tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlternate Reality Ch. 01

Alternate Reality Ch. 01


That's odd.

The day had started just like any other day, but as I was walking to class, I heard a dull sound followed by a loud squeal just to the right of me. Having taught at the university for several years, I knew better than to pay attention to any unexpected noises on campus. However, this sound was different. It sounded like a dull, muffled pop that was loud in volume yet muted in tone. It certainly didn't sound like anything I had heard before, on campus or otherwise. In fact, it didn't sound like anything should sound like on Earth. I should know -- physics is my specialty.

The next odd thing I noticed was a neatly typed term paper flapping on the ground about in the light breeze. It was doubly strange because of the name on it... Venus is one of my best students. She is tall, tanned and slender... a real beauty with an hourglass figure to match. I have no doubt a huge number of guys have been chasing her shapely tail but she always seemed to be focused on her studies and not very interested in socializing.

She is always careful with her assignments, so finding one page of her paper flapping about was disconcerting, to say the least. My eyes turned to the direction from which it came, and I saw more papers flying towards me.

My curiosity piqued, I stepped off the brick path and waded into the bushes, following the trail of paper. What stopped me in my tracks was a bundle of clothes on the grass. They were clearly a woman's clothes, lying in such as way as to leave no doubt that their owner was now naked from the waist down. The waistband of the short skirt lay in a circle, within which I could see the gusset of the sheer white panties.

Now, I'm no pervert but the way I found the clothes set me thinking: it looked to me like she had stepped out of her underwear and skirt very suddenly... I could even make out the indentation her labia made on the gusset (it looked like she had really plump lower lips around a deep genital cleft). As I looked, the white cotton panties sagged onto the grass beneath, the beguiling shape disappearing before my very eyes. I hesitated, wondering if I should pick them up for a closer look, but was distracted by a sound further in the bushes. It sounded like a woman, squeaking while branches snapped and leaves rustled.

Cautiously, I made my way deeper into the brush. I was rewarded with the strangest sight I had seen in my life. Up to that point, at least. There was Venus, suspended in mid-air, her long hair and blouse in disarray. Of her lower half, I can only say I had a very odd view of it, since she seemed to be embedded in shimmering wall of some sort and her ass was facing me in a huge mirror image that was just behind her.

I should say that it was her naked ass I was gazing at, and in spite of the strange scene, I have to admit I began to get aroused. Her ass was white and round, the deep cleft of her hairless pussy peeking out from underneath the luscious globes. The mirror image was so large it felt as if I was just a couple of feet away from her quivering flesh. It hung in mid-air, a strange and sexy ass without the top half of an obviously curvaceous body. "Prof... I... what's happening?" she looked at me for answers. For once, I had no scientific answer to give her. I had heard rumours of such dimensional shifts occurring at random locations before, but they had always remained unproven fancies of weak and susceptible minds to me. Until now, that is.

Apparently, such shifts had happened with greater frequency in recent weeks, and a colleague even mentioned to me just the other day the theory that the Bermuda Triangle had shifted and a number of people had disappeared and remained unaccounted for because of such shifts. I made short work of his theory, of course... parapsychology is not even worth thinking about.

Now, it appeared I was confronted with proof of such dimensional shifts. My lovely student was stuck in one, and by some fortune (good or bad, it was difficult to tell), she was the first person to have been caught between the dimensions. I opened my mouth and closed it again, unsure of what to say to her.

I shut up also because I noticed that something was happening to her butt. Because it was an image enlarged and reflected from a perspective directly behind her rear end, I had to say I had a front row seat to the drama that was to follow.

Something was parting the globes of her ass. It was doing it slowly, almost like a lover would have done, and exposing the tiny pink ring of her anus. I have no doubt she could feel what was going on at her ass from the look on her face.

"Oh! I... uh... can you... umm..." she stuttered as her backside was lovingly spread by an entity I could not see. This was most unlike the confident Venus I was familiar with. Venus was a girl who didn't hesitate, either in answering or asking a question. "Please... umm... OH!"

