tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlways Ready To Be Bred

Always Ready To Be Bred


My name is Claire and I have a story to tell. I am twenty-two, I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I also have a perfect hour glass figure and have thirty-six F sized breasts. Yes, that's what I said, thirty-six F sized breasts. Plus, they're natural, they're not fake.

Now that I have my description out of the way, let me begin. My story takes place on the last weekend of August in 2003. I was staying with some relatives who owned a farm in Michigan. I came from England to stay for a few weeks. I had never been to the U.S. and my aunt and uncle wanted me to come for a visit.

It was nice and peaceful in Michigan. I loved animals and my aunt and uncle had plenty on their farm. So I spent a lot of time playing with the animals and just taking it easy.

Every night, my aunt, uncle and I would sit out on the porch and talk until the stars came out. At about eleven they would turn in and I would go for a walk around the farm.

I loved walking in the moonlight. It was so beautiful. As I would go for my late night walks, many things would cross my mind. One thing that came to me, was that I wanted to be fucked. I hadn't had any sex for about a year. Oh, and I didn't want just nice sex, I wanted it rough. I loved rough sex. I always loved some pain with my pleasure.

Then the other thing I wanted was to be pregnant. God, I wanted to have babies so bad. Could I afford one? No, but I still ached to be pregnant.

Why couldn't all guys be like chocolate? Sweet and satisfying and always there when you need it.

Anyway, it was my last night on the farm and it was hotter then hell outside. When I got back from my late night walk, I was glowing profusely. I took a shower and then dried off, putting my robe on and heading to my room.

Once inside, I took off my robe and laid naked on my bed. I closed my eyes for a second and when I reopened them, I saw a dull light shining through my window. I didn't think anything of it and looked away, thinking it was a passing car.

Suddenly the light was a lot brighter, filling my room with light. I got up off the bed, going to the window to look out. The light was blinding and then I felt dizzy. I tried to catch myself but I fell to the floor and blacked out.

I opened my eyes and everything seemed fuzzy, like I was in a dream. I felt really cold and was laying on a metal table. I was naked and my arms were above my head. I wasn't restrained but my arms felt so heavy that I could not move them. I couldn't move any of my body parts, I just laid there on the table, covered in light.

It was dark everywhere else and I couldn't hear anything. A mask came from up above me and secured itself over my nose and mouth.

I cried into the mask but no sound was heard. I looked to my left and up above me was a floating white screen facing outward. I looked to my right and there was another floating white screen.

Out of the darkness came this thing. I screamed but no sound could be heard. It was about five feet tall and very skinny. It had no hair what so ever and its head seemed to big for its body. There was no nose but instead two little holes where a nose should have been. It had no lips on its face. All that was there for a mouth was a small slit. The eyes were very large and completely black.

It turned away from me, facing my feet. It was talking to someone out in the darkness. Then little red lights started to come on in the darkness. I could just barely make out hundreds of aliens looking down at me and paying close attention to what was speaking next to me.

When it talked it made popping and clicking noises. I didn't care what it was saying, I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

The alien next to me, raised my legs back and then spread me wide open. His hands were ice cold. When he let go, my legs didn't move. I tried with all of my might to put my legs down, but I couldn't budge them.

I looked at the two screens that were floating above me to my left and right. On both screens were close ups of my smooth little pussy.

My mind was racing. I thought what were they going to do to me? My heart was pounding hard in my chest.

The alien stuck one of his three fingers deep into my pussy hole. I screamed in protest but no one heard or cared. It felt like he put an icicle in my cunt.

It removed its finger from me. The alien put his finger up to his nose holes and smelled it. It held up the finger to show the crowd and began talking again. I guess it was talking about the scent I gave off from my pussy.

Now the alien spread my folds to let them see inside me. It traced my inner pussy lips with its finger and then rubbed my clit. I could feel myself getting excited from the rubbing. Then the alien walked away into the dark.

It came back with a test tube. The liquid was light blue and seemed to glow. The alien poured the contents over my breasts, belly, hips, abdomen, and pussy. It took its cold hand and rubbed the cold liquid into my flesh. Its cold hands squeezed at my big breasts then went down to my belly and hips. The liquid tingled and glowed on my skin.

