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Jessie felt Mike spread her legs wider still, his tongue lapping at the sides of her pussy, and begged him again, "Mike, enough, please—you're driving me... crazy," she finished with a whimper as she felt him put his lips around her clit and suck, briefly and gently, as if that was what she wanted now. She just wanted him inside of her, gentleness be damned.

For what seemed like forever, but had probably only been twenty minutes or so, her long-time boyfriend Mike had had her in this position on his bed, her arms extended to her sides and held open by scarves he'd pulled from who-knew-where, his hands on her thighs to hold her legs open so that he could lick at her, torturing her with his tongue while she lay naked and waiting for him to just, finally for the love of God, stick his dick inside of her and satisfy her... and here, he was still in his jeans, only his t-shirt discarded.

"Soon," he told her again, before winking at her and pushing his tongue into her, thrusting twice so that she thrashed against him. "I'll be inside you soon, love," he said for the hundredth time as he leaned up to catch his breath and replaced his tongue with two of his fingers. He didn't offer the hard force her body was craving, though—instead, he watched her knowingly as he gently played through her soaked folds with two of his fingers, only occasionally dipping one into her wet snatch and then pulling back before she'd barely had the chance to thrust her hips at him, with his knees and his other hand holding her mostly still.

Finally, he stood, and Jessie grinned up at him, leaving her legs wide open for him to view, knowing he'd be in her in a moment. She wanted him, maybe more than she'd ever wanted him before, he'd been driving her body so crazy—first with their slow, sweet make-out session on his couch and that amazing dinner he'd prepared, and now with his tongue.

To her frustration, though, he just backed away from the bed and stood looking at her, a smirk spread across his own face as he crossed his arms over his chest rather than losing his jeans and gaining a condom.

"What are you doing? I want you inside of me now," she begged him, pulling at her restraints for emphasis—she was tired of playing, and wanted the main event.

"April fools, babe," Mike said, grinning as he bent down to the floor beside the bed.

What did he say? "Mike, babe..." she began, but went silent in surprise when he stood back up with the bottle of wine they'd left unfinished at dinner. "What are you doing? We can drink later," she told him.

"I want a drink now," he told her, and then he came to the bed with the white wine in hand.

As she began squirming toward the headboard, Mike slid overtop of her, still in his jeans, and landed across her thighs. Winking at her again, he then began dribbling the wine over her body, first between her breasts, and then up over and around her nipples, up to her neck and then back down her body, down the middle of her abs and over her mound, where he made sure to pour enough that it would drip down.

When he looked back up at her, her eyes were wide with surprise, her mouth pursed open in an 'o' of surprise as she shivered under the cold liquid he'd just poured overtop of her. Now that he was done pouring, though, he slid from her body and sprawled beside her, and he began at her neck.

Kneading her body with his fingers, beginning with her nearest arm and her nearest thigh, he let his lips descend on Jessie's neck and began sucking, drawing up the moisture of the sweet wine along with her sweat, and murmuring his approval as she shivered beneath him. He'd turned the air down, so he knew the wine was chilling her, but he also knew the night he had planned would work them both into such a sweat that she soon wouldn't be complaining.

"Mi-i-i-i-ke," she whimpered, pulling against the scarves again as his lips trailed from her neck to her collarbone, back and forth, and then down to her right breast.

"You taste delicious," he told her, glancing up at her wide eyes. He took his mouth back to her breasts then, grazing over the wine and nipping at her aureolas and then her nipples, letting his fingers prod and twist at them as she squirmed beneath him, once he'd finished with the wine. When he moved to the space between them and then licked downward, her body was arching up against his, her legs fidgeting constantly for release.

"Soon," he murmured again, and appeased her for a moment by slipping two long fingers into her snatch, causing her to moan and thrust against him before he pulled them away and then snaked them up to her lips so that she could taste the wine with her juices, as he'd soon be doing.

She wasn't shivering with the cold by the time he leaned back into her center, and he took his time lapping at her, holding her legs wide apart as she mewled with desire and frustration above him, begging him to just undress and finally take her. He would... soon.

When he stood, she was soaked, and he needed once again to catch his breath.

"You said... now... please, Mike... I want you," she crooned, turning her head so that her hair came further loose from the two long braids she'd put it into earlier. All of her thrashing had left ends trying to escape, and though the style had looked sweetly sophisticated earlier, now she was so spent that they looked to be imitation schoolgirl braids, as if she'd spent the night a porn star instead of playing with her boyfriend. She was gorgeous, he thought for the hundredth time that night. By his count, she'd already orgasmed twice.

"I said soon, didn't I?" he asked, smiling. "Well, april fools, again..."

