tagSci-Fi & FantasyAltered Ch. 02

Altered Ch. 02


*All character engaged in sexual activity are over the age of 18, in case it's not obvious or mentioned.

*Thanks to Alwaysready64 and HellCat_Sundry for their help editing this because we become blind to our own mistakes.

*This is a long story intended to span many chapters, please go back and read the previous chapters or else this won't make a lot of sense. If you are looking for a quick fix this probably won't be for you. This story gets violent and reads like a jumbled mess that is my mind. I hope it's at least entertaining.

*This chapter has one sex scene that is technically considered nonconsent/reluctance, I doubt it will disturb anyone's sensibilities, however.

*Note that almost every place mentioned in this story I went to at one point more than 20 years ago. I'm sure things have changed and my memories are skewed just go with it if you can, for example Miracle Ranch Orphanage was a real place that I think was shut down about 10 years ago (not sure) but I use it as a setting in my story as if it still exists today.


"What the fuck is Anya doing in my tent?" I wondered.

Mind you, in my extreme state, I wanted her bad, but I was covered in blood and needed to be alone. Besides, I only just met her and only talked to her one time since that volleyball game. I guessed she must have gotten really drunk and passed out in the wrong tent. I had put on a poncho earlier to cover up the bloody clothes but I needed to get out of them before someone took a closer look. I grabbed a change of clothes and some toiletries from my Jeep and headed over to the shower stalls. I set my poncho on the ground and lay my clean clothes on top then stripped my bloody clothes and stuffed them in a grocery bag and set them outside the stall. The water was not heated and it being past midnight made it even colder, but it was invigorating to wash all of the blood off and by the time the water was turned off the only reminder that I was in a fight was my extremely pink index finger (which by now was 80% the size it once was).

I looked around the campground, George was still not back yet and I didn't blame him the girl he was with was an eight to his six. Once again, it sounded like there was an orgy going on. I thought maybe this was typical of the party atmosphere. There were only a few stragglers near the fire and they looked extremely inebriated.

I ran to my Jeep after I got dressed in the shower stall, then I hopped in the passenger side of my Jeep. I took out a pocket knife and cut my bloody clothes into strips then put the strips back in the bag. I then headed over to the campsite and hung out with the drunken stragglers by the campfire. I threw strips of the clothes in the fire when no one was looking. The burning clothes actually brought the fire back to life and once I had emptied the whole bag and was confident that they would be nothing but ash I left the pit to finish its job.

"What the fuck do I do with this finger?" I wondered. I couldn't throw it into the ocean it might wash ashore and swimming out to the deeper areas at this time of night would be suspicious. I should have tossed it on the way home but I didn't think about it. Then I had a terrible idea of feeding it to the lion in the cage and just laughed. "It's too bad the plumbing sucks around here or I'd flush it," I mulled over. Finally, I thought of my grandpa and his duct tape and I found a heavy rock, taped the finger to it then took a walk south along the beach to the harbor inlet.

The beach was so peaceful at night, and as I walked through some wet sand it left glowing footprints behind that lasted a few seconds before fading into obscurity. I thought about my life; I didn't want to be like those footprints. I wanted to make a lasting mark on the world. I wanted to be noticed, not disappear before someone could turn their head my way.

As I approached the water's edge, I knew from experience that the channel was deep. I once successfully swam the 150-yard distance with George when we were younger. I tossed the finger into the swift current that was going out to sea.

"Stop! Please stop! No! Help me someone!" I heard a familiar voice cry out.

I looked around and followed the pleas. As I walked closer to a small berm, I saw what looked like Brian struggling on top of a tearful Gina. I immediately rushed over to help. He was facing away from me so he failed to see me approach.

Brian was pinning Gina to the sand with his arms, not the best grappling technique but when you are scared of being raped and the guy is a lot stronger than you and 50lbs. heavier it doesn't usually matter unless you know how to defend yourself. As he leaned forward to attack her breasts his ass went up into the air for forward leverage.

