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Amateur Night with the Webcam


My girlfriend and I have a really great life together. We enjoy a lot of the same activities together, but we're not the kind of people who need each other 24/7. We enjoy our independence and freedom, but I love being with her when I can. I also enjoy watching other men's reactions when I am with her. You see, she's never won a beauty show, simply because she has never entered one. She has a lot more personality than the girls who do enter them. No, my girl would be more likely to enter "amateur night" at a local club and win hands down.

And speaking of clubs, I love to watch the guys ogle her as she walks by them. Her name is Melanie, a blond normally, though she has dyed it a few shades darker from time to time. She's tall (5'9") and in good shape (135 - 140lbs). Her breasts are 34B, and very perky. She's generally quiet and pretty shy but she has a wild side deep down especially if she has been drinking and is turned on. My favorite physical attributes of hers are her butt, legs and pouty lips. According to how the guys react, every attribute is their favorite.

And while guys love to look at her, I enjoy checking out the ladies. That is why I agreed to her idea one night when we were sitting at the computer, checking out websites online.

"Hey Jay, do you ever go on any adult sites?" she asked.


"Uh, yeah, I have in the past. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. I have a girlfriend who is on one, and she uses her webcam and chats with different people all over the world. I have been wondering what it would be like," Melanie replied.

"Well, I've never used a webcam before. I wonder how hard it would be," I said, silently contemplating the thought of seeing someone else, possibly naked.

"Well, it can't be too bad. She's not a nerd or a geek, and she set hers up by herself," she said.

"Okay, let's go buy one then," I replied.

Melanie grabbed me up by the hand and started for the door. I almost asked her where we were going, and then it hit me; we're going to buy a webcam now! So we went down to the local Wally World and purchased one that had a USB hookup, and claimed it was easy to setup.

Back home Melanie unpacked the box like a madwoman and started reading the instructions before I could get the computer booted up completely. By the time the desktop was on the screen she was ready to install the software and hook it up. She followed the instructions, and within 5 minutes the webcam was up and running.

"Now let's have some fun with this thing," Melanie said.

"What kind of fun?" I asked her quizzically.

"You know, adult site fun," she said as she poked me playfully in the arm.

She grabbed the wireless keyboard from in front of me and started a Google™ search for adult sites. She found one for only ten dollars a month. I asked her why join a pay site, and she said that she thought the quality of people on a pay site would be better than the ones who just wanted a freebie. That made sense to me!

After registering her information and giving her credit card number, she created a profile of herself. I had to admit that she was pretty accurate in her description of her body. It wasn't long until chats began to pop up, wanting to cyber with her. Most of the chats are not interesting, and she bounced from one to another until she found herself interested in one of them in particular.

"Hey Mel22, wanna talk?"

"Hey Wanderer, I guess so."

"Do you have a cam?"

"We just bought one tonight."


"Yeah, me and my boyfriend."

"Does he like to watch too?"

Melanie looked at me and I nodded in agreement.

"He says he does."

"Why don't you turn it on Mel22?"

Melanie got the webcam going again, and he turned his on.

He seemed to be in his middle 30's with a rather muscular body, and I could tell that he definitely worked outdoors from the tan that he had and the roughened skin. Most likely a construction worker I figured.

"Okay, I can see you now. Can you see me?" Wanderer asked.

"Yes, I can see you," Melanie typed.

"Now I want to see more of you," Wanderer replied.

Melanie instantly understood, so she stood up from where she was sitting and removed all of her clothing except for her bra and panties and tossed them on the floor beside the desk. Wanderer saw that she was undressing and he did the same, leaving only his boxers on. I moved my chair to the side of the desk so that I could watch what was about to unfold before my eyes.

Melanie was wearing a light yellow colored sports bra, and a pair of light pink panties that had the word "love" written across her ass.

"I like sports bras, but I want to see what is under yours," Wanderer typed.

Melanie grabbed the bra from the bottom edge with both hands and pulled it up slowly over her head, revealing her firm, taut breasts and quarter sized nipples, which were already starting to harden. Then she sat upright and began to type again.

