tagTransgender & CrossdressersAlpha Gamma's Secret Ch. 3

Alpha Gamma's Secret Ch. 3

byWannabe Chick©


"This has been an important and exciting year for our sorority," said Jessie, House President, to the assembled sisters of the Northeastern University chapter of Alpha Gamma Tran. Today was a very special day. It was the annual Commencement Ceremony which marked a successful end to the school year. All the girls had gathered in their sorority house's spacious common room, including Molly and Gina, two sorority sisters who had been having a secret relationship over the past few months.

Molly, a freshman, had fallen in love with Gina, a sophomore, soon after they moved in together as roommates. Not a day went by that Molly would not try to sneak a peek at Gina in the shower or admire Gina's body in skimpy underwear when she wasn't looking. Not a night went by that Molly would not watch Gina sleep and dream they were cuddling together, naked, below shared blankets. Molly was painfully aware of how foolish these thoughts were, though. Gina had never shown any interest in other girls and Molly was afraid of being shunned by the other sisters if they discovered she was bisexual. It was sad, but not worth the risk.

And Molly had another secret besides her love for Gina. It was a deeper, darker secret which she knew she could not reveal to anyone. If word got around, she feared she would be forced out of the sorority, ostracized by her classmates, and lose Gina as a potential lover and as a friend. Molly was a transsexual, a shemale. Years ago, she had been living a lie as a boy and decided to become a woman. Supported by her family, Molly underwent mental and hormonal therapy until her breasts and hips developed, her hair and voice softened, and she had perfected her female look. She lived as a girl and no one knew about the penis and testicles nestled comfortably in her panties.

Then, an amazing, impossible, wonderful thing happened. Gina discovered Molly's true feelings for her and, much to Molly's surprise and delight, Gina reciprocated, admitting her love for and attraction to Molly. And, most importantly of all, Gina turned out to be a transsexual as well. They shared their love, their secret, and their bed. The two shemale sorority sisters made love every night, did everything together (including shower), and Molly could not have been happier.

Jessie's voice brought Molly back to the present. She looked around at her Alpha Gamma sisters. Jessie, a gorgeous Italian girl with mocha skin, brown hair, and hazel eyes was in the seat of honor. Three members of the six-member House Board sat to her left and right. Vanessa, Lily, Katie, Lindsay, Kelly, and Rochelle were the most beautiful girls in the House aside from Jessie (and aside from Gina, of course.) The rest of the sisters sat in a large circle, each wearing ceremonial purple robes. Molly was instructed to wear nothing underneath and assumed the others had been too. It was a bit strange, but the Commencement Ceremony was intended to be mysterious.

"Many great things have happened to Alpha Gamma sisters all over the country," said Jessie. "Our sister, Britney Spears from Louisiana, is topping all the charts." The girls applauded. "Our sister, Julia Roberts, has won an Academy Award." More applause. "Even the governor of our state is an Alpha Gamma sister. Now, it is time for our Commencement Ceremony. Our freshman sisters have no idea what to expect. Our upper-class sisters know it all too well." Jessie smiled. "Let the ceremony begin!"


Molly looked around at the girls. The freshman were more excited and curious than ever. The upper-class girls looked positively thrilled. Molly glanced over at her girlfriend. Gina was grinning wickedly. "First," said Jessie, "you will all remove your robes and stand naked for your fellow sisters to see you, exposed and beautiful." A wave of terror crashed over Molly. She couldn't take off her clothes! As soon as they saw her scrotum and six-inch penis, they would know her secret! Molly looked around frantically. All the other freshman girls were terrified as well. Molly didn't feel any sympathy for them, however. She was ruined! Her life was over! "We will begin with the House President and Board," announced Jessie.

The seven girls stood in front of the collected sisters for all to see. Jessie untied the cloth belt of her robe and pulled it open as it fell to the floor. Her round, perky tits were as sexy as her long, smooth legs. Next, Lindsay removed her robe. Her skin was soft, the color of cream. She was voluptuous and curvy. Her chestnut hair cascaded down her back and bushy, black public hair grew from her crotch. On cue, Vanessa removed her robe. Her skin was even darker than Jessie's and her breasts were just as perky, although much bigger. She stood proudly in her nude glory for all to admire. Eyes moved from her spectacular breasts to her washboard stomach to the small triangle of fur shaved above her groin. Katie removed her robe, looking the very opposite of Lindsay. She was small and thin. Her breasts were tiny, but with fair-sized nipples. Her ass was tight and delicate like a rosebud. Lily practically tore off her robe, eager for everyone to lay eyes on her spectacularly-formed body. Every inch of her was perfect – from her supple breasts to her ample butt. Next came Rochelle, who delicately removed the robe from her large frame. She was a big girl, but undeniably beautiful with gorgeous tits and a powerful sexual energy. She self-consciously slid her hands from breasts to waist to genitals. The last (and certainly not least) was Kelly, the beautiful blonde with almost-shaped blue eyes. Her tits were the perkiest of all, her nipples coming to a point several inches in front of her.

