tagBDSMAmanda's Breasts Get a Lesson...

Amanda's Breasts Get a Lesson...


Amanda's Breasts Get Introduced to Shibari

In spite of my protestations that hers are lovely, Amanda has always envied women with large breasts. From my perspective, her own breasts are ample and whatever they lack in size is more than compensated by their pleasing shape and their delectably soft yet firm texture. However, she has the idea that we both would get more pleasure from her breasts if they were larger and has often talked about what she imagines it would be like if they were more prominent. Thus, one Sunday morning when, at my request, she had come to breakfast clad only in panties and had once again complained that her breasts were less sumptuous than she wished they were, I proposed that we make them the center of attention for the day and see if we could give her the experiences which she assumed only larger breasts would provide.

Slightly startled but clearly interested, she asked, "What do you have in mind?"

Having considered this proposition several times before making it, I was prepared to respond, and said, "I would like to try using a form of Japanese breast bondage known as shibari. The idea of shibari is to bind the breasts in a way which stimulates them and, at the same time, constricts them so that they are forced to grow as they respond to the stimulation. That is, when the breasts swell in response to the stimulation, they expand until they press against the ropes binding them, thereby trapping the blood responsible for their swelling. When successful, I gather the effect can be intense, on both the woman whose breasts are bound and the person who has bound them. Namely, after her breasts have swelled as far as they can, their surface becomes shiny and is suffused with a deep pink color. At the same time, her nipples grow and remain so engorged that they crave attention and can barely stand it when it comes."

I had purposefully made my explanation more dramatic than necessary in order to give Amanda fair warning that there would be a price to pay if she agreed to my proposition. Hence, I was not surprised that a visible shudder ran down her front and that she protectively hugged her exposed breasts when I finished. With her hands still cupping her breasts, she asked, "How long are her breasts kept bound? Surely it must become painful and potential harmful to make them stay swollen for a long time."

Fortunately, I had done enough homework to be confident about my answer. "Yes, there is some pain, but, no, there is no danger. The pain is mostly psychological and comes from a combination of frustration at being unable to relieve the incessant pressure on her breasts and the humiliation of knowing that they are obscenely displayed and completely vulnerable. There should be no acute physical pain, and, if there is, the ropes should be removed immediately. As for the duration of their bondage, if care is taken during their binding, her breasts can safely be kept bound for quite a long time."

After absorbing my answer, Amanda wanted to know how I intended to keep her from simply releasing her own breasts, to which I responded, "Amanda, if we do this, it is going to be an exercise in completely consensual bondage. In large part, my own pleasure is going to derive from the knowledge that you have surrendered control over your breasts for our mutual enjoyment. At no time will I refuse to unbind them if you ask me to. On the other hand, I am hoping that you will not feel the need to ask."

It seemed to me that the decision was now hers and that she should make it on her own. Therefore, I rose from the table and cleared off the breakfast dishes, leaving her to collect her thoughts. Just as I was finishing the dishes, Amanda came into the kitchen, pressed her bare breasts against my back, and whispered that she was ready to have them bound. When I heard her consent, I turned and wrapped her in my arms, saying, "What a brave girl you are." Then, taking her by the hand, I led her into the bedroom and placed her standing directly in front of the full length wall mirror next to our closet. Next, I opened the dresser drawer in which I had stowed several pieces of soft cotton rope. Choosing one of about twenty feet in length, I returned to where Amanda was standing and ran the rope around her rib cage, just below her breasts. In order to make sure that her breasts would be resting on the rope when I was done, I had her raise her breasts by locking her hands behind her neck. When they had risen and were flat on her chest, I lowered the loop already there so that it lay about four inches below her breasts and began wrapping several more loops around her, carefully placing each successive loop against the one below it and applying sufficient tension to make the rope indent the resilient flesh under it.

As the rope approached the bottom edge of her breasts, I stopped winding long enough to slip a ring along the top loop and centered it beneath her cleavage. I then wound the final loop below her breasts, taking great care that it would be tucked into the crease which would form when Amanda lowered her arms and her breasts tried to resume their normal position. When I thought that I had succeeded, I asked Amanda to drop her arms to her sides to make sure that I had. As I hoped it would, when her breasts settled back, they were forced to accommodate the rope at their base and bulged slightly after passing over it. That is, instead of their usual conic shape, the lower curve of her breasts had been flattened and part of their weight was suspended from the intruding rope.

Satisfied for the moment and not wanting to proceed too fast, I ran the rope around the back of Amanda's neck and knotted it to the ring in front. Once it was secure, I stepped behind Amanda, leaned my chin on her shoulder, and placed my palms on the undersides of her breasts. I could feel that they already had become warmer and fuller than normal. "Amanda, can you see how your breasts have begun to swell and glow?" Without saying a word, she answered by emitting a sensual groan and molding her body against mine. Amazed by their transformation, I caressed their undersides, occasionally lifting them high enough to expose the rope, holding them up for a few seconds, and then watching them jiggle when I released them. As Amanda's breasts continued their transformation, her nipples grew longer and their aureole took on a darker hue and increased in diameter. Teasingly, I asked her, "Do you think that you could stand wearing a wool sweater while your nipples are as large as they are now? Perhaps I should have you find out." Again, Amanda said nothing, but I could feel a tremor course down her body as she imagined the sweet torture I had described.

