tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAmber Campisi and Tiffany Fallon

Amber Campisi and Tiffany Fallon


A few days after the very eventful playmate promotion party in Santa Monica Amber Campisi and Tiffany Fallon were swapping stories. Amber described the amazing sexual experiences with Albert, the internet geek she had picked up there, and Tiffany told Amber about the punishing sex she had with Greg in his van right after the party.

Both girls kept saying "Wow, I'd love that!" as the other told her story and the same light bulb went off in both their pretty heads at once. It was easy to get Albert to trade, especially when Amber promised to spend another entire weekend with just the two of them alone in bed. Greg, on the other hand, was very moody and very dangerous. He would have to be tricked into cooperation.

Tiffany found just the right spot: a secluded bungalow further north of the city on a private beach. Actually it was two separate studios back to back with a shared porch. It was perfect for two couples to do what the beautiful playmates had in mind.

The girls arrived first, carrying cases of wine and beer and plenty of food. They settled in putting everything away. Both were keyed up and excited and couldn't sit still. They kept changing their outfits as they waited for the men to arrive.

The two beauties were an exciting pair; both were dark haired and were exactly the same height, but Tiffany was all firm and supple muscles with smooth well tanned skin, sparkling intelligent eyes and an almost regal elegance, while Amber was all soft, plush curves, with olive skin and open frank eyes. Tiffany seemed an exotic bird and Amber more a cuddly toy, but both exuded the promise of endless sexual pleasure.

At the time Greg's truck pulled up Amber was dressed in a tiny bikini top and short short short denim cutoffs. The fabric was frayed and faded and the shorts were so tight that if she sneezed they would dissolve into the air.

Tiffany wore expensive designer jeans and a very pale blue long sleeve pullover shirt. The neck line was wide and displayed plenty of her shoulders and chest. She wore no bra and her nipples were etched clearly under the soft cloth.

Greg came right into the room without knocking. He glanced at Amber and snorted in dissatisfaction. "I thought we were going to have a party. You and me." He reached over and pulled Tiffany to him.

"Hi, Greg," Amber said with a pout. She did not like being ignored.

"Yes, Greg, we're going to have a party, you and me," Tiffany was walking slowly towards the couch guiding Greg who lurched along without loosening his grip on her waist.

"We're gonna ball? What do we need her for?" he gestured with distain towards Amber who was scowling with displeasure. Maybe this wasn't such a fair trade.

"Greg, we're going to make love for a long long time. I'm going to let you do everything to me." She paused when Greg snorted cynically at the idea that she could 'let' him do anything. He knew that he could have anything he wanted from her.

Tiffany was stroking the bulge in his pants. Amber was getting more interested as she saw the monster rise up. "But I need you to do something for me. Amber's here and she's been annoying me. I want you to take care of her for me."

"You want me to take care of Amber?" For the first time his eyes focused on the buxom Italian girl. He gave her a steely glare that made the young Texan shudder.

"Yes, Greg, I want you to fix her good. Take real good care of her. Take your time and make sure she learns her lesson. Do you know what I'm talking about Greg?" Her hand was still lightly caressing his cock but his attention was now all on Amber.

Amber stood by the door in silence. She was shocked by the strange game he and Tiffany played, how Tiffany managed his rage by stoking it. She started to get a little afraid as she watched his hands do that quietly violent opening and closing, as if he was squeezing a throat.

Tiffany slowly withdrew her hand. "Why don't you go next store and Amber and you take care of her for me.?"

"Take care of her," Greg mumbled. He got up like a slowly erupting volcano and was by Amber's side in two surprisingly quick strides. He grabbed her arm and pulled it behind her back, pinning her in place. "Come on," he commanded. Amber gave a worried glance to Tiffany as she stumbled out the door.

The walls between the two studios were thin and Tiffany heard the door of the other room slam shut. She could even feel the floor shake as Greg stomped around. Suddenly there was a yelp from Amber and a smack. The sharp sound shocked Tiffany. She had never known anyone to slap Greg before. The room next store was frightenly quiet, then the floor shook again as the sound of two figures running echoed through the wall.

A body hit the floor with a thud and Amber screamed loudly. The brutal sound of ripping clothes accompanied her piercing cries; Tiffany could hear her tussle in vain as the scream faded into loud whimpering and the whimpers turned into a soft cooing and sighing. Every few moments there was a yelp or a screech.

