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Amazon Tryst


This experience of mine happened a couple of years before I got married. Hitting Geneva in an early morning flight, I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and a sandwich before making my way to the Hilton in the centre of the city. My name is Raj 40yrs 5'10" very overworked and very fit I take time off from the office to hit the gym or pool at everyday. I was 28 when I took this trip, I was extremely fit with six-pack abs and a gym toned body.

After a quick shower I stepped out for my meeting, I run a chemical and dye intermediate unit back in India. I had a meeting with a pharmaceutical company for supply of very specific grades of some compounds. With our quality assurance and competitive price the meeting was an absolute breeze and I walked off with a half a million-dollar contract. Going back to the hotel I went to the business centre and faxed off a copy to my office (these were days before e mail).

With my business done I tried to get a booking back to Bombay. I had kept aside a couple of days for the meeting, expecting some stiff competition and having to fight for the order. But having finished off the work I came for I decided to leave immediately. Unfortunately for me, it was the last week of May and the flights back to India were packed to capacity. I was going to be waitlisted in Geneva for the next two days.

I didn't push too hard with Swissair, I deserved a break from my hectic lifestyle. I thought these two days would be a good time to relax and recharge my batteries.

Throwing off my tie and leaving my briefcase in the room I walked to a cafe behind the hotel. The cafe was small next by a small bank of payphones. I sat back reading, sipping coffee and munching on freshly baked croissants. Occasionally I surveyed the surroundings then went back to my newspaper.

After my third cup of excellent brew I decided to go back to the hotel. As I was waiting for the check, an ebony woman of Amazonian proportions exited one of the booths. In my estimate she was at least 6'4" in her heels, towering over the people around her.

Clad in a pair of well-fitted blue jeans with a silk shirt and a cream jacket. She was well accessorized with gold jewellery. Her thick lips smeared with scarlet, made her to look like a glamorous tigress, her dark ebony skin glowing in the sunlight. She was fiddling with her purse trying to put the change back in. She managed that successfully but she dropped a wallet on the sidewalk.

"Excuse me ma'am," I called, "You've dropped your wallet."

"Thank you," the Amazon said in heavily accented English as she stooped to pick up the fallen object. As she leaned down the top of her heavy, silk encased breasts showcased themselves for me. Wow I thought, what a set of knockers. Walking over to me she once again started thanking me profusely.

"You're welcome," I said, having to angle my neck to look up to her. She smiled back and strode off powerfully. I pocketed my change and made my way to the hotel.

I took my time and strolled back leisurely back to the hotel, entering the lobby I decided to go into the bar to have a beer. As I sat at the bar sipping my Carlsberg I felt a presence behind me. Looking back I saw lady Amazon walk in with a male companion. He seemed like a dwarf in her presence, a small balding man. A banker type I guessed. He escorted her to a table and walked away quietly.

"Vodka Martini please," her voice boomed, as she placed her order with the steward.

I finished my beer and nodded at lady Amazon as I passed her table.

She stood up and smiled, "I'd love to buy you lunch to thank you."

I was quite free with nothing to do I could use the company, "A beer will do just fine thank you, but just one," I grinned.

"Wonderful," she replied in her heavy French accent.

I grabbed a chair and sat down next to her. "I'm Raj," I introduced myself, "From India"

"I'm Monique, I was born in Ghana but now I live in Paris," she replied.

We got talking and I learnt that she was 33 and worked for an auction house and traveled all over facilitating high value purchases for confidential clients. I told her about my business, and myself although she was keener to know a lot about India. We were so engrossed in our conversation that we had to be told that the bar was closing for the afternoon. She insisted on settling the tab, I agreed on the condition that I could buy her a late lunch. Taking my arm she walked with me thru the lobby. People stared at us as we walked past, we must have made a strange sight. An almost brown Indian man walking with an ebony Amazon towering above him.

We found a cafe and had salad and steaks with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. We walked back to the hotel together arm in arm once again taking in the stares of people around us. Taking the elevators I escorted Monique to her suite and as I turned to leave she pulled me in and kissed me on the lips, her long tongue snaking into my open mouth.

My dick got hard immediately and made a tent in the front of my trousers. She tapped me and pulled away, shutting the door. Removing her jacket she beckoned me to her. She started peeling off her clothes and stood before me clad in her silken bra and panties. I undressed quickly eager to get into bed with Monique. Now totally naked, I unsnapped her bra and drew her panties

Monique was magnificent, enormous firm breasts capped with huge nipples (a 38D at least), a flat stomach with a dark haired trimmed pussy, strong thick thighs and a big shapely butt, she was more than a handful definitely. I knew then that I was going for the ride of my life.

"You're in fantastic shape," said Monique running her hands over my torso. Sitting me on the sofa she bent to examine my thick uncut 7.5 inches seemingly fascinated by the foreskin. "Definitely the thickest cock I have ever seen," she said weighing my shaft in her palm. "I've seen plenty of longer dicks but none that thick, I'm going to enjoy fucking this one." Pulling my foreskin back she exposed the head and opening her lips wide put my plum sized head into her warm wet mouth and started licking the underside with her long tongue.

