tagIncest/TabooAlways Daddy's Girl

Always Daddy's Girl


Ed Green turned off the car and sat behind the wheel for a minute, looking up at the split level house and in particular at the window at the far right. There was a faint night light on in there, like there always had been, only after tonight the room would be dark.

The room was Ed's daughter Brenda's, and tomorrow night at this time she would no longer be Brenda Green, because tomorrow evening she would be getting married and would become Brenda Pearson. Her life would change, to be sure, but so would Ed's, and the thought of living alone in that house sickened him.

Oh, he wouldn't be alone, at least not technically, because his wife Marsha would still be there, at least for the time being. She had hinted that once the nest became empty she wouldn't be sticking around, and that was okay by Ed, because living with her was probably worse than living alone.

They had an understanding of sorts over the last few years. They were having sex, and plenty of it, only not with each other. Ed knew that Marcia had a few affairs, one of them even with a man, but he didn't care because he hadn't had sex with Marsha is about six years, and likely never would again.

For his part, Ed Green had not been faithful either, although his infidelity had been restricted to one other person. She was the love of his life, but soon she would belong to another man, and as he looked up at his daughter's bedroom window she saw a slat of the blinds open, and that woke him out of his daydreaming, getting him out of the car and up the steps of the house.

It was about 11:30, and Ed had just come from the bachelor party thrown by the friends of his soon to be son-in-law Todd Parsons, and as much as he wanted to get shit-faced he didn't, wanting to not only get home alive but to be ready in case Brenda was still up.

As Ed walked down the hall to the master bedroom Brenda's bedroom door opened slightly and she peeked out, smiling and looking as beautiful as ever.

"Hi Daddy," Brenda whispered. "How was it?"

"All right, I guess," Ed replied, looking through the opening of the door to try to see whether Brenda was naked or not.

"You going to come visit me?"

"If you want me too."

"You're funny."

"Are you ready for me?" Ed asked, and smiled when Brenda opened the door to show him that she was indeed ready, and naked as the day she was born almost 22 years ago to the day.

"I'll be right there," Ed said.

One inside his bedroom, Ed Green undressed in the dark. Marsha was asleep, snoring softly, so Ed didn't need to tiptoe around, because his wife was medicated and would be out until morning. Lately though, Ed hadn't even bothered to sneak out of the bedroom, because he suspected that Marsha knew what was going on, although she never came out and said it.

Probably happy that she didn't have to put up with his slobbering all over her, Ed mused after stripping down to his boxers and going into the bathroom. Apparently his lovemaking techniques were not to Marsha's liking any more, since she seemed to prefer the delicate touch of another woman to being impaled by the tool he was pointing toward the toilet.

"Brenda seems to like it," Ed mumbled to himself as a torrent of urine blasted into the bowl. "She's woman enough to take it."

Ed shook his cock dry, giving the massive organ a couple of shakes before tucking it back into his boxers and washing his hands and brushing his teeth. Looking in the mirror, he frowned at the sight of the gray hair that seemed to be gaining in number in the mat of black fur that covered his chest and his back.

Another thing that seemed to disgust Marsha in recent years, Ed mused. You're too rough. You're too big. You're so hairy it's gross. Funny thing is that he hadn't changed much from the man she had been in love with almost 30 years ago. A few pounds heavier and a little thin on top, but still and all, everything else was pretty much the same.

Somebody still wants me, Ed though as he headed for Brenda's room. The most beautiful woman in the world still wanted him, even if it would only be for one more night.


Brenda Green was only beautiful in her father's eyes, Ed knew. Maybe her soon-to-be husband Todd thought so too, but he doubted it. That doofus was probably just desperate, because he was certainly no prize himself.

Brenda had been Ed's child, there was no doubt about that, since she had a lot of his features, and even he had to admit that a little more of his mother's softness would have been better for his daughter.

At about 5'11", Brenda was only a inch shorter than her father, and was probably an inch or so taller than her future husband. Unlike her dainty mother Brenda was no delicate flower. She had played basketball in high school and in college before her knee forced her to quit, and although she had lost weight over the years and was solidly built she was probably carrying about 20 extra pounds.