In a dreamy mood Tiffany let her own hand glide down over the crotch of her jeans. She much preferred to have a man or a woman handle her sexual needs but the sound of the sex next store was too enticing. She was rubbing herself furiously after awhile and jumped up in surprise when she saw a man standing in the doorway.

"Oh, you must be Albert. I didn't hear your car." Tiffany sat up and tried to recover from her sensual reverie. She looked at the man. He was dressed in bright plaid Bermuda shorts and a white tee shirt with an arrow pointing to the left. The caption on the shirt read 'I'm with stupid.' He had a lumpy beat up duffle bag closed with a length of rope. This had to be Albert! "Where did you park?" she asked as she stood up to greet him.

"I had to walk from the road."

"You walked here?"

"Not from LA," Albert said annoyed. "I had to hitchhike."

"You live in LA but you don't have a car?"

"I usually borrow my mother's but she wouldn't let me have it for the whole weekend."

Tiffany suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. She lightly touched his shoulders. "Well, Albert, I'm Tiffany."

"Yeah, I know. You are really beautiful."

Tiffany's cheeks flushed with color at the sincere and plain compliment. "Why thank you. I've heard nice things about you from Amber." The color in her cheeks deepened at the thought of what Amber had told her about the expert way he used his cock and tongue and hands.

Albert was oblivious. "Where is Amber?" His answer came in the form of the loud scream next store, "Oh my god! Jesus freaking Christ! I'm coming, oh yeah, mother of god, I'm coming."

"Oh," Albert said in a soft voice, seemingly disappointed. "I thought..." His voice trailed off.

Tiffany gave his shoulder a squeeze. "She's being taken care of fine, I'm sure. Why don't we sit down and get acquainted." Her eyes sparked and she gave him her broadest 'come hither' smile. But her face turned to a frown as they sat on the couch and the 'I'm with stupid' arrow pointed at her. "Where did you get that shirt?"

"This? I think my mom got it at a tag sale."

This was the last straw for Tiffany; if he didn't start fucking her soon, she would have to throw him out.

"Well, you're not with stupid now. Let's get that thing off." She didn't wait; she reached over and pulled the shirt over his head and threw it behind her.

Tiffany was sitting with her knees tucked under her. She tossed her long mane of soft dark hair over her shoulders and put both hands on his chest and lightly squeezed up and down his ribs.

"It's kind of warm in here, isn't it Albert? It's much cooler without your shirt." Her face slowly came closer to his and as she moved the soft fabric of her shirt slid down and clung just above the nipple of her left breast. She licked her lips and parted them; they shimmered moist and warm and then she pressed them against his.

Prying his mouth open she darted in and rolled her tongue around. Her tongue teased his, drawing it into her mouth. She trembled as she felt it slither into her and glide down her throat. They kissed for a long time and when she finally came up for air she found that the shirt had fallen below her swelling breast.

She looked at him with dreamy eyes and guided his hand on to her breast. "Does this feel good? I love to be kissed here."

Albert's tongue snaked around the soft milky mound as his hands cupped the naked flesh and the squeezed the other one through the girl's shirt. His tongue beat against the rock hard nipple and then he drew the whole delectable mountain into his mouth.

Tiffany dropped her head back and rolled her torso into him as the pleasure of his sucking and fondling consumed her. Her hands danced nimbly up and down his chest. Finally she couldn't stand it anymore and pressed his head against her chest as she hugged him tightly.

Her hair tickled his skin as it streamed down his back. "Albert, sweetheart, it's so hot in here. Will you help me get my shirt off?"

She leaned back and nibbled her lower lip seductively and watched his hands eagerly start to roll the shirt up her body. He dipped his tongue into her navel as her firm belly came into view, causing her to giggle, and she gleefully threw her arms in the air as he pulled the shirt over her head.

Her mane flew in the air as the shirt popped off and she laughed wildly dropping her arms down and with her palms out and a gleeful shrug of her shoulders she offered her perfect rack to him.

Albert was like Greg in that once he was sexually aroused his entire being zeroed in on the woman. His mouth attacked those creamy mounds and his tongue was like another hand as he feasted on her delicious flesh. Tiffany squirmed in his arms as his mouth burned into her.

