tagRomanceAlmost Kidnapped Pt. 08

Almost Kidnapped Pt. 08


Part 8 - Eulogy

This is a sequential story you will need to read the previous Parts before this Part will make sense. I broke this story up into Parts to accommodate L's request to make into parts.

This is my very first story I've ever written. I'm an Engineer so I tend to be techno/detailed, hope it does not distract from the story too much. Some of the items in the story are real, some embellished, and some fantasy, I'll let you try to figure them out. If you seek lurid sex then this story is not for you – I allude to sex but I leave the details to your imagination – often less is more. Enjoy OB.


I booked for Brandy and Sara a Cinderella Princess make-over and dress-up day at the Bahamas Disney Castle. At their viewing of their princess gowns, with all our guests secretly present, I strode up in a suit of shinning amour and dropped to one knee. I took Brandy's hand and asked her to marry me. She thought it was an act for Sara until she looked around seeing all those familiar faces then looked into my eyes and down to my hand holding a 2.5-karat blue-diamond ring.

She jumped into my arms screaming "YES!, YES!, YES!, take me, MY HERO!!" planting a marathon scorcher on me I think lasted five minutes. Sara was jumping for joy... All our guests were laughing and clapping, Micky got it all on video and posted to all our companies within an hour.

We were married three days later. And yes I was fully functional on our wedding night and I made sure her multiple pleasures were my primary focus. She is a wild one!

The morning after our wedding at the group brunch Mrs. Brandilynne Salem-Waddell complained she was rather sore, she under estimated this old goat – he's been holding out on me. To the roars of laughter from our friends and then Sara (now eight) said "I don't understand" and everyone roared louder.

Marg took Sara for a short walk and I suspect gave a very watered down version of the birds & bees. Next thing I know Sara jumped in my lap telling me she wants to be loved like mommy.

I glared at Marg then Brandy, eyeball pleading 'rescue me', all the adults just broke out in roaring laughter at my severe discomfort and obvious embarrassment that was plastered on my red face. What a bunch of friends. Sara was still nagging me, I knew how to skin this cat (I just wonder what Brandy will throw at me).

You know before I met you I had two dogs. Sara with big eyes asked, what are their names? Frodo and Bilbo, I got them as puppies. Sara stated meekly "I'd really really love to have a dog too", well you need to ask mommy. And Brandy gave me 'the-EYE' with a smile.

I was going to get Sara a dog when we got back anyways – a kid should always grow up with a dog, it is their best'est buddy and confidant!

Our guests chuckled at my skill, daring, and bravery. I think they all learned another lesson about me that day.

When we got back Sara got her male puppy, a West Highland Terrier, very cute and she took great care of him. He was Sara's shadow. Years later Sara refused to go off to college as freshman dorms do not allow pets. She could not leave her 'Prince' behind. Yes, I said 'Prince' for a 'Princess', she named him. So we got her an apartment and Prince got a Harvard education too. I heard rumors that Prince was very possessive and no boys got near Sara – good Prince, I got some treats for you each time he came home!

Just after we married we asked Sara if we could legally adopted her, Sara was elated, giddy, a jumping-bean. Sara is officially our daughter and we are her mommy and daddy – her wishing dream came true.

Life for me was changing and changing fast in even more ways than I would have ever expected. First off, I had to buy a love-seat type Lazyboy™. I enjoy some TV channels; the Hallmarks, Science, History, Smithsonian, Animal, and FOX Business. Sara has grown quite fond of watching TV with me (on me – in my lap). And it seems that if Sara is not in my lap, Brandy or Prince is. To solve this I had to get a bigger recliner. Ya I know I really am suffering...

While watching History channel one evening the movie 'Truman' with Gary Sinise (one of my very favorite actors) was playing Harry S. Truman. There was a seen where President Truman sat down at a piano and started playing. The whole group in the room started a sing along with Harry and all were having lots of fun.

Sara asking me why they did this? I had to give her a history lesson; there was no TV or computers back in those days. They only had records, radio and sing-a-longs so anyone who played and instrument was always wanted.

Sara told me I'd like to learn to play a piano like the President. Her 9th birthday was coming soon so my present was a nice electric table-top keyboard piano with programmable tempos and more. I added in Bose headphones to insure my quite! Soon Sara asked for piano lessons and true to her nature by High School she was an accomplished pianist.