Molly held her breath as she stared at the seven girls. They were all stunningly beautiful, even more so naked than clothed. She could feel her cock stirring. She desperately wanted each of the naked girls before her. They were all gorgeous, intelligent, sexy, and each one of them carried an exquisite cock between her legs. Molly watched in awe as Jessie reached down and began to stroke her eight-inch dick. "Alright sisters!" Jessie called. "Disrobe!"

All the Alpha Gamma sisters stood up. The freshman looked much more eager. Together, they all removed their robes, proudly showing their tits, asses, legs, and cocks. Molly gazed around in wonder at her shemale sorority sisters. Dicks were hard and pointing. Some had even begun to gently stroke themselves, including Gina.

Jessie yelled, "Let the Commencement Orgy begin!"


Jessie, nude and proud, her long and thick cock standing at full attention, explained the "rules" of the orgy. No girl had to participate who did not want to. No one accepted the offer to decline. She also explained that the previous week's random drug test had, in actuality, been a screening for STD's. All of the girls were clean. The House President then instructed the girls to divide into groups of three or four, no more than two freshman to a group, and proceed. "We're not leaving until each one of you cums!" she said laughing, her tits jiggling. "Then we can move on to the yearly awards!" Everyone cheered. Jessie, hands on slim hips, sad impatiently, "So what are you waiting for?"

Molly headed for Gina. She was excited, but scared, and thought she'd feel safer in the arms of someone she knew, trusted, and loved. Gina shook her head and whispered, "They'll be plenty of time for us tonight, love," the cute blonde said. "Try someone new. In fact, I know someone who's had her eye on you for quite a while." Molly followed Gina's gaze to Jessie, whose smile beckoned Molly closer. "Go," said Gina softly and Molly moved across the room.

But before she could reach her admirer, she was intercepted. Lily, the House slut, stepped in front of Molly quickly, her cock brushing against Molly's leg. Molly's own penis immediately became as hard as a rock. "Hello, little sister," said Lily, smiling wickedly.

"There's one thing I don't understand," said Molly. "I've heard that you've slept with, like, half the guys on campus. But now it turns out you're a transsexual too. We're those just rumors?"

Lily shook her head, still grinning deviously. "You'd be amazed at how many boys will suck cock for a pretty face and a nice set of tits." Lily squeezed hers. "Some of them even learn to enjoy getting fucked in the ass. So what do you say little sister? Think you can handle an experienced woman?"

Molly returned the wicked smile. "I can handle whatever you got . . . big sister."

Lily grabbed Molly by the back of the head, fingers digging into her hair, and pulled Molly's face against hers. They kissed roughly and Lilly slipped her tongue into Molly's mouth. The pink organs thrashed together. Meanwhile, below their waists, two other pink organs rubbed together sensually. The two girls continued to kiss, nipples touching as Molly's massive breasts overwhelmed Lily's smaller ones.

Lily pulled Molly's face off hers. Once again holding her by the hair, Lily forced Molly down to her knees. "Suck," she said. Using Lily's hips as handholds, Molly opened her mouth wide and devoured every hot, fleshly inch of Lily's cock, washing it in saliva, and then drawing back. Molly lowered her head and began to lick the back of Lily's shaft, then proceeded to Lily's scrotum. The girl's ball sack was smooth and sweet. Molly took one testicle in her mouth and then the other, licking furiously until Lily's balls were dripping with saliva.

Molly, beginning to stroke her own cock as the oral sensation combined with the soft skin of Lily's thigh against Molly's breast filled her body with sensual awareness, licked around the purple head of Lily's dick. The older girl groaned, leaning her head back, and Molly knew she was weakening. Lily was a slut, but she wasn't used to receiving blowjobs from a pro. Lily pushed Molly's head up and down on her six-inch cock, faster and faster as she drew closer and closer to orgasm. Molly's full lips worked their magic on Lily's shaft, which twitched and pulsed spasmodically in Molly's mouth, eager and hungry for girl-dick. Molly twisted her head as she sucked, rubbing her wet lips hard against the sensitive skin of Lily's dick. She squeezed and stroked as she did so, feeling Lily's erection become even harder.

