tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlong Came Nikka

Along Came Nikka


Here in Central Texas, we love to tube. The nearby rivers allow for multiple ways to escape the heat. That the rivers are small means there is little to no boat traffic. In fact, motorized boats are usually not allowed. Kayaks, paddle boards, and tubes are the way to enjoy the river.

I spent many a summer on our rivers, especially late in high school, and throughout college. We have several colleges near these rivers, so the party factor was often over the top. People from this area, reading this, know exactly which schools are near.

Anyway, my buddies and I earned our MBA's together a few years ago. We developed a business model together, and then we put it into action for our Ph.D thesis.

Our idea was to create a food truck court at the end of the river, far from where the typical tubers exited. We thought we would advertise it a quiet spot, but we intended to get word of mouth out that it was just for adults.

Pretty simple concept. Park in our private parking. Get a ride up the river. Tube down, but keep going past the crowds to the food trucks. We intended it to be nice and quiet.

It's a very seasonal business, so we intended to market the food trucks during the winter months at more upscale choices. One of my buddies was in charge of part of the plan. He really knew that customers loved eating in the great outdoors, so the food trucks kept busy year round.

Our Ph.D in Entrepreneurship was so much fun, it hardly felt we were working or studying at all.

Anyway, being a business owner has certain advantages. And being able to cook and bartend is a really cool way to meet women.

And, so is the internet.

And then, along came Nikka.

I was surfing the net one night. I love to read the stuff here, and chat with internet models from around the world. My favorite models masturbate and chat at the same time. It's a huge turn on.

One night, I found a new 'model'. Her name is Nikka. What turned me on immediately was the fact she was completely dressed. Her page said 'exhibitionist'. She only had 8 viewers, and only 12 subscribers to her page. She was, indeed, very new. The only bummer is that she doesn't have a mic on her computer. I'll have to leave her voice to my imagination.

Turns out, she just turned 18 in April. I subscribed to her page. Nothing beats helping a fellow entrepreneur.

And then....she started working her magic over me, all 18 years of her.

She moved her hand into her shirt, rubbed her tits, and then removed her hand. It was suddenly evident she was not wearing a bra.

I encouraged her to go on.

And, she did.

Nikka lowered her shirt off her shoulders and then used both hands to rub her tits. Perfect handfuls of happiness.

I encouraged her further. It was almost too easy to get her shirt off. Nikka lowered her shirt, exposing the most incredible puffy nipples I have ever seen on the internet. I've never seen any up close, so this was a real treat.

I think what broke me was when Nikka stood up and showed her incredibly perfect ass. I'm almost 15 years older, but it is then I know I must have her.

Well, that's not all. She doesn't show her face all the way. She shares her smile and nothing above it. I can see she has long dark hair, but that's about it. The air of mysteriousness drives me. I'm not sure how, but there has to be a way to have this women.

I'm almost 15 years older, but it is then I know I must have her.

So, I ask.

In fact, I ask a whole bunch of questions.

Thankfully, she answers.

She was in Texas a few years ago. She just turned 18. She is on her own, working and surviving in a nearby state. She is saving for college, or technical training of some sort. She is giving herself a year to figure that part out. She is sharing an apartment with a bunch of girls, so she is able to save some money, but it is slow going.

I have to work quickly.

I ask more questions, but she remains quiet.

So, I drop the hammer.

My offer is simple. I will send her a pre-paid gas card. She can use it to drive to Texas, or she can stay there. She can come enjoy my company, or leave if she chooses. I offer 2 nights in a hotel, and access to my food truck. That's all.

She is inquisitive. I answer her questions.

While sex would be a nice bonus, I'm not expecting it. It is possible we both find each other repulsive. I am just offering a nice break for her, and it's all up to her.

She asks for more details.

The offer is simple. Meet me at my food trucks. I'll have a chef's table set up for my special guests. Nikka will be my only guest the day she shows. She can wear whatever she wants, but I insist she wears a hat to be worn in such a way as to only expose her mouth. I want that air of mysteriousness to remain until I sit down in front of her. Then, and only then, will she look up at me. From there, we will decide what to do. I tell her to pick a date, and I'll need an email to send her a gas card.

She tells me she has to think about it.

Well, at least she didn't ban me from her page.

A few weeks later, she responded.