"Okay, now that you've seen mine, how about yours?"

Wanderer reached down with both of his hands and removed his boxers by sliding them down his legs as he raised them away from the chair. I could tell that Mel was really starting to get turned on. Wanderer reached down with his left hand and started to stroke his cock as he typed.

"Have you ever watched another man masturbate for you online Mel?"

"No, but I want to watch you," Melanie typed back.

"Alright then, give me my final prize and I will gladly shoot my load for you."

Melanie leaned back and put both of her index fingers in the front of her panties and pushed them down slowly, so that her pussy was revealed to him a little at a time, almost teasingly. The light from the monitor shone on the lips as she raised her ass to lower the panties. The glistening on her vagina from the juices that were starting to ooze forth was the first thing to catch my eye. I was not interested in watching another man jack off, but Melanie seemed to be enthralled in watching him stroke his cock, so I turned my chair to a better angle so that I could watch her.

I glanced over at the screen and saw that he was fully erect now and clearly enjoying the view. Both of them had quit typing and were fondling themselves. Melanie had taken her right hand and moved it down to her vagina and started to rub her clit with the tip of her index finger. She brought the left one up to her left breast and cupped it underneath, letting her fingers flow upwards towards her nipples. Her eyes were glued to the screen as she watched him masturbate while she did the same.

Her finger continued to move in circles on her clit, and a small pool was forming on the cloth of the seat of the chair just below her pussy lips. Watching her so rapt in attention on another man was starting to turn me on. We had never involved anyone else in our lovemaking, and all of this was new territory for her and me.

Melanie's left hand came down to join her right hand, and she inserted the middle finger of her left hand into her vagina and started a slow pumping motion, going in and out, and as she did, she let her hand ride over the fullness of her pussy lips and over the top of her right hand which was getting more aggressive in its actions. Then she inserted her index finger and shortened her strokes so that her fingers never left the inside of her vagina. Her eyes were still glued to the screen, and from her reaction I gathered that he must be close to coming, as she was straining a little more to see.

Then all of a sudden Mel started to buck her hips, and she leaned her head back, no longer interested in what was happening on the screen. Her hand movements increased in their fury until she cried out as a wave of orgasm rocked her body into spasms, as she continued to pump her hand furiously in and out of her now soaking wet cunt.

I watched with rapture, caught up in the moment as the tenseness that had built in her face from the orgasm now changed to a smile as her movements slowed. Then she reached down and grabbed her panties and wiped the juices off of her hands and began to type.

"Wow that was great. And you are now soaked in your own cum too."

"Yeah, you have a really nice body, and very perky tits, which I love," he typed back.

"Your cock is a nice size too. I hope one day we can do this again. But for now I need to take care of my boyfriend."

And with that she clicked off the screen and turned toward me. We made love for several hours that night. It was if she couldn't get enough. At first I was worried that she wasn't fucking me, she was fucking him in her mind. But then my cock told me not to worry about it, that it felt good either way, and that I should just go with the flow. So I did, and we both slept late the next day from sheer exhaustion.


The next morning I woke up and Melanie was sitting at the computer checking her emails. It turns out that she had an email from the man that she had cybersex with the night before. Come to find out he's married and lives in the same town that we live in.

"Oh shit", I thought. "I hope he isn't some creep that could stalk or kill her, or maybe us both."

Melanie must have been reading my mind, as she spoke up quickly.

"He says here that he is an engineer and his wife is a homemaker. They are having a party this Saturday night and noticed that we live locally to them. We're invited to their party if we want to come."

"I'm not so sure Mel. What if they are a bunch of crazies? We really don't know who we are getting mixed up with."

"Well Jay that is part of the excitement for me. Besides, we live in the same town, so we're bound to run into each other sooner or later. And what would happen then?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right hon."

"Okay, I sent a reply telling him to send me the instructions on how to get to his house. I know some people that I can ask and find out if this couple seems legit in the meantime."