Jessie threw her head back, groaning and pulling again at her restraints as Mike returned to her side with the wine bottle in hand, holding it up for her to see.

"You must be thirsty—would you like some?"

"Oh... yes," she finally sighed, realizing he wasn't about to let her go at the moment; he was clearly having too much fun with her, and she knew if she really got serious and demanded she let him go, she'd never feel that cock of his inside of her—not tonight, at least. She'd have to put up with it.

Mike dribbled some wine between her lips so that she was able to take a few sips to wet her throat, and then he gave her that wink that always meant he'd been thinking too much about what he wanted to do with her, so that she shivered under his gaze. Silently, he moved the bottle and dribbled some more wine over her breasts, bending to lick at her 36-Cs and listen to her moan before he rose again and moved the bottle.

She began to protest as soon as she realized what he was about to do, but it was too late.

Mike had taken the bottle and slipped it into her wet cunt, letting the wine slosh back and forth against her pussy's walls, cold, as he moved the bottle back and forth so that it surged back and forth, and she knew some of her juices were going into the bottle even as she moaned, the wine making its way into her body and then out, driving her crazy with sensations she'd never even thought to imagine; she couldn't decide if she felt full or empty. He didn't let the bottle go far into her, but she pushed forward, trying for more pressure.

"The cold..." she murmured, her eyes closed with the sensations. A moment later, Mike's other hand was against her skin, above her pussy, pressing against her g-spot from above as the bottle touched her... there, and she screamed and bucked against him with the third release of the night, feeling her pussy pulse against the hard glass.

Mike watched her, practically vibrating with the orgasm, the wine bottle still sticking obscenely from her snatch and begging to be thrust into her. He pushed it in further than he'd planned, watching her body tremor with the cold and the hardness she'd been wanting for more than an hour now, if not in this form.

Finally, he took it away, and drank from the bottle as she shivered in the afterglow before him, her body still shaking with little tremors as he tasted her juices on the bottle's glass, mixed with the sweet white wine. When he moved it to her lips, she licked the bottle's edge wantonly and then accepted a few sips. He drank what was left, and then moved between her legs again.

"You said soon, please..." she whispered, still breathless.

"April fools," he repeated maddeningly, and then bent to her pussy again. So soon after the orgasm, she thrust her hips up against him immediately, no longer even attempting to hid her desire, and he relished the taste of it, and the feel of her full submission to him.

When Mike sat up again, he didn't bother looking up to her wide eyes, knowing what he'd see in her face. Patting her trembling thigh affectionately, he instead rose from the bed and walked to his dresser, where he retrieved a shoelace he'd left there for the night's fun.

He lowered himself over her abdomen then, crouching so that his weight wouldn't fall wholly on her slim frame, and began tweaking her nipples so that she moaned, pushing her chest at him for more. She didn't know what was coming, but she was past caring, as long as it led to him sticking his dick into her, hard.

Finally satisfied that her nipples were as hard as he'd ever seen them, he carefully took one end of the shoelace and tied it around one nipple, tightening it slowly so that the fabric wouldn't pop from her hard bud. Her eyes were wide, watching him, and he enjoyed the expression on her face as he pulled one last time at the knot, tightening it, drawing a gasp from her, and then moved to tie the other end around her other nipple, drawing this one closed and tightening it in the same fashion, so that she was sure to feel them even when he wasn't touching her. He knew they weren't tight enough to hurt her, but she was certainly feeling them.

"You said soon... but you're not done yet, are you?" she groaned, her body squirming, and he shook his head.

"April fools."

"We're never having sex again on April 1rst," she moaned, and he laughed above her as he rolled from her body and moved back to his dresser, where he pulled forth a bottle of lubricant and the slimmest anal plug he'd been able to find, though it wasn't the shortest he'd seen; it was somewhat long, in fact. They'd talked about this, but it would be a first for her.

Moving back to the bed, he held it up in front of her face with one eyebrow raised, and watched as she doubted herself for a moment before nodding, hesitantly.

"That's my girl," he crooned, and then he coated the small plug in lube before slipping it into her pussy for good measure, and then moving so that he sat between her thighs. Lifting her knees, he pulled a pillow to him and then slipped it beneath her ass. A moment later, he had the plug at her back opening, prodding.

She groaned above him, and he reached up to tweak the shoelace between her nipples, pulling at it so that she gasped and he couldn't help but laugh. Then he thrust two of his fingers into her snatch, pumping back and forth harder than he had earlier.

"Open up for me, baby, just relax," he whispered to her, watching her body tense and then untense as she fought the feeling of that unfamiliar sensation at her back passage. He pushed harder, though, and in a moment it had entered her.

