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Amanda - My Sister-in-Law Fantasy


This story is not a work of fiction; I can actually say a fantasy came true. I am a 47 year old slightly over-weight average male. I am not a ladies' man, but I do not send them running to the hills in terror either. I have had my fair share of lovers in my life. I have been married to my second wife, Valerie, for a wonderful 19 years. My wife is 3 years old than I am and at 50 still turns more than a few heads. My life has not been anything spectacular, but I am happy.

As I have grown older the typical life changes have occurred, a reduction in energy, a reduction in sexual drive, and a reduction in stamina. For my wife this has been a hard thing, she has always possessed a high sexual drive and as she has aged that desire has not weakened. This has caused much frustration in both of our lives. Her frustration turns to anger, which in turn frustrates me and arguments erupt.

We still love each other but we have drifted apart. We try to be close, but it just seems we can never get on the same level. I hate we have found ourselves in this situation and I can tell she tries to be patient just as I try to be more sexually interested. Understand it is not because I do not want her, I still have sexual desires and am sexually attracted to her, but it is all the frustration that kills the mood.

My wife's sister, Amanda, and her husband are in the same situation but opposite. He is more like my wife and her sister is more like me. My wife and Mark, my bother-in-law, are both retired. They no longer face the day to day grind of heading out the door to face the grueling life that sometimes comes along with a career. Amanda and I have recently started to discuss how they not working in society any longer has been contributing to both of our frustrations. We come home after a long day or week of work and we want to relax. They have been home all day, mind you taking care of house issues, and want to get out and doing things or want us to help them with things around the house.

They both are the types that are a little self absorbed and tend to direct conversations toward topics they desire to discuss. Many times this leaves Amanda and I sitting back listening to them rattle on about what detergent works best for this or that, what chlorine works best in the pool, or whatever is the house topic of the day.

When Amanda or I start to talk about issues facing us in our careers they attempt to listen, but in reality they do not have a reference point to relate to and in many instances steer the conversation back to the areas they like to discuss. This builds additional frustration in both Amanda and me.

Mark and Valerie and Amanda and my sex drives are on the same levels as well. When Amanda and I arrive home the last thing we are thinking about is sex, we want to relax. Mark and Valerie on the other hand are like little kids waiting to play with a toy. We are all on different levels and frustrating the piss out of each other. The frustration of it all makes it hard for me to relax and get into the mood for I feel this expectation to perform at all times and when it does not work out Valerie gets all pissed off and an argument erupts. Amanda is in the same boat with Mark.

Amanda and I have always had a caring, but somewhat stand offish relationship. We are both very aggressive in our business life, I am a technical manager and she owns her own business. Because we both like to lead we sometimes step on each other's toes. This has never created major issues between us, but it has prevented us from getting close.

About a year ago Valerie and I spent the night at their house, and I had few too many drinks and my mouth got the best of me. In a drunken stupor I proclaimed I wanted a sister/sister threesome and that I found Amanda's ass sexy as all hell.

Amanda is not what I would consider my type woman to pursue, but I have always had a fantasy of being with her. Maybe it's the sister thing. She can be attractive, when she puts her mind to it. She is 4 years older than my wife, but like my wife looks 5 years younger than she is. She is not a small woman, but she is not a BBW either. Both my wife and Amanda have been blessed with a set of full and voluptuous C-Cup breasts. The one thing Amanda has over my wife is an unbelievably sexy ass, and Valerie can't stand it. I have been caught staring at it more times than I can count. Needless to say the next morning I walked the plank over my statements that night, with my wife and my brother-in-law. Funny thing though Amanda never said a word. I thought for sure she would have my head on a pole for disrespecting her and her sister; she is extremely protective when it comes to Valerie. After a few days everything blew over and life returned as normal.

A few months later my wife's brother called us and asked if we would like to use his condo on the beach for the weekend. It had not rented and all we needed to pay was the cleaning fee. We jumped on the offer. My wife called her sister and they decided they would join us on that Saturday. That left Valerie and I alone in the condo Friday night. We had a few drinks and later that evening the little minx pulled out some weed. Weed always helps me relax, forget the frustrations of life, and gets my motor running so to say the least we fucked like rabbits most of the night.

