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Almost Caught


It was quiet in the woods, and private, the way they liked it. Trees and bushes and secret, winding footpaths. Peaceful glades where no one would see them. Sunshine and dappled shade, the heavy scent and stillness of a summer morning.

Lenny had put the camera away, now he turned to Maggie and took up the loose end of one of the blue nylon ropes he'd used to lash her to the tree. Maggie was naked, he'd never known a woman so eager to slip out of her clothes in the great outdoors. She watched him through the fringe of dark hair that had fallen across her eyes. There were leaves in her hair. He'd smeared dirt on her constricted breasts and her thighs. The gag was her own idea.

He could hear her ragged breathing as she followed his movements. She was ripe for a fuck. Her skin was pale. He stood before her and savoured the moment. She looked like a wild woman, caught and tied to a tree deep in the lonely woods. At his mercy. He could do anything he wanted. Her ankles were bound, her legs wide open. The short dark hair below the soft swell of her stomach demanded his attention.

The end of the rope touched the floor where it dangled from his hand and he gently flicked his wrist, aiming it at her exposed and gaping pussy. Maggie gasped as he found his target and the swinging rope stroked her lightly between the legs. Her breathing quickened. The rope hung at his side again. She was watching it, her chest rising and falling, her body tensed, waiting.

A pattern of sunlight falling through the leaves danced on the sign she wore around her neck.

"-I've got something for you to wear," Lenny had said. He'd made it the night before and now he reached behind the seats to get it.

It was Thursday morning and the sun was shining. They had the rolling up and down country roads to themselves. A ground mist lay in some of the hollows. An early start had seemed a good idea, less people walking those quiet, woodland paths.

He found what he wanted and brought it out with a flourish, grinning as Maggie frowned and snatched it from him.

It was a piece of card torn from the side of a grocery box. He'd tied a length of string to it to make a loop and scrawled FUCK ME in crooked capital letters.

Maggie gasped when she saw it. She made to hit him with it and then she laughed and looked at it again.

"-Oh very nice," she said.

"I think it'll add that certain something," he told her.

"I can see you put a lot of work into it."

"Try it on, see if it fits."

Smiling she slipped the string over her head. The piece of card with its crude message lay on her heavy breasts and he nodded his approval.

"-Just in case there's any doubt, right?" Maggie asked looking at him over it.

"Hey, I'm an artist," Lenny said. "It's all about composition."

The picnic site was as deserted as they'd hoped it would be and the tyres crunched gently on gravel as they turned in. The car park was surrounded by trees, some in blossom. Lenny parked in the shade.

Anticipation was running high as he turned off the engine. Maggie felt it too, he could see it in her eyes.

"How do you feel?"

"Horny," she said, smiling before turning in her seat to look around.

Out of the car the air was still cool. The picnic tables and benches were empty. Dew shone on the grass and birds sang in the trees as Lenny shouldered the back pack and locked the car.

Maggie carried the sign he'd made, holding it by the string like a handbag as they walked over to look at the map on the information board. It showed the various trails and paths leading into the surrounding woodland as a series of winding dotted lines.

He stood beside her and squeezed her soft ass affectionately through her jeans, "Take your pick," he said.

"Any one," she whispered, "as long as it's quiet."

He kissed her and felt the excitement that been escalating ever since they'd left home hit a new peak as her tongue eagerly found his.

They chose a trail at random, both agreeing that one was as good as another. He let her lead the way and admired how her ass moved in her jeans and the happy, excited, horny look on her face every time she glanced over her shoulder. The sign in her hand twisted as she walked, showing its crude message again and again.

The sense of isolation increased as the well worn trail meandered up and down. Sometimes, glancing left or right, he saw deeper under the trees the secretive green light that fell through the canopy of leaves. It never failed to look peaceful and inviting.

"How far should we go?" Maggie said. Her eyes were shining when she paused and looked back.

They'd been walking for twenty minutes. Lenny saw the naked excitement in her eyes. There were bright spots of colour in her cheeks.

He'd noticed several, narrower, less used side trails leading from the one they followed and now he indicated one of those. It was greener, more overgrown. Brambles and nettles grew either side of it.

