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Amateur Night Turnon


Amateur Night at the Gold Club by Sexy Geek

We were just sitting around the living room when the phone rang. George answered it. In a few minutes I heard him say, "I'll ask Mary." Then he hollered in at me, "Hey, Gary wants to know if we will go with Linda and him to the Gold Club tonight."

"What," I called, "is the Gold Club?'

"Well, it's a very nice place. High class. Serves good sandwiches and has live entertainment," he said.

"Live entertainment? A comedy club?" I asked.

"Well, no....." he said, sheepishly.

"What is the entertainment, then?" I asked.

"It's ... uh ... an exotic club." He stammered.

"Exotic? Tahitian?" I was starting to get the idea, but I thought I would let him stew a bit.

"No, not exactly ... it has exotic dancers..." He finally got it out.

"EXOTIC DANCERS?" I chuckled. "You mean strippers, don't you?"

"Well, yeah," he said. "But Gary says that Linda wants to go there tonight. So we might as well join them."

I thought that idea over. If a strip club would turn George on, I thought I might get the benefit later in the bedroom. So I agreed. "Let me go put something suitable on," I said.

I went in the bedroom and looked over my wardrobe. If the purpose of going to a strip club was to get my man turned on, I wanted to dress suitably. I took off all my clothes, and then regarded myself in the mirror. I do think I look pretty good naked. I am short with a slim figure. My butt is tight and firm but nice and round. My dark pussy hair is always kept neatly trimmed in a little delta above the pink lips. My legs are not skinny, but well turned out, especially in high heels. So the first thing I did was slip on a silky black thong that split the cheeks of my butt and high heel black shoes that lifted me almost 4" higher and gave my legs a nice turn and made my ass roll as I walked.

I considered my small, perky tits. The nipples were hard just from thinking about teasing George. I had a couple of sweaters I could wear with no bra, but on consideration I chose instead a filmy black bra trimmed with lace. Then I put a semi transparent white top over it, knowing that the black bra outlined my tits under the top. I unbuttoned enough buttons so that cleavage and the top of the bra showed when I bent forward just a little bit.

Then I picked out my shortest red miniskirt and squirmed into it. It barely covered my crotch in front. I looked over my shoulder into the mirror and bent forward, seeing it ride up to show just the bottom of my ass cheeks when I did that. When I sat on the bed with my legs crossed, I showed nothing but legs, legs, legs. But when I spread them a bit the black silk of the panties peeked out. I figured I was ready for the strip club.

I went out to the living room and posed for George. He gave me a good look top to bottom. Then he came over, took me in his arms and planted his big hands right on my ass. He pushed me toward him and I could feel his hard cock through his pants.

"Maybe we should just stay home," he hinted.

"Oh, no, babe, you are the one panting to see naked women. Come on, let's go." I pushed him away and led the way out to the car. As I got in the passenger seat, I made sure to flash him a good look at my black panties, and then down my blouse. I gave his crotch a quick rub and then he went around to the driver's seat.

As he got in I slid next to him and put my hand on his thigh. He put his arm around me and let his hand slip down onto my tit. "My gosh," I thought, "he hasn't done that since we dated in High School!"

We lost no time getting to the Gold Club. Gary and Linda met us in the parking lot. Linda is just the opposite of me, taller, a bit heavy set, a wide firm ass, and the biggest set of boobs of anybody I know. She was in a very low cut blouse and a skirt longer than mine but slit up the side almost to her hip. I couldn't see anything resembling panties showing under it. Gary had his hand on that ass as they walked into the club.

As we walked in, seated at a table near the door were our friends Joe and Kathy. I was a bit surprised, but Joe waved and said, "Glad you guys could make it!"

George chuckled and whispered to me, "Joe said Kathy has a surprise for us this evening."

We joined them at the table. The waitress came and we ordered soft drinks and sandwiches. It was hard to concentrate on the menu because of the blaring music, and also because of the naked woman gyrating on the stage close by. Her principal interest seemed to be lying on her back and spreading her legs and flexing her pussy. The men sitting around the stage were grinning in approval.

