tagIncest/TabooAlone with My Sister

Alone with My Sister




I am six feet tall, fairly built, black haired, grey eyed, and I love my sister.

It all began about three months ago.

I had recently lost my job, girlfriend, and

apartment, and I had nowhere else to go.

My love of my life, Marie Simmons, begged me constantly to quit my well paying job as a plumber, sell my humble abode, and drive four hundred miles to stay with her.

I was smitten with love and for a twenty-one year old man that's enough to make me crawl to her if I had to. I was wrapped around her little finger. I soon learned I wasn't the only one she was using.

She was already married, and as soon as I showed up at her door he sent me away. I couldn't pay for a new house, nor would I be able to even rent anything. I gave every cent to Marie.

I had only my maroon '68 Mustang convertible and my various clothing. I didn't know what to do after my devastating news from Marie. I just got in my car and drove around. When I finally looked down and realized I was almost out of fuel I looked around. Subconsciously or luckily I was only a couple streets away from my parents house.

I was greeted with happy hellos and questioned stares. My mother, Carole, answered the door and ushered me inside. She had recently started dinner and as usual my father, Harold, was still in his car shop working late hours. He loved his cars and he loved fixing them.

I was alone with my mom eating a healthy array of pork chops, zucchini, and a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread. While my mother and I were catching up my father came in cursing and screaming about some random car in his "spot" in the driveway.

He was a man of little feelings, but when he saw me he busted out into tears. He sat down next to me and began asking me questions about how I've been and what I've been up to. I looked down and went quiet. I told them my story and asked if I could stay the night. Instead they offered that I stay until I got my life back on track. How could I say no to a free place to live?

My parents were kind enough to

allow me to have their basement, a large

step up from my single room single bath I used to

occupy before I left.

The basement was recently redone, I could still smell the paint fumes. There were now four rooms, where there used to be two. I had my own laundry room, half kitchen, full master bedroom, and a full connected bathroom.

I went to my new home and laid down. As I began to fall asleep I heard the door open upstairs and a familiar female voice broke the silence and began my odd out of place story.



The next morning I woke up at about noon. I walked into my own kitchen and realized I had no food downstairs. Something I should have thought about the night before. So I walked upstairs and rummaged through the kitchen for all food substances.

I found a coffee machine and some coffee grounds. I brewed myself a large cup of coffee and began reading the paper when I heard a squeal of excitement.

"Bruce! Is that really you?" my sister screamed a little louder than needed.

As I looked up from my paper I saw a sight that I'd never realized before.

Lucy, when I left was never home enough for me to see mature. Our conflicting schedules and age differences just never allowed me to ever see her over the years. Me being twenty-one and she eighteen.

She was 5'4" and had at least a C cup, a very full C cup. Her just past shoulder length hair, naturally brown and curly hung loose around her head at well almost all times.

My jaw must have just hung open for quite some time . The next thing I knew the paper had left my vision and a waving hand had replaced the boring paper.

"Bruce? Are you feeling ok? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Lu-lu-Lucy? Is that really you?"

I was speechless. Not just from seeing her, but what she was wearing. A skimpy shirt that left little to my vivid imagination with loose fitting short shorts that showed the lower part of her perfect ass.

"I saw your car outside last night. I was so excited to see you but mom said you were too tired to see me. Are you really staying here? Were you too tired? Why are you here?"

Her questions were like a shotgun.

"Yes? No? What? I don't know? One question at a time Luce!"

"Ok why are you here? I mean I'm happy your here, but what made you come here?"

"Well...you see...you remember Marie right...well she...and I couldn't believe...I just happened to run out of gas right up by that old tree up the street and here I am now."

"Oh Bruce I'm so sorry about what Marie did to you." Lucy sniffled.

I saw a small tear in her eye, but as soon as it was there she turned away. She poured herself a cup of coffee, quickly drank it down, got herself ready for the day, and ran off with her friends to do who knows what.

The phone rang soon after Lucy left the phone rang and a familiar voice came through.

"Hey Brucy I hear your back in town."

"Chase man how ya been?"

"I am better now that I got my best buddy back." He chuckled. "So you wanna go to a welcome home party your not invited to?"

"I still gotta unpack and..."

"No you have to meet up with your friends and have fun again."

"But Chase I just..."

"No buts Bruce your going, and that's final!"

"I guess but I need to get stuff done before we go."

"Fantastic I'll pick you up at eight. Seeya later sugar." I heard him crack up laughing as he hung up.