He really didn't know what hit him until he went flying, ass over teakettle, landing three feet from her. I could hear him sucking in breath and wheezing in pain. The moon was so bright out that night that I could see him turn a darker shade of gray, his face distorted in a horrible grimace and his neck muscles were strained like he had a horrible case of constipation. I should have been worrying about Gina but Brian was so comical I couldn't peel my eyes away. He was rolling around in the sand and his cock and balls were flopping around since he was nude from the waist down. His balls swelled to the size of small grapefruits.

I shook from my wonderment and I noticed Gina clinging to me for dear life, sobbing and whimpering. She was topless and might as well have been bottomless because her bikini bottoms where ripped on the side and barely hanging off the left side of her hip. I took off my poncho and covered her up and enveloped her in a comforting hug, kissing her on her forehead and rubbed her back as I nestled her head into my shoulder.

I noticed flashing of lights coming our way, and as they got closer I realized that it was someone with a flashlight running in our direction. It turned out to be a police officer and normally I would be wary of them as they were notorious for shaking down tourists for money. However, he took one look at Gina and Brian and started putting two and two together. I explained to him what took place and he took out a walkie and asked his partner to call an ambulance. The officer, to my relief, seemed to be an honest guy and he took Gina's statement, got her contact info and let her know that Brian would be under arrest and not to worry about him.

I walked Gina back to camp and a lot of people were up and about, most looked like they were just put through a wringer, the smell of beer and cum permeated the air. Apparently, the police were looking for a tall blonde guy who got beat up pretty badly earlier that night. I didn't look any worse for wear so they ignored me since I had talked to the police earlier. When Anya saw her sister, she rushed over to her and although Gina noticed her sister's presence, she clung to me for dear life. Her sister just wrapped her arms around both of us which set off Gina's wailing once again. Anya looked to me inquisitively and I explained how I had kicked Brian in his nut-sack after I witnessed him raping her and how the police were taking him to the hospital.

To which she replied, "Good, that creep deserves it, I hope he gets raped in prison."

I whispered to Gina, "You'll be ok now, your sister's [has] got you."

Gina was frantic and would not let me go so I soothed, "OK, come on, you are sleeping next to me tonight," to which her face lit up and the tears that were ready to fall seemed to make a hasty retreat. She simply nodded. I looked at Anya and she nodded her head.

"I'll go get her things," she informed, "I'm coming too," she said firmly, and I resigned myself to my fate as I guided Gina to my tent.

I waited for Anya to return and I stroked Gina's back and rocked her gently like we were dancing a slow waltz. Anya returned a few minutes later with a duffle bag and sleeping bag.

"Gina, I'm going to get the tent ready," I cooed, consoling her as I handed her off to her sister where she took over my duties as consoler and dance partner.

My tent was big enough for two adults so three was going to be tight. I opened both bags and made a sort of mattress out of it and the other became a comforter. I waved them in and indicated they settle in for the night. When they were inside Gina made as if she was going for another hug but Anya pulled her off to the side and told her she needed to get cleaned up. My tent was a dome tent and I had sewn Velcro straps that hung loosely from the roof ready to be wrapped around various object you would want to hang up. The straps were great for hanging lamps or electronic devices like my Galaxy tablet so I could watch movies while laying down. Since Gina started to freak out when I offered to step out of the tent, I told Anya that she could hang the poncho off of the straps and make a kind of room separator, and I waited for them to finish.

I asked Anya if maybe we should have a rape kit done on her. She said she doubted they did that here and besides the way that she was raped a kit wouldn't have helped, and there was no denying that he had sex with her.

Gina related to Anya everything that happened to her, and Anya summarized it as, "It was date rape and she did start out having sex with Brian willingly but she changed her mind mid-way through after he started to do disgusting things she didn't like. He wouldn't let her go and he slapped her around and forced himself back inside of her. Only her testimony and yours will do any good at this point."

I didn't know if I agreed with her so I said, "Well, we should at least take some pictures of her bruises, don't you think, just in case?"

Anya agreed and pulled out her phone and took some picture of Gina's bruises.

Anya put some pajamas on her and Gina, and when they were finished they took down the divider. I laid down and Anya laid down next to me on my left and Gina on my right, both tried their best to get close and eventually we had a spoon sandwich with me in the middle. Gina soon was purring and a few minutes later she fell asleep, Anya on the other hand gave me a massage and wanted to talk, so I turned to lay on my back; this almost woke Gina as she grumbled and complained in her sleep at the lack of contact.

