tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlone with Allie

Alone with Allie


Although I am not religious, I work for a religious institution that often hosts events. Frequently there is food left over and the staff helps themselves. Early one Friday morning I headed to the kitchen to put my lunch in the refrigerator and met Allie (who has a cute little petite body and pretty face) who works on a different floor than me. She had just discovered a big bowl of leftover fruit salad and the two of us started to spoon it out into bowls for a breakfast snack. By the way, I'm 45 and Allie is about 5-10 years older than me. We have flirted occasionally, but nothing too serious.

"That's one of the great things about working here, all the free food," Allie said laughing.

"Yes," I responded, "but all this food makes it very hard to lose weight."

"Well, at least this is healthy, besides you don't look at all heavy to me," she added.

"Are you kidding, I look like I'm four-five months pregnant."

"Okay, you have a little stomach but it's not too bad, really."

"Well, did I ever tell you my test to determine if I am too fat?"

"No, what is it," she laughed again (Allie is one of those people that seems to always be smiling and laughing.)

"If I look down and can't see my uh..., you-know-what, then I am too fat. And I haven't seen it in a long time. I don't even know if it's there any more." (Yes, it was a bit of exaggeration on my part, but a great way to turn the conversation to my dick.)

"Oh come on, I can't be it's that small," she said laughing again.

"Well, the bottom line is I can't see it anymore," then added, jokingly, "and I miss them." At that point I didn't know how far to push things so I excused myself saying I had to get back to work. But the incident certainly stayed in my head (both of them).

I didn't see Allie again until the following Tuesday when she called me downstairs to help her with a computer issue -- she couldn't print anything and I seem to have garnered the reputation as the computer tech guy around the building. After fixing her problem she said in a flirty tone, "So have you seen the 'boys' lately?"

I picked up her intent immediately, but pretended not to know what she was talking about. "The boys?" I said. (Best to play dumb and let her lead.)

"Yes, you know, remember what you told me last week?"

"Oh, the boys. No I haven't seen them, but I sure would like to," adding a moment later, "Thanks for asking."

It was clear there was some flirtation going on here, the harmless variety, but still fun (though I secretly wondered if something would ever come of it). We just stood there looking at each other unsure if the moment had passed when I blurted out, "Any time you want to check them for me, just let me know." This was accompanied by a big grin on my face. That gave me a way out, to say it was nothing more than a joke in case she felt I had gone too far.

"Oh, you're bad," she laughed.

For the moment, that was the end of it. We both smiled, laughed it off and I went back to my desk on another floor.

Three days later, Friday morning, she called me downstairs again to help her with a different computer problem.

"Looks like you lost some weight," she giggled.

I had a feeling where this was going. "Wish it were that easy," I said, glad to see that she was all for continuing our office flirting spree.

"That was really funny what you said the other day, not being able to see your own, you know. You're always making me laugh."
"Well, I wasn't kidding about that," I grinned. "Like I said last time, if you want to look for me, just let me know."

"Umm, that's an amusing offer... I might take you up on that someday," she said giggling about the whole thing, trying to make it sound like she was just joking. But I got the idea that she was feeling somewhat adventurous and enticed about the prospect.

"Well, if I can't see it, someone should get to enjoy it. But I'd probably chicken out anyway," I said half-smiling. (I knew I wouldn't but I didn't want to appear too forward or desperate.)

As if to test me, she quickly said, "Okay, I'll take a peek." A peek? I had something more in mind than a peek. But I think she used the word to make it sound like it would be something really fast, to make it sound less than what it was (or could be). Anyhow, I didn't know for sure whether she was being serious or bluffing. But at this point I was going to push this to see how far it would go.

"Well, when is good for you" I said, trying to play it cool by laughing about the whole thing, like it was all just a playful game that would never happen. The idea was to make it seem like not such a big deal so that she wouldn't back out. Heck, she may have been playing me the same way.

"On Fridays, everyone is usually gone from down here by 2:00 pm."

"Okay just call me when no one is around."

"Oh, but you're gonna chicken out. I know it."

"We'll see," I laughed and took my leave.

At 2:10 pm my extension rang. "Okay, I'm free down here. I'm ready if you are?" She was giggling the whole time. "I can't believe I'm going to do this."

"You, what about me? I'll be right down."

Allie was sitting at her desk and I closed the door to the room behind me. I saw her eyes shoot to my crotch, which was definitely sporting an erection. I walked over to where she was sitting.