She is tired of her job, and the web work isn't working very well. She needs a break, and would like to come to Texas for a few days. She gives me her email, but says the deal is off I send even one picture of my cock, or some other nonsense. I'm guessing she gets plenty of crap on the internet, but surely she knows that comes with the territory.

I smile while I forward the gas card to her email.

The day arrives quickly. Thankfully, I might add. I head to the food truck, and set up a picnic bench with a reserved sign. I set it so she can sit facing away from the truck. Then I jump in the truck and help my cook by getting food prep done for the expected business which will arrive as the day heats up and tubers return from up river.

I watch anxiously as more and more people show up. They park, and jump on the truck for the short ride to the river entry point. Some will ride the full 6 hours, so they will be needing food after all the drinking they do. Did I say we got an 'A' for our thesis?

Lost in my thoughts, I don't notice her until I look out the service window.

A hat, right there at the window.

My heart picks up a beat. Okay, I almost forget to breathe. I calm myself.

"Can I help you?" I ask.

"What is your specialty?" She asks.

"Well, we just started cooking. Can I surprise you with something?" I ask.

"Sure." She says, lifting her head just a little to reveal her smile.

It is like a ray of sunshine emanating from below her hat.

"Well, welcome to my food truck. My friends call me 'Zoo'. Please enjoy a seat at my personal picnic bench right there. I'll bring you my best item. If you like it, you can pay. If not, it's on me." I say.

"Sounds good." She says, then walks to the table.

Nikka is wearing a white cotton dress. I'll be honest. Her ass sways in such a way as she walks away that I swear she is not wearing underwear. We already established the fact she doesn't wear bras.

My cook looks at me.

"Blind date." I say.

He winks.

It's still early, so I take a gamble. I cook up some fried avocado breakfast tacos. I'm pretty nervous, but I cook a few for myself as well because I need to eat.

As I approach the picnic bench, I can see her dark hair touching the middle of her back. Her earrings are simple and shimmer in the sunlight.

"Here we go." I say from behind her.

She looks down.

I sit in front of her, placing the basket of tacos in between us.

"I hope you will enjoy these." I say.

"They look tasty." She replies.

"Before we do anything else. Tell me what you thought of the guy taking your order." I say.

"He looked very handsome there in his food truck. Kinda tall, older, but interesting." She says.

"Well, if you are ready, go ahead and let me see your face. If not, I'll get back to work, and the meal is on me." I lay it on the line. This is the moment of truth.

Nikka lifts her head slowly, putting her hand on the hat. Her smile comes into view.

She IS smiling. This is a good thing.

And, in one movement, off comes the hat.

I look up. Just above her head, I can see my cook. His arms in the air like a football referee signaling a touchdown. He hits hands on the roof of the truck, and almost falls down, grimacing from the shock to his fingers. I hope he didn't break any fingers. I'm not ready to work today.

I look back down. Holy Toledo! She is beautiful. Young, and really beautiful. I smile back.

We begin talking. Our conversation goes well. While she is only 18, she is confident, not shy. Her eyes are expressive. I watch her hair move with her, rolling gently around her shoulders. I am mesmerized.

"Tell me about this part of the river. I have only tubed one time, but it was really busy. It's quiet here. Where are the tubers?" She says.

"Like I said before, we chose a quiet part of the river, and we advertise mostly to adults. Parents don't usually look for food trucks for their kids. They end up at fast food places once they exit the river." I tell her.

"And, advertising in the off season helps us attract business year round." I say.

"Okay, but what's farther down river?" She asks.

"Why?" I ask.

"Well, I want to tube, but not with all the crowds I remember." She states.

"We can tube down river from here. The only issue is we can't go down river too far, because we have to walk back. There are no public exits that way. There are only private homes. Once you get past the houses, you have to exit immediately or you end up in the next town. The Uber charges from there can be high." I say.

"No. No. No. That's not exactly what I meant." She says.

She continues. "Is it private?"

"Yes, it is." I state. "Well, except for the few private homes, it is very quiet and private."

"Good. When can we go?" She asks.

My cashier had already arrived. She is sitting outside the truck looking at her phone. Her shift starts shortly.

"Go ahead and clock in. I have a date, and we are walking down river." I text her.

She looks up, smiles, and gives me the thumbs up.

"We can go right now." I tell Nikka.

She stands up, the sun catches her from behind. It is now clearly evident she is not wearing underwear.

"Do you have a swimsuit?" I ask.

