tagTransgender & CrossdressersAmanda and Me Ch. 07

Amanda and Me Ch. 07


This story contains sex between a transsexual top and a male bottom. If you do not like stories where a man gets fucked by a transsexual please stop reading.


I was naked and alone in Amanda's bed when I awoke. Soft morning light filtered through the blinds as I slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. Wincing from a slight hangover I glanced over at the clock and then quickly around the empty room. My clothes from the night before were neatly folded and stacked next to the bed but I saw no sign of Amanda. Or Kim for that matter.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up in three slow, deliberate movements. Walking over to my clothes I slipped on my underwear and pants. As I picked up my shirt I heard muted laughter from the other room so I quickly put it on and then ran a hand through my messy hair. Walking over to the bedroom door I opened it and stepped out into the living room.

"Good morning sleepy head!"

I looked up to see Amanda and Kim sitting together at the kitchen table. They were both smiling, at my disheveled appearance no doubt, as I slowly emerged from Amanda's room.

"Good morning," I said sleepily as I made my way over to the table. I leaned down and gave Amanda a kiss and then sat in the empty chair next to her.

Amanda turned to me and asked, "How are you feeling this morning baby?"

"Good. Last night was... really fun but I think I might have had a little too much to drink."

Amanda and Kim both laughed.

"I know what you mean," Kim said as she stood up from the table. She was wearing tight pink running shorts and a black sports bra. "That's why I need to go run off some of those calories right now." Looking back over her shoulder as she headed for her room she added, "Have fun on your hike today!"

Hike? Oh yeah, I had promised Amanda we would go hiking today. As my brain slowly began working again I noticed that Amanda was wearing khaki cargo shorts and a white, mesh t-shirt.

Amanda looked me over and smiled. "Your overnight bag is my room. Why don't you go get dressed for hiking and I'll make us some breakfast. Sound good?"

"Sounds good," I echoed and then headed back to her room.

My overnight bag was on the floor next to the bed and I quickly changed into the shorts and t-shirt that I had brought with me for hiking. After a quick stop to use the bathroom I rejoined Amanda in the kitchen. As she scrambled some eggs I sat at the counter and slowly sipped the orange juice she offered me. I was still struggling to wake up but Amanda did most of the talking while she finished making breakfast.

We ate quickly and then Amanda grabbed a small backpack she had already packed and we headed out. I knew that it would take an hour or more to get there so once we got out of the city I settled in and just enjoyed the scenery. For miles we drove through rolling green hills with a beautiful blue sky overhead. I rarely got out of the city and it felt great to be surrounded by such greenery.

Amanda leaned over and put her hand on my leg. "Looks like someone is feeling better."

I turned and smiled at her. "I am now. What about you? You seem to be feeling pretty chipper this morning."

"Yeah, Kimmy and I had been talking for almost an hour by the time you got up."

"Did you have a hangover?"

"Not really. Kim said she had a headache but she planned to run it off this morning."

"I guess I got the worst of it then," I said with a slight chuckle.

"Yep, you really suck at playing 'I Never,'" Amanda said with a sly smile. A few seconds later she couldn't help laughing out loud.

"Ha ha, very funny," I said with a smile. "You and Kim really enjoyed making me drink by using our sexual history against me."

"You loved it," Amanda said as she squeezed my leg playfully. "Besides, it led to even more new sexual experiences that I can use against you next time we play that game."

I laughed out loud at that one. Amanda was certainly right that I enjoyed myself playing 'I Never' with her and her friends. And she was also right that it led to even more fun afterwards. I still couldn't believe that I had had a threesome with Amanda and Kim. Two beautiful transsexuals had taken turns fucking me and then they had cum on my face together. How did I get so lucky?

We settled into a comfortable silence as the scenery began to change. Trees began to pepper the landscape and mountains appeared ahead. It wasn't long before Amanda exited the freeway and we began driving down a small two lane road. Trees closed in around us and after a half an hour or so Amanda slowed down and began looking for markers. Rounding a bend we saw four or five cars parked around a sign marked "Trailhead."