It finished rubbing the liquid into my abdomen and pussy and then walked away into the dark again. The glow on my skin faded away. All the red lights that had been on in the crowd were off.

There I was, naked and spread wide open. The two screens kept a close up of my soft, smooth pussy.

Then I heard a noise from up above me. Two big long clear cylinders came down and fit snug over my big round breasts. A long clear hose was attached to the top of each cylinder and disappeared into the ceiling. The cylinders were squeezing my breasts hard. It would stop at the base of my breasts and the squeezing would end near my nipples. The two clear hoses now came down all the way through each cylinder to attach to each one of my hard, erect nipples. My nipples were being pulled on. Not really pulled on, more like something put a vacuum hose on my nipples and they were being sucked up into the hose. It was very uncomfortable. My breasts felt like they were going to burst from the cylinders milking them. Now these damn hoses were hurting my erect pink nipples. They felt like they were going to pop.

I could see my nipples being pulled up into the hoses. It became quiet again in the room. Even with all that was happening, there wasn't any noise. The mask over my face stifled all of my moans.

Now another noise came from above me. Another clear hose came down from the ceiling. The opening of the hose was between my spread legs. This hose was about an inch wide and inside it was another clear hose about a quarter of an inch wide. The hose thrust deep into my wet pussy. When I say deep, I mean I could feel it against my cervix.

Then, when I thought it couldn't get much worse, I felt the small hose press at the opening of my cervix. It forced its way into my cervix and started to widen. It hurt so bad I began to cry. Tears ran down my face as I turned my head left to right over and over again.

That was the only way for me to protest the violation of my poor pussy. The tears and the crying meant three things: one, they were hurting me, two, I was very scared, and number three, I was so excited with all they were doing to me I couldn't stand it.

I told you in the beginning of the story I liked it rough. Oh, and when that hose rammed deep into my pussy, let's just say I wasn't dry.

Anyway, I was crying and the hose was opening my cervix. The inner hose was now as wide as the outer one, I'd say about an inch.

A new noise came from the ceiling. It was a low humming noise. The outer hose was vibrating and it felt really good. I began to moan with pleasure into my mask. All you could hear was the hum from the ceiling.

There was a flash of light and then the humming got faster and louder. The vibrating got faster and louder too. I was in total ecstasy. I had one orgasm after another. I begged them never to stop. My legs trembled and belly quivered. My pussy opened and closed around the hose uncontrollably. As another orgasm surged through my body, the outer hose began to widen. It opened my pussy about to about four inches. All of the aliens could see deep inside of me.

I looked over at one of the screens. I could see the walls of my pussy and see the inner hose penetrating my cervix.

I looked straight up and saw a new screen right above my head. It had a different view from the other two screens. I could see the opening of the inner hose and my surrounding cervix in the screen.

My body was covered in sweat and was getting quite the workout. All the orgasms were great but I still ached for something. I didn't know what but I had this overwhelming need.

All of a sudden, the light that surrounded my body flashed on and off a few times. Once the light stayed on I could see something coming down from the ceiling. It was yellow and seemed to glow. As it got closer to me, I could see it was a liquid inside the inner hose. Whatever was inside it was going to be inside of me within a few seconds.

I watched the yellow liquid come down the hose. I looked to my left at the screen and saw it go through the entrance of my waiting pussy. I looked at the screen right above my head and watched the yellow liquid coat my cervix.

I screamed at the top of my lungs into my mask. The liquid splattered all over my cervix. It was hot and very thick. It felt like hot pudding being pumped inside of me.

The outer hose pulled out of me. The yellow liquid coated my pink pussy walls and then what my pussy didn't need, oozed out of my pussy onto the alien's floor.

I could barely take any more pleasure. I felt like I was going to black out.

The inner hose pulled out of me and more yellow liquid poured out of my cunt. I was exhausted. My breathing was heavy and erratic. My body was tired and sore.

I thought they were done with me and would send me back. Boy was I wrong!