Maggie went first, picking her way more carefully than before. She looked back more frequently as if waiting for him to say where to stop. He was looking for the right place and when he saw the path open out a little more into a small secluded clearing dominated by a moss green tree that looked about five hundred years old he decided they'd gone as far as they needed to.

"I think this'll do it," he said and looked around taking it all in. A thrilling sense of anticipation seemed to hover in the still air. There was nothing to see but trees and shrubbery and sun-dappled shade in all directions. It looked perfect, the kind of secret, hidden place where they could be alone as long as they wanted.

He shrugged off the back pack and felt a rush of excitement as Maggie looked around. She was a large woman, fleshy and round hipped. When she smiled he saw how eager she was and he knelt in the grass and opened the back pack. He took out his camera and the ropes and when he looked up Maggie was already enthusiastically taking off her top. She pulled it over her head and tossed it aside then reached back to unfasten her bra. She shrugged it off without the least hesitation and beamed at him, proud of her large pale breasts as they swayed heavily with her movements.

Lenny waited with a long coil of blue nylon rope in each hand and watched aroused as she sucked in her stomach to open her jeans. She pushed them down quickly, wonderfully eager. She wasn't wearing panties. Her skin was white and soft. Everything moved as she stamped out of her jeans one leg at a time. The hair below the soft swell of her stomach was dark and close cropped and she stood before him big and beautiful, pale and naked and aroused.

Her excitement was contagious, Lenny would have fucked her there and then, but first he wanted to get some pictures. Maggie obligingly stood with her back to the tree and her arms out to the side, her legs apart. He tied the end of the rope to one wrist then passed it around the tree and loosely secured her other wrist. Up close he could hear her breathing and see the hunger in her eyes as she watched him. He leaned close as if to kiss her but pulled away at the last moment. She moaned and tried to move but the ropes held her against the tree.

"-Bastard," she whispered.

He smiled as his cock strained. Teasing her was part of it, part of what they did. Now he went back around the tree again, feeding the rope through his hands. When he came to Maggie again he crossed it over her chest between her large breasts. He made more circuits of the tree, each time carefully arranging the rope so that eventually both of her breasts were tightly wrapped in at least two coils of rope. The pressure of the ropes raised her breasts, squeezed them, made them available. He tied off the loose end of the rope before taking Maggie's hard nipples between his fingers and thumbs and gently pulling them.

Maggie moaned and writhed. She began to slowly move her hips, lasciviously swaying side to side.

He took the other rope and began to bind her ankles to the tree. As he knelt before her his face was level with her pussy and leaning closer he pursed his lips and blew a warm, teasing breath between her parted legs. Maggie's hips jerked and she pulled in vain at the ropes that bound her firmly to the tree. Her dark hair had fallen about her face. She moaned softly in frustration.

With her legs now securely bound Lenny retreived the sign he'd made from where she'd dropped it. Maggie obligingly lowered her head and he hung it around her neck as her eyes blazed at him through the fringe of dark hair that hung over her forehead.

The final touch was the gag. He stood not quite touching her naked, vulnerable body and fastened it then stepped back to admire his handiwork.

There was just the right amount of shade under the old tree. The cracked and ancient bark made a perfect contrast to Maggie's soft, pale skin. The ropes around her breasts and the hand lettered sign that hung at an angle above them emphasised her vulnerability and helplessness. The silence, the sunlight through the trees and the glimpses of blue sky through the leaves, the claustrophobic nature of the surrounding woods heightened their excitement.

Lenny checked his camera and took a photograph and then, smiling, he grabbed a handful of dry leaves and let them fall on Maggie's hair. Some caught and stayed. Next he found a place where the trail was damp and daubed smears of mud on her breasts and thighs as she watched him.

Maggie moved her hips as his hand neared her pussy.

"-Do you want something?" he teased, and deliberately took his hand away as she made strangled, frustrated sounds around the gag.

He walked away with his camera, following the path they'd come by, pausing and looking back through the leaves and branches, retreating again until Maggie was almost lost behind the foliage that now obscured his view. He took pictures that showed her apparently alone and abandoned and helpless there, long shots of her face and constricted breasts, another of her wide-spread legs with the thickness of the tree behind them.