Amanda parked and we both got out of the car. Taking a breath of fresh, cool air I sighed and looked over at Amanda who seemed to be doing the same thing. Reaching back into the car she grabbed the backpack and then came around the car towards me. Stepping in for a hug she leaned forward and brought her lips to mine. It was a soft kiss, gentle and light and then she asked, "You ready?"

"Yep, let's do it."

Amanda led the way down the small, sunny trail and I followed. I had forgotten how quiet nature could be without cars or planes or people. Our feet on the soft ground were the only sounds as we walked through the brush beneath large, overhanging trees. At first I focused on the green landscape but after a while I found myself drawn to watching Amanda walk in front of me.

"What are doing back there?" Amanda asked after we had been walking in silence for a few minutes.

"Just admiring the view," I replied as I watched her butt bounce up and down in front of me as she walked.

Amanda giggled and gave her ass a little wiggle as she continued walking. Looking back over her shoulder she said, "Thanks for going hiking with me today. I've been dying to go for months but I haven't had the chance."

"It's my pleasure," I said earnestly. "I almost never get out and breathe fresh air like this."

"Good, I was hoping you wouldn't be too hung over today to enjoy it."

"Not at all. I'm just glad to have the opportunity to spend time with you up here," I added with a smile.

We hiked for almost two hours, stopping every fifteen or twenty minutes to drink some of the water Amanda had brought or to look at the amazing views. Over that time we talked about everything from past hiking trips to funny stories with friends to how often we saw our families. Our conversations were so effortless and engrossing that by the time I saw the waterfall come into view I did a double take and I had to check my watch.

The waterfall was about forty feet high with a small stream of water falling down. As we got closer the sound of the water hitting the rocks below became louder and we had to talk over it to be heard. A man and a woman sat on a rock close to the falls and said hello to us as we approached. I stood next to Amanda watching the water crash down for a few minutes and then we walked over to a large rock nearby.

We sat down and Amanda opened the backpack that we had alternated carrying. She took out two sandwiches and some snacks and laid them out between us. It was a small but welcome lunch she had packed and we ate while chatting over the sound of the waterfall. After eating we relaxed and continued talking for a few minutes before deciding to head back.

Amanda grabbed the now mostly empty backpack and led the way down. After walking for about ten or fifteen minutes we were in the middle of a conversation about the merits of showering before bed versus showering in the morning when suddenly Amanda stopped walking without warning. I almost ran into her before I managed to halt my momentum. I looked around questioningly.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I'm looking for something," Amanda answered distractingly as she studied the rocks on the side of the trail.

There were a number of large rocks lining the right side of the trail with smaller rocks scattered in between. Amanda began to slowly walk down the trail, looking over the rocks into the bushes behind them. I followed her in silence as I tried to figure out what she was searching for. Finally she seemed to find something because she moved forward and slipped between two large rocks.

"Are you coming?" She asked with a smile as she looked back over her shoulder.

"Of course," I answered as Amanda stepped through.

I followed her lead by squeezing my larger frame between the rocks. The foliage on the other side was much thicker and I had to put my hands up to avoid getting hit with branches. Amanda was walking away from me down a small, partially obscured trail lined by small rocks. I wasn't sure how she found this trail or how she even knew about it but I shrugged my shoulders and moved forward.

I followed Amanda for a few minutes through more densely populated terrain until we came across a small clearing. It was a small space with no trees, just a patch of wild grass on the ground in front of a cliff with a large drop. I looked out to see a beautiful view of the valley below and the tree-covered mountains surrounding us. Amanda and I stood there for a few minutes just admiring the vista.

Without a word Amanda took a small, thin blanket from her backpack and spread it on the grass in the middle of the clearing. Taking off the backpack she sat down and motioned for me to join her. As I took a seat next to her I raised my arm and put it around her shoulders. Even though it was a warm day she snuggled close to me and laid her head on my shoulder as we relaxed and continued enjoying the silence and the view.

"So did Kim tell you about this place?" I asked after a few minutes.

"Actually no," Amanda answered. "After Kim told me about the hike I googled it to see if there was anything else people recommended seeing up here. Someone had mentioned this spot."