After the call I got up and took a shower. Being alone in the house seemed much different now than it did back then. It seemed almost like a ghost of what it once was. My old room turned into an office for my dads growing business.

After my trip through the memory graveyard that was once my room I went back to my basement dwelling and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to a knock at my door. As I got up with only my sweats and white wife beater on I noticed it was five 'o' clock.

"Bruce? Are you home?" My mother called from up the stairs.

"Ya mom what's wrong?" I mumbled dazed and confused.

"Your father just got a business call. We need to pick up a car and he just has to drive. We are leaving in two hours" she said as she rummaged through her purse "here's one thousand dollars for groceries and other wants or needs that arise. Listen Bruce I really hate to leave when you just got here but your father needs this and the only reason we are going is because we trust you to watch the house." She kissed my forehead and ran to her room packed and was off in less than twenty minutes.

Lucy came home at seven and I told her what happened with dads job opportunity. She wasn't too bothered by it. Actually quite the opposite.

"So does this mean that I'm allowed to have Jason over here later than usual?" She gave me a small puppy dog look with a whimper.

"Depends who's Jason?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Well he's my boyfr..."

"I know" I cut her off "just tonight you two can spend the night however you want."

I gave her 50$ and she quickly scampered off to her room calling Jason to tell him the news.

I went to change my clothes from my pajamas I'd worn all day to my more street worthy clothes. I grabbed a purple DGK shirt I had recently bought and an old pair of brown Empyre pants. I found an old shoebox with Vans inside. Black and dusty from years of use. They were the only real shoes I had. I put them on feeling sixteen again.

Chase arrived minutes later in his old Ford something or other truck that didn't even look like it could move more than a few feet. I walked outside and was immediately grabbed into a bear hug by my very odd friend. More in the mood to crash some kids party and get drunk as hell he sped off down the street.

We might have been there for ten minutes before Chase got us kicked out by punching the host in the face. He was beaten by the kids friends and thrown into the street. I stopped him from running back in and getting himself into legal trouble.

Deciding he had had enough he dropped me off outside my house. I had only gotten to the front porch when I saw Jason leaving with a hand mark on his face. Without thinking I ran to Lucy's room where I found her crying in a ball on her bed.

I ran back outside just to see Jason leave tires screeching down the street. I slowly went back to Lucy and began asking her what happened.

"He just came in and said he was done with me and" she let out a large sob "and said he found someone else a few months ago!" she screamed between sobs...or at least that's what I think she said.

I stood at the door feeling the same pain before helped me know what to do. I sat down on her bed and put my arm around her. Almost instantly she threw herself against me just about knocking me over.

I held lucy close to me while she kept crying. It must have been hours before the tears subsided and quiet snoring replaced the screams. I laid her down and put a blanket over her body. I had to fight the urge to get rid of her tear soaked clothes.

I walked down to my room, the walk seemed longer than usual. Was it the gloomy sadness in the air or was it the fact that it was two in the morning? I didn't care about the real reason as soon as I laid down in my own room I began dreaming.

I dreamed of one thing and one thing only. Lucy. The dream began with just a normal day until I saw her. I was alone in my kitchen when she came in. All she was wearing was a towel that barely covered her round, full ass that made my cock twitch with excitement. She had just gotten out of her shower, I could see that her hair was still wet.

she took a step closer and dropped the top half of her towel allowing her breasts to fall free of the small restraint. Her soft pink nipples were standing tall, my erection growing even harder. I heard her whisper something I didn't understand, and took another step closer.

I was frozen while she dropped the rest of her towel, no hair was visible. Her pussy was already wet enough to begin dripping. She lunged forward pressing her tits against me, rubbing my cock with one hand.

"You want me don't you?" she cooed. While she undid my pants she went to her knees. My cock sprung out at her nearly smacking her face.

She popped the head of my cock into her mouth licking around then head with a smooth rhythm. Her head began bobbing up and down each time taking more and more until she got to the hilt of my shaft. She held for a second then quickly began her gentle sucking and head movements as before. I had had enough of her teasing and grabbed he shoulders pulling her up, I grasped her hips and placed her in my small counter.

Immediately I pushed my cock deep into her dripping cunt. She screams in ecstasy and began begging for more.

"Harder! Harder!" she screamed.

This pushed me over the edge and I felt my knees begin to buckle and I shook a little while I shot my load deep into her small body. She must have began cumming as well for she grabbed for my neck. She pulled her body against mine and shook without a word. Then I woke up.

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