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Al's Sex Slave Lot


Ah, welcome sir, welcome to Al's Sex Slave Lot! I see you are interested in finding the right model, I believe I can be of assistance. Step right this way, sir.


Here we have Cyndi. She cooks, she cleans, she sucks cock like a pro. You like? She has very few miles on her, might need a little work at first, but she cleans up well. Oh, you don't like the hair color? Not a fan of brunettes? We have many fine blonds, I think I have just what you're looking for.

Now this is Petra, she's an older model, got a lot of miles on her, but you know, that just means she can get you where you want to be efficiently. She's not too much work, prefers au natural over a new paint job, sure there might be a little, uh, rust, but really, she's very authentic. No? Petra not your type...hmmm...

This is Trina. Trina is the newest model on the lot. She'll do things that no other slave can (or, perhaps will.) Ass to mouth? No problem, Trina is a total slut. Oh, the spikey hair is a turn off? What type of hair do you like sir? Straight?

Here's a straight hair model, good and long for the pulling. We call her "Bea" though I think her real name is Besty. Bea, Bea loves a good cock in her ass, if you're the anal type, I must highly recommend Bea. Yes, it's true sir, Bea does have a few extra...pounds...but some men prefer it like that. No? Not for you...ok...next.

This is Nancy. Nancy is a fan of free samples. She'll give you one if you'll drop your drawers. She'll also give them to all your friends.

Wait wait wait, you aren't into that, I understand...hmm...a hard to please customer, I see. Here, step this way, this way sir... this is Alana. What a beauty right? Black hair, long and straight. Green eyes, green eyes that flash with anger when she's dominated. Ah, yes, Alana is a fighter, she'll make you think she doesn't want it, but oh, she does. She loves dirty talk, and spankings, you like to spank, sir? Well, then Alana might be the one for you. Yes, it's true, she is lacking a little in the chest region, but she makes up for it with her extra long clit.

Oh...that wasn't ok, sorry about that sir, not into freaks of nature, I understand, I understand...well, then, I will not take you through the room of mixed gender slaves. Some men put those parts high on the list, but I understand you need a...real woman, I see I see.

Ok, well, since you are a man of very fine taste and extreme appreciation of fine sex slaves, let Al show you are very special model...please, we keep her back here, in a velvet room. Right through this rope sir.

So, this is Louisa. We keep her tied night and day because that's what she likes. She likes nothing more than meeting your every wish. She also writes, sometimes she's a bit emotional, but you understand, it's a trade off...great sex comes with a bit of crazy. Louisa, dear, show Mr Smith your Downward Dog. Look how she can do that restraints and all, not all women are this flexible. Now, Louisa, she'll cost ya...she not only meets every desire, she'll also run your life, it's what she likes. Keep you in sex and keep your schedule running, gets off on an organized house and a well-fed man. Keep her chained all day, although, if you're feeling generous, you might want to leave her with a video game system, she's a fan of First Person Shooters, puzzle games, strategy games, lots of video games, one of only a couple models that comes with the video game feature. She does not sew though, and she's awful at interior design. So, if those are things you're looking for, Louisa is not for you.

You'd like a closer look at Louisa? Good choice, sir, very good choice. Let me just untie her wrists, here...we go...Louisa, this fine young man is considering you as his sex slave. What do you think? You can just whisper in my ear, sweet pea.

She thinks you're attractive, sir. She says she's getting wet just looking at you. She asks if you'd like to...check the oil with your dipstick. Just so you know, Mr Smith, I don't believe she's ever made that offer to anyone else, this might just be a perfect match. I've been looking for the right owner for Louisa for far too long. You'd think someone would take her, but...the crazy thing turns a lot of guys off, they just want the basic cooking/cleaning type. But you sir, both Louisa and I know you're looking for a little more in a sex slave.

Well, I'm going to leave you two alone for a bit, make sure things run smoothly before you sign that bill of sale, it's a hard choice picking out a sex slave, I understand sir, I truly understand.

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