"No." She says simply, with a broad smile.

"Well, how do you want to tube without one?" I inquire.

"Do you know what today is?" She asks.

"No." I reply.

"Today is July 14. You have already seen all of me on the internet. Why not today, as well? She asks.

"July 14?". I respond.

"Yes, silly. It's National Nude Day!" She exclaims. "Let's go!"

"What the hell does that mean?" I ask.

"It means, I, and hopefully we, are going to tube naked down that part of the river." She says pointing downstream.

"I'm good with this idea as long we walk out of sight before doing so, and take our clothes with us. I'm not sure the locals would take nicely to a business owner running around naked." I say.

"Okay." Nikka replies.

I grab 2 tubes, a waterproof backpack, and we head off to the river just past the food truck area and parking.

At a narrowing of the path, I get behind Nikka. She lifts her dress above her ass. It is truly perfect in person. She just laughs and skips ahead. I bounce a tube toward her. Nikka turns and catches it. Standing there, she lets the tube lean against her, and then removes her dress completely. I can see her pussy thru the middle of the tube. She throws the dress to me. I stuff into the backpack, and we continue on.

Did I mention she is totally naked? Her ass is all I can watch as she rolls the tube in front of her.

"We better get in soon." I say. "The path is about to end."

Nikka stops. I walk a few steps to get next to her. It's a tight fit, but we squeeze together on the path.

"I want to kiss you." I tell her.

"Okay, sounds good." She responds.

I lean over and kiss her on the lips. There is that smile once again. Holding the tube with one hand, I use my other hand to touch her hair. I put her cheek in my palm, and kiss her again.

She tastes amazing.

"Your turn." She states.

Here goes nothing. I look back up the path. We are out of sight. I put the backpack down. Off the comes the shirt, fairly easily. I hesitate.

"Need help?" Nikka asks.

"Sure." I stammer.

Nikka leans her tube against my tube, so now I am holding both up. She stands in front of me. Her puffy nipples are surging with blood. I can't wait to see what the cool river water does to her.

She bends down in front of me, and begins pulling on my shorts. They fall into her hands. I can feel my own blood flow hitting my cock.

Nikka hands my shorts, then quickly pulls off my boxers. I can tell I am rock hard.

She kissed the tip of my cock, then stands up handing me my boxers. I put my clothes in the backpack.

"Follow me." I say.

I find a small clearing along the river, and I step down into the water. Nice and cold.

"Roll me the tubes." I direct.

Nikka puts one tube down, then rolls the first one to me. I catch it, place it in the water, holding it in anticipation of the next tube.

And there is that sight to behold from the internet. Nikka turns around, bends over, to lifts the second tube. Her ass is firmly in view, and her pussy spreads as she bends over. I cannot wait to eat that.

"Thank you." I smile at her.

Nikka turns around.

"If you think I did that on purpose, you would be correct." She smiles back.

Nikka rolls the second tube down to me, then approaches the water.

I hold her tube as she turns around to sit on it. Nikka bounces into it, giggling at the touch of the cold water. I get into my tube, almost as gracefully, and tie the backpack onto the handle.

Off we go. Naked and unafraid. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

We floated for a good 30 minutes. The water was cold, and the rate of flow was decent. Once we got used to the water, I guided us over to the river bank.

"This looks like a good spot to cool off a bit." I say, pushing myself off the tube into the water.

Nikka follows suit. I tread closely to her. I hold onto my tube with my left hand, and put my right hand around her waist underwater. I pull her closely. We kiss as our bodies become entwined. She is so soft. Her tits are firm against my chest. I can feel her hard nipples.

We continue kissing. I can feel my cock against her stomach. I move my hand from her waist to under ass. After one squeeze, I gently lift her up in the water. I feel my cock slide down her stomach, brushing against her pussy. I stop. I look her in the eyes.

"So, what do you think?" I ask.

She looks me in the eyes as well.

" I knew when I saw you in your food truck, we would become one today. At least, physically." She smiles.

With that, Nikka reaches down and grabs my cock. I can tell she is pointing toward her pussy. I guide her body down, entering her slowly. She lets go of my cock, and places her hands on my shoulders..

I kiss her on the side of her face, and begin working my lips down to her neck. She bends backwards, using her hands to lift herself upward. Her nipples come into view. I continue working my tongue down her neck, onto the top of her chest, finally reaching her tits.