I reached out and played with her magnificent orbs and squeezed her ample buttocks while she continued milking my dick within the confines of her warm mouth. Pulling my dick out of her mouth I gently pushed her lips down to my balls. She caressed my balls and took them into her mouth driving me wild with ecstasy. Releasing my balls she once again took my exposed head and sucked greedily while at the same time pumping my shaft with rapid strokes of her hand. I knew I couldn't hold out for much longer.

"My cock's gonna cum," I moaned, as my thick dick spurted strands of sticky cum into Monique's willing mouth. She swallowed most of my come and the remaining dribbled down her chin to her breasts; straddling me she pushed her breasts into my face and made me lick the remnants of my come.

Finally satisfied that I had successfully licked her breasts clean, Monique climbed off my lap and led me into the bedroom kicking off her four-inch heels on the way. Throwing off the covers Monique lay back on the bed; her magnificent legs spread wide exposing her sex to me. I got on top of her and starting from her lips kissed her all the way down to her navel. On my way South on her body I took my time over her breasts. I sucked and licked her enormous orbs and thick nipples making sure not to leave an inch of titflesh untouched by my lips or tongue. I recommenced my Southern journey and stuck my tongue deep into her pussy flicking it as I lapped the juices off her vaginal walls.

Monique bucked violently as I attacked her clit grazing it with my teeth and licking it with my tongue. Moving away I kissed the insides of her thighs as she continued thrashing about on the bed.

"Fuck me now, I need a cock in me," she commanded. I was waiting for a chance to enter her love canal, and without any fuss crammed my dick into her wet pussy.

Monique moaned as I fucked her, "God, I love fucking your thick dick."

I kept up my relentless pounding of her pussy and Monique fucked me back hard in sync with my thrusts, her breasts bouncing as they lay by the sides of her chest.

"Aaargh.. I'm cummingg," Monique wailed as the first wave of her orgasm hit. Her long manicured nails leaving painful weals on my back as she thrashed under me in the throes of her climax. I waited until she relaxed, and as she lay there, her massive chest heaving with the deep breaths that she was taking. I latched onto a nipple and sucking hard started fucking her again. I increased the pace of my thrusts as I felt the come rising within my balls.

"Are you on the pill?" I enquired, leaving her engorged nipple for a couple of seconds. She nodded and placing her hands on my buttock pulled me deeper into her. I came for the second time that afternoon, spurting my seed deep into my ebony Amazon lover.

I lay on top of Monique playing with her magnificent breasts while my semi hard dick still lay within the confines of her overflowing pussy. She caressed the back of my head encouraging me to feed on her nipples. As I suckled my dick that was still trapped within the soppy confines of her cunt started getting hard once again.

"Boy, you have some stamina, you're getting hard again," Monique grinned as she felt her pussy walls getting pushed outward by my thickening dick.

"I want to ride you," Monique said gesturing to me to roll over so that she could get on top. I hugged her tight as we switched positions by rolling over with my dick still inside her pussy. I braced myself to be ridden by at least 170 pounds (in my estimation) of sensual ebony Amazon.

She rode me gently at first, our combined juices slipping out of her pussy onto my balls. Reaching behind her and using the juices as lubrication she massaged my balls gently as if coaxing them to fill her again with my seed. Propping a couple of pillows behind my back I sat up and suckled once again on her breasts while she increased the pace of her ride.

Monique rode me wildly as she got closer to her climax rubbing her clit on my crotch almost painfully. Her powerful hips and thighs were fuelling her wild ride. So vigorous were her movements over me I thought my dick would be ripped off my crotch.

"Aah.. Fuck I'm cummingg," Monique wailed once again as she came for the second time that afternoon, her nails digging painfully into my chest. She collapsed on me as I continued bucking my hips into her now flooded pussy.

"I want to tit fuck you baby," I told her.

"Ah a tit man, you like my titties," she teased and rolled off me allowing me to place my dick in her deep cleavage. Bringing her mounds together I covered my dick with Monique's massive ebony orbs. My dick was very well lubricated with our juices and I was able to fuck her breasts with long hard strokes.

She stuck her tongue out and licked the head of my cock as it poked thru between her cleavage. Reaching behind me she jammed long her manicured middle finger up my arsehole and began finger fucking me.

"Oh fuck baby, you're driving me crazy," I wailed as she twirled her finger in my virginal arsehole."

"Yeah baby, cum for me, I want you to cum for me," Monique encouraged, finger fucking me deeper.

I couldn't take it much longer, I was not going to be able to hold back. The pressure was building in my balls.

"I'm cumming, gonna spray you with my cum," I moaned. My dick spurted the contents from my balls onto Monique's neck, chin and face.

We went into the bathroom to wash off the residue of our sexual tryst; we soaped and cleaned each other thoroughly under the hot flowing water. Now that she was in her bare feet she stood barely three inches above me. We were able to lock our lips in a tongue-exploring embrace as we went about washing each other's bodies.

After drying ourselves, we ordered sandwiches and coffee from room service. I put on a robe to receive the sandwiches. And as the door shut I stripped nude and joined my nude ebony goddess. We cuddled and fed each other in the nude missing no opportunity to touch and caress. Our sexual desires sated for now we crept into bed to take a well-deserved nap.

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