One of Tiffany's slender hands combed through his hair as she moaned and the other was opening his ridiculous shorts. Once she had shoved them down she wriggled out of his arms and stood in front of him. Swaying her wide hips she did a sexy dance as she slowly peeled the tight jeans off her body.

"Albert baby," she cooed as she tugged the zipper down and her swelling pussy came into view, "Let's make love on the beach."

Albert was pulling off his shorts, "I don't know," he whined, "I don't like all that sun. And the sand is itchy."

Tiffany giggled as she wiggled her smooth round butt cheeks at him and continued to push the jeans down. "Don't worry about the sun, I'll be covering you."

The pants fell to the floor and she spread her arms wide and grinned in cinemascope, dazzling him with her beauty. Her trim pussy seemed to already be spreading and her firm breasts pointed to him eagerly. Her skin glowed with desire as she laughed happily. "Come on, honey, take good care of me." She held his hand and led him out the door almost skipping with excitement.


When Amber was dragged into the other room by Greg she knew exactly what she wanted. She had to pretend to struggle against his attack in order to get him fully aroused. Greg was actually a very quiet guy. He was tall, built squarely and groomed neatly like a marine. He looked safe and calm most of the time, but once he was aroused he was a completely different person.

He was extremely possessive of Tiffany but his lust was uncontrollable; Tiffany had been with him at clubs when he had for all practical purposes raped girls on the dance floor. When she shared an apartment with Cara Zavaleta he had ravaged her roommate several times behind Tiffany's back.

Now her command to 'take care of Amber' was license to go wild and unleash the most brutal of his bestial instincts. Her luscious breasts quivering and her fiery Italian eyes were getting him really excited.

Amber was even more excited; she wanted this monster to wreak havoc on her body but she also had a few surprises for him.

He had her arm twisted behind her back as he shoved her into the room and kicked the door closed loudly.

"Let go of me you son of bitch," she whispered hoarsely but he pulled her body up and jammed his tongue down her throat. As she struggled her massive breasts jiggled against his chest. She bit down on his lip and stepped further into the room.

"Don't touch me you creep!" As she spun around to glare at him in fury, yet she just stood still there a few feet away as he strode forward confidently with a sneer on his face.

"Tif told me to take care of you. I'm gonna have a good time giving you a working out." Amber could feel the floor shake as Greg took a few heavy, threatening steps. He got his arms around her and kissed her hard. Amber struggled fiercely but her tongue slid into his mouth and gulped up the taste of him.

Suddenly he pinched hard on one of her nipples; she yelped loudly and pushed out of his arms. She swung her arm back and slapped him across the face.

A stunning silence filled the room and electric sparks burst between the two furious bodies. Greg's face spread wide with a wolfish grin as he slowly touched the reddening welt on his face. "Yeah, you're gonna be a lot of fun in the sack." He jumped forward but Amber was already gone.

The frightened girl ran behind the couch. Her chest was heaving from her desperate breathing, the tight bikini could barely contain the creamy mounds as her breasts jutted forward proudly. She watched her hunter with alert and anxious eyes. "Try and catch me you bastard," she taunted with rage even as she trembled with excitement.

Greg lunged forward and their chase around the couch was almost comical, a helpless doe and a vicious lion.

Tired of the game Greg made his move; with the grace of a dancer he grabbed the top of the couch and leapt over it, plowing his body into hers.

She hit the floor with a thud and screamed loudly in anger at her capture. Greg dropped on top of her knocking the wind out of her and he chuckled as she clawed at him and ripped his shirt. Her finger nails scratched into the rock hard muscles of his chest.

Greg let her rip and tear at him as he knelt over her belly. Her writhing was rubbing her bare skin against the thin fabric of his shorts. Her hair was flying wildly as she twisted and cursed under him. Calmly he reached forward and jerked at the bikini top. The two creamy globes bounced out and jiggled along with her wild rhythm. He nodded his approval and reached behind himself and grabbed the denim cutoffs.

As soon as his massive hands touched the frayed fabric of her shorts they seemed to explode off her skin.

He stretched back and his fingers forced themselves between her thighs and he took possession of her sex. She screamed a sharp complaint as his fingers masterfully massaged her pussy lips and clit. His other hand opened his shorts and his cock dropped down on her belly.