Then she came back to bed and we made love once again, before getting dressed and going about our day. Saturday was still two days away so I was hoping she could find out something about them before we went to the party.

*** The Wanderer***

I had just sat down in front of the computer to see if there was anything new on the site that caught our interest. A list of new subscribers popped up, and a Mel22 sounded interesting to me. You see, me and my wife have a great relationship, and the sex is wonderful, but we like to take it to new heights, so we do webcam's from time to time on an adult site that we are members of. We both enjoy threesomes, mainly M/F/F, and from time to time we host parties for swingers at our house, and if someone looks really promising, we'll invite them and have them for our private session later on.

I won't get into details on this part, as what happened later on was more than enough to tell. But this Mel22 wound up being a really sexy girl. I had kinda wished that my wife Paula could have sat to the side of the computer while she watched me have cybersex with this girl. It wouldn't have been the first time that she had watched, but the instances were few and far between. Sometimes Paula would wind up getting pretty turned on from watching the action, and the sex that night would be really intense. I liked what I saw on display from Mel22 so I invited her and her boyfriend, who evidently was in the room watching her at the same time, to our party that coming Saturday.

7pm arrived that Saturday night, and 2 other couples that we had invited had already shown up, and drinks were being passed around to those who wanted one. Some of the ladies were drinking cocktails, while most of the men either had a shot of whiskey, or a beer. I had given up on the new couple even showing up when the doorbell rang about 7:15pm.

There in front of me was a body that I could not forget. This gorgeous blond with hair streaming down around her head, neck and face looked me in the eye and we instantly recognized each other. She broke into a smile and turned and looked at her boyfriend as if he was supposed to say something.

Jay held out his hand, "Hi, I'm Jay and this is Melanie," pointing to the luscious girl that I couldn't take my eyes off of. She was even prettier in person than on the webcam. Her lips were full, almost a little pouty, and the blond hair fell down about her face in wisps, and as she reached up to wipe a few of them away, her breasts came into view as they were pulled upward by the motion, and not constrained by any sort of bra. The low cut of the white top left little to the imagination, as the material was also thin, and I was mesmerized once again as I had been 2 nights ago sitting in front of my computer.

Paula approached the front door and held out her hand to Melanie.

"Welcome, please pardon my husbands lack of manners and come in to our home and make yourselves comfortable."

I muttered something and stood to the side to let them enter.

Paula looked Melanie over and exclaimed, "Wow, you're even prettier than Mick said that you were."

Melanie in one of her shy moments just blushed and said a quick "thank you" and went on into the room, while I led Jay over to the bar to fix a drink for Mel and get a beer for him.

The other couples in the room introduced themselves to Jay and Melanie, and handshakes and pleasantries were exchanged. Everyone settled down into the furniture in the living room after the drinks were poured and passed out and most everyone made idle chatter from time to time.

I still couldn't take my eyes off of this young female that was sitting before me. She had a pair of dark sunglasses on, as the sun was still pretty bright as it started to set in the west, but now she had lifted them up so that they were propped on top of her head once she stepped inside. The white top was form fitting, but not too tight. The outline of her breasts could easily be seen, and the hourglass figure that accentuated them was tucked into a pair of snug jeans that highlighted the thighs and legs that I had glimpsed last night.

As the music played in the background, a slow tune came on, and the other two couples got up to dance in the middle of the floor. We had cleared the coffee table from the room just for this purpose, as the evenings usually started to heat up when the dancing began. Paula tugged on my arm to motion to me that she wanted to dance. I quickly obliged, as I needed a slight diversion for the moment from the thoughts that were causing a bulge to grow in my shorts.

As we would spin in the room, I would catch myself looking to see what Melanie was doing, and most of the time she was sipping on her drink and talking to Jay. Occasionally I would see her looking at me, and I could tell that at least for the moment she was deep in thought. Thinking of fucking my brains out is what I was hoping. I surely wanted to reciprocate.