The next day we both had smiles on our faces. Saturday evening Amanda and Mark arrived; I put on some music and fixed everyone a drink. One drink led to two, which led to three and so on. None of us had anything to do the next day so we decided to let our hair down. Valerie brought out the weed once more and everyone proceeded to get baked.

Valerie smokes cigarettes and Mark likes cigars, so they spent most of the evening and night outside on the screened patio. This left Amanda and I in the living room. Since we have spent little time alone together we both struggled to start conversation. As the effects of the weed took control we both loosened up and started to talk about our careers and the stress related to being the only ones working. As the night progressed we moved closer to each other to speak lower so Valerie and Mark could not over hear us. The conversation moved to our frustration with the two of them and how we felt like life was all about them.

In a joking manner I took her hand in mine and told her I married the wrong sister, she laughed and then turned toward me and as I looked in her eyes I saw the look of pure desire. Her face flushed and her mouth opened slightly. At that moment I wanted nothing more in my life than to pull her to me and kiss her passionately. She leaned forward and I could tell she wanted the same.

Desire took control and I gently pulled her into my arms and kissed her softly on her full lips. The kiss was at first soft, unsure if we should be doing this. As the heat of the moment took hold our tongues met, driving the kiss into high gear. We were lost in lust, hands moving all over one another. Then as soon as it had started we broke away from each other. We both were scared we would be caught, frustrated we had stopped, and freaked out it had happened. We did not say a word to each other and just got up and headed out to the patio to find Mark and Valerie. They were talking about the usual stuff and since the lights were not on they did not notice the red in our faces brought on from fear and desire.

Nothing more happen that night and the next morning Amanda and I awakened first. As we met in the kitchen our eyes averted each other. I could tell she was feeling guilty for what had occurred and to tell the truth so was I. I did not push conversation and shortly Valerie and Mark joined us. We all left within the hour and headed home.

Over the course of the next 6 or so months the 4 of us visited and stayed overnight at each other houses many times. Amanda and I at first made note to avoid being left alone with each other, but after a while we settled back into our normal way of life. That was until 2 weeks ago.

Mark's mother was not doing well, she is 92 years old, and he flew back to his hometown to be with her. Valerie had not seen her daughter, from her first marriage, in about 8 months and had planned a trip to visit. I could not go as work was busy and I could not break away and Amanda could not leave her business on such short notice. Mark left Wednesday and Valerie left that Thursday.

Friday evening I decided I did not feel like dinning at the house all alone so I headed out to my favorite Mexican restaurant, I love burritos and margaritas.

While eating my burrito and starting my second margarita I look up and saw Amanda walking in. I waved to her, getting her attention, and motioned her to join me. She paused for a second as if debating and then headed over and joined me. Like me she did not feel like eating at home alone and she loves margaritas more so than me.

As we ate we talked about Mark's mother and both of our work environments. I wanted another margarita, but I did not want to get a DUI so I suggested we head to Valerie and my house and fix our own.

Again Amanda paused analyzing the situation then agreed. Once at the house I noticed Amanda appeared a little tense. I figured it was because of what happened at the condo and we were alone. I decided to break the silence on the subject and told her not to worry about the condo incident that we were stoned and got a little carried away.

I told her I never wanted to do anything that would jeopardize my marriage, her marriage, her sisters and her relationship, or our relationship. She told me it had been bothering her and that she felt the same.

I fixed us a round of margaritas, flipped on Pandora, and settled in for a relaxing evening. We were free to discuss any topic we felt like, since Valerie and Mark was present to dominate the conversation. One margarita led to two, then three, then four. I told Amanda she should not drive home and to stay the night. She could borrow some clothes from Valerie to relax in. She agreed and left to change.