We now have a Baby-Grand in our Library. But Sara would rather play the keyboard I gave her in her room with all her groupie girlfriends singing along having great fun.

When Sara saw my Fez she recognized it from the Shriner Children's Hospital ads on TV. She queried my at length and then told me she wants to help. We made it our special father-daughter thing. When we went to the Shriners Hospital she would play with a lonely child or feed/care for a child in need. I worked on fund raising for the greatest of philanthropies.

Sara's specialty was playing her portable keyboard and conducting sing-a-longs with the children. Sara was great with the children and helped me until she went to college – many years later she thanked me for allowing her to be part of helping these very special children. Sara inherited her mother's big heart – I am so proud of my daughter.

Near two years of wedded bliss, Brandy got me down to 234# (a quarter wave length). No more CPAP or blood pressure meds. Of course hiring a nutritionist, physical therapist who doubled as a misuse` sure got me focused on my daily work outs. I enjoy veggies just too lazy to clean, cut, store, or get. With the nutritionist on staff I always had fresh veggies for lunch and snacks. That helped to shed pounds.

Brandy tried to prank me once. I was on the message table with my face in the hole. The therapist was just starting to rub me down after a longer than normal work out. Soft music, darken room, wafting scents – tranquil. My backside was done I was told to roll over under the sheet. The therapist placed a cold moist towel over my eyes & forehead to keep my eyes closed and a wedge under my knees.

During this part of my message I felt a hand slither to my groin and gently began stroking me. I was getting pissed this very sexy therapist would take this type of liberty, I was about to fire her on the spot. But this was so out of character for Julie and then I realized those hands were smaller and I could feel fingernails - it was my wife. I just started moaning and groaning then moaned "how good Julie is could she do more?" I said "I wish my wife could be this good."

That's all it took Brandy grabbed my Johnson and squeezed while I burst out in laughter and pain. Brandy realized I was on to her the whole time. Her passion and the stability of the table was tested multiple times over the next hour. I love that woman.

I had forgotten how nice it was to spoon under the covers to a hot sexy woman. Brandy gave me a very special incentive for every confirmed five pounds I shed – she would be my submissive sex slave for the night, she told me to watch 50 Shades of Gray – my gosh she is wild, kinky, passionate and loves bound spankings!

Brandy even made a personal work out video just for me. A very private video – for my eyes only. The big screen in front of my elliptical had Brandy peddling her bike in front of me through scenic bike trails. I was chasing her seeing her very nice heart shaped ass in spandex. The faster I pumped the Elliptical the closer I got and the more risqué her apparel changed from spandex to a one-piece swim suit, to a pool bikini and last just a thong string bikini showing almost all. I could never pump hard enough to catch her. Often during the ride she would look back at me (the camera) taunting me by name wiggling her butt, blowing me kisses, telling me what she wanted, and what she would do if I surpassed specific work out goals. I didn't need any blue pill for this sexy GILF!

We found a beautiful lake front four-season cabin on a Wisconsin lake. Our 5 acres borders the Chequamegon Nat. Forest and we even have a double-wide lounger off the enclosed bedroom patio facing da lake. I'm content to watch the changing seasons with Brandy in my arms, a fire in the pit, and a Martini in my hand. I even got my bass-boat and super quite ATV so we can run the trails and see all the wildlife. Life doesn't get much better.

A year after their first date Lyle and Marg got married - they have been a couple since their first date. Like no one in the company knew they were smooching behind the closed office doors. But due to the big bonuses we gave them they retired at 60, so we are hunting for two replacements – as if they could ever be replaced. They visit us often at our Cabin, home and bungalow.

Poseidon and Ruby got hitched. Drak and Thor are expecting their first girl soon. Jiggles has been living with her Reno bodyguard (the retired-SEAL) impatiently waiting for the big question (lucky guy). If he doesn't move soon she will ask or cut him off – she is a traditionalist.

Not long after Sara became my official daughter we had an incident. For the first time Sara was able to participate in 'bring-your-daddy-to-school day'. It was a very big event for Sara. But her teacher, a class-A beeeoch, told Sara that she could not bring me as I'm not her real father. Sara is bright and knows I'm not her biological father, she also knows her biological parents and grandfather where killed in a plane crash (something this stupid teacher did not know).