He retraced his steps, taking his time, aiming the camera and clicking the shutter. Sometimes Maggie looked at him, her eyes blazing in the subtle shade beneath the tree, other times she hung her head. Standing off the trail he took side views that showed her bound tightly to the tree, her pinched and constricted breasts raised unnaturally by the ropes passed around them.

"I think I'll post these somewhere," he told her as he put the camera away, aware how turned on she'd be by the thought of other people seeing her naked, bound and gagged.

Now Lenny lazily flicked his wrist again and the end of the rope snaked up between her legs. Maggie sucked in her stomach, held her breath. It made her breasts stand out at an even more arousing angle. He dropped the rope and broke a thin, leafy branch from a nearby sapling. He held it against her neck as she panted and watched him, then he moved it slowly down over her swollen nipples, down between her legs where he let the leaves caress and tease her inner thighs. Her legs began to tremble with anticipation and he lowered the branch then swept it up between her legs. It made a light, leafy sound and Maggie moaned sexily, deep in her throat. He withdrew the branch and began to lightly lash her bound and unprotected breasts. She tossed her head from side to side, moaning louder, sounded increasingly frustrated.

He dropped the branch and put his hands on her breasts, delighting in the way they felt, the arousing softness of her skin in contrast to the ropes wrapped carefully around them. He squeezed and massaged her breasts while Maggie moaned softly behind the gag. He pinched her nipples, there was nothing she could do. He held them between finger and thumb and pulled gently, lifting the weight of her breasts as her breathing became increasingly more erratic and urgent. It almost seemed as if he had caught her in the woods and made her his plaything.

Now he lowered his head and let the tip of his tongue lightly graze her nipple while his hands firmly held her breasts, his strong fingers pressed into her soft, yielding flesh. At first he teased her but as his desire increased he took a nipple between his teeth and began to attack it more roughly, alternately suckling and nipping as Maggie responded to his touch.

He moved his right hand lower, his fingers spread wide, down to her hip at first, exploring her naked skin then caressing her stomach, finally he covered her short dark pubic hair with his hand and closed his fingers, squeezing her there, as Maggie moaned and writhed and panted against him.

He sensed the heady, intoxicating moment approaching when animal instincts take over, and he let his hand slip down between her legs, wanting to feel her there, wanting to rub her pussy. Maggie thrust violently against him as he touched her and he experienced again the excitement of her soft, wet, fat pussy eager for his attention. Waves of desire swept over him as his probing finger found the slick, warm wetness between her pussy lips. He parted them and rubbed her, smearing her wetness, exploring the exciting, complicated inner contours of her pussy, knowing the special places she liked to be touched. She began to make low, urgent noises through the gag as he played his fingertip lightly over her engorged clitoris. He continued to roughly paw her left breast while he moved his finger between her legs until Maggie gave a louder more gutteral cry and shuddered violently. Her hips began to twitch frenziedly, thrusting urgently with a beautiful and smooth fluid motion and he immediately thrust his stiffened thumb deep inside her. Maggie threw her head to the side, her whole body tense, as he fucked her roughly and violently enough to lift her each time. Now she was literally bouncing on his hand as he slammed it inside her again and again. He could hear the arousing wet sounds it made inside her and the slap of his hand against her pussy. Maggie strained at her bonds and perspiration made her hair cling damply to her forehead.

Lenny quickly pulled the gag aside and they kissed hungrily.

"-Untie me," she panted, and he began to work feverishly at the knots, both of them eager and desperate to get their hands on the other. He freed her hands and then her ankles. She immediately reached for his jeans, tugging at the button, snatching at the zip in her eagerness to touch him.

They went down to the ground together at the base of the tree kissing and touching with increasing urgency among the tangles of fallen blue ropes.

Maggie's hands were on his throbbing cock. She lay invitingly on her back and he went with her. The sign around her neck was in the way and he snatched it free, tearing the string from the cardboard, and sent it scaling away like a frisbee. Her big, soft body welcomed him as she opened her legs. His cock brushed her pussy and then Maggie was guiding him inside. He thrust powerfully and moaned with pleasure as he slipped smoothly, wetly deep inside her. Maggie pushed her hips to meet him. Her hands were on his back, her nails digging into the skin. He felt her raise her legs and wrap them around him. They began to fuck smoothly and quickly. He was aware of Maggie's increasing excitement as his own pleasure continued to grow. She clawed at his back, urging him on, encouraging him. Her fingers were in his hair. Her cries grew louder. Suddenly she was pulling his hair and he realised she was trying to tell him something.