I stepped out on the patio to get some fresh air as Amanda changed. I was thinking about how dangerous the situation I found myself in. Alone with at night with my sister-in-law, who I have fantasies of being with. I turned to head back in the house when I saw Amanda emerge from the back of the house.

The song Leave Your Hat On started playing on Pandora and Amanda started swaying her hips to the rhythm. She had borrowed a pair of cotton shorts that fit snug on her shapely ass and a t-shirt from Valerie's wardrobe. I must say I got an instant erection watching her beautiful ass sway back and forth. My mind started filling with all kinds of imagines that I should never have allowed.

The margaritas were affecting her as I had never seen her move so sexy and seductive. She usually is really reserved; Valerie is the naughty one of the two. When she turned toward me as I entered from the patio the look on her face was so beautiful. She had that look only a woman can have when they feel sexy and alluring. She looked at me and must have seen a look of pure desire on my face as she froze and looked unsure.

I grinned and told her to not stop, she looked great being relaxed. She grinned back at me and I could tell she was contemplating what to do next; I was surprised when she turned away and started swaying her ass again. As I stood there enjoying the show I realized if I did not stop things at this point we would cross a line of no return.

As I struggled to decide what to do next Amanda turned her head to look back at me and I saw she was thinking the same things I was. Should we allow this to progress any further? To do so would change our lives forever. We were on the verge of committing adultery and breaking our long observed marriage vows.

As if on auto pilot I stepped toward Amanda, my hand reaching out for hers. She did not break eye contact with me as I took her hand. We both stood there looking deep into each other's soul, searching for affirmation that what we were about to do was alright.

She answered that question by pressing her luscious ass into my hardening crotch. Not a word was said between us as I moved my head down to hers and kissed her full on the lips. As we kissed she started to grind her ass into me harder. I was lost in the moment and excitement, I took one hand and placed it on her ass and moved the other to her chest. As she felt my hands explore her treasures she released a low moan, providing approval of my advance.

I felt her lean back into me and slowly turn to face me. As her desire grew her inhibitions lessened, I felt one of her hands snake itself between us and grasp my ever so hard cock. At that moment I felt as if every drop of blood was trying to rush to fill my cock.

The door to our desires was wide open and we could do nothing to close it, nor did we want to try. No more words of approval were needed; we both consented and surrendered to our lust. I broke our kiss only to motion her toward the area of the house were the bedrooms were located. I really did not want to enter my wife and my bedroom, apparently Amanda did not either as she pulled me down the hallway toward the guest room she always occupied when staying overnight.

Once inside the bedroom Amanda turned to me and we once again embraced and passionately kissed each other. I broke our embrace and slowly pushed the t-shirt up from her waist to the bottom of her full breasts. In a low sexy voice she said "Take me" and slowly raised her arms over her head. I removed the t-shirt, reached behind her back, and unclasped her bra. She stepped back and held the cups of her bra over her breasts, the look of red hot desire flowing across her face. She slowly removed the cups from her breasts her areolas were large and brown, her nipples were erect and screamed suck me...bite me.

On cue she slowly turned toward the bed, presenting her ass for my viewing pleasure. She bent over slightly and placed her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and pushed downward. I watched as the top of her ass appeared from beneath the shorts. As she slowly pushed her shorts down I unbuttoned my pants and started to pull both them and my underwear down. In a perfectly synchronized effort she pulled her shorts down and away from her ass just as I pulled my pants and underwear down and away from my rock hard cock. I could not help myself from saying "Oh My God" as I feasted my eyes upon her beautiful bare ass for the first time. I kicked my pants and underwear away from my feet and stepped toward her.

She remained slightly bent at the waist as I approached from behind her. As I neared she leaned back and my hard cock made its first contact with the warm and smooth flesh of her ass, we both moaned and ground into each other. I bent and placed my arms around her, pulling her up and into me, cupping her breasts in my hands as I did.

She turned her head as she wrapped one of her arms around my head and we kissed deeply and wantonly. Our passion took over and we became animals of lust. We no longer cared what sins we were committing. We no longer cared what might come of all this. All we cared about was quenching the desire we had for each other.

