tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlone in the Shower?

Alone in the Shower?


Traci reached inside the shower and tested the water. Just right. She slid open the glass door and stepped in. With the steam from the water enveloping her body, Traci stood for a moment, enjoying the sauna-like effect. Besides, it was mid-morning on a Saturday and she wasn’t fully awake, yet.

In due course, she inched forward until the water struck her abdomen. Tilting her head backward slightly, she let the spray hit her face. Then she allowed the shower to engulf her head and flow down her long, dark blonde hair.

Traci wiped her face with her hands, followed by her breasts--cupping them in her palms and watching the water flow over the nipples. She moved her hands down over her stomach and onto her legs. When she reached as far as she could without having to bend over, she brought her hands up the back of her legs.

They came to her ass and stopped. She felt the coolness of the tight, rounded flesh. She thought back to the last pair of hands that held her cheeks. How gentle they were. How loving the touch.

Diane knocked once more on Traci’s front door. She inserted her key and pushed the door ajar.

“Traci? You home?”

The shout was unanswered. Diane walked in and quietly closed the door. The condo’s living room was, of course, neat and clean. This quality of Traci’s drove Diane nuts. But she loved her anyway.


Still no answer. Then the sound of the shower came to Diane from down the hall. She let out a small sigh of relief as she walked softly toward the bathroom. Diane told herself she would allow herself a peek to make sure Traci was OK, then make coffee.

Reaching the open bathroom door, she poked her head around the corner. Through the glass doors of the shower she could clearly see her twenty three year old girlfriend soaping her full, firm breasts. Water flowed down the young woman’s back, over the soft ass Diane loved so much to fondle.

Now Traci was moving the soap to her stomach and hips and, finally, between her legs. Diane watched as Traci slid the bar along the folds of skin hidden from view by the girl’s hips. Slowly the soap rose and fell over the area. Diane saw Traci’s eyes fall shut and her mouth open slightly.

Diane knew she should leave the doorway and go to the kitchen. Or announce her presence, which would certainly scare her friend to death. Instead, she felt frozen in place…compelled to watch.

What she saw was Traci putting the soap in it’s tray, then return her hand to her pussy. The rhythmic action started again. This time, only her fingers were involved. But the eyes were still shut and the mouth was still partly open. Traci’s tongue wiped across her lips and disappeared again.

When the hand was still stroking the area between Traci’s legs fifteen seconds later, Diane knew she wouldn’t leave the doorway. Her eyes were glued to the scene enfolding in front of her and the wetness between her own legs gave away her interest.

Traci used her free hand to squeeze the nipple on her left breast. Even from the distance of the door Diane could see it grow.

Almost without conscious thought, Diane’s hand slid inside her jeans. Her fingers reached for the clit under her soft panties and rubbed it gently. She had to have more room.

She quickly unbuttoned her jeans and, as silently as possible, pulled down the zipper. Traci was working her own clit more frantically now, kneading her breast with the other hand. Diane put her hand inside her panties and felt the moist warmth of her pussy. One finger moved over her clit and down to the opening to her vagina. The pants were too tight for anything more, so she moved back up to the clit.

Diane smiled to herself when Traci spread her legs farther apart.

“She’s gonna cum. I just know it.”

Traci didn’t need a toy. She had her finger, which was inserted inside her vagina as far as it would go. The girl moved it like a piston, touching her g-spot when she could. Her other hand ultimately moved to her clit. It wouldn’t be long now.

Diane was lost in her own pleasure. The sight of her naked friend playing with herself, water flowing off her back and down her ass and legs was more than she could take. She pushed her jeans down until they lay at her ankles. Pulling at the waistband of her panties, she stuck her hand inside and began desperately stroking the length of her pussy.

Traci leaned forward against the shower wall. One hand pressed firmly against the wall while the other manipulated her clit. Her ass stuck out, creating an erotic curve to her hips that Diane found irresistible. She wanted so much to dive into the shower and devour the girl.

But, she also didn’t want Traci to stop. Watching the girl’s breasts hang invitingly from her chest, gently swaying, was making her crazy. Diane pulled off her shirt, revealing a set of petite breasts. She silently bent over and pulled off her shoes, followed by her jeans. Standing now in just a pair of panties, she returned to masturbating.

Traci’s eyes were clenched tightly shut. Her head was tilted back and her mouth was opened as if in anticipation of a breast being lowered into it. She was fucking her finger, then withdrew it and concentrated solely on her clit.

She took in a breath as the first hint of an orgasm built up inside her. Traci pressed her hand hard against the ultra sensitive clit. Using a frenzied circular motion, she maneuvered it back and forth, up and down.

“Ugh…come on,” she cried. “Mmmm…yeah.”

Traci’s orgasm rolled through her body. Her hips rocked as if being pounded from behind by an imaginary cock.


Her hand worked the entire length of her pussy. Fingers sank into her cunt, then emerged soaking wet to rub her clit. Another wave of orgasms hit her and she pressed harder against the shower wall.

Traci didn’t think it would end. She thought of Diane’s precious breasts stuffed into her mouth, the nipples being twirled by her tongue. She thought of the woman’s mouth wrapped around her clit, sucking it and licking it.

Another orgasm. Then the calm after-effects.

Diane stood completely naked, having pulled off her panties seconds earlier. She was on the verge of cumming…when Traci saw her.

Traci’s initial shock wore off quickly upon recognition of the elfin body on the other side of the glass. She slid open the door about a foot and peered out.

“How long…,” Traci began to ask.

“Long enough,” was the reply. “Need help?”

“Get in here, brat.”

Traci opened the door far enough for Diane to enter, then shut it again. They looked at each briefly before reaching out to hold each other’s hips and kissing. Tongues met in open mouths and hands felt for butts. They pulled each other closer until their bodies connected from the breasts to the knees.

“Did you cum?” Traci whispered in Diane’s ear.

“Not yet.”

Traci slid down the body of her twenty one year old lover. She stopped at the breasts and sucked on both nipples. Using her hands to lift the breasts, Trace licked them gently.

Then she continued down the body. When she reached the girl’s clit, Diane voluntarily opened her legs wider. Traci placed her hands on Diane’s ass, pulling her toward her.

Traci’s tongue met the clit, sending shivers through Diane. After a couple hard licks, Traci wrapped her lips around the engorged clit. Moans of joy came from the girl above her. Traci tasted the sweet juices flowing as she lowered her tongue to Diane’s cunt. Then she moved back up to the clit.

Diane flinched with this contact. Then stiffened. Traci knew it was time—she had felt this quivering in the girl’s body before.

“Yes…Traci, yes.”

“Cum for me, hon.”

Diane did just that. Putting her hands on the back of Traci’s head, she forced her hips forward. Traci’s tongue worked furiously on the clit, causing wave after wave of ecstasy to explode through Diane’s body. Soon, Traci’s soft lips were squeezing the finger-like clit.

Diane cried out again as her orgasms continued. Several minutes of watching Traci masturbate had worked her into a frenzy, and the release was better than she expected. The feel of Traci’s hands on her ass only increased the pleasure.

It was only a minute or so before she was satisfied. But, it seemed to be forever. With weak legs, she clung to the girl that was now back at her mouth, kissing her passionately.

“Good morning,” Traci said in her sexiest voice.

“God. That was great,” Diane managed to reply with a heavy sigh.

Their hands were each probing every inch of the other woman while water poured over them.

Out in the hall, a young brunette woman pulled quietly away from the open bathroom door and walked down the hallway toward the front door.

“I’ll come back later,” she said to herself. And smiled.

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