tagTransgender & CrossdressersAlpha Gamma's Secret

Alpha Gamma's Secret

byWannabe Chick©

So, here it is, a new series from the author of "Bethany's Secret." I just want to thank everyone who send me all the nice feedback and everyone who gave me high reviews for my submissions. Disclaimer: If you are under 18, or pornographic material is illegal in your area, please do not read this story. If you are over 18, and it is legal, then please enjoy my newest transsexual fantasy . . .

* * * * *

Molly woke up to the sound of her alarm clock beeping. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at the time. It was 7:00 AM. She groggily reached over to shut it off, pulled away her blankets, and stepped out of bed. She walked from the bed room which she shared with her sorority sister Gina to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, admiring herself. She was 5 feet, 6 inches tall with a nearly perfect body. Her C-cup breasts were very perky and round, just like her cute little ass. Her skin was as smooth as silk, tan, and as soft as the hair which cascaded down her neck to her shoulders. Her hair was naturally dark with blonde highlights. Her waist was thin and she was skinny, without being too skinny. She was wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of white, cotton panties.

Molly shut the door to the bathroom and locked it. She drew the shower curtain aside and reached in to turn the knob. A stream of hot water sprayed from the showerhead.

Molly stepped in front of the full-length mirror once again. Her legs were tan and felt very sexy as she rubbed her thighs with the palms of her hands. Molly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off, exposing her perfect breasts with lovely, dark areolas. Her nipples were already hard. Next, she hooked her thumbs around the elastic waist of her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. When she stood back up again, her seven-inch, erect penis sprang out from between her legs. It was as lovely as the rest of her body, circumcised with no hair above or below. Molly shaved every part of her body except her head. Her scrotum as equally as smooth. She took her cock in her hand and stroked it gently, waking it up before getting into the shower. Slowly, it rose and hardened. She smiled and walked back to the shower, her dick pointing straight forward. Her flat stomach made her breasts and cock seem to stand out even farther.
Molly stepped into the shower, feeling the soothing, hot water cover her body. She lifted her arms, thrusting her breasts forward, to run her fingers through her hair. She washed her hair, conditioned it, and used body lotion on her skin. She checked her legs. They were still smooth. Now that she was clean and refreshed, Molly decided it was time to masturbate.

She squeezed some of the lotion from the bottle into the palm of her right hand. She spread the lubricating liquid all over her cock, causing it once again reach its maximum size and hardness. Slowly, she began to stroke it, leaning her head back and moaning slightly at the growing pleasure. Her dick felt hot and heavy in her hand.

As she jacked off, Molly thought about her roommate, Gina. Gina was blonde, with fair skin, about Molly's height, also 19 years old. Her breasts were smaller, but she had an absolutely gorgeous figure. Molly considered herself bisexual, but had never had such an over-powering crush on a girl before. Molly constantly thought about the taste of Gina's tongue and nipples and pussy. She wanted to lick her roommate's all over until Gina was screaming in pleasure and then fuck her until Gina couldn't stop cumming.

Molly began to masturbate even faster as she imagined Gina's naked body. They had both seen each other topless, but Molly ached to see the beautiful, pink slit. Molly ached to feel Gina's delicate hand around her shaft. She knew it was probably just a pipe dream. If Gina were straight, she wouldn't want to have sex with a girl. If Gina were a lesbian, she wouldn't want to have sex with a girl with a penis. It was a no-win situation, but that didn't stop Molly from fantasizing.

Using the same bottle of lotion, Molly lubricated the middle finger of her left hand and began to push it against the opening of her tight, virgin butthole. Slowly, it inched in as her anus eagerly devoured it. The muscles clenched around her finger and she moaned. Molly was nearing her orgasm, so she began to pull her cock furiously. Her head was swimming. Her heart was pounding. For a moment, she hoped her orgasmic cries wouldn't wake Gina, but the worry soon faded as a hot jet of semen shot out of her penis and splattered on the tile wall.

Once the rush had passed, she leaned against the tiled wall with one hand. Her cock was flushed red, but beginning to regain its normal color as it went limp again. She eventually caught her breath, then used some water to clean off the cum on the wall. She washed the lotion of her cock and from her asshole.