I saw a small metallic bowl come down from the ceiling. The bowl was about two feet in length, one foot in width, and one foot deep. It was hovering between my legs, right below my pussy.

I didn't understand at first. I was looking around to see if any of the aliens were coming. Not one came up to me. I started to feel sick. I felt like I was going to have diarrhea and vomit at the same time. My breasts felt tight and very sore. It felt different from the milking hoses and cylinders that had sucked my nipples. I started to have cramps, really bad cramps. I cried in pain.

I looked down at my belly and it was getting bigger. I screamed in pain again as my belly ballooned up. My hips felt like someone was trying to pry them open with a crow bar.

I didn't think I could take any more pain. Then my belly stopped growing. It was like someone had put a basketball inside of me.

There I was, with my sore breasts and extended belly. The milking of my breasts got harder and the sucking of my breasts did too. It felt like they were going to burst.

I cried out and looked at the two hoses that were connected to my nipples. A white liquid came out of my nipples. It was a trickle at first then it sprayed out after continued hard milking. Milk was coming out of my boobs. I was in shock as I watched my milk being sucked up through the hoses. Where was it going? What the hell were these aliens up to?

An alien came out of the darkness and stood between my spread legs. It had something in its hand. It was long and had a sharp hook at the end of it. It looked fairly thin. Before I knew it, the alien forced the hook into my poor pussy. I cried out, then I heard a pop.

It pulled the hook out, then walked away.

A hot liquid poured out of my pussy. It looked like pickle juice with some of the yellow stuff from earlier mixed in with it.

I looked at the screen to my left and watched the last drop spill out of my cunt. Then it hit me. I was having a baby! Then I thought, a baby what? What did they put in me?

My first contraction hit me hard. I had never felt pain like that before. The contractions came every thirty seconds. I had an overwhelming need to push. I screamed into my mask as I tried to push the baby out of my cunt.

It seemed like forever until I finally saw the top of the baby's head showing.

During all of this, they just kept pumping milk out of me. The milking didn't really hurt anymore, it was more like relief. My breasts were so full of my milk, it felt good to have it pumped out of me.

My hair was now completely covered in sweat. I could see beads of sweat running down my bulging belly.

Then I heard a noise from up above me. A very thin clear hose came from the ceiling. I thought to myself, now what? The opening of the hose was maybe a quarter of an inch.

I looked quickly to my right at the screen. The hose connected itself to my button. The thin hose sucked my button into it and then began to vibrate. I stopped pushing and started to orgasm. It felt so good. I thought I was going to explode from pleasure. My body tightened and relaxed as wave after wave of my orgasm went through me.

I felt the baby slip out of my pussy. I saw it fall into the metallic bowl. A laser shot from the ceiling and cut the umbilical cord. The bowl hovered by my head to let me look at what I had produced from my pussy.

It was a girl and it looked completely normal except it had larger eyes and the eyes were totally black.

The bowl flew up into the blackness of the ceiling. My baby was gone. The hose also let go of my clit and was gone.

My pussy was a mess. Not only was it messy, but all stretched out.

Another noise came from up above me. A five inch thick clear hose came down from the ceiling. It wasted no time, stuffing itself deep into my messy cunt. This hose was very painful. It felt like it was scraping the insides of my pussy as it sucked out the placenta. I knew it was cleaning me out but it hurt so bad. I screamed and cried in pain as it did its job.

A few minutes ago I had felt like I had been in heaven. Now I knew I was in hell. The tears ran down my face as I watched the blood and whatever else being sucked out of my pussy.

The hose pulled out of me and disappeared into the ceiling. Also, the milking cylinders and nipples hoses went back up. I felt normal again. My boobs were totally fine and my pussy was back to normal size. My body was like nothing had ever happened to it.

I was very happy. I got some pain with my pleasure, I got to have a baby I didn't have to take care of physically or financially, plus my body was no worse for wear.

I thought, I got what I wished for. Then I laughed out loud. The aliens that had been in the crowd, now surrounded me. Their ice cold hands were touching my naked body all over. They squeezed my breasts and pinched my erect nipples. They opened the folds of my pussy and looked inside my pussy. A lot of them probed my pussy with their fingers to smell my scent. I loved what was happening to me.