As the sandwiches came, she picked up the bills lying around the stage and walked off to great applause. Another dancer, this one a tall blonde in a small bikini came out and began dancing around. I sipped my soda and nibbled my sandwich. I saw all three of the men rapt as the dancer took off her top and showed firm hard boobs that had obviously been pumped up. They hardly moved as she bounced around.

I glanced at Linda and saw her enjoying her sandwich and watching Gary with amusement. Then I turned to look at Kathy. She was not eating, but leaning forward and watching the dancers intently as if she was really interested. The girl on stage was sitting on the edge now, and rubbing her tits up against one of the audience men. Kathy was taking note of it all.

After rubbing tits on the heads of a couple of bald guys sitting at the rail, the dancer untied her bottoms and let them drop off, displaying a neatly shaved pussy. She squatted down and rubbed it, then began walking around the stage spreading her legs with each step. It looked awkward and silly to me, but the me were obviously entranced. So, apparently, was Kathy.

Several dancers appeared, got naked, and left. Some used the pole, some just gyrated on the floor, all of them gave boob rubs to the front row. I was beginning to yawn with boredom. I could see Linda felt the same way. But our men were taking it all in and clapping enthusiastically. Kathy, for some reason, was joining in the applause too. She poked Joe and pointed at the tip money being thrown on stage, so Joe took a bill out of his pocket and tossed it up there. Seeing that George and Gary did the same thing. I looked at Linda and shrugged.

Before long, the DJ blared over the speakers, "Fifteen minutes until Amateur Night begins! First prize is $500. Sign up at the booth now!"

At that, George turned to me and grinned. Gary did the same thing to Linda. "Hey, Babe," Gary said, "why don't you enter that? Your boobs should be worth $500!" Linda glared at him.

George started to open his mouth, but I replied,"Not a chance, big boy. Nobody looks at this pussy but you!" Well, that seemed to satisfy him. His hand came over and poked up under my skirt and I felt his finger brush protectively up my slit.

I looked over at Joe to see if he was kidding Kathy too, but to my surprise Kathy was nowhere to be seen. I figured she had gone to the ladies room.

She still was not back as the first amateur was introduced. She was a pretty good looking redhead and a hot dancer. She moved all over the stage as she peeled off a tight sweater to show small boobs with big nipples. Then she peeled off her shorts and danced to the edge of the stage in only a pink thong. She rubbed her boobs on several guys who all took out bills and slipped them in to the strap of her thong. Eventually she stood up and slowly pulled the thong down over her pussy which was shaved into a landing strip of red hair. She was pretty acrobatic and lifted her leg high so her pussy almost split. This drew cheers and lots of bills tossed onto the stage. I figured for an amateur she was pretty good.

Another couple of amateurs danced, fairly ineptly. One had a good tight body and a fine ass, one was older and her big tits were beginning to droop, but they both got lots of applause and a bunch of tips. I had to admire their guts. Each one of them had a guy sitting by the stage urging her on. I figured all of them would get super banged as soon as they got home because their guys would be so turned on.

Then the DJ said, "Now one of our regular contestants, Miss Desiree Lacock!" I groaned at that phony stage name, but just then Joe stood up and gestured our two men up to the stage seats with him. I was wondering why he did that when Miss Desiree Lacock appeared on stage. There, wearing a filmy red negligee and with tons of red lipstick piled on, was Kathy! Suddenly I understood why we were invited here.

Desiree/Kathy undulated around the stage, and I was impressed with how sexy she looked. She came near the edge and bent forward, allowing a nice look down the top of her negligee at her firm round boobs. Slowly she pulled one shoulder strap down, then the other, and allowed the front of the filmy material to slide down her boobs. Then she turned her back and pulled the top off, revealing her firm perky boobs only in the mirror at the back of the stage. She shook her shoulders making them bounce prettily.

Our three guys were going wild with applause now. Kathy turned around giving everybody a good look at her boobs and then walked over to where Joe was sitting. She pulled him up to a standing position and pressed forward until her bare belly was right in his face. Then she slowly squatted down, opening her legs so the negligee panties pulled tight across her pussy, and pulling her tits down across his face. They lingered near his lips and we saw his tongue flick out to give them a lick. Kathy rubbed back and forth, and he took a bill out of his pocket and stuffed it down the front of her panties. Then she turned and danced away from him, her butt showing delightfully through the see through panties back.

