Alone No More


Grey got a job as a mechanic with a different airline at the airport. His nightmares still came from time to time, less each passing week. I simply loved him out of it or held him, when it was too much, and let him cry it out. About two months later, one of my coworkers' wives was having a difficult pregnancy and he wanted to stay closer to home. I was next up on the rotation and agreed to take his Seattle to Washington run for a couple of days. The only problem is that it is an overnight trip. But, I had no choice. I had made it to Dulles with no problem and checked into my hotel room. But I had a hard time sleeping. It takes a few days getting used to someone in your bed and even longer getting used to sleeping without them. I did drift off though after a couple of hours. The phone ringing woke me up a few hours later. All I heard was my name spoken in a small, panicked voice.


"Baby, I'm here. What's wrong?"


"Tell me what's wrong!"

"I had it again."

"Oh God! I wish I were there with you. Talk to me. I'm here, on the phone. I can hear you. Tell me."

"Oh Seth, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called. You need your sleep. I'm sorry. I've got to go."

"Don't hang up!"

"I've got to go. Sorry."

Then I had dial tone. My anxiety and guilt, pushed high because he sounded so alone, so sad, made me angry. I grabbed the phone and called him back. I got the machine. I know he was there, listening.

"You had better pick up that phone. Don't you ever hang up on me again! I need to know you are all right. Damn it! If you don't pick up that phone, when I get home, I will make you suffer. I will strip you naked and kiss you for an hour, only touching you with my mouth. Then I will flip you on your belly and rim you for an hour. And if you even touch your cock, I will slap your hands away. Then I'm going to jerk off and make you watch. Then I'm going to talk to you, tell you what I plan to do to you. And when you are writhing, begging for release, I'm going to take my black silk, the one you like so well, and stroke every inch of your body but where you need it most. Then—"

He picked up the phone, cutting me off. "I love you."

"Well shit! That stopped a really good fantasy." My anger already deflated, gone in the majesty of hearing him say the words to me for the first time.

"Its true. I do love you."

"I know. Are you okay?"

"Great. Thank you. I panicked again."

"I know. Just don't hang up on me. I don't care if you wake me up or not. I want you to."

"God! I love you so much."

"I love you too."

"When are you getting home?"

"My flight should get in at noon. I can be home at one. Care to meet me?"

"Yeah, I have the day off. Call me from the airport and I'll be ready. Maybe have a surprise for you."

"Sounds good. So you're okay?"

"Yeah. Good night, Seth."

"Good night, Grey. I love you."

I showed up at the airport with a grin on my face. I was still smiling during preflight. I finally put it aside to fly home. Uneventful the whole way, I still forced myself to not think too much about the upcoming events. We got into Seattle ten minutes ahead of schedule. I turned the plane over and completed the post flight briefing. Then I grabbed my bag and headed into the car park, cell phone in hand, dialing home. I got Grey and told him I'd be there in a few minutes. He told me to find him in the bedroom. I got hard right there. I had a difficult time fitting under my steering wheel. I tilted the wheel up so I could drive and broke one or two speed limits getting home.

I pulled into the garage and left my bag and cell in the car. I walked into the house and started leaving a trail of clothes to the bedroom. I was so hard that I throbbed and bobbed once free of my briefs. I turned into the bedroom and froze. I stood entranced when I saw Grey. He was lying on the bed, wearing only a pair of my light gray briefs. His erection was pushing into the fabric. My underwear was a couple of sizes too small for him and the fabric stretched so tightly over him, that I could see each vein on his cock and the flared tip of the head. I felt pre-cum push out of me and hit my foot.

I watched Grey watch me drip. I saw a wet patch spread on the cotton. I licked my lips. He watched me do that as well. I still didn't move, still enchanted by his beauty. He lowered a hand to his chest and brushed his thumb over one nipple repeatedly. Just brushing back and forth, feather light. I watched his body hitch. He never let his eyes leave mine. Then I saw him throw his head back and cry out. My eyes latched onto his cock twitching as semen was pushed through the cotton, jetting and pooling on his thigh. It was too much and I felt myself tighten and shoot. It shot out a few feet and splat on the hard wood floor before easing to a gentle trickle on my foot. I have never in my life had a spontaneous orgasm, getting off from just seeing someone else shoot. By the look of wonder on Grey's sweaty face, he hadn't either.

I was still hard and so was Grey. I moved to the bed, finally free to move, and pulled the underwear off him. I scooped my drippings off my foot and what was pooled in the briefs and squelched it into his hole. We had never done this before, but today, I was making him mine. I was going in. All I saw was trust and love in Grey's eyes. He wanted this and was ready. I kept moving my fingers into him, testing him, twisting, and making him ready.

He arched his back and grabbed my hips, begging me to move forward. I removed my fingers and saw him twitch. I placed myself at his opening and pushed forward, gently, slowly, not wanting to hurt. He arched his back and pulled me further into him. I was twice as long as Grey, but he pulled me into him until I was buried inside. I stayed in place, waiting for Grey to be completely comfortable. After a couple of minutes I started to move, pulling out slightly, then pushing in. He took me, all of me. I moved my shaft along his prostate in long, smooth strokes. I could feel it pulse and twitch against me as I ran by it. His thighs pulled and squeezed my hips. His hands moved over my shoulders and chest, touching, caressing, and squeezing in ecstasy.

I usually last a long time if I've cum once, but not this time. He had me fisted in warm silk and I was building too fast. I was afraid I would leave Grey behind, but his face showed his own pleasure, he was close too. I felt him hard, poking into my belly. I forced myself to lie on top of him, squishing his hardness between our sweaty bellies, adding to his stimulation. It was enough, it was too much and I watched as ecstasy spread across his face. Then I felt him spasm rhythmically around my shaft, finding his release. I felt warmth spread over our bellies and smelled the heady aroma of sex and semen. I saw love in his eyes and could smell his pleasure in my nose. I felt him milk me and I tripped right then, shuddering hard into him. The waves were crashing and I didn't know if I could survive them. I blacked out.

I awoke a few minutes later, nestled in Grey's strong arms. He had my face placed against his chest and one of his big thighs wedged between mine. His large body dwarfed me, but I didn't feel anything but safe. His big hands smoothed over my shoulder and hair. Then I felt him kiss the top of my head.

The nightmares will probably never go away, not entirely. But each day, the haunted, sad look in Grey's eyes recedes further and further. Now he smiles most of the time, showing the world his inner beauty. So now I get two dreams: I get to fly nearly every day and the man I love sleeps in my arms, content and safe.

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