Jessie's eyes were as wide as they'd ever been, her breath coming in gasps as she got used to the feeling of the thin plug in her ass. It had looked so small... but it felt so big. She held Mike's gaze, holding onto the adoration she saw there, as she got used to it, feeling his hand on her ass beside it, making sure it didn't leave her. Getting used to it, she finally felt her breath returning to some semblance of normal. A moment later, though, Mike's fingers were holding the base of it so that he could thrust it back and forth, in and out of her, and she suddenly realized he hadn't even had all of it in her, the way it was reaching further into her now.

"Mike—oh, God, Mike, please, you're driving me crazy," she begged, thrusting her hips even though she knew there was nothing there to fill her pussy yet, nothing to grasp onto it and satisfy her the way she'd been wanting.

"Soon," he told her, and she opened her eyes then to glare at him in annoyance. Her body and her gasps were still wholly driven by desire, though; she couldn't hide it, and so he kept thrusting it in and out, ignoring the feel of his hard dick in his jeans, begging to get at her. He played with her nipples, still tight in the string, and kept pumping the plug back and forth in rhythm until she was having trouble catching her breath for the gasps, and reminding him that he'd said he was almot done when she could.

Shrugging, he pushed the plug as far into her as it would go, holding it in a half-inch further than it had been before so that its base met her ass cheeks and pressed in, and he left it there, pushing, as he delivered his now expected one-liner, "April Fools."

While she still had her eyes closed, he used his other hand to press down on her pelvis, holding her still as he moved his lips to her clit and began sucking. When she began bucking against him, begging him to let her go and fuck her, he was ready for her, holding her still with one hand against her ass to make sure the plug stayed inside of her, and using his other hand to hold her still while he pressed into her from above, rubbing in the circular motion he knew drove her body crazy. After a few seconds, he raised one hand to pull at the shoe string still attached to her nipples, and bit down lightly on her clit when she screamed. And then he went back to the rubbing, the licking, and the sucking, letting her buck beneath him as she moaned unintelligably. He'd never had her this needy and begging for it before, and he loved it.

When he rose again, she couldn't catch her breath, and his lips tasted of wine and her juices; she was soaking with both. He'd planned on that being the last April Fools, but suddenly he couldn't help himself.

"You ready for me now?" he asked, and grinned as she nodded. Stripping his jeans off, he watched her continue to squirm, as if she couldn't quite come down from the sensations of the last orgasm, and he knew the plug still buried in her ass would only make it harder for her to let go of that feeling.

"Please—just, untie me, and take the plug out, and fuck me, Mike, please," she begged, her body all but undulating before him on the bed.

"I am, I am," he promised, kicking aside his clothes and then moving between her legs. He put the head of his hard cock at her entrance and left it there for a minute with her thrusting toward him, trying to get it inside of her body, but the restraints were still holding her back. He reached up, pulling languidly at the shoe string between her nipples so that she gasped. "Please," she said again.

He leaned forward, and reached down to her ass as if he was going to take the plug out as he nibbled at her neck, his cock still poised for entry.

Then, rising up, he pushed into her in one smooth motion, lunging all of the way inside of her so that he bottomed out while his other hand pushed into the plug at her backside, holding it inside of her. He saw her eyes go wide as he filled her, his cock hard and thick inside of her, and her mouth opening and closing with the shock of it as a gutteral groan came from her throat and she finally threw her head back against the bed, calling out as she thrust up against him.

"April fools, love," he muttered a last time, twisting the plug within her as he truly began thrusting his cock into her, bottoming out at every other thrust and feeling the thin plug's presence through her walls. She was writhing beneath him, calling out his name and cursing with pleasure, and he finally slowed so they both could catch their breath, but held himself inside of her and played with the string binding her nipples as he did.

When she was breathing regularly again, if heavily, he began pressing in slowly again, and then kneaded her breasts and bit at her neck as she finally came again, but with him inside of her this time.

Moments later, he sped up and then jerked into her body hard, exploding inside of her with the desire that had been holding him on edge all night. Feeling her shudder beneath him, and letting his breath blow against her hard and still imprisoned nipples as he caught his own breath, he had no doubt that he'd want to repeat all of this, April Fools or not. He also had little doubt that, more likely than not, he'd never get her into bed on April first again.

"Oh God, Mike, that was amazing," she breathed, her pussy still pulsing around him.

He licked at one of her nipples, feeling her tremble beneath him with the added sensation. "I'll let you up in a minute," he fibbed. "Just let me lay here for a moment."

And then, laying there, with both of her passages still full, he wondered if she'd be surprised when he delivered his one-liner again after a few minutes of rest.

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