As Molly knelt in front of Lily, Rochelle walked over to the two shemales and knelt behind Lily. The two perfect, pink-white hemispheres of Lily's ass reflected through the glint in Rochelle's eyes. The chubby girl put a hand on each cheek, feeling the soft warmth. She closed her eyes and rubbed the left cheek of her face against the right cheek of Lily's ass, enjoying the feel of skin and the sound of pretty Molly slurping at sexy Lily's marvelous cock.

With delicate love, Rochelle spread apart Lily's tight ass-cheeks, revealing an immaculately clean, pink anus smiling at Rochelle like a child wanting to be played with. Still holding tightly, Rochelle licked one of her fingers and gently pressed the tip to the tiny rim of the hole she had longed to taste and fuck for the past two years. Finally, she would get chance. Rochelle guided her finger deep into Lily's "pussy." She looked up to see Lily looking over her shoulder and down with a bemuse smile. "You finally got your wish," said Lily. "Rochelle smiled, nodded, and placed a wet kiss on Lily's ass, leaving lipstick behind. Lily turned to face her cocksucking freshman and Rochelle went to work.

Rochelle's long tongue crept out of her mouth and touched the small of Lily's back. Eyes closed in bliss, Rochelle slid her tongue down Lily's back to her butt crack and worked it in between the round, warm cheeks. Her tongue flicked Lily's asshole, darting in and out playfully, each contact making Lily squirm. Rochelle licked Lily's hole as gently and lovingly as she had licked her mother's pussy so many years ago, when she had still been a boy. The memory brought new life to Rochelle's passion. She sucked Lily's rim for a few more minutes, until the entire area glistened with spit and sweat, then followed her tongue down to the back of Lily's dangling scrotum. Laying her hand on top of Molly's, which was also resting on Lily's inner thigh, Rochelle kissed the hairless testicles with love.

The sensation of wet, hot tongues crawling all over her cock and balls was too much for Lily. Her hips bucked as she thrust all of her cock down Molly's throat, then sprayed salty cum into Molly's mouth. Molly sucked Lily dry and Lily, quivering, sank to the floor between Molly and Rochelle. The three girls sat naked in silence until Lily finally said, "Oh God Molly! That was wonderful! I wish I'd tried you before!" Lily and Molly began to play with each other's tits, smiling.

"Aww, you look so cute," said Rochelle, putting an arm around the other girls' bare shoulders. "Come to mommy, sweeties."

Rochelle lay back on the soft, thick carpet, her ample breasts and small penis pointing at the ceiling. Molly and Lily both snuggled in closely, resting their heads on Rochelle's shoulders. Rochelle squeezed her breasts. "Don't be shy," she said. "This is what mommies are for." Molly and Lily each took a breast, suckling from Rochelle like babies, their cocks resting on Rochelle's wide thighs. Molly squeezed tightly and sucked hard on Rochelle's right nipple. Lily did the same, her hands exploring Rochelle's doughy, white flesh.

Molly slid her hand between Rochelle's legs until she found her cock. Molly stroked her mommy's dick and she suckled from her mommy's breast. She looked over at Lily, who was gazing up at Rochelle with a foreign expression. Lily kneaded Rochelle's breast and masturbated as Rochelle kissed Lily's hair.

The two upper-class girls were lost in their own world, so the freshman took the opportunity to look around. Molly's eyes widened at the array of sinful delights the bodies of her transsexual sorority sisters were offering one another.

A quiet, studious girl from Molly's economics class was being fucked in the ass by the captain of the girl's varsity volleyball team who, without a bra, seemed to have tits the size of volleyballs. The DD's bounced with each slap of scrotum against scrotum. The quiet girl was in a 69 position with a girl Molly often ate lunch with, no content to eat a girl's cum.

In the center of the room was a mass of girls who, judging by the limbs, must have numbered about eight. They moaned, squealed, and giggled as they searched for cocks to suck, tits to squeeze, and assholes to fuck. Each girl listened with sweat and semen.

Elsewhere in the room, two armchairs were pressed next to one another. Two girls, blood-related sisters, one year apart, bounced up and down on the large penises of the two girls sitting in the chairs. The sisters were french kissing deeply and jerking one another off. The oldest sister's dick was flushed a reddish-purple.

Molly watched her spurt a long stream of jizz and then continued to search for Gina, but was unable to find her in the midst of the massive shemale orgy. She could not find Jessie either and decided she would search for her once she was finished with Lily and Rochelle. Molly was not going to miss an opportunity with Jessie, she vowed.