Sensing that it was time to move on, I untied the knot I had made and began wrapping the rope around Amanda's upper chest, threading the first loop under her arms at the level of her armpits and working down from there. When I reached the upper portion of her breasts, I applied barely enough tension to indent the soft flesh beneath the rope. Nonetheless, by the time I had wound the final loop, Amanda's breasts were being firmly cradled by their rope brassiere, through which they protruded and by which they were held at rigid attention. After re-securing the rope to the ring, I completed her rope bra by adding three short strands, one along her cleavage and two others along her sides, thereby focusing the pressure on her breasts in such a way that they were forced to point straight out from her body.

Amanda's initial reaction to the sight of her swelling orbs was one of such horror that she attempted to hide them behind her hands. When she did so, I immediately reminded her why her breasts had been bound. "Amanda, as I warned you, this experience will be psychologically difficult for you. However, it is you who was dissatisfied with your breasts, not I. You always wanted them to be more prominent, and now they most certainly are. I understand that you are embarrassed by the exaggerated way in which your breasts are being displayed. On the other hand, it is very exciting for me to have them them so explicitly available and exquisitely vulnerable. Thus, unless you have decided to call a halt to the whole thing, I want you to return your arms to your sides, place your hands flat against your buttock, turn around, and present your breasts to me."

Within seconds, Amanda slowly lowered her hands until her palms were resting on the curve of her buttock, turned, pulled back her shoulders, and defiantly thrust her breasts at me. Confronted by her breasts themselves, and not just their image in the mirror, I was startled by the alterations which had been, and continued to be, taking place in their shape. Now that they were completely encircled, they stuck out from her chest in a way which reminded me of pictures of women in National Geographic. However, as distinguished from the unfettered breasts in those pictures, Amanda's breasts were anything but free. On the contrary, as I soon found out when I fondled them, they were unnaturally firm and hardly changed shape when I tried to mold them with my fingers. In addition, her nipples had become rock hard and appeared to have grown, both thicker and longer.

Guiding her by gently pulling on her distended nipples, I walked backward until I could sit on the edge of our bed. When I got there, I quickly undressed myself, sat down, and removed Amanda's panties. Drawing her forward so that she straddled my legs, I said, "According to what I have read about shibari, your breasts should continue to swell for at least ten minutes, after which they will remain full for as long as they are bound. Ideally, they should acquire the shape and color of a beautifully shaped natural pearls. In fact, the name shibari is also the Japanese word for pearl. It is a typically Japanese idea to create natural beauty through unnatural manipulation, whether of plants to create a bonsai garden or breasts to create pearls. Although it may not be a Japanese tradition, I want to be inside your body while we watch it grow your pearls. However, we must do nothing that might disturb the process or distract our attention from it. Thus, once I have entered you, we will stay completely still. I will remain sitting as I am now, leaning back and using my hands on the bed for support, and you kneeling on the bed with your hands resting on my shoulders."

Sexually aroused as she was, Amanda was more than ready to comply and soon had my painfully erect penis embedded to the hilt inside her thoroughly receptive sheaf. Once our pelvises were locked together, we assumed the position that I had prescribed and turned our attention back to her breasts. Collared as they were at their base, they ballooned out from her chest, making them look like the breasts on the statues of Krishna's consorts. The skin on their surface was drawn tight, particularly that of her aureole, which had been forced to expand as the pressure behind them increased. Fascinated, I asked Amanda to tell me about the experience she was having.

Speaking in a dreamy voice, with the words slightly slurred, she responded, "My breasts feel twice as heavy as usual. As they expand, not only is the skin on their surface being stretched but the glands underneath are forced to move and tug against my nipples. The sensation that this tugging produces is subtle but incredibly frustrating. It's a little like having an itch which one can't relieve, although this is an itch from which it is not entirely clear whether one really wants relief. At the same time, I can feel my breasts throb, and with each throb they seem to swell further and tug harder. My only relief comes from clamping down on your penis." I was well aware of her vaginal contractions, which were stronger and longer than I had ever felt them before.

For the allotted ten minutes, we remained in a suspended state of awe and intense but unrelieved sexual excitement, staring at Amanda's swelling breasts and resisting our growing urge to achieve orgasm. Thus, it was with considerable reluctance that we at last brought our reverie to an end and I terminated our coitus by lifting Amanda off my penis. When she was back on her feet, standing in front of me on trembling legs, I leaned forward and said, "Your nipples seem to be begging for my attention, and I am particularly curious to find how they will respond if I provide them some. Even if it is difficult for you to bear, I want you to do nothing to protect them. This is a sacrifice which I expect you to willing make for the pleasure they are going to give both of us."

