distract her by pinching both her nipples hard. She yelped and tried to move his hands off of her tits. Lance kept them there and he really started pounding her into the beach towel. She stopped struggling and came hard.

Lance snickered "you like that don't you?", while he forcefully mauled her tits. She was feeling completely taken at this moment. She screamed and Lance came inside her.

Ally discovered she was excited by pain. It added to the feeling of being dominated that she was starting to acknowledge. He collapsed on top of her and she had trouble breathing. From a distance she was only visible from her feet locked around his ass. A fuck like this went a long ways to helping her forget the other bastards who had mistreated her so.

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