I had the guilty pleasure of seeing her mouth mirror the 'O' formed by her anus as it was pried open by a cylindrical object. It was possibly conical in shape because her asshole appeared to be yawning wider with each second that passed.

"What's happening?" I asked, trying to hide my own arousal from the distressed girl while pretending that I was not a witness to her sodomy. "I... uh... nothing. It... feels... cold back there," she lied, perhaps too embarrassed to tell me the truth, that her ass was being deeply probed by some unknown entity. I watched as her back orifice stretched even wider, so much so I could look directly into it and see the pink walls of her rectum rippling in tandem with the motion of the invisible intruder. I wondered if she was telling the truth, that the thing penetrating her was cold.

"Can... you... umm... help... me?" she urged through gritted teeth. The experience of being fucked in the ass was probably a new one for her, and she was doing her best to maintain a calm tone. Venus was certainly a cool customer, not given to panic in the most difficult situations in class. Apparently, she was able to retain her composure even while she was being forcibly sodomized by something she could only feel.

"Sure, here, let me pull you out..." I grabbed her lower arms and pulled. Her flesh was smooth and soft... and suddenly goose-pimpled.

"Ooooh!" she exclaimed, and I could immediately see why. Something was pushing at her pussy, flattening her lips while spreading them apart and revealing the moist pink flesh in between. It looked like something was... licking at her privates, because of the movement of her labia -- it was pulsing, the fat lips opening and closing with alarming regularity. Her privates began gleaming with the juices flowing from deep inside, and I could see one droplet glistening on the end of her now erect clitoris. From the flush on her face and her panting, I knew she could feel it too.

Venus gamely tried to look calm even though I could feel her pulse racing. Good girl! The last thing I needed was hysterics. I tried harder to pull her out and away from whatever it was that was attacking her, and was successful only for a few moments. Whatever it was that was holding her in place seemed to react to the force of my pulling and the shimmering wall suddenly surged towards me before retreating. I was jerked forward by the sheer force of its reaction, noting that her blouse and bra had dropped to the floor between us in the meantime, leaving just her head and bare shoulders sticking out of that damned wall. She knew that I'd seen her bra and blouse drop and blushed a deeper red.

I pretended not to notice. "I'm sorry, I don't seem to be helping," I said. "Maybe I should go and get somebody..."

"No! Please don't leave Prof..." I could see her eyes getting wet. Poor Venus was getting scared even as she was being incredibly aroused. The droplet had fallen from her twitching clit, only to be replaced by a much larger one. I watched it tremble and drip as she shivered, perhaps in fear, or perhaps in excitement. The flow of lubricant from her reddening slit seemed to be increasing. Just beyond that, I saw her naked breasts heaving as she gasped and panted.

"But it doesn't look like I can do anything!" I protested, releasing my hold on her arms. She responded by grabbing me, her fingers digging deep into my upper arms. She was shuddering by now, perhaps in anticipation of what she knew would happen next.

I admit I was fascinated by the sight before me: her asshole opening ever wider while the gentle lapping at her vulva ceased, quickly replaced by something that seemed to be probing into her genital cleft.

"Oh! Oh! I... It's... It's going..." she gasped as the probe moved ever closer to her helpless vagina. "It's going innnnn!" she squealed as I watched her orifice open like a blooming flower. It didn't look like anything she couldn't handle, at least not at the beginning, but given the way her asshole was being stretched so, I wasn't sure the same thing wouldn't happen to her pussy too. A tear leaked from the corner of her right eye.

That was the moment when I made the decision. Whether it was a good or poor decision is still open to debate, I suppose, but I rationalized it thus: since pulling wasn't helping, perhaps pushing would. I had no idea how it would turn out, and reasoned that the dimensional shift could either push her out in response to the force I was exerting (which would mean I would have a very naked Venus in my hands afterwards), or it could swallow us both. Either way, I had to try... Poor Venus was clearly in distress at being double penetrated by some unknown entity behind her.

Her eyes widened and she screamed as I pushed her back onto the thing probing her ass and pussy. I had one last exciting look at her plump vulva bulging, the lips opening even wider as more of the thing pushed into her. Then everything seemed to shift in a kaleidoscope of colour which quickly swirled into a deep dark pink drainhole.