Slowly they all took their seats again. They all turned out their little red lights. I thought, well they'll probably send me home now. I bet they make me forget everything. God I hope they don't make me forget.

I looked to my left and saw an alien coming towards me. It had a test tube in its hand. It was filled with a light blue glowing liquid. The alien poured the liquid over my breasts, belly, hips, abdomen, and pussy.

I thought, oh my God, they're going to breed me again.

The aliens did breed me again. They bred me five times that night. The results were all the same. I gave birth to all girls that looked the same as the first.

After the fifth cleaning of my poor pussy I could see the aliens leaving the room. I knew this time they would let me go, or maybe kill me. I got scared. For some reason, I had thought they would just let me go. But what if they didn't? What if they killed me instead?

An alien stood between my spread legs. It was holding a very long hypodermic needle. It opened the folds of my vagina and stuck the needle into my hole.

I begged it not to hurt me but it was too late. I felt a sharp pain deep inside my pussy. It pushed the needle into the right wall of my cunt. I screamed in pain and then slowly blacked out.

The next thing I remember was waking up in my bed and hearing my aunt knock on the door and yelling, "Claire, wake up sweetie! Your plane leaves in two hours!"

I looked at my naked body and really examined myself. There were no bruises or scars. I thought, did I dream it? But it had been so real? Had it only been a dream? I had had dreams that had seemed real before, but not like that one.

I laughed out loud and shook my head. It had to be a dream because I wouldn't have been able to remember anything, right? I could remember every detail of what had happened to me. Yes, it had to be a dream.

I looked into the mirror on the back of the door and stared at my reflection. I smiled at myself and said, "I think you need to get laid, young lady."

I giggled and then got myself dressed and packed my bags. After breakfast, my aunt and uncle took me to the airport and we said our goodbyes.

Once I got settled on the plane and we were up in the air, I found myself thinking about my dream. I got so wet and horny, I had to go to the bathroom and masturbate.

I had a small orgasm which was okay but it was nothing like the ones in my dream.

Finally I was back home in England and back at home with my mom and dad. I was staying with my parents until I had enough money to get my own apartment.

All week at work I kept thinking about my dream. It was making me crazy and damn horney.

When Saturday finally came around I was ready for some play time. My girlfriends and I went out to some clubs. It was fun but no guys came up to me that night. Usually when we'd go dancing I'd get hit on by at least three or four men. Most would just be horney guys who wanted to stare and talk to my big breasts.

Hell, I didn't even get any of those guys' attention that night. It was after midnight and all of my friends had paired up with a guy. I didn't want to be alone so I snuck out and got a taxi home.

It was about one in the morning when I got home. My parents were asleep in their bedroom. I went into my room and got ready for bed. I was just getting ready to put my nightshirt on when I felt a very odd sensation. My body was covered with sweat and I felt so horney. It was coming in waves, radiating from my pussy through my entire body. I needed something or someone in my pussy right now. I couldn't take anymore. I dropped my nightshirt on the floor and pulled my panties off. I laid on my bed and began stroking my little button. That wasn't good enough, so I spread my legs wide open and rammed my finger in and out of my wet, aching hole. Even that didn't seem good enough. I couldn't get any satisfaction for what I needed.

I thought I was going to scream from being so horney, but with my parents' bedroom being next to mine, I just bit my lip.

My finger was pounding inside my aching wet pussy. Then I felt it. There was a small bump on the inside of my pussy. It was deep inside on the right wall of my cunt. It was about the size of a dime and only raised up slightly.

I made the mistake of pushing on it with my finger. I cried out from need. I was now one-thousand times more horney than before I had touched it. I was a female in heat and no one could help me. Tears ran down my face, I was going insane.

I didn't think I could take anymore. Then I saw a bright light shine through my window. I crawled to the window and looked out.

The next thing I remember, I was lying on a metal table, naked. I was back in the ship with the aliens. It was, as far as I could tell, the same room they had had me in last time. The clear cylinders were already milking my breasts and the smaller hoses were sucking on my nipples.

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