Amber's scream faded into loud whimpering but she was lifting her hips up into his hand. "Yeah, you're a wild thing aren't you Amber? I think I better show you who's in charge."

Greg's body inched up her belly and he smiled knowingly as she pressed her lovely breasts around the tip of his cock. The pumping of her hips caused his body to slide up and down her torso as his cock glided in and out of those velvety pillows. Her whimpering turned into a soft cooing and sighing. Every few moments there was a yelp or a screech as his finger found another sensitive spot to taunt.

His eyes, with conquering contempt, watched as she swooned at the touch of him all over her. He pressed one hand firmly on her chest as he pushed his legs down along hers and slide his shaft along her torso.

Amber mumbled "No, no, no," but his fingers were planted firmly inside her and locking her ankles together was futile. He kept her pinned down as his cock glided along his hand and fit between those soaking lips. While she twisted under him he pushed his hands under her shoulders and with a strong push plunged her body down as he thrust his hips forward.

Amber screamed once as her legs flew up straight into the air then landed on his back and kicked. His chest mashed against her heaving breasts. Her hands scratched up and down his back.

Then he came into her with a hot burst. Her eyes misted over and she groaned as the liquid fire filled her. She lifted her whole body into his and fed him her eager tongue.

Now he started to pump his shaft into her slowly at first, then faster and faster. His mouth bit and tore at her breasts and shoulders. He kept going faster and faster and harder and harder. Each thrust into Amber filled her body with another ball of sexual energy and Amber was slowly giving in to the ecstatic tornado building inside her. As she arched her back to meet him each time she thought that at last the moment of release was upon her but after each thrust he pulled out only to plunge again; on and on, still he drove into her, twisting the coil of sensual fury tighter and tighter.

Suddenly he rolled backwards pulling her body with him. Like an acrobat he drew his legs along her body until his feet were flat on the floor. In supreme control of her writhing body he lifted her until she was riding his hips as he abruptly stood up. Amber felt like she was flying in the air. Her body fell down onto his shaft and the tornado burst inside her. Her orgasm twisted furiously pulling volley after volley of his seed up into her. "Oh my god! Jesus freaking Christ! I'm coming, oh yeah, mother of god, I'm coming."

But there was more. He slammed her plump ass against the wall and pounded over and over. Each thrust was another storm of bliss and she had no more energy to scream or moan and just bounced up and down tightening more and more around his cock.

When they finally slid limply to the floor Amber kissed him gently. "I need something to drink," she whispered hoarsely. She got up and waved her round bottom at him.

She drank a glass of water while leaning on an arm of the couch. She made a great display of letting the water drip down and mix with the sheen of sweat on her breasts.

She looked at him with seductive smile. "Come here, I want to show you something." Greg obliged, crawling over like a hungry bear. "Lay right here," she commanded.

Greg stretched out on the floor in front of the couch. Amber straddled his waist and shook her body. She leaned down and brushed her hair up and down his torso, tickling him and arousing his desire. He mashed and pawed at her breasts and she writhed with delight. Every few minutes she looked back to check on his cock and when it was hard enough she sat over it and plunged down possessively. She pumped up and down slowly and then dropped forward and covered his body with hers. His cock stayed inside her as her face pressed against his shoulder. "Give me your hands," she whispered. She pushed his hands over his head and with quick efficiency snapped on a pair of handcuffs.

The cuffs were chained to a big iron ring in the floor that had been hidden by the couch. The ring was for pulling open a hatch in the floor but the hatch had been bolted closed long ago. The only way to escape would be to pull the entire iron plate out of the floor. This was beyond the strength of even a brute like Greg.

At the first shock he tried to jump forward and he pushed Amber back into a sitting position. His arm pushed the couch enough to reveal the trap he was in but he still struggled.

He snapped his body up and down, slapping against the floor and Amber rode him like he was a raging bull. Her hair flew wildly and he bucked up and down and her body thrashed over him. His cock rammed in deeper and deeper and was the only thing keeping her on him.

Each thrust twisted her in a different direction sending shock waves of bliss through both of them. She gushed over him again and again and she pumped her thighs together to pull in each cannon ball he shot into her.

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