tagLoving WivesAmber Tries to Save Her Marriage

Amber Tries to Save Her Marriage


My name is Amber and I have been married to Ted for a little over 3 years. Ted was my older sister's friend and I had a crush on him from the day I met him in my junior year in high school. It took Ted almost two years to even notice me, but once he did, the magic that I felt for him seemed to be reciprocated.

I am now 23 years old and have been totally faithful to Ted. In the time we have been together, I have added a few extra ponds and was carrying 135 pounds on my 5' 2" frame. Ted had maintained his six pack and was a very handsome man at 6'2 and 180 pounds.

I guess I had just gotten comfortable in our relationship and forgot that it takes work to stay in shape. Ted would put out little hints as the weight became obvious and I started feeling a little self-conscious because I had been quite attractive when I first met Ted.

Since the sex was always incredible and Ted and I were happy, it just got harder and harder to fight the weight gain. Then one night, in the afterglow of incredible lovemaking, Ted asked me if I ever had any sexual fantasies.

When I assured him that he was my fantasy, I was shocked when he asked flat out if I would consider having sex with another man. He told me that it would be a big turn on for him.

I wouldn't even discuss it as I hurried to the bathroom in disgust.

Over the next few weeks, Ted became more and more distant. He started spending more time with his friends and our lovemaking lost its intensity. After checking up on Ted a few times, I was pretty sure he wasn't seeing another woman, but I had no idea what had changed in our relationship.

I decided that I would diet and join a Gym to lose some weight. I realized that I was willing to do this for Ted and that I was willing to do whatever I could to bring back what we had shared.

About two months later, I had lost the excess weight and was down to 117 pounds. I had managed to get back to my school girl measurements of 36-24-35 and I thought that Ted would revert back to loving me like he had.

To celebrate, Ted asked if I would like to go dancing that Friday. I jumped at the chance to try anything that would bring Ted back to me.

When I got home from work on Friday, I went to work in the bathroom taking a long hot bubble bath. I took extra care to shave all the right places, because I knew how turned on Ted used to get when he discovered my bald snatch. After finding my sexiest lace panties and matching bra, I picked out a skirt that came about 4 inches above my knees and a low cut blouse that did a pretty good job of revealing my ample cleavage. I really went out on a limb and undid one extra button on my blouse, so that it appeared that if I moved to quickly, my breasts would fall out.

By the time Ted got home, I was ready to go. It didn't take him long to shower and dress. As he came down stairs, he actually complimented me on my appearance.

That was the first time in weeks that I felt like things might be ok again. We headed for our favorite bar on the other side of town and Ted actually held both the car door and the door at the entrance. I was starting to feel good about my efforts to make Ted happy.

We found a table in the corner and ordered our drinks. Just about the time I was feeling like this was working, Ted asked me if I had thought about his fantasy. Not wanting to spoil the chance to make our relationship better, I told him that I was totally opposed to it, but for the sake of our relationship, I would at least discuss it with him. After 3 large glasses of wine, I was feeling really good and the discussion appeared to be refocusing on Ted's fantasy.

I thought I was finally getting through to Ted that I was very happy with our sex life and that I was very concerned that his fantasy could lead to all sorts of problems. About that time our favorite slow song came on and Ted asked me to dance. While we were dancing, he whispered that he would be willing to start slowly and would never force me to do anything I wasn't ok with.

As we came back to the table, two of Ted's friends spotted us and asked if they could join us. Normally, I would have been upset at the intrusion, but I innocently saw this as a way to change the conversation, so I said sure and slid over as Joe slid in beside me and Bill sat next to Ted.

Here I was sitting with my husband and two of his good looking gym buddies, and all of a sudden the conversation left me out. Joe ordered another round and I sat and smiled as they talked about some football game. Bill ordered the next round, and I was already feeling like I had too much to drink, when I felt Joe's hand on my knee.

I quickly removed his hand and tried to act like nothing had happened. I even tried to join the conversation, but soon remembered that I knew little about football. Finally in desperation, I was able to turn the conversation to other things and we quickly got to the subject of relationships. Both Joe and Bill admitted that they were not in any serious relationship at the time and that Ted was lucky to have a wife as beautiful as me.

I thanked them for the compliment and excused myself to go freshen up. When I came back, Bill asked me to dance, and I looked at Ted for his approval. Ted just smiled and told me to go let my hair down. As we danced to the music, I was wishing it would end, because I was feeling a little unsteady on my feet. The song finally ended and as I headed for our table, a slow song came on. Bill took my hand and pulled me close. As we danced, I could feel him rub his crotch against my hip. My head only came up to his chin, so I had to lean back to tell him that I was not ok with his advance.

Instead of pulling back, he held me tighter and moved his right hand from my waist to my ass. I felt really helpless as he groped my ass and rubbed his hard on against my unwilling body. I had to admit that I was enjoying the attention and even getting a little aroused, but I wanted to save those activities for Ted.

About that time the song ended and I stumbled back to my seat. As Joe scooted in next to me, he whispered that he would like some of that to. I was too far gone to catch on, so I simply smiled and went back to my thoughts, as the 3 guys again left me out of the conversation.