Sara also knows we adopted her in mutual love and she rewards me by calling me 'her daddy'.

When her teacher told her I could not come, she calmly got up from her desk and went to the Principal. She told the Principal what her teacher said in front of all her classmates. Sara stated all the facts and told the Principal to straighten it out BEFORE I arrive tomorrow or there would be HELL to pay. Ya my little Sara did that – a chip off Grandma's, oops, mommy's shoulder.

She even called Rabbin on her cell phone from school and told him. Rabbin arrived within an hour to inform the Principal if they did not fix this ASAP he would sue them for emotional duress pointing out in fact Sara was legally adopted and that officially makes me her daddy and Brandy her mommy. Rabbin can scare the shit out of anyone when he gets rolling.

The next day the teacher had to apologize to Sara in front of the whole school body. At the end of this school year this teacher lost her job of 9yrs with no recommendation. I made sure she didn't work within this state or adjacent states too. No one messes with MY Princess, period! And no teacher should be so callas on such a sensitive subject to a young child who might not know.

When Monk spilled the beans to me - I told myself I will never teach Sara how to throw a baseball, snowball, or chestnut - her future husband will thank me!

Now that I have some serious money I wanted to step up for my son in a way I could not before. Even though he has passed 30, I offered to give him a free ride in getting his Bachelors and Masters. I would pay him a monthly stipend to live on while going to school. I'd cover all costs for a personal tutor for all his course work. All he needed to do was make the mental commitment to succeed, chose the college, and go for it. Upon graduation I would insure he had a job in one of our plants. I also told him I would do the same for any of his biological children.

He is not married and is not interested in college. Hey you can lead a mule to water, but... We talk every other week and he drops tid-bits about Linda as I've lost all contact. She sold out and retired to Arizona, I hope she is happy and remains gone.

A few years ago we got a beautiful four bedroom bungalow on the beach in a private gated community on St Thomas Island. We invited Bill and his wife to join us for a month (on our dime). Three months after the visit Bill passed away due to complications from one of his Purple Hearts, he was well into his 70's – he said he had a good life and was on barrowed time. Hell, all us Nam Vets that made it home are on borrowed time. Hooyah Bill, I'll never forget you, salute!

During Sara's high school and college summers she interned in the HQ corporate office. We hired a few of her groupie classmates as part-time interns too. She's super smart on computers helping us with Power-Point presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

I've had her sit in on a few Exec meetings for her own exposure and knowledge. In her senior year I let her run a few of the meetings. She began asking very pointed questions (on items I missed) during these meetings. She was always fair, polite, professional, and missed nothing. Sara has a keen wit with brilliance under her reserved nature. She knows how to listen – a rare gift in a teenager.

After each meeting Sara and I would privately discuss what happened in the meeting and share perspectives and observations then decide the direction we should go on each action. Some of the meetings Brandy would Skype in or attend to see Sara in motion. I could not be prouder of my daughter, she will make a good CEO.

Sara graduated High School at 17 as class Valedictorian and State woman's free-style swimming champion. She has two black belts working on a third with Big Sarah in Jujitsu. Clyde has her practicing some special martial arts moves that are used by SEALs and others. She is a pistol markswoman – she loves shooting trap against me beating me often. She got her Extra class HAM License when she was 10 and we often talk over our HAM radios.

I asked Clyde for another favor, during Sara's last summer before college I want her to attend a diplomatic/emergency car drivers training course. I want her to have all the skills needed when she needs them most. Well the reports I got is that Dana Patrick better move over, Sara only rolled over the (caged) training sedan once but she wants to retake the course a second time, she had too much fun. She is a natural smart evasive driver with great instincts.

I just hit 77 and my knees are finally succumbing to my Navy life. I can't walk to far anymore without severe pain so a motorized wheel chair is my mobility. Today, I'm being wheeled onto Harvard for Sara's graduation, Clyde is pushing while Lyle and Rabbin walk alongside shooting the bull with me. Brandy, Marg, Lacy and Connie are locked arm-in-arm marching along chattering away like magpies. Lacy and Rabbin are a stealth couple for many years, why, got me – it's there thing!?!

Sara is getting her BS in Business with a minor in Engineering and an MBA at the same time. Brandy and I are hanging it up later this year and it all goes to Sara.