"-There's people!" she hissed, and Lenny froze mid-stroke.

Maggie had him in a bear hug, she was staring wide eyed to one side and as he followed her gaze he realised he could hear voices. His heart seemed to thud to a sudden, shocked standstill. From where they lay he was able to see along the overgrown path they'd taken and back to the main trail they'd followed from the car park.

He saw a woman stroll by. She was smiling, talking conversationally. Then a middle aged man. Two men. Someone laughed somewhere out of sight. There were half a dozen places, gaps between the trees and shrubs, where he saw either legs or glimpses of faces as they passed on the main trail. He saw six, eight, ten or more walking in a line. From the number of voices there were more coming. Men and women. Ramblers or hikers he guessed, a club of some kind. It would only take one of them to glance to the side and they'd be seen.

Maggie lay unmoving beneath him. There was nothing they could do to avoid discovery should anyone happen to turn their way. They lay frozen, stricken, hardly daring to breath, locked together. He watched in disbelief as more people continued to file past. The sound of their passage seemed to invade the silence of the place where they lay. He imagined one of them turning to the side, casually looking around, then a sudden wide eyed look of shocked surprise as their gaze picked out the two of them lying there naked. A hand suddenly raised to a stranger's mouth.

Lenny felt his cock strain deep inside Maggie's slick, warm, grasping pussy and without pausing to think he moved his hips and pushed slowly deeper inside her. Maggie jerked beneath him. She glared at him in sudden alarm, her eyes sent out a silent urgent warning, but he ignored it and drew himself back and pushed smoothly into her again. Part of his mind was aware of all the people filing by, he could hear the rustle of their clothing as they brushed through the undergrowth, but a greater part of his mind was taking in the more urgent signals from his cock.

Maggie looked up at him. Her eyes still wide with alarm but shining with an intensity he'd never seen before. There were leaves in her hair, smears of mud on her large, pale breasts, red marks where the ropes had been. She looked sexy, more desirable than ever, and he began to fuck her again, slowly at first, more cautiously than before.

He saw movement at the edge of his vision, the yellow, blue and red jackets worn by the hikers, and heard snatches of conversations. He didn't care. They were joined together, Maggie was warm and soft beneath him, and he continued to fuck her slowly and deliberately. She frowned prettily and began to breath more deeply and he felt her legs tighten around him.

Someone laughed nearby, a man coughed, a woman said something about the weather as Lenny's cock slipped smoothly in and out of Maggie's pussy. He began to move faster. Maggie bit her lower lip, her hands were on his ass and they were moving smoothly and rhythmically together. He kept thrusting, knowing he wouldn't last much longer, feeling the start of his climax building. Maggie began to make low, urgent, excited sounds and he clapped a hand to her mouth. Her eyes briefly opened wide and then she began to thrust urgently beneath him. He felt himself beginning to cum as the throbbing length of his cock slipped smoothly, wetly, beautifully, perfectly inside her. Maggie's eyes were closed, she was moving urgently beneath him. His hand still covered her mouth as he felt himself cumming, exploding inside her. He continued to thrust violently between her legs as he felt it leaving him, pumping deep and hot and scalding inside her. Her fingers dug painfully into his ass. Her mouth opened beneath his hand as she convulsed beneath him and he suddenly felt a big, stupid grin on his face.

Immediately they were both laughing, but silently, trying not to make a sound. He was still inside her but their passion was spent and it was a mixture of relief and release and wonder at their own daring that made them smile.

He collapsed on top of her and kissed her neck and felt her shaking as she tried to control her amusement. When he glanced up he saw all the people had passed by and they seemed to be alone again.

They didn't talk as they quickly gathered their belongings. Lenny hastily stuffed the coils of blue rope into the back pack as Maggie performed a series of comical hops as she tugged on her jeans and closed them. Her face was flushed and happy and her breasts bounced attractively and then she turned away to get her top. They couldn't seem to look at each other without smiling.

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