Some faster music came on and we went back to our seats, and Melanie got up to use the bathroom. As she passed by my chair, she let her fingers caress my arm as she walked by. Chills went up and down my body as I felt her nails lightly scrape along my sleeve.

Jay got up and grabbed himself another beer, and poured Melanie another drink so that she would have a fresh one when she returned. She came back shortly and we continued the small talk so that we could get to know one another much better.

Just as Melanie emptied her second glass, another slow song came on and we all got up to dance this time. There was a close proximity between everyone as there were 4 couples vying for room on the "dance floor". Periodically Mel and Jay and me and Paula would wind up back to back, and I would feel something brush against the back of my pants, and when I turned my eye, Jay had his back to me with Melanie's hands down around his ass, and she would smile and wink at me. This girl sure knew how to flirt, and it was working its magic on me. I noticed a couple of times that she seemed a little unsteady on her feet, but they both seemed to be enjoying themselves at the party, so I didn't think anymore about it.

Once more we found ourselves side by side and when I turned to look, Melanie was kissing Jay, and the other 2 couples had joined in. Not wanting to feel left out, I leaned down to Paula and she parted her lips as I probed her mouth with my tongue. My cock had started to rise to the occasion, and now it was really straining at its confines. When I looked around the room, I saw that the other 2 couples had started to share their partners, and Jay and Melanie were stilling dancing slowly, but also engrossed in watching the action that was taking place near them. As we continued to dance, I came within earshot of Jay and Melanie, and I heard Jay ask her what she wanted to do, obviously in reference to what was taking place near them. The words I heard next almost made me come right then and there.

"I want to take Mick to his bedroom and screw his brains out. My pussy is aching to be filled, I'm so horny, and I want that cock that I watched on the screen the other night inside of me right now."

From the look on Jay's face, I could tell that it wasn't the answer that he was expecting, but I didn't see a sign of him getting pissed at the idea either.

Melanie turned towards me and whispered something almost inaudible in my ear, but after what I had just heard, I didn't have to ask her to repeat it. I turned loose of my wife and grabbed Melanie by the hand and headed upstairs to our master bedroom to take her up on her offer.

Jay looked like he was lost for a second and as me and Melanie headed for the stairs, I saw Paula wink at Jay and grab his arm as they followed us up to the second floor.

As we entered the master bedroom, I heard Melanie gasp and for a moment was afraid that she might back out, but I turned and saw her pointing to the camera that we have on a tripod that we use to film us sometimes when we're feeling adventurous. Occasionally we will post the video on one of the free file servers for other friends to enjoy.

"Jay," she said as she held her finger towards the camera, "You operate the camera at the studio all day, so I know that you can use that one. I want you to film me and Mick here while we have sex."

Jay stuttered and mumbled something, almost in a sound of disbelief, and he made his way over to the camera and shortly I saw the red light come on to indicate that it was filming.

Melanie encircled my neck with her arms and we spent a long time kissing. As we did, my hands worked her belt open, flicked open the button on her jeans and worked the fly down. I propped myself up, our mouths still locked together, so that she could access the buttons on my shirt and one by one they yielded to her fingers.

With Jay behind me as he filmed away, I helped Melanie her slide the shirt down off of my shoulders then shrugged it off. Her hands played across my back and shoulders, caressing me with small movements. One of her hands held the back of my head while the other stroked my chest, pinching and pulling my nipples. I slid my free hand downwards, opening her jeans and I began to work my way under the material.

I stopped as my fingers encountered the lacy elastic tops of her panties. I began to trace the outline of them, my fingers bolder and slipping slightly lower as her kissing showed no sign of pause or abatement. Finally I slid my hand all the way down, cupping her sex through the lace material. The heat was tremendous and I could distinctly feel the outline of her pussy lips. She moaned into my mouth and bucked against me, so I squeezed and teased her, running the point of my index finger along the length of her opening.

I could feel her gasp and she wriggled away from under me. I thought she had suddenly come to her senses and was calling it off. But I was wrong. Instead she let her pants drop to the floor and she stepped free of them.

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