Without saying a word Amanda crawled seductively into bed like a cat, looking back at me with a come get me look on her face. I watched tentatively as she laid herself down, slowly turned onto her back, and opened her legs. Displayed for my viewing pleasure was a neatly trimmed patch of light brown pubic mound. Below it was a clean shaved puffy camel toe.

As I joined her on the bed the folds of her camel toe rolled back revealing the dampness her excitement had created. The site was intoxicating, I felt as if my cock was about to explode. I climbed up next to her, spreading my legs so my cock was hovering over her stomach. As I reached down and touched her inner thigh she raised her hips and moaned deeply, encouraging me to continue up her leg. Just as my hand gently pressed against her wet pussy, I felt her hand reach out and grasp my hard cock. It was my turn to press forward and moan.

As my fingers probed the inner flesh of her pussy her juices started to flow, lubricating them as I advanced. She slowly started to stroke my aching cock causing it to leak thick amounts of pre-cum. I leaned over and kissed her as I slid my index finger into her hot tight canal. Her entire body tensed for a second all the while her pussy tightening down on my finger. I curled my finger upward and felt for the tender ridges of her G-Spot.

I slowly applied pressure and traced my finger around the outter edges, making sure not to touch it directly. Just as I was hoping for she thrust her hips into my hand, grinding herself on it. The pace of her breath increased and a constant moan was now escaping her throat. She stopped stroking my cock, but her grasp around it intensified. She was riding the wave of that first orgasm. I slowed my finger movements and lessened the pressure of my touch; I wanted to provide her with a slow ride to the top.

As she felt the change in my tactics she responded in kind, by slowly humping and grinding herself on my finger and palm. I felt her swollen clitoris grinding against my palm. I moved my finger inside her so her movements would cause it to rub across the center of her ridged spot, allowing her to control the pace and pressure that was involved.

I moved my mouth from hers and placed it on her left breast, sucking in her nipple and nibbling on it. As I sucked and pulled on her nipple with my lips I felt her throw her head back, grab the sheets with both hands, lunge her pelvis hard into my hand, and scream out in orgasmic bliss. Her pussy exploded, spraying juice everywhere. The muscles inside her pussy were squeezing and releasing around my finger as if sucking on it. With each squeeze came a spray of juices and a scream from deep inside her. After about a minute the intensity started to diminish, causing her to spasm and jerk as the waves of ecstasy started to subside.

Once she had calmed down I removed my finger from the tight grasp her pussy still had on it and laid down beside her, on my side facing her. I slowly and gently started rubbing her inner thigh once again. I knew to give her time to recover, before moving toward anything else. She turned her head toward me and I kissed her full and passionately. As we kissed she moved her hand so as to grasp my cock once again. She did not need as much time to recover as I had estimated. I broke our kiss and started moving down her chest, kissing and nibbling on each nipple.

As I slowly kissed my way down her stomach to her lovely pussy mound she let out a deep erotic moan and pressed her pelvis straight up spreading legs wide. I slowly rose up and moved between them. I continued to kiss her lower stomach and pubic mound. As I moved lower she would bridge her pelvis up and grind it into my chest. I lowered my body so my face hovered over her open and wanton pussy, her clit bulging and aching for attention.

I gently kissed her clit causing her to push herself into me. I started to move my head back, to lessen the pressure, but she was having none of that. She put both hands on the back of head to hold me in place and started to grind her pussy all over my face. I darted my tongue in and out as her hole moved past my lips, plunging it as deep as I could. With each thrust into my face her pussy would clinch my tongue and fill my mouth with sweet juice, all the while screaming and pleading not to stop. She begged me to eat her pussy, while all but forcing me to. It was one of the most erotic experiences I ever had.

She slowly removed her hands from my head and as before I slowly brought her back down from her second orgasm. I slowly crawled back to laying beside her, both of us taking time to catch out breathes. She turned toward me and laid her head on my chest, taking my still rock hoard cock in her hand. She slowly started to stroke it once again.

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