Having announced my intentions, I moved my hands to her proffered breasts and began strumming on the erect pegs which her nipples had become. Placing my fingers at their tips, I manipulated her distended nipples, bending them and either moving them back and forth or forcing them to rotate in circles. Each time that I withdrew my fingers, her nipples snapped back, apparently ready for the next visit from my fingers. After a couple minutes, Amanda protested, "I don't know how long that I will be able to stand what you are doing. My nipples are so hard and my breasts are so full that you are producing sensations which radiate throughout my body in waves which are so excruciatingly exciting that they are tinged with pain." Her body attested to the truth of her words. Every time that I renewed my efforts, her body would undulate in a sensual dance as she pivoted her torso from the waist up and rotated her pelvis from the waist down.

I had never known that Amanda was capable of such an abandoned display and was somewhat surprised by my own reaction to it. Rather than commiserating with her plight, I realized that I wanted to exacerbate it. Thus, after I had been exercising her nipples for quite a long time, I said, "Being forced to endure and accept the frustration is part of the bargain. You are now to stand absolutely still while I fetch some ornaments which I with which I am going to adorn your breasts."

So saying, I rose and retrieved from my bureau two small coils made out of springy wire and two pieces of jewelry, consisting of glass balls attached to short, thin chains. Returning to Amanda, I held them up for her to see and explained, "These are a pair of nipple rings. Their main purpose is to prevent your nipples from relaxing. However, they also have a more aesthetic function. Namely, once I have put them on your nipples, I am going to hang from them these little pendents. When they are in place, these balls which dangle from their chains, exerting a slight tug on your nipples and occasionally grazing against the globes of your breasts. The sensations that they produce will be similar to but less intense those you have been experiencing. On the other hand, the stimulation will be incessant, and so your relief from the diminished intensity will be only partial."

Because I did not want to hurt her, I required several attempts before fitting the rings around the base of her rigid nipples. Once they were there, I attached the pendents on the outer side of each ring so that Amanda's nipples would experience a slight torque in addition to a downward tug from the action of gravity on the glass balls.

Stepping back to survey my handiwork, it was obvious that their little decorations were at work on Amanda's nipples. With each breath she took, they bobbed, pulling gently on their flesh moorings and bumping against the protruding breasts beneath. After watching for a few moments, I smiled at Amanda and told her my plan. "As you are somewhat painfully aware, your breasts have achieved a state of importance which is impossible for either of us to ignore. Recognizing this, I now want you to use them to seduce me. In case it is not already evident to you, I should be highly susceptible to seduction. Nonetheless, I am not a pushover, and you will have to exercise both your imagination and body to make me succumb. The reward for doing so will be the completion of what we started earlier followed by the release of your breasts from their bondage."

From the little smirk on her face, I could tell that Amanda felt up to my challenge and liked the idea of testing the power of her transformed figure. When I resumed my seat on the edge of the bed, she positioned herself between my knees, locked her hands at the back of her neck, and slowly swayed her upper torso from side to side. As she did so, the pendents dangling from her nipples swayed in unison, visibly twisting and displacing the stalks from which they were hung. After a while, she took a couple of steps away from me, turned her back toward me, and dropped to her knees. Lifting her arms over her head, spreading her legs, and pivoting on her hips, she slowly arched her back until the her head rested on the floor and her torso formed a graceful arc. Balanced on the back of her head, with her eyes and tormented nipples staring me straight in the face, Amanda, used the flexibility of her limber body to put the jewelry on her nipples into motion. First she rocked back on her head until the pendents fell forward, and then she began a sinuous flexing of the muscles in her torso. In response, the glass balls now tugged her nipples in the opposite direction and caressed the upper, rather than the lower, portion of her breasts. After several minutes, her dance of Salome reached a crescendo when, after spreading her hair to form a halo, she grabbed the pendents in her fingers and used them to turn her breasts into bellows, elongating into sharp peaks when her body dropped and relaxing when it rose.

Ravished by her performance, I soon capitulated and joined her on the floor, entering her even as her torso continued its seductive writhing. Having been building and postponed for such a long time, our orgasm came quickly and violently, leaving Amanda sprawled on her back and me collapsed on top of the taut mounds in which the ropes maintained her breasts. When we emerged from our post orgasmic haze, I rose, pulled Amanda to her feet, and began freeing her captive breasts. Even without their bonds, her breasts stood out prominently from her chest, framed by a necklace of indentations left by the rope. Before removing the rings from her nipples, I indulged my desire to play with the glass balls hanging from them.

Watching her nipples bend as the balls bobbed up and down, Amanda grinned and said, "Maybe you should leave the rings on my nipples for a while. That way they are sure to be prepared in case they are put back to work later on. In the meantime, I think that I will keep them warm under my wool sweater."

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i love nipple play - its a given turn on for me - i always try to elongate mine because i love that others can see them when I am out - love them poking thru my blouse

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