Molly looked over at Lily and Rochelle. Rochelle was still on her back but now Lily was on top of her, straddling her waist, kissing Rochelle fiercely. The two girls' dicks were rubbing together between their stomachs and Molly could plainly see a small puddle of jizz above Rochelle's pubic hair. Molly didn't know if it was Lily's or Rochelle's or both. She watched for another minute or so as Lily alternated between kissing Rochelle's sexy mouth and sucking on one of Rochelle's plump tits.

Molly stood up, not exactly sure what to do. Lily and Rochelle were clearly more interested in each other than her. Maybe she could find another group? At that moment, Vanessa approached, her cock swaying hypnotically back and forth. Molly couldn't keep her eyes off it. Before Vanessa had a chance to speak, Molly was on her knees, hand around Vanessa's dick, mouth open to swallow. "I have a better idea," said Vanessa, restraining the eager freshman.

Vanessa told Molly her idea. Molly crept up behind Lily and put her hands on Lily's bony shoulders. Lily was in a perfect position with her ass pointed directly at Molly's crotch. Rochelle pulled Lily's asscheeks apart and Molly made her move. She spit on her hand and lubed up her prick, then squatted down to point the purple head of her cock at Lily's asshole. Slowly but firmly, she pushed the fat tip of her dick into Lily's ass. It slid in smoothly once she passed the restrictive tightness of Lily's sphincter. Lily let out a moan of pleasure that was almost a scream and began to grind against Rochelle as Molly fucked her. "If you want to be a slut, you can take it like a slut," said Molly.

Molly's cock was exploding in pleasure and pain. It felt wonderful to fuck the hot, deep hole, but it was so tight it hurt. Molly continued ramming her cock as deep as she could into Lily's ass. Vanessa knelt down beside Molly and produced a small bottle of lubricant. Each time Molly pulled out of Lily's ass, Vanessa rubbed Molly's cock, covering her with cool lube until her cock glistened, seeming to glide in and out of Lily's butthole. Vanessa tossed her hair aside and leaned her face against the top of Molly's right breast and began to kiss, suck, and gently bite Molly's exposed tit as Molly's seven-inch dick thrust in and out of Lily's slutty shemale ass.

Meanwhile, Rochelle rolled over on her stomach and offered her big, round ass to Lily. Lily wasted no time prying apart Rochelle's ample butt flesh, searching for the tiny hole to fuck. Lily found it quickly and began to penetrate Rochelle's "pussy". Rochelle cooed as the dick she had wanted for so long entered her tight ass. She had never dreamed being fucked by Lily would feel this good. Molly and Lily synchronized rhythms so that each time Molly thrust into Lily, Lily thrust into Rochelle. The three transsexual girls fucked one another in perfect unison.

Molly reached her arms under Lily's and used her breasts for handholds, squeezing them tightly, pinching Lily's nipples between her fingers. Every time Lily fully penetrated Rochelle, Molly's hand was pinned between the soft flesh of Lily's tits and the wet skin of Rochelle's back. Molly continued to marvel at how perfect Lily's ass was. Each time her scrotum pressed against the bottom of Lily's buttcrack, she rubbed her balls against Lily's soft, delicate skin. She didn't know how long she could go without cumming. She longed to fill up that pretty ass with her sperm. Molly fucked harder and harder, the slaps of her balls against Lily's ass become audible above the sounds of sex in the room. Her nipples were as hard as her dick with Vanessa manipulating them skillfully. Molly was groaning and grunting with the exertion. Between moans, she managed to say, "Fuck me. Vanessa, fuck me."

Vanessa obliged. The perky-titted, mocha-skinned girl was quick to oblige. She got off her knees and moved behind Molly, wrapping her arms around Molly's waist, pointing her eight-inch penis directly at Molly's tiny ass.

Molly felt Vanessa's fingers dig into the tanned flesh of her butt and the pull as Vanessa spread apart her buttcheeks. Molly closed her eyes and kissed Lily's neck, waiting with fear and anticipation for the painful push of Vanessa's tip against her anus. Soon, the warm, bulbous head of Vanessa's penis touched Molly's asshole. Molly tried to relax as she felt the gentle push of the girl's dick against her hole. The constricted muscle stretched painfully, but sweetly, and the head of Vanessa's shaft penetrated Molly's rectum. Molly felt Vanessa's hands rub her back and ass, no longer needing a handhold, as Vanessa's cock entered deeper and deeper into Molly's butt. Molly held her breath until she felt the front of Vanessa's testicles against the back of her own. Then, she exhaled and continued thrusting into Lily, who continued thrusting into Rochelle.

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