After looking at these nipples online, I must have them. But, I know I better go slowly. I gently suck on her left nipple. It is absolute deliciousness. I touch her free breast with my other hand, and squeeze.

Nikka begins moving in rhythm on my cock.

I reflexively grab her hair, maybe a little too hard. Nikka moans, and wraps her thighs around my body. I am fully inside her now, and I can feel her body tighten.

"Ummmm...." I start to say.

Nikka cuts me off. "Shhhhhh".

I feel her loosen one more time, then she tightens her legs, wraps her arms around my head, and the orgasm rolls over her.

Then, she pushes off me.

"Let's go." She says.

"Huh?" I ask.

"I haven't been fucked since last Christmas when my asshole boyfriend broke up with me. I had to get that out of my system. Cumming on camera just isn't like the real thing, so I knew I wouldn't last long." Nikka explains. "Let's go."

Suddenly back in reality, I notice a small problem.

"Shit!" I exclaim. "Where are our tubes?"

They floated off, and I spy them downstream about 75 yards or so.

"Looks like we have some swimming to do." I say. "We better get going."

It doesn't take too long, and we catch up to the tubes. We get back on, and continue on our way. With my ass in the water, I'm not really exposed. Nikka, however, is clearly topless, and the top of her thighs leave no doubt she has not suit on whatsoever.

For the next 30 minutes or so, we float along quietly. The water and sun are perfect. So is the girl floating next to me.

Nikka is a sight. Never did I think I would be floating naked with a girl I met online.

Nikka splashed water on the tube, then turns over, her ass now in the air.

She looks at me.

"Did you imagine this happening?" She asks.

"I was just thinking about that same thing." I say, smiling.

"Never in a million years. You don't see much nudity on the river. Thongs and swimsuit issues, but never blatant nudity. And for sure, I've never done this." I say.

She smiles, turning her head to look downstream.

"Wow, those are nice houses. This would be a dream place to live." She says.

Uh oh. I didn't consider this part of our trip.

"Well, we need to do one of two things. We need to get out now, or get off our tubes, and swim by the homes quickly. I'm not sure we want to be seen." I state, looking around.

"I'm fine." Nikka says.

"But...." I start to say.

"July 14. 'Nuff said." Nikka interrupts.

"Well, I am fairly hidden in the tube like this. I guess I'm okay." I say.

"So am I." Nikka reiterates.

And onward we float. I keep one eye on the homes coming up, the other on that fine piece of ass on top of the tube. I don't see any activity, so I relax.

Then I get a thought. I drop myself into the water, holding onto my tube, and swim near Nikka. I reach under the tube, into the opening. I feel a breast, and move my hand down. Soon, I begin fingering her. Nikka's ass moves slightly apart so my fingers can get nice and comfortable.

We continue floating. My fingers continue exploring her pussy. I move my middle finger to her asshole. I push a little, and Nikka turns her head to look at me. She moans, and then my finger slides in to the top of the nail.

I remain in this position and start looking around. Not a person in sight. We pass the first 5 homes, and I move back to my tube and jump on.

"I can't wait to get out of the water and do more of this." I state.

"All in good time." Nikka says, smiling.

We pass the final 3 homes along the river. I look backward, and catch a ray of sunlight right in my eyes. But, it wasn't the sun. I see man's head above a telescope which is pointed our way. I quickly turn my tube around so my face can't be seen, and I paddle a little to get us moving.

Nikka gets up on all fours to begin turning over. I know she just flashed her pussy to the telescope. She lingers on her elbows, then falls into the tube, turning at the same time.

"Do you think he enjoyed that?" Nikka asks.

"What? You saw him?" I ask.

"I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw a telescope move. I'm not bothered by it, and I don't think we'll get in trouble. Do you?" Nikka asks.

"Well, I'm not sure. Let's get onto dry land and start walking back." I direct.

We paddle over to the riverbank, and look for an exit point. I reach for the backpack so I can at least get my shorts on.

"Well, that is interesting. Can you look under your tube for the backpack? It's not attached where I thought I put it." I say.

Nikka jumps off the tube.

"Not here." She says.

My mind starts racing. How will we explain this one? We literally have nothing to wear. I look around the river. I scan the bank. What in the world? This is crazy. How can we walk almost a mile to the food trucks? What will we do when we get there? How will I explain this one? I'm about to blow a gasket.

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