Linda and I were watching all this in amazement. We found out later that Kathy did this once a month at this club. She was obviously very good at it.

Now she danced to the other side of the stage, and leaned over near a panting young kid at the rail. But she pulled back just before her boobs hit his face and gave him a big smile instead. He stuffed a tip in the side of her panties. Then she turned and danced back to where Joe and our guys were sitting. I figured she was going to tease Joe some more, but I gasped as she took George's hand instead and pulled him up. Before I could say or do anything my man had his head buried in those tits and she was rubbing them back and forth across his face.

I heard Linda chuckle as George stuffed a bill into Kathy's panties. But Linda stopped giggling as Kathy danced to her Gary next and gave him the same treatment! Watching our men leer at the other naked women had been one thing, but seeing them bury their face in our friend Kathy's tits was quite another. Linda groaned as Gary also stuffed a bill in her crotch.

Then Kathy danced away from them and began to work the panties down off her hips. Her nice butt was well displayed and she wiggled it at the audience. Then she turned to face us again and slowly pulled it down to display her shaved pussy mound and then the delicate pink lips of her cunt. She spread her legs and pulled the panties through them a couple of times, and then tossed them toward Joe. To my amazement George's hand shot out and grabbed them right in front of Joe's face. George grinned, and lifted the panties to his nose for a good sniff. Kathy looked a bit surprised, then smiled and squatted in front of him so her pussy opened up and showed the wet pink inside.

She made a few of the maneuvers the strippers had, and I knew why she was looking so intensely at them. On her back with legs in the air, her hips flashing up; chest down with her ass in the air and her fingers roving over her pussy; holding the pole so she could raise one leg until it looked as if her pussy would split. Guys all around the stage were throwing bills out, including Joe as well as George and Gary!

Finally the music stopped. Kathy walked around the edge of the stage, stark naked, and in front of each tipper she squatted down to pick up the bill, giving him a good look at her pussy. In front of George, Joe, and Gary she took the time to rub the bill thoroughly over her wet pussy and give them a big smile. Then she turned and walked off the stage to thunderous applause.

The DJ called all four girls back to the stage, naked as they had left it. Then he called for applause for each one. When he got to Desiree Lacock the applause was overwhelming. He strode over to Desiree/Kathy and handed her five $100 bills! She smiled, curtseyed, squatted down and rubbed her pussy one last time, and left the stage.

Joe, George and Gary returned to our table. All three of them were sweating. George sat next to me and I put my hand on his crotch. I could feel his hard bone throbbing under my hand. "Wow!" said Joe, "she won again. I am glad you guys could come watch her!"

None of us quite knew what to say. Kathy came out of the back room in her street clothes, and immediately grabbed Joe and gave him a deep kiss, pressing her body close to him. "This turns me on so much," she said, loud enough for us to hear. "Let's head for bed!" Joe grinned and they walked out with his hand on her ass.

I glanced at Linda, then pulled George up and gave him a big deep kiss too. I let my hand rub his crotch and whispered in his ear, "Let's get you into bed too!" He pressed close to me and tossing a quick goodbye we left too, Gary and Linda right behind us. In the parking lot as we got in the car I saw Gary's hands roving under Linda's blouse as they kissed outside their car.

George grabbed me for one more deep kiss and rubbed my tits, then started the car and made it home in record time. I thought that it would be a good idea for me to do a strip for him in the living room, but he pulled me down the hall and practically ripped my clothes off in the bedroom. I sort of surprised myself by being as turned on as he was, and my pussy eagerly took his cock and I squirmed under his fast thrusting. It did not take long for both of us to reach a blastoff! I came harder than I had for years that night, and I knew he did too.

Afterward, he was lying there caressing my tits lightly, and I said to him, "Wow, that amateur night really turned you on, didn't it?"

"Ooooh," he moaned, "You felt me splitting your pussy, didn't you? It got me so hot to watch Kathy up there..."

Well, the sex had been really great. Clearly this amateur night stuff turned us both on. So I started to think. What if I danced at the next amateur night? Could I do it? Would I be scared, or turned on? What kind of sex could we have afterward if I was the one who stripped in front of all those people? Tentatively, I whispered, "What if I were to enter that contest next week?"