I found myself holding on to a very naked Venus in a cavern of some sort while some strange plant-like organism plundered her ass. The mirror had disappeared, so all I could see were her heaving breasts, her pink nipples hard and moving in quick tandem to her breathing. Of her ravished ass, I could only see the thick greenish vine reaching up from the ground to somewhere between her ass cheeks.

Apparently, there is a slight time lag between the dimensions, because one of the first things I noticed after I realized I was similarly naked was that there was a rather large knob-like extension reaching out for her pussy. Perhaps the earlier sensation of being raped by the huge knob was still on her mind as she gasped and stood still, unaware that in this alternate reality, she was yet to be penetrated. The thing was getting very close to her snug cleft.

"Hey! Venus! Snap out of it!" I yelled at her and pulled her towards me, and away from the thing aimed at her pussy. Thankfully, the creature aiming to plant itself into her did not seem to offer much resistance.

The matter of its 'anchor' in her ass (we worked out its purpose later) was another matter. That I was able to pull her away so easily also meant that it was highly likely that it would break off while it was still inside her, and there was no way I could tell what the effect of leaving that alien object deep in her ass would be.

Poor Venus was still a little out of it, so I took the course of action I thought was best. I pushed her onto her hands and knees, spread her lovely ass with my hands and began to slowly pull the object out with my right hand while my left held her cheeks apart. The funky smell of her asshole filled my nostrils as I drew it out, marveling at the size of it. I couldn't believe that the tiny bud of her anus had managed to stretch to swallow such a huge object into her butt. It was not streaked with brown, and in fact looked spotted with pores, which I suspected was used to absorb whatever it could from her body. It wasn't too particular about absorbing shit, apparently.

My cock was still erect, and to be honest, just seeing her anal ring pout and push outwards as the alien object slid out of her made me so hard it was almost painful. As the thin tip of the thing finally popped out and her anus snapped gratefully shut after it, I heard her breathe a huge sigh. I was relieved... at least I wouldn't have to deal with a catatonic beauty in the strange new world I had put myself into.

"Prof... I... umm... we're not... I mean, our clothes," she began, after the few moments she had taken to gather her wits about her passed.

I think I must have been a little dazed too. I mean, this had started out as a normal day -- I had had breakfast in the little room I had called home for the last four years, got together my prepared materials for the day's classes, and left for the university. I took the same path I'd regularly taken through campus, never suspecting for one moment that I would end up naked in some strange cave, pulling an alien object from out of the asshole of one of my sexiest students. It was an odd day, indeed, and it looked like it would only get stranger.

I couldn't think of any appropriate response to her statement, other than to state the obvious: "It appears that we've stepped into another dimension altogether, Venus. And left our clothes behind." As I said that, I was frantically looking around for something, anything with which to cover my raging erection. I was almost certain she would have noticed it anyway, but I felt exposed and embarrassed at being naked in front of my student, even while I enjoyed looking at her nude body.

"No, Prof, I mean, your... umm..." she responded, and I realized that in my hurry to remove the offending alien prong from her rectum, I had bent over her, leaving a slimy trail of pre-cum on her back. Worse, my cock was still prodding at her waist and I had not thought to remove my left hand from between the globes of her ass.

Headlines of "Physics professor jailed for molesting student" flashed in my mind before I remembered that I was not in the same place I was in when I left the flat in the morning. In fact, it was highly likely that I would never be charged in court for any such transgression ever.

"Professor? Umm... can you..?" she spoke again, and I quickly straightened up, ignoring the way my cock was standing out at right angles to my body. It was embarrassing, but there were more pressing matters at hand. Like getting dressed, and getting out of here.

The problem was, we were clearly not in a cavern on any part of the Earth. The walls seemed to have the texture of flesh, and the only "plants" I could see were waving their tendrils somewhat threateningly. I couldn't tell if they were all intent on the same purpose, and something told me I didn't want to find out.

"Sorry... tell you what, Venus... this isn't the classroom, so you can just call me Mike," I offered.