She introspected, "Everyone in camp seemed to be on something."

"What do you mean?"

"All of the girls here seem to be super-horny, and I mean WAY more than usual. The guys were super aggressive and constantly getting in fights all day; they seemed like a pack of wolves, it's like they were trying to decide who was top dog," she related. "The girls seemed like drug addicts and were going off with guys they had turned down nights before. It wasn't like this a couple of days ago. We have been here for almost a week now and I felt the change in me too. I became so horny it was hard to resist having sex with any random guy with a penis. I was able to resist because the only one I would have considered was you and you were nowhere to be found."

"Is that why you were sleeping in my tent earlier?"

"Yeah, I'm embarrassed but Gina and Brian were using our tent for a while before they took off down the beach. I was tired and I convinced myself that you wouldn't mind if I ducked into your tent for a moment. I was so aroused that I found myself masturbating and your scent became so comforting I fell asleep. I'm sorry."

"Wow! I missed all of this to visit a prostitute?" I thought and I shrugged like it was no big deal.

Anya was looking at me strange and I followed her line of sight and she commented, "The police were searching for someone with a missing finger." My finger was fully grown by then but was still swollen and pink.

"Yeah, well I got all 20 fingers and toes."

"I see that," she said, "All 21 digits," glancing at the bulge in my pants.

"I'm going to kick myself in the morning but... get some sleep," I said, and surprisingly she did just that.

Their smell was overwhelming and it wasn't their perfume I was smelling either, I could smell their musk. I had to immediately start chanting my mantra. I pulled out my tablet when I regained control of my senses, it was hooked up to the wireless hotspot on my phone, and I read Google News articles and saw something familiar that worried me.

Breaking News: 'Strange footage of a man being killed and raised from the dead in front of an Ensenada brothel.'

'Other News: Zombie attacks thugs in brothel killing an estimated 10 cartel members.'

Apparently, the facts weren't clear but based on video footage from various sources it was the top trending topic in the past three hours. The first video clip showed me fighting in the brothel, luckily the video was grainy and my face was not identifiable. I was moving at impossible speeds, even faster than I measured before when trying to test my limits. The fight looked totally faked and most of the media would have brushed it off as that, except that people had actually died or were injured and in the hospital, not to mention all of the 'credible' witnesses.

The video of me being beaten to death luckily (if you could say that) was taken after my face was a bloody pulpy mess of disfigurement bruising and blood. You could see my finger falling to the ground and me picking it up after I 'rose from the dead.'

This was bad news, and I needed to get out of Dodge. I decided that leaving in the dead of midnight while all of the roadblocks and searches were taking place versus staying in a place they already checked was not a good idea. So, I decided to get some sleep and make plans in the morning.


I woke to the smell of smoke. I quickly got out of my twin bed and looked around seeing no evidence of fire. I ran to my bedroom door and opened it, looking left and right into the hallway sniffing the air; no smoke here. I went back to my room sniffing left and right trying to triangulate where the smell was coming from. I walked to my window and pulled open the blackout curtains and I saw red through the glass. Natty's house was burning! My Natty! My heart filled with fear and my muscles seized painfully. My throat clenched and my eyes welled with tears.

"FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!" I yelled over and over until my parents ran into my room to investigate.

When they saw the fire, they ran off to get help. That's when I saw her through her second story bedroom window. She saw me, my Natty saw me and she needed my help. I leapt through my second story window without thinking, unlike in the movies the glass cut me all over. I hit the fence separating our two yards on the way down and broke through it before hitting the ground. It felt as if I had broken a few ribs and the pain was overwhelming at first but I willed myself to stay conscious. I was blind in my right eye until I removed the huge piece of glass sticking into it.

"I'll save you Natty!" I could barely move much at first but I was desperate to keep going.

I inspected my body and noticed a chunk of wood shaped like a splinter but more than 6 inches of it was sticking out of my chest penetrating my left lung. I ripped it out quickly before I could even wince at the pain, and the pain punished me for my actions bringing me to my knees.