All clean, Molly turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. The bathroom was filled with steam. She toweled off, paying special attention to her beautiful penis and began to dress. She wore her violent thong panties and chose not to bother with a bra. Over this, she put on a thin, blue skirt with yellow flowers and a matching sky blue top, which was very low cut and showed off her ample cleavage. Molly brushed her hair and applied her perfume. She studied herself in the mirror for one last time. She looked exactly like a girl. No one would ever guess the secret she had in those tiny, sexy panties of hers. Molly smiled happily and stepped out of the bathroom.

Gina was still in bed, but awake. She looked over at Molly and smiled. Molly smiled back. She walked over to Gina's bed and bent over to give her a little kiss on the cheek. This was their common greeting. Molly also hoped that Gina would take a peek at her breasts as she bent over. "I'd forgotten you have an 8:00 AM class today," said Gina.

"Yeah," Molly replied. "It sucks. You're lucky, though. You get to sleep until 10:30."

"I'm thinking of just getting up now," said Gina, "since I'm already awake. Hey, do you want to meet for breakfast?"

"Sure!" said Molly enthusiastically. She hoped it wasn't TOO enthusiastic. "Why don't we meet back here at 9:00?"

"Sounds good. Bye bye, hun." Gina slapped Molly lightly on the butt as she walked away. The gesture meant nothing, but it sent waves of goosebumps across Molly's flesh. She smiled to herself as she trotted off to class.


At 9:10 AM, Molly unlocked the door to her apartment and opened it to find Gina waiting, wearing tight jeans, a black tank-top, and a thin, transparent blouse, unbuttoned. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Molly wanted to caress Gina's breasts and feel her tongue in her mouth. Her passion for the girl was nearly enough to overwhelm her. Gina had pulled her shortish, blonde hair back into a small ponytail. Strands of loose bang-hair dangled in front of her face.

"All ready?" Molly asked.

"Yep!" said Gina. "Let's go!"

Together, the two of them walked to class. Gina was oddly quiet, so Molly began to think about her past. She had been born as a boy into a wealthy, open-minded family. From early on, she had known she was different. She knew it had something to do with her irresistible urge to wear women's clothing, put on make-up, and pretend to be a girl. Every moment she was alone in her house, Molly (called Marty at the time) would dress up in the sexiest outfit she could find and strut about the house, feeling absolutely free and wonderful. Whenever she had to change back into boys' clothes, she felt sad again. She knew it wasn't her destiny to be a boy. One fateful day, when Molly was 15, her father had caught her in her room, wearing only a pair of black panties, her long long in a butterfly clip, wearing lipstick and eyeshadow, about to put on a pair of black nylons. Her father hadn't known whether to laugh, scream, or cry. Molly, however, had burst into tears and told her father everything. Not long after, Molly began to see a gender therapist who aided her through the transition from male to female. Once Marty was finally living as Molly, she finally felt complete.

Four years later, Molly began her first year of college and she was very quickly recruited to the Alpha Gamma Tran sorority. Molly hadn't been interested in joining a sorority, but the sisters had been very determined and very persuasive (although they refused to comment when Molly pointed out that "Tran" was not a letter in the Greek alphabet). In reflection, it was the best thing that could have happened to her. Everything she loved about college came from AGT. It was one of the most popular sorority's on campus and all the girls were very beautiful. She wondered, however, how come so many sisters didn't seem to have boyfriends. This, of course, included her, although all her attention for the present time was focused on Gina.

Soon after, Gina and Molly were sitting at a table, eating quietly. As Molly put another forkful of salad into her mouth, Gina removed a folded up, wrinkled piece of lined paper from her pocket. Molly’s eyes widened in horror. Gina began to read: “Dear Gina, I know this is very inappropriate of me to write, even though I will probably never give it to you. I just wanted to write down all the feelings I have for you. You are my best friend and I love you like a sister. However, I cannot deny my attraction to you. Since the day we met, I’ve been in love with you. I don’t know if you are a lesbian or not. I don’t think you are. But, even if you are, I know we can’t be together. I have a secret that would make a relationship between us impossible. It tears me up apart inside how much I love you. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Please don’t hate me. Love, Molly.” Gina put the paper down on the table and slid it across the table to Molly. She grabbed it quickly and studied it. Molly had written this letter several weeks ago and hidden it under her mattress with no intention of ever letting Gina see it. Somehow, though, Gina had found it.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Molly, blushing madly on the verge of tears.

“You don’t have to say anything,” said Gina. “I feel the same way about you.”

Molly looked her in the eyes. She seemed sincere. “You do?”

“Absolutely,” said Gina. “You’re beautiful and funny and sweet and smart and sexy and fun. I love you . . . and not just as a sister or friend. You don’t need to be ashamed of whatever secret you have. We all have secrets.”