"Allie, before I chicken out, are you sure?" I had every intention of following through if she was game, but once again, the key was to keep it friendly with no pressure and to pretend I had second thoughts.

"Yeah, but we're both crazy," she giggled.

"Would you mind not sitting in the chair?"

"You mean I should stand?"

"No, would you mind kneeling next to the table?" I figured kneeling sounded better than telling her to get on her knees. Bottom line, I wanted her at face level.

"Oh god," she giggled, "Okay. This is too funny."

She got on her knees and I stood just before her, positioning my straining erection just before her cute face.

"This is embarrassing," I teased, "I'm not sure," acting like I wouldn't go through with it.

"That's not fair. After all this, I want to see!" she said with a chuckle.

Well, that was all I needed to hear. She wanted to see my erection and I wanted her to see it. With any luck, she would do more than look. I started to unzip my pants just enough to let my erection poke out strong through my underwear. In fact, I had to breathe in a little to actually see my hard on (there was some truth to my belly getting in the way). Then I slipped the head of my cock out for her to see. Her eyes widened with the look of excitement. "Oh it's beautiful," she half whispered, looking up at me (I thought she may have trembled ever so slightly). I lowered my underwear the rest of the way and held it firm with the fingers of my right hand for her to see. After about five seconds she said,

"I love it, it's not so small like you made me think."

"Thanks, but this situation is definitely helping to make it bigger than usual."

The head of my cock was not more than two inches from her mouth. I leaned forward and let it touch her lips. I held it there a few seconds but she didn't open her mouth, but at the same time she didn't seem to mind what I was doing.

"You can give it a kiss if you want to."

"Oh, this is crazy. I can't believe I'm doing this," after which she proceeded to delicately kiss the head on both sides with her soft lips and then planted one straight on.

"You can hold it if you'd you like to." (I was sure hoping she would like to.)

She reached out with her slender and delicate hand and wrapped it gently around my cock for the first time. In her small hand it looked even bigger. She leaned forward slightly and kissed the head again. She repeated this a few times then poked her tongue out tentatively and licked the tip.

"Allie, that looks so hot. Your hand and tongue feel so good." I hoped that by stating it explicitly, she would be encouraged to continue, to explore... and I was right. Her hand wrapped tighter around the shaft of my cock and her tongue was making circles around the head. She put it in her mouth and continued making circles, but now I couldn't see her sexy tongue at work.

"Oh Allie, it feels so good. Lick under the head too," I whispered (maybe even pleaded).

She took it out of mouth and holding it straight up, started licking under the head.

"Is that good," she said coyly.


A few seconds later I added, "Have you ever had a guy cum in your mouth."

"Not in a long time. Why, is that what you want to do?"
"If you're okay with it, it would feel so good."

"Okay, but just let me know when you're about to so I can be ready."

"It's a deal." A few seconds later I added, "Jerk it off into your mouth and keep moving your tongue around the bottom of the head."

She was doing just what I asked but something was missing.

"Allie, would it be okay if you let me see your breasts while you're doing it?"
She thought about it for a few seconds (or pretended to think about it). "We've gone this far, so okay."

She unbuttoned her top and pulled her bra up. "Is that okay, or do you want me to take it all the way off?"
"No, no. That's good. It looks sexy. You've got great tits."

"Thanks, but I wish they were bigger."

"I feel the same way about my penis," I laughed.

"Well, I love it. I'm enjoying it."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that."

Then she went back to sucking it and flicking her tongue all around. I started to play with her hair which made her suck even more seductively. I knew I couldn't hold on much longer, the entire scene was just too hot.

"I'm gonna cum Allie. Ohhh, keep sucking. Yes, keeping doing that your tongue. Ohhhh, that's so good."

And then it happened. Orgasm. Ejaculation. I started to explode my fresh hot cum into her waiting mouth. I could feel her swallowing all of it which I thought was so feminine and hot. Taking it out of her mouth, she looked up at me with a smile then focused again on my spent member, flicking her tongue some more around the head, licking up a little sticky bead of cum that appeared at the tip.

"Wow, that was great. So good. I don't know what else to say." (Secretly, I was thinking, "Next time I'd love to put it in your ass." Crude yes, but damn truthful. Could I even talk her into it?)

"I loved it too," she replied. Then she started to adjust her bra and button up her shirt.

Two weeks later my desire to pump Allie's tight little ass came true. But that's another story.

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