"No, no, no, I must save her," I grit my teeth and bore down fighting another wave of unconsciousness.

When the pain passed, I could feel the heat of the flames pouring out of holes in the house next door. With new found determination, I grabbed a brick out of the side garden and waved for Natty to step away from the window. After breaking the window, I leapt 15ft. up the side of the house clearing the jagged window sill.

"How did you do that, Ant?" Natty asked, amazed.

With no answer forthcoming, the heat of the flames blistering our skins and the smoke sucking the very air from our lungs, I had Natty jump on my back into an awkward piggy back. She was much larger than me at nine and a half to my 5 years so she had to scrunch herself into a roly-poly shape in order to fit. I jumped with her on my back through the window and Natty screamed the whole way down. We landed in a heap and my legs and back practically disintegrated and I became paralyzed.

"At least I cushioned Natty's fall" I thought as she was thrown five feet clear of me.

I saw Natty stand up and scream pointing to something above. I turned my head to the sky just before I saw part of the fiery roof break off of the house and fall towards me...


I awoke in a cold sweat, it was so real, it was more like a memory than a dream but it was impossible. I remembered my whole childhood and nothing like that ever happened, I certainly didn't have a neighbor name Natty that I was "in love" with. How can you be in love with someone at five anyway?

I suddenly felt how highly aroused and in extreme pleasure I was. My cock felt warm and wet and something was licking and sucking on it.

"Oh my god..." I moaned. I looked down to see Anya's head bobbing slowly up and down. "Fuck me, that's good!"

I looked to my right and Gina was still asleep with her head on my shoulder and one arm draped on my chest. I tried to gingerly lift her arm off of me but she grumbled in her sleep and wouldn't have any of it. I looked back down between my legs, one leg was pressed against Gina's leg and the other was splayed off to the side. Anya was staring into my eyes almost daring me to cum or wake up her sister.

"You won't get any warning..." I whispered.

She just looked at me mischievously and shrugged, almost as if challenged, it was then that I felt the back of her throat as her nose hit my pelvis. She held me in her throat for 20 seconds while she hummed some unrecognizable toon. Then she pulled back bringing the tip to her lips and with her mouth wide open she stuck her tongue out and wiggled it back and forth on the underside of my cock.

"She's a pro!" I thought, gritting my teeth trying to let this blowjob last.

She would have none of that and proceeded to bob up and down and every 3rd stroke in her mouth she would deep throat me. I have practiced holding back my cum before but all I wanted now was to see how she would handle my torrent so I let my baby-batter loose.

I exploded in her throat just as she was taking me down, and rope after rope went straight into her stomach. She must have thought I was done because she made the mistake of pulling my cock back into her mouth and I quickly filled that up. Her eyes bugged out as it started to go up her nose and spurt out. She quickly pulled her head back so she could breathe and I kept cumming with more spurts hitting her on her left eye, her cheeks, and chin. She was coughing out the excess cum and trying to breathe normally again.

When she finally recovered, she said, "Holy hell, what was that? How did you cum that much, you kept going and going- that's not normal," looking kind of annoyed and amazed at the same time.

"I would've warned you but you didn't give me a chance to," I whispered, emphasizing the whisper so that she would lower her voice and not wake up her sister.

Not that I wouldn't want a three way, Gina just got raped so it wasn't even a consideration. I was just surprised Anya was so reckless.

She looked over and noticed that my cock was still harder than wood and she gave me this look like "Really?"

I just gave her a 'what can you do' shrug with a huge grin.

Gina was still soundly sleeping. Anya shrugged and gave this look like she was up for the challenge and that I didn't know what I was getting into. I moved my legs away from Gina as much as possible but kept my hips pressed against her.

Anya quickly stripped her pajamas off and her panties followed suit, there was no attempt at seduction, she was wet and had something to prove. She turned her back to me and looked over her shoulder and stepped between the new gap between Gina's and my legs. She slowly lowered herself down and guided my cock into her warm honey hole. Reverse cowgirl wasn't my favorite position but our options were limited by the awkward angle and position I was in. I wasn't going to complain anyway.

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