“Mine is a big one,” said Molly sadly. How could she tell the girl she loved that she had a penis? “You can’t know.”

Gina looked around. “Let’s go somewhere more private to talk.”

- 3 -

Soon, the girls were in the privacy of their shared bedroom. Molly sat down on the bed, resting her face in the palms of her hands. She felt like crying in embarrassment. The thrill of realizing that Gina loved her too was lost on Molly. She was terrified of her secret being exposed. For a moment, Molly hated the cock in her pants, hated the way it twitched at each thought of Gina’s sweet tits, her supple ass . . .

Gina sat down on the bed next to Molly. She put her hand on Molly’s thigh, her fingertips almost brushing Molly’s cock. The two girls faced each other and read one another’s eyes. Slowly, they leaned in together until their lips were touching. Molly was overwhelmed by the feeling of Gina’s soft lips against hers. Their mouths opened and the girls’ tongues curiously explored one another. Gina and Molly embraced, clutching at one another in passion as their kissing became more intense. Molly took a breath of air and continued French-kissing her sorority sister, never wanting it to end.

It was Gina who broke the kiss. She put her soft, delicate hands by Molly’s waist and pulled Molly’s shirt off, over her head, exposing her perfect breasts. Gina began to squeeze Molly’s bare tits as they kissed, caressing them gently and pinching the nipples, which sent shivers down Molly’s spine. Feeling more daring, Molly put her hand on Gina’s head and pushed it down to her chest. Gina needed no further encouragement as she began to suck on Molly’s breasts. Molly gasped. She was amazed and delighted by her first experience with lesbian love. Gina was sucking and biting, pinching and squeezing. She moved her hands all over Molly’s exposed torso, enjoying every sweet inch of naked skin.

“Can I go down on you?” asked Molly shyly. “I’ve never eaten a girl out before. I’d love to try.”

Gina smiled, but did not answer. Instead, she stood up in front of Molly and began to unbutton the fly of her jeans. She pulled the pants down to her ankles and kicked them aside. Molly admired Gina’s lily-colored legs. Then, she turned her focus to Gina’s crotch as she exposed her bush of light blonde pubic hair. She pulled her panties down more and Molly expected to see a wet, pink vagina in front of her.

She got the surprise of her life.

Long, and hard as a rock, Gina’s cock sprang out. “I told you we all have secrets,” she said. Molly wasted no time at all. She grabbed Gina’s cock and swallowed it in one mouthful. All of her fears and doubts were gone as she sucked the beautiful girl’s dick eagerly, letting the sweet taste of it fill her mouth. As Molly sucked the hard shaft and tickled the head with her tongue, Gina removed the rest of her clothing. She pushed Molly’s head farther down her dick as she began to play with her own breasts.

Molly was on her knees in front of her transsexual girlfriend. She reached under her skirt and pulled free her own penis from the restraint of her panties. She began to jack off as she sucked Gina and played with the lightly fuzzed scrotum hanging proudly below Gina’s dick. Molly was nearly going mad with desire, feeling cock in her hand and cock in her mouth, both hard and horny, but feminine.

Molly sucked intensely. She swallowed all of Gina’s dick, feeling the tip poke against the back of her throat, almost gagging her. Every inch in her mouth, she covered with saliva from her aching tongue. She kept her hand wrapped tightly around the base of Gina’s shaft to jack her off as she sucked. Molly tickled the sensitive area just under Gina’s head with the tip of her tongue, enjoying the sounds of pleasure Gina made. She knew it would not be long before her sorority sister shot a salty, mouthful of cum down her throat.

She played with her own cock as well, masturbating until she was on the verge of orgasm and quickly slowing the pace. She wanted to ejaculate when Gina ejaculated, not before. The pulsing throb of pleasure in her dick was intense. She was used to mind-blowing masturbation sessions, but this far surpassed anything she had experienced before. The feel of her dick coupled with the exquisite taste of Gina’s sent Molly into unexplored realms of pleasure.

Gina’s organ burned in Molly’s mouth. Molly knew she would not be able to contain her climax for much longer. Gina, as if sensing this, looked down at Molly and pulled her cock out of Molly’s mouth. Molly looked up in surprise and tried to take Gina’s cock in her mouth again, like a baby reaching for its bottle. She desperately wanted to drink Gina’s jizz.