Facially, Brenda resembled Kirstie Alley from the old Cheers days, a big strapping girl who was attractive in her way but with a bit of a big nose, and like her father Brenda had been a furry one, although her fiance had taken steps to change that.

It was this woman that was waiting for Ed when he stepped into Brenda's bedroom, and after the door closed they embraced and kissed like most fathers and daughters don't do. Their tongues dueled as they clawed at each other, with Ed leaning Brenda back into the wall as her hands yanked down his boxers.

She found him hard, and after she grabbed her father's cock and slid it up and down the dripping wet fold of her sex Brenda lifted her right leg and put her father inside of her.

"Hard, Daddy," Brenna grunted, and Ed didn't need to be told twice, thrusting his cock into her so hard the wall shook behind his daughter.

It was quick and it was brutal, but that was the way they both liked it, and after Brenda came, stifling her scream by biting into her father shoulder, Ed came right after, depositing his seed into his daughter's womb as he crushed her against the wall with his now-sweaty body.

"I needed that so bad," Brenda sobbed, smothering her father with kisses as they disengaged long enough to go over to the bed.

"Me too honey," Ed said as they eased into the bed as gracefully as an amazon and and equally bulky man can manage.

"Back where we started," Brenda said softly as she looked up at the ceiling while Ed rested on his side, his hand gently caressing her body.

"Maybe someday you'll forgive me for that," Ed mused. "That and everything else."

"You made me a woman, daddy," Brenda replied. "I hated myself up until then. I knew I was ugly and fat and nobody liked me, but you made me think different. You wanted me. You loved me, and what happened - I wanted to happen."

"I know," Ed said softly.

It was true in a way. He knew that Brenda always had a crush on him and would flirt with him sometimes, but it was he that forced the issue. Brenda had developed young and fast, but even though she had a womanly body, emotionally she was still a child, far behind her peers socially if not physically.

Ed had resisted as long as he could, but in the end his primal urges overcame everything else, and it was in this very room that he had taken his daughter's virginity. Not in the same bed, for they had ended up breaking that one later during an afternoon when they were alone and able to let it all out.

"Remember that first night, Daddy?" Brenda asked as her nipples swelled under her father's touch.

"Of course."

"I was so scared, and it hurt so much."

"I know honey. I tried to be gentle."

"You had come in here, just like you said you would, and I was naked under the sheet. I had been playing with myself, and I was so wet that the sheet under me was soaked. My heart was beating so loud I thought you could hear it.

"I was too busy listening to my own heart, honey. I was so excited, even though I felt filthy for what I was planning on doing to you."

"Not to me, with me," Brenda corrected.

"Right. Earlier that night your mother was out taking a walk with that lesbian librarian, and you were in the shower," Ed recalled. "When I heard the shower turn off, I couldn't help myself. I opened the door and there you were,naked. I had gotten glimpses of you before, but seeing you naked was a first. I was stunned."

"I was embarrassed because I was so fat," Brenda replied. "Even worse than I am now."

"Not fat," Brenda's father said. "You were chubby, but you were so voluptuous I couldn't believe it. My little girl was a woman now. So much more of a woman than the one I was married to."

"You always tried to make me feel so good about myself," Brenda added.

"I was going to take you into bed right then, but then your mother got home, so I told you I would come to your room later, and if you didn't want me to, you should lock the door."

"I didn't."

"I know. It was the month after I had broken up with my first boyfriend, Ricky Shea. His dick was the first one I had even touched and ever really saw hard. I jerked him off back in the woods."

"Lucky guy."

"You were the one that I wanted though," Brenda said as he reached over and rubbed her hand over her father's chest, raking her fingers through the thick mat of hair. "My big teddy bear. I knew you and Mom weren't getting along and I wanted to make you happy."

"You did."

"You had a bathrobe on, and my eyes had adjusted to the dim light so I could see really good," Brenda related. "You were naked under the robe, and when I saw your dick I almost fainted. It didn't look anything like Ricky Shea's did. It wasn't even really hard yet, and when you walked over to the bed it looked like it was hanging between your knees."

"I was a little excited."

"Then you climbed onto the bed and spread my legs and started going down on me. Another first."