"It's beautiful," I said as I studied the landscape.

"Yes it is," Amanda said.

She lifted her head from my shoulder and placed her fingers on my chin. Turning my face towards her she kissed me softly on the lips. Our kiss was tender at first but as the seconds passed with our lips touching I felt the mood change. My body immediately began to respond by leaning more into her and she in turn pressed back against me. The warmth of the day must have gotten into us because before I knew it I was opening my mouth to allow Amanda's tongue in.

As our passion intensified and our tongues danced I put my hand on Amanda's bare thigh and slowly slid it up. As soon as I felt the hem of her shorts I felt my way over until I could feel her soft cock through the fabric. I began to trace circles over it which seemed to have an immediate effect on her. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved her tongue further into my mouth, pulling me closer to her as she did so.

As I felt Amanda's cock begin to harden under my hand I felt my own cock begin to strain against the confines of my shorts. Amanda's tongue continued its assault on my mouth as she reached over and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. Breaking our kiss she lifted my shirt up and over my head in one quick motion. Once I was shirtless Amanda ran her hands over my bare chest while making a sexy "Mmm" sound in her throat.

Letting her hands travel down over my stomach, Amanda let them rest on the button of my shorts. "Want to stand up so I can take these off?" she asked with lust in her voice.

I stopped rubbing Amanda's cock and practically shot up from my sitting position. Once I got my feet under me I looked down and watched as Amanda got up on her knees and undid the button and zipper on my shorts. Opening them up and sliding them down to the blanket she placed her hands on my hard cock that was making an obscene tent in my underwear.

"Someone's happy to see me," she said with a smile as she began rubbing my cock through my boxers.

Amanda kissed my underwear covered cock and then stretched the waistband out to get it over my erection. After I stepped out of my shorts and underwear Amanda leaned back in and began to cover my cock with kisses. Up and down the shaft she kissed, making sure to pay extra attention to the head of my cock. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore Amanda aimed my cock directly at her mouth and inhaling the entire thing in one smooth motion.

I moaned as her wet, warm mouth enveloped my cock. Amanda began slowly, sliding her mouth up and down the length of my seven inch cock before gradually picking up the pace. She looked up and made eye contact with me as her tongue snaked out across the bottom of my shaft. I even noticed that she had fished her own large cock out of her shorts and was stroking it while she sucked me. Closing my eyes I threw my head back and just enjoyed the feelings of pleasure Amanda was giving me.

After a few seconds I opened my eyes and looked out over the landscape. Suddenly a thought occurred to me: If anyone was down there they could easily look up through the trees and see me completely naked getting a blowjob. I suddenly got nervous as I looked back down at Amanda sucking my dick. I slowly started bending my knees and she let my cock slide from her mouth.

"Is everything ok?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said as I went to my knees in front of her. With a quick glance out at the valley I said, "I just realized that anyone can look up here and see us fooling around."

Amanda laughed at my prudishness and rolled her eyes. "So what? So someone gets a free show, what's wrong with that?"

"I don't know... I just-"

"Well I don't mind," Amanda said as she stood up in front of me.

Her hands immediately went to the button of her shorts and so she could undo it and slide them down. Her panties quickly followed and in no time her rock hard eight inch cock pointed directly at my face. At the sight of her bare member I licked my lips and leaned forward. Quickly taking her smooth cock in my mouth I pushed forward and opened my mouth as wide as it would go. Her cock was a natural fit.

As I slid my mouth up and down her shaft Amanda began removing her shirt and bra, baring herself to the world. I looked up past her small, round breasts to see her smiling down at me. I reached up and began to play with her hard nipples as I continued blowing her. The loud moan that escaped her lips told me I was doing well so I increased the pace and volume of my sucking as the sound echoed through the clearing.

After a minute or so Amanda stepped back so that her cock fell from my mouth. I looked up in confusion but before I could say anything she pulled me to my feet. Standing naked together in the middle of the clearing Amanda put her mouth back on mine and kissed me passionately. I returned her enthusiasm with plenty of my own and I forgot about the world around us as we made out.