I felt him tense up. "You would get up there and dance like that? Wow!" His hand clenched on my tit hard. "That would be such a turnon!"

I let my hand slide down his belly and felt his cock standing up again. He hadn't been up to a double since the first year we were married, but now he was ready. "I could show off for all those guys, but only come home to you." I whispered.

His cock strained into my hand and he rolled over toward me, kissing me deeply and pressing up against me hard. I knew we were starting another round! This time he was not quite so fast, but he was still urgent and obviously very turned on. Rubbing men's dicks always turns them on, but playing with their heads does too! I pushed him onto his back and straddled him. Then I said, "I could rub my tits on the men at the rail," and bent forward and rubbed his face with my nipples. He caught one in his mouth and sucked hard. I rubbed his cock with my pussy and said, "and they could all look at my pussy as it got wet!"

With that he shoved his dick in my pussy and started thrusting hard. "I can wiggle around the stage for them," I said, and made my hips match my words. He groaned and moved his hips with me. "Then I will spread and move up and down as they watch." Up and down indeed, as he reached up to grab my tits and squeeze hard. "But this is only for you," I moaned, pressing down hard on his dick as he raised his hips and penetrated deeper. I cried out as I came, and I felt his warm jizz pouring into my pussy.

I collapsed forward onto him. We both lay there panting, and I whispered, "Shall I do it?"

He gasped a couple of times and then got out the word, "YES!"

Well, we both got up, showered and went to work. I spent the whole morning in a whirl. Should I do it? Could I do it? I was petrified, but turned on at the same time. I visualized myself a hundred times, baring tits, rubbing them on George's face as people watched. I thought about pulling down my panties and showing my pussy to all those guys. Would it get wet and tantalizing, or would it be bashful and tighten up? Sitting at my desk I could feel it getting wet just as I thought about it.

I had to call Kathy. I begged her to join me for lunch. We got some sandwiches at the deli and walked to a bench in the park which was pretty quiet. I told her of my idea.

"You go girl!" she grinned. "You will be amazed what a turn on it is for you and for your man too! I tell you what, I will not enter that night so you have a better chance!"

Then she proceeded to give me hints about how to dress, how to move, who to touch and how to touch them, how to show my pussy to best advantage, how to collect tips, and finally how to bring it to the bedroom afterward. "Joe is always explosive after I dance publicly," she gloated, "but he has learned that waiting while I repeat the show for him privately builds it up even more. By the time I finally get on his dick neither one of us can wait!"

I told her about the sex George and I had after watching her strip. "Wow, I am complimented," she said. "But wait til you find out that the sex after participating is even better than after watching!"

She explained to me that she danced the part of a sexy slut because it fitted her looks. But looking me over, she said, "I have a better idea for you. You are small and have little perky boobs, and really nice legs and ass. We are going to give you the schoolgirl look!"

"Schoolgirl?" I asked.

"Yep," said Kathy. "I want you to Google 'schoolgirl strip' and watch some videos."

Well, back at the office I checked that nobody was around and did as she said. It was amazing how many hits I got on that search! But watching a few, I saw that they were all pretty much the same. A white top, a pink bra, a plaid skirt and a thong under it were the schoolgirl uniform. Clearly the idea was to look young and innocent. I tried to picture myself as young and innocent. Well, naked, I guess it doesn't matter. I did see that every one of them shaved her pussy so I figured I needed to do that.

I didn't tell George what my plans were, although he kept asking. "You will see it when all those other men do!" I told him. This was playing with his head in a big way. I went out and bought a lacy pink bra, semi see through; a white button top; a plaid miniskirt the shortest I could find; and a tiny white thong. Before George came home from work I tried them on, and practiced taking them off in front of the mirror. By the next Wednesday I was pretty good at it, even I thought.

Wednesday night came. George came home and the first thing he said as he came in the door was, "Amateur night! Are you really going to do it?"

I came out of the bedroom wearing a gray sweatsuit. "Sure I am, babe."

He gulped and said, "Wearing THAT?"

I laughed and said, "There is a dressing room at the club. Remember how Kathy changed? My outfit is in here," and I held up my tote bag.

"What is it?" he asked for the hundredth time.

"A Catgirl suit, or maybe a cowboy outfit, or a long slinky evening gown?" I teased him.

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