tagLoving WivesAlways (un)Faithful Pt. 01

Always (un)Faithful Pt. 01


Part 1: The First Deployment

Author's Note: These stories are completely true. My wife has helped me write these stories not only to share with the world, but to also help relive the past steamy sexual encounters she has partaken in.

My wife Mary and I had always played around with the idea of cuckolding me. Being in the Marine Corps, a wife cheating on her husband while he was away was a common theme. Most of the people absolutely abhorred the idea of their wife being fucked with reckless abandon while they were gone, but it was my biggest fantasy.

I came to realize my cuckold fantasy with a high school girlfriend I lost my virginity to. She told me she had a sex dream that I had helped her get onto another man's huge cock and she came in seconds. I wasn't the first guy she had sex with and while I have an average sized cock (5.5") she told me that she had much bigger than me before. I was extremely jealous when she told me both of those things, but noticed I was also extremely turned on by what she was telling me. We broke up but not due to my penis size.

While dating Mary, I told her about my cuckold fantasy. At first she was upset about it, but much like my first girlfriend, she had bigger cocks before. She ended up talking dirty in bed and talked about getting fucked by a huge cock while I stroked mine, watching her have multiple orgasms (which I never gave her).

When I joined the Marine Corps, the thought of her being unfaithful while I was away was a constant thought on my mind, and constantly turned me on. I heavily encouraged her to fuck whoever she wanted and to tell me all about it whether in letters or on the phone.

One time, during my first deployment, when I got a chance to call my wife she told me how she went to a passion party two weeks after I left with some other wives on the base to get a new toy to play with while I was gone. Drinks were flowing and one of the wives had called over some Marines that were not on deployment at the time. As it started getting later, the party moved to the bedroom. My wife was drunk, lonely, horny, and as one of the Marines that came over was starting to grope her round ass, she remembered how I encouraged her, and decided to go with it.

As he groped her from behind, grabbing her ass and her tits, she started grinding her ass into his cock. Then, with his hand that was groping her ass, he reached around and put his hand underneath her skirt and started playing with her pussy. She turned around, started making out with him, and grabbed his cock, stroking it slowly. She told me that his cock wasn't huge, but it was bigger than mine in length and girth. She then got on her knees and pulled his pants down and started sucking his cock, getting it nice and wet for her pussy. He noticed the cold metal of the wedding ring against his cock and asked if she was married. She told him yes and that I was on deployment. This seemed to intensify his excitement. After she was satisfied, she took off her panties and bent over. He slid up in-between her legs and rubbed the tip of his cock against her clit and up and down her pussy, making her beg. Then, he shoved his cock deep into her aching pussy. He grabbed her by the hips and started pounding her tight pussy. She told me how great his cock felt inside of her and feeling her pussy stretched further than my cock could felt better than she could have imagined. She said she felt that familiar feeling, but intensified, starting in her pussy and spreading throughout her body, and started bucking and grinding into the Marine that was fucking her as she started cumming.

Mary's orgasm came without her rubbing her clit, which never happened when we had sex. She also had the insatiable urge for more, which also never happened with us. Usually she would get off once and be done.

She put the Marine on his back and straddled his still throbbing cock. He started playing with her nipples and sucking on them as she rode him, causing her to moan even louder. She started riding him harder and faster, and as the familiar throes of orgasm began to creep from between her thighs, his grunts became more and more erratic. When she felt his cock pulsing inside of her, shooting his cum deep inside of my wife, she was sent over the edge and started grinding hard into him, taking his whole load inside of her. The Marine put his clothes back on and left my wife Mary with her legs trembling, his load dripping from her pussy, and a satisfied smile on her face.

I sat there in the desert on the other end of the phone speechless with a raging hard on. She told me she would definitely be playing more while I was gone. My time was up on the phone and I adjusted myself as to not attract attention as I left the phone center. I walked into the desert sun with a smile on my face; I had finally been cuckolded.


My wife kept her promise of playing more while I was gone. She used MySpace to find other guys to hook up with. She sent me letters with details of her exploits, but none as hot as the one just told. She even confessed in one of her letters that she actually had cheated on me a few times during our relationship before the night of the passion party, but was too scared to tell me about it because she thought I was only fantasizing. That turned me on even more and she recounted those events for me as well in the letters. While extremely arousing, none were as exciting as the events told in Part 2: Homecoming.

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