"OK Pr... erm, Mike," she said, making sure her hands covered her genitals and breasts as she stood up and shook her hair out. She was really a lovely specimen, her skin smooth and tanned except for parts covered by a bikini. "I... umm... can you not...umm look at me?" she continued, blushing once more while her large brown eyes pleaded with me.

"Sure," I said brightly, trying to sound cheerful. "I think the first thing we should consider is how we can get out of here though. Let's keep focused on that." I looked steadily into her eyes, fighting against a very strong urge to look down.

"Right," she smiled. Her hands still clasped her breasts and pussy tightly and I didn't have the heart to tell her just how closely I had managed to observe the secrets she was desperately trying to hide from my gaze. Then again, going by the size and endurance of my erection, perhaps she knew anyway, but chose to ignore the fact.

Venus is that sort of girl: a good brain to go with that great body, and always focused on the task at hand. Mentally, she is probably stronger than many guys her age.

"Maybe you can tell me what happened, for starters," I suggested. "Maybe we'll be able to work out how to get out of here by finding out how we got here in the first place."

"Well, there's not much to say, really," she said. "I was just walking to class when I dropped my file with my papers. As I bent down to pick them up, I heard this dull pop right next to me. Next thing I know, I'm stuck and unable to move. When I looked back I couldn't even see my... legs." I nodded, adding that I'd found her papers and that was what had led me to her. Of course, I omitted the part about finding her panties and skirt on the grass. The poor girl was embarrassed enough as it was.

"I couldn't even feel the ground under my feet," she continued. "It was like my bottom half was hanging somewhere in mid-air. It felt cold though." Venus shivered as she recounted her feelings and I had to quell an urge to hug her.

"What else did you feel?" I asked, partly because I thought the information might be useful, and partly because I wanted her to recount what had happened to her private parts while she was suspended between dimensions.

"I... umm... I felt... something... playing... umm... attacking me," she blushed fetchingly. It was obvious the memory was still fresh in her mind, and she wasn't that comfortable describing it to me.

"Attacking you?" I asked. "How? How did that thing end up in you?"

I immediately regretted the question as her soft brown eyes darkened with shame. She knew she couldn't get away with vague descriptions... not after I'd just pulled a rather impressive alien prong from her ass. "I... it umm... I don't know. I couldn't see anything behind me. I only... felt it... when it started to umm... penetrate me."

"When did that happen?" I asked, the strange situation making me feel reckless. I felt bad for her, but I did also want to know how it had felt for her. "Did it happen after we got in here?"

"No... it... it went in while... while I was talking... to you," her blush deepened. "It hurt, but I didn't... didn't want to say anything to you. I was embarrassed."

"So, is that all that happened while you were stuck between dimensions?" I asked relentlessly. "Tell me the truth, Venus, because it could make a difference here."

"N...no, that... that wasn't all," she continued, and looked away. I felt like a cad for asking her to describe her rape, but I wanted her to remember the incident instead of shoving it into a corner of her mind. You never knew when such buried memories would come back to haunt you. "It... then it... it started playing with... my... my... and then I felt something penetrating my, umm... me in... in front."

"So it raped you as well?"

"Yeah... yes, it did," she replied, tears suddenly appearing at the corners of her eyes. "It seemed... seemed to be... testing or... probing for my... umm... and pushed inside when it found..."

"I'm sorry, Venus," I apologized. I was sincerely sorry for the poor girl, but I was trying to help her to work out that she had not been raped because of the time difference, even though her memory of the event was vivid. "I don't mean to make you upset, but the truth is, well..."

She had turned away, her breasts heaving as she sobbed. "You don't... you can't... understand. That was... my first time..."

I grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her back to face me. "Venus, look at me," I ordered, and was pleased to see she retained enough of her wits to comply. "Think about it. If that was true, why did I only have to pull that thing out of your ass? There was nothing at all in your pussy."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "But... I remember... when you pushed me... it... it felt like a huge... pole was being forced into my... umm... vagina. It was so big, I thought I would split..."

"Think again, Venus," I appealed to her logic. "If that really happened, don't you think I would have had to remove something from your pussy as well?"

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