“Stand up,” said Gina. “Take off your clothes.” Molly rose to her feet until she was standing breast-to-breast with Gina. Their nipples graced one another for a second, sending chills of pleasure through the teenage transsexuals. Molly stripped off the remainder of her clothing and discarded it on the floor. She looked into Gina’s beautiful blue eyes. She was amazed by the beauty and passion of shemale love. It was far more than she had ever imagined.

Gina walked naked over to the dresser. Molly’s eyes were fixed on Gina’s tight, white ass which wiggled delightfully as she walked. The back of her scrotum peeked out from between her thighs, teasing Molly, who wanted Gina’s balls in her mouth or slapping against her buttcheeks as she fucked her. Gina stopped in front of her dresser and squatted down, showing her tiny brown asshole. Her genitals hung down as she pulled open the drawer. Gina grabbed two items from the dresser and stood up. She turned to face Molly again, who admired Gina’s perky, smallish breasts with their light, pink nipples. Her eyes moved down Gina’s flat stomach to her long dick and big testicles, which were nested in the pretty blonde pubes. In her hands, Gina held two dildos, one blue and one pink.

Gina wrapped her arms around Molly. Their breasts mashed together. The two girls’ cocks mingled, rubbing against one another. Gina tucked the blue dildo under her arm. Her hands crawled down the warm skin of Molly’s back to her firm ass. “Don’t be afraid, love,” Gina whispered, gently kissing her. Molly felt the tip of the pink rubber dildo slide between her asscheeks. There was a pinch as it touched her anus and began to stretch it.

Molly felt her sphincter expanded as her ass eagerly devoured the long, thick, dildo which Gina gently but firmly pushed deeper into her ass. Molly buried her face in Gina neck, licking, kissing, and sucking, giving her a dark hickey. The pleasurable pain in her ass was thrilling to her as she dug her nails into Gina's back. With her free hand, Gina rubbed and squeezed Molly's tiny butt, still working the dildo in as deep as it could go. She could hear Molly breathing deeply, softly inhaling in short gasps of ecstasy. Gina couldn't wait to get her own dick inside Molly's hole.

Once the rubber penis was fully inserted, Gina stepped back. Molly stood, waiting and playing with her nipples. Gina handed Molly the blue dildo before bending over, hands on the mattress. "Will you do the honors?" she asked. Molly stood directly behind Gina, her cock brushing against Gina's butt crack. She spread apart the white cheeks to expose the tiny, beautiful anus. She began to work her fingers in, loosening it so it could take all eight inches of the fake cock. Once Gina's ass felt properly worked, Molly lined up the tip of the dildo with Gina's waiting asshole. "Shove it all in," Gina commanded.
Molly didn’t wait a second, she slowly began to ease the rubber cock into Gina’s ass, squeezing and fondling Gina’s balls as she did so. As each inch disappeared into the blonde’s butt, Molly was desperately wished it were her own cock penetrating her shemale girlfriend. She knew that day would come soon enough. Soon, the dildo was in as deeply as it could go, the wide base keeping it from completely entering Gina. During the entire process, Gina let out fierce moans of pleasure, so loud and intense that Molly feared briefly that one of the other sisters who lived in the house might hear. The moans mixed with the quiet sucking sounds of Gina’s asshole swallowing the dildo, and the soft thump as Gina masturbated her hard dick.

Once the blue dildo was completely inserted, Gina stood up to face her girlfriend. She put her fingers on Molly’s big, perky tits, gently scratching them with her fingernails. “Do you want to cum?” she asked. Molly nodded without hesitation. Besides her penis, she thought, her sex drive was the only male part that remained in her. Gina took Molly’s hand and the two girls walked around the bed, hand-in-hand, their dicks swinging from side to side, the ends of the dildos poking out from their asscracks.

Molly and Gina lay next to each other, on their backs, on Molly’s bed. Gina crossed her white left leg over Molly’s tan right leg. “Are you ready?” Gina asked. Molly nodded and Gina gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Gina reached across Molly, leaned her elbow in between Molly’s breasts, and grabbed Molly’s cock. Molly repeated the gesture, taking Gina’s hot meat in her palm and gently squeezing.

With that, the two transsexual sorority sisters began to jerk each other off, slowly at first, letting the blissful feelings soak in. They began to stroke harder and faster, each coming closer and closer to their first orgasm together. As they masturbated, each girl reached to grab the dildo in her own ass, pulling and pushing, letting the pleasure in their assholes match the pleasure in their cocks.

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