"That was back in the good old days," Ed sighed as his hand slid down his daughter's stomach and over her smooth mound, his palm making contact with his semen oozing out from her sex. "Back when this was hairy."

"Todd doesn't like hair down there," Brenda said. "Especially a girl as hairy between the legs as I am - was."

Ed sighed when he heard the name of the man who would be with Brenda the next night.

"Remember Daddy," Brenda continued as she sensed her father becoming melancholy. "If we did things the way I wanted, I wouldn't be getting married to anybody tomorrow."

Brenda had offered to move away with Ed, to act like they were man and wife in another city, or state. To have a life of their own, but Ed couldn't do that to her, even though his little head was all for it. Brenda deserved to have a normal life and raise a normal family, and there was nothing normal about having sex and babies with your father.

"I know," Ed said, smiling when Brenda leaned over and nibbled under his arm while changing her position.

"We've still got tonight though," Brenda said before getting up and climbing over her father and licking her lips at the sight of her Dad's manhood flopped back unto his belly.

After lifting the flaccid hose upright, licking the tip of the glans and around the foreskin that shielded it, Brenda opined, "I'm going to miss this big boy. Remember back the first time I tried to suck it?"

"You got better at it though, and fast," Ed recalled as his daughter skinned it back and sucked on the bulbous knob. "Nobody ever gave me head as good as you."

"Anyway," Brenda said, starting to pull on the over-sized organ, "After you got me all crazy that first night with your tongue, you got up on your knees, and your cock was hard and sticking out in front of you. If I could have moved I would have run in terror, but it was too late."

"You have me half out of my mind by then, and when I finally got it inside of you your pussy was so tight that I almost came," Ed recalled. "You thought I was being gentle but it was more a case of not trying to cum."

"I had put Mom's vibrator inside me once before that, but that was so different. I felt like I was getting ripped in two. I remember saying..."

"It hurts daddy," Ed interrupted. "You said it hurts daddy. It's too big, you kept saying and it sounded like you were sniffling or crying, but when I started to pull out you grabbed my hips so I didn't."

"And I'm glad you didn't," Brenda said while looking at her father's cock, which from the stroking and the storytelling was erect again, and it was then that Brenda stopped talking and started sucking.

"Oh!" Ed groaned as he watched his daughter's mouth inhale the crown and then go further down, and with each proceeding bob of her head she took more of him into her mouth and throat. "Oh that's so good."

Brenda's saliva made more and more of his manhood glisten, until she was managing to take more than half of the ten or so inches into her mouth. Marsha, even back when she would put her mouth down there, would only suck on the head and jerk the rest.

"Give it to me, honey," Ed said, and helped Brenda climb up so that she was straddling his face. "Give me that sweet pussy."

Ed would never go down on his daughter after she would be out with Todd, because he didn't want to end up sucking on another man's cum, but having his own sap ending up in his mouth was fine by him. The hairless pussy was disturbing to an old school guy like him, but the fact that the pussy was on a body with a 42 inch bust made it less troubling, and as he lapped at his daughter's sex she lowered herself down until his nose and mouth was in the fold while she ground down into him.

Getting to lap his daughter's pussy helped Ed to concentrate less on Brenda's cocksucking, which she had developed over the years to an art form. No longer did her teeth grind into his sensitive organ,and while it was true that Brenda would never be able to deep throat her Dad like she always wanted to do, the fact was that no one had ever gone as far down as Brenda could.

Ed's face was dripping wet with a combination of their bodily fluids as he held his daughter's body close to him with his hands clutching her hips, and he reluctantly let go when Brenda pulled up off of his face and climbed down to straddle his crotch.

"Oh Daddy," Brenda moaned as she lifted herself up and put the swollen manhood between the lips of her sex, You feel even bigger this way."

Ed looked away from his daughter as her pussy slowly enveloped his member, because while this was his favorite position in many ways, it was also the one where he had little control, and the sight of his voluptuous daughter above him like this was too erotic sometimes.

Even without looking, in Ed's mind he could see Brenda's face contorting in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she impaled herself with him, and then as she started rocking on him he could see the way those big tits of his daughter's swayed and rolled on her chest.