I felt our hard cocks touching so I reached down and began to stroke them together. At the same time Amanda reached around and grabbed my ass. After a few seconds of squeezing my cheeks she moved her hands over and began to finger my ass. The feeling of first one finger, then two fingers penetrating me made my cock even harder as I continued rubbing it against Amanda's hard member.

After only a few more seconds of Amanda fingering me I was more than ready. Breaking our kiss I started to turn around. As Amanda's fingers slipped from my ass she quickly helped me turn and then pulled me back into her. With her naked body against my back she began kissing my neck. I moaned at the feeling of her mouth on me and her hard cock pressed against my butt cheek. Kissing along my collarbone she kept kissing down my back as she gently pushed my upper body forward. In no time she was on her knees behind me.

I bent over awkwardly as Amanda spread my cheeks. Even though I knew what was coming I jumped slightly when I felt her tongue touch my hole. I moaned as she rimmed me and I felt waves of pleasure wash over me. At the same time I heard Amanda open a bottle of lotion and then the sounds of Amanda stroking her lubricated cock became audible. As much as I loved how her tongue felt on my hole I suddenly needed her cock in there.

"Fuck me baby!" I said louder and with more force than I intended.

Amanda quickly took her tongue from my ass and stood up. "I thought you'd never ask," she said with a smile in her voice.

Grabbing me by the hip with one hand she used the other hand to line her cock up with my hole. As she pushed forward I felt the head of her cock slowly begin to stretch me out. Since I had been fucked by two cocks less than twelve hours earlier it didn't take much pressure before the head of Amanda's cock slipped into my ass. We both let out a low moan as Amanda kept pushing into me until her hips made contact with mine.

With her cock completely in my ass Amanda gave me a second to adjust. I loved the feeling of her pulsating cock filling me completely and as soon as I pushed back into her she knew I was ready to go. Pulling her cock back in a smooth, controlled motion Amanda began fucking me with long, steady strokes. Every time she fully pushed into me I moaned at the feeling of ecstasy her large cock was giving me.

Amanda began to pound me harder. With her hands gripping my hips she pulled me back with every one of her forward strokes. The sounds of our sex filled my ears as I reached back and gripped Amanda's ass. I helped pull her body towards me as she continued fucking me in the standing position. After a minute or so in that position I wanted to bend over but without something to grab onto it was a little awkward. Looking up I saw a tree on the edge of the clearing.

On Amanda's next in stroke I held onto her ass so she couldn't pull back out. Turning my head so I could look back at her I nodded towards the tree, "Do you mind if we go over to that tree? I want to be able to bend over."

"Sure," she said with a smile. As I started to walk forward Amanda tightened her grip on my hips so that I was pulled back into her. "Hold on cutie. We can walk over together."

With her cock buried deep in my ass Amanda and I took a step forward together. I laughed as we moved slowly toward the tree one small step at a time. It reminded me of a three-legged race except instead of having Amanda's leg attached to mine her hard cock was attached to the inside of my ass instead. But just like the race our movements required cooperation between us in order to get where we wanted to go.

When we got to the tree I reached out and grabbed onto a sturdy branch. Bending over at the waist I looked back and gave Amanda a smile as she quickly began fucking me again. The tree I was holding onto was closer to the edge of the cliff but not so close that I worried about our safety. I arched my back and began rocking my ass back into Amanda as she thrust forward and we built up a nice rhythm.

We were both moaning heavily after a few minutes. Taking a glance back over my shoulder I noticed that Amanda was looking out over the valley as she hammered away at my backside.

"Is it still a good view?" I asked between breaths.

"It's way better now!" Amanda answered with a laugh.

Turning and looking out I realized that she was right, the view was much better now that Amanda's cock was in my ass. It was amazing to feel the warm breeze all around my naked body as Amanda leaned forward over me. Her hard nipples rubbed against my back as I removed one hand from the tree and reached back to stroke my hard cock. As her balls slapped against mine with every forward thrust I moaned.

We had been fucking in that position for a minute or two more when suddenly a sound echoed from the valley below. We stopped in mid-thrust as we heard it again.


"That's not for us right?" I asked Amanda worriedly over my shoulder.

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