As the next round of drinks were being handed out, Joe's hand began rubbing my knee again. I was too far gone to fight, so I asked Ted if we could go home. He just smiled and suggested that I stop being such a prude. I was beside myself with anger, but drunk enough to not be able to do anything to help my situation. As Joe's hand messaged my knee, I decided that if I was willing to do anything to save my marriage, I would have to at least try to open up to Ted and his fantasies.

When I didn't remove his hand, Joe quickly worked his way up to the hem of my skirt. He was gently messaging my leg and moving his fingers slowly under my skirt. I had to admit that the sensation was starting to turn me on. Here I was sitting across from my husband while one of his friends was about to feel me up and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I looked into Ted's eyes as Joe's fingers reached the elastic of my panties. I wanted Joe to stop and at the same time I wanted Ted back. Ted just smiled at me and blew me a kiss as Joe's fingers started across the top of my naked thigh. He slowly caressed my leg with his left hand while he talked to my husband about some game.

Joe's fingers followed my panty elastic until he reached my crotch. He ran his fingers over my panties and felt how wet my pussy was thru my undergarment. Even in my drunken state, I knew this was the moment of truth. I could either get up and demand that they stop this, or I could spread my legs and let it continue in the hopes that this would satisfy my husband's fantasy.

Instead, I excused myself to go to the ladies room. Joe willingly stood to let me out and I staggered to the restroom to freshen up and to try to come up with some way to stop this entire ordeal. I could think of nothing short of getting a cab and risk losing Ted, so I went back out thru the bar to our table, to try and save what Ted and I had, without consenting to perform for his friends.

I was relieved to see Bill and Joe sitting together across from my husband, but as I got to the table, Joe stood and moved me between him and Bill.

The situation seemed to keep getting worse and I didn't know how to stop it. As I sipped my wine, Bill whispered to me that he thought it would be sexy if I would remove my Bra for him. I knew Ted could hear him and I should have known that his inaction to stop this was going to continue. The thought of going braless in this public place, even with Ted's permission was out of the question as my blouse would not stop anyone from viewing my exposed chest. I told Bill to keep dreaming.

Suddenly, I felt a hand under my skirt and placed right on my crotch. Based on our positions, I had to assume it was Joe's hand and that he was taking up where he left off. I slid up on the chair and right there in the middle of the crowded bar, I spread my legs a few inches so that my husband's friend could feel me up. Knowing that Ted was sitting right across the table from me actually started my juices flowing. Knowing that he was unwilling to stop his friend from touching between my legs made it obvious to me that if I wanted Ted in my life, I would have to allow Joe to go as far as Ted permitted.

I leaned slightly to my left and tried to get my head to stop spinning by placing it on Bill's willing shoulder. Joe jumped at the opening I had given him and moved two fingers under my wet panties. I looked across the table as Ted watched his wife get fingered in this public place. I just hoped that no one else could see what was happening under our table.

I expected Joe to immediately penetrate my pussy. To my surprise, he gently rubbed his two fingers up and down my slit. He seemed happy to just rub my opening and I could feel him gently spreading my lips apart and playing with the skin leading to my opening. I was getting so turned on by my situation that I completely forgot about the only man that had ever touched me between my legs and started to move my pussy to encourage Joe to penetrate my vagina.

With my head on his shoulder, it wasn't hard for Bill to wrap his right arm around me and start rubbing my right tit thru my blouse. As the waiter came with another round of drinks, Bill slipped his hand under my bra and grabbed hold of my exposed right tit.

Here I was watching this young waiter and my husband staring at what Bill was doing to my exposed tit and knowing that Ted knew about Joe's fingers in my panties. About that moment, Joe pushed two fingers past my nether lips and into my wet cunt. Between that sensation and the two fingers pinching my nipple, I went over the edge. Try as I might, I could not keep quiet as the intense orgasm shook my entire being.

I started moaning and the couples at both tables next to ours turned to watch as I let my pleasure be known. I tightened my legs around Joe's fingers to try and get him to penetrate me deeper and I pulled Bills hand tightly to my chest. My orgasm must have lasted ten minutes. As I came down and realized what had just happened, everyone in the place applauded. I also realized that the young waiter was on his knees, watching my pussy get finger fucked and I am certain that his unimpeded view of my pussy was the reason for the tent in his pants as he stood up.

As the crowd settled down, Ted suggested that we find the exit. Bill and Joe, each took an arm and helped me to the car before heading for theirs. Alone with Ted for our drive home, I tried to apologize for what had just happened.

Ted stopped me before I could find the words. He unzipped his pants and I pulled my husband's cock into my mouth. In my drunken state of apology, I knew that I had given my husband what he wanted and now I was going to get what I wanted.

I licked up and down his hard member. I sucked his balls and then I proceeded to give the best blow job I knew how ----- to my husband.

I was truly grateful that my husband had not invited his friends to join us and that the damage had been limited. I had to admit to myself that the path my husband was on certainly had its benefits.

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