"Squeeze them Daddy," Brenda was saying as her father's hands reached up and cupped her massive mammaries as best even large hands like his could, and he kneaded the fleshy jugs rough like Brenda liked it while the bed groaned under their movements.

They were drenched with sweat, which made Ed's hands glide easily over Brenda's body as she rode him, and the way that his daughter's perspiration rained down on him below was refreshing in a way he never understood.

Brenda was starting to ride him harder, and Ed sensed that she was about to cum. Now he let himself really look at his daughter instead of taking little peeks and looking away. Brenda was in full Amazon mode, writhing and squirming while stifling the sounds that she really wanted to make as her orgasm neared, and then when Ed felt his daughter's pussy spasm and contract around his cock, he let himself go like it would be the last time.

After they came, Ed held Brenda up for a time, his hands braced under her smooth and dripping wet armpits, before letting her ease down onto him, and it was like this that they rested while enjoying the after glow.

"Oh!" Brenda gasped, giggling a few minutes later after her father's now-flaccid cock finally slid out of her, and then she rolled over so they were on their sides facing each other.

They talked and talked, like father and daughter, about just about everything except what they had just done. Ed knew he would miss this, because not only was Brenda his lover but was his best friend too. Finally, when Ed looked over at the clock he knew that they had a big day ahead of them, so he told Brenda that he had better get back to his bedroom so she could sleep.

"Before you go," Brenda said, putting her hand onto the mat of hair on her father's chest and keeping him down. "I have to tell you something. I've decided that we can't stop. I need you too much."

"Honey, we've talked about this," Ed protested, and they had talked many times about their life after Brenda's marriage, concluding that it was only right that this would have to end, or so Ed thought.

"I can't," Brenda said as she reached down and pulled her father's cock off of the bedding and began to stroke it. "I've decided that we have to keep going. We're too good together. Besides, you're a man with needs, and I need this big boy too."


"I can't even feel Todd when he's inside of me," Brenda admitted.

"I've ruined you," Ed lamented.

"No, you've made me realize how it feels to be made love to," Brenda explained. "It isn't just the size, it's the emotion. I like Todd well enough, but he isn't you, and when he's bouncing on me I'm trying to imagine it's you but it doesn't work."

"I don't know."

"Won't be able to do it as much, but we can still get together sometimes," Brenda said as she felt her Dad start to get hard again. "Not tomorrow night though."

They both giggled, and while he didn't want to admit it, he had been hoping that Brenda would say something like that, because there was nobody like his daughter.

"You're getting hard again daddy," Brenda said. "What a virile man you are! Todd - he's a one and done. You know what I want to do?"

"Really?" Ed asked, and while it was something that he had just suggested one night after he had tasted his daughter's previously untouched orifice, it had become something that his daughter enjoyed as much as he did, or so it seemed.

"Assume the position, Daddy," Brenda implored him as Ed rolled over and got up onto his knees before lowering his face into the pillow.

"You know, I did this to Todd - or should I say I tried to do it to Todd," Brenda said of her soon-to-be husband while she reached over and squeezed her father's balls, pulling and twisting his hairy over-sized sac while Dad moaned into the pillow.

"Todd told me to stop - he said I was disgusting," Brenda continued as her other hand slid up and down her father's hairy ass crack before sliding a finger into his asshole. "You don't think I'm disgusting, do you Daddy?"

"Didn't think so," Brenda chuckled after hearing her father's muffled response, and then she lowered her face into the steamy canyon between her Dad's buttocks.

When Brenda's tongue took the place of her finger, Ed let out a groan that sent chills down her spine, and as she probed her father's anus her hands came down and found her Dad's cock.

The sounds they were making were positively feral; Brenda's slurping and snarling sounds as she rimmed her father's anus and probed his hot cavity as far as her tongue could go, and Ed making sounds that sounded inhuman as he bit into the bedding and looked back down below him to see Brenda's hands savagely milking his cock like he was a cow.

Moments later, Brenda knew her father was coming even without the sounds, as she felt his seed surge through his massive organ before spurting down onto the sheets. She kept licking and sucking her Dad's anus and kept on pulling and strtching his giant cock even after her went limp, coaxing every last drop out of him before they finally collapsed into the mess below.

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