They just announced Sara is graduating Summa Cum Laude with honors. We heard a loud section explode into serious applause and cat whistles. I looked to see would be so obnoxious, I should have known it's my TEAM of course.

The TEAM walked to us and in unison, Hi Zeus!, Hi Flame!, we all chuckled. I swear Sarah did a jiggle for me too. With diplomas in hand, Sara who has become a stunningly beautiful woman (a copy of Brandy) is running to us and jumped into my lap giving me a big hug and kiss telling all "I love you daddy", I melted.

You might think that all those bonuses given to me, my TEAM and others were exorbitant. They might be but they never dented Brandy's bank. Just after we married Brandy made me CEO of the corporation and she moved to Chairman of the Board, a board on one, backing away to become a full time soccer mommy. I think she never wanted the business life stresses.

My first confidential Corporate Quarterly review blew my socks off as she sat back chuckling at me. Her past husband was a business genius. Brandy later told me his only focus was in making money and money was more important to him than Evelyn or her, hence why they only had one child. It appears we all have our closet skeletons.

The corporation was worth just shy of $1B with many $250M in cash reserves and growing due to my TEAM's efforts. Brandy has been very generous but not to politicians.

Money does not buy love but it sure does make us much more comfortable in allowing me to focus on the love of my life. I never believed in FATE until Brandy and Sara.

After our marriage I asked her why no pre-nup? She told me my character would never harm or cheat her, I'm an honorable man. She trusts me explicitly so there was no need to even consider it. Even Rabbin agreed with her and that is real compliment coming from a lawyer. Ghod I love this woman I just wish I was 20yrs younger, she would be a fantastic cougar.

My Wishes:

It has been 15 years since the firecracker first jumped into my arms and I have loved more in 15 years than in the previous 62, Brandy is the love of my life. (I never did find my USB stick.)

My wish for Sara is to find the love of her life but much sooner in life. Sara is my pride and joy, she is a daddy's girl and so accomplished. I'm so glad to have had a daughter even in my later years.

My next wish is to walk Sara down the aisle. At 78 (and some special doc-shots into my knees and hip) I did walk Sara down the aisle. Giving her away to, yup you guessed it, a medically retired Navy Lt Commander SEAL – a hell of a smart good man just four years older than her.

At the reception they wheeled me out onto the dance floor for the Father-Bride dance, Princess was about to hop into my wheelchair lap when I stood up gave her a twirl and danced her shoes off. She kept telling me over and over "I love you daddy" with wet eyes, I melted away.

Then Brandy and I did the traditional Mother-Father dance we showed them some Author Murray moves with a big dip on the dance floor to loud applause by all (I will pay for that tomorrow but I'll do it all again if I could).

Brandy was ecstatic and clinging to me for dear life during those very last dances, she had wet eyes and planted a scorcher on me. Actually, the harem had wet eyes and they all danced with me but I very publicly drew the line stating "sorry Rick I do not dance with guys." He was so red faced, the harem was merciless in their teasing too. Chalk one up for the old man - got him again. I even gave Jiggles a squeeze, yup still a lecher at heart.

My last wish is to hold my first grandchild and by darned I did that too a year later. I'm holding Evelyn Brandilynne (named for Sara's mother and Brandy) she is so adorable sleeping in my arms. Oh, ohhhh she just opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled – I'm melting.

I do not know how many years I have left but I wish to teach Evie how to fish. Life doesn't get much better accept when Brandy plants a scorcher on me. Hooyah!

I hope you enjoyed Part Eight of my first story. I will pay attention to comments that are not Annoy's. Annoy's have no standing with me – either sign them or remain irrelevant. Thanks, OB Part 8/8

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by Anonymous

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by pumpop20111/18/18

Thank you for a wonderful story.

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by Crusader23511/05/18


Really good series over all. Five Stars for a perfect ending. Hope your starting your next one. Semper Fi!

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From one old nerd to another

You, among a few others, have the gift of tale-telling. I have read all your stories and enjoyed them. You mentioned you need an editor; yes, you do, but not nearly as desperately as some others. Losemore...

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by jacsr06/07/18

Talented nothing else need be said

I stumbled on to your writing by accident great stories enjoyed them.
You will definitely be added to my favorites along side my other favorites.
Keep them coming!!!!

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by Evil5205/23/18

Great writing

I hope you keep writing and enjoy your talent.

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