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"Isn't she an absolute stunner?" Kevin had exclaimed to nobody in particular. His beer was in danger of spilling as he staggered to the side in an attempt to get a better view. He was trying to see if one or both ample breasts would spring out as Suzanne bopped energetically on the dance floor just metres away. Emily looked at him ogling their guest in disgust. In six years of marriage, especially in his drunkest moments, her lousy husband had never been able to keep his comments on any pretty girl's looks to himself.

Behind him, Emily decided to say nothing though. After all, he had unknowingly echoed her own thoughts barely seconds ago. Her own eyes too had been trained on the well-toned muscles of Suzanne's long bare legs and arms as she danced about. There was poetry in the way her hands moved through the air, sensually roamed her body, or ran through her long tawny hair. Occasionally, the dim lights would highlight a raw, uninhibited expression on the breathtakingly lovely face while she shook her carefree head about.

Over Kevin's shoulder, she watched Suzanne take hold of the waist of the latest girl she was currently on the floor with and spoon her long body into her back as they danced. Without missing a beat, they kept dancing as though united, dazzling nearly every onlooker.

This had all started as a quiet night out, meant to welcome the new girl to the big city. They had arrived at the club with Suzanne three hours ago for a nice meal at the bistro. She had agreed to stay overnight with them before she and Emily caught their early flight tomorrow. At the end of the meal, Suzanne had suggested that they stay for a while and mingle with the Saturday night dance crowd in the adjoining auditorium. Having danced both husband and wife to a state of exhaustion, she had spent the past half hour dancing with a variety of attractive male and female partners on the dance floor while her hosts and an increasing band of admirers appreciatively watched on.

"She has a fantastic figure, all right," a fascinated Emily muttered, deliberately hiding her words in the noise of the house band.

"Had Beth ever worked with her before?" Kevin quizzed loudly back, beer waving about. Collar undone and tie askew, he was beginning to slur and look decidedly grubby.

"Nope. She heard about her through another photographer," Emily leaned forward and half-shouted in his ear, exchanging another lingering smile with the impetuous girl.

"She may be eight years younger, but you two seem to get on like a house on fire," he yelled into her ear.

He may be drunk, she thought, but he wasn't blind. And his observation was all the more amazing considering the two young women had met for the first time yesterday when Suzanne came in to audition at the last minute with Beth for the Hamilton Island campaign.

Unsteady, Kevin leered at the oblivious Suzanne. "Jeez, I'd love to have her naked in bed with me tonight," came his loud uncouth comment. "She's hot."

"Kevin, think about me. You're in public!" Emily's fiercely indignant response flew back.

"You look hot too in that dress, you know," he stammered, turning and groggily offering his usual lame attempt at an apology.

She looked down her front. The dress was Suzanne's choice. She had seen what Emily was originally going to wear on her bed, dragged her back into her wardrobe and made her swap it for the proverbial little black dress. One that hadn't seen the light of day for quite a few years.

As Beth's assistant photographer, she and Suzanne would be landing at noon tomorrow on Hamilton Island to liaise with Beth and the other crew already there for the shoot. Having got on so well over dinner tonight, she and Suzanne had enthusiastically agreed to share a cabana together near the beach and Emily had sent a text to Beth.

Only yesterday morning, she had been laying out Suzanne's portfolio on the large table as Beth interviewed her nearby. Idly flicking through, what had captured her imagination was a two-girl series at the very end. In it, Suzanne was dressed in a short, loosely tied royal blue bath robe that accentuated her figure and legs, rich red lipstick on her lips.

The other girl in the brief two piece outfit was very pretty too. A certain timid look on her face though told Emily this was probably her first time in lingerie in front of a camera.

The initial photos were a few head and shoulder shots with Suzanne's face just behind the other girl's neck, hand cupping her shoulder, whispering into her ear, seemingly trying to get her to relax. Then followed a couple of shots of her nibbling on the girl's lobe and them both laughing.

In the next two pages they had progressed to upper body shots with Suzanne still pressed up against her back, her lips nuzzling the girl's long neck and tongue playfully licking her ear. The laughing evident on both faces suggesting Suzanne was alternately teasing, joking, assuring, imploring, or flattering her partner.

There was a look of anxiety on the girl's face in the last few shots however, glancing back as though things were getting a little out of hand. The cause didn't seem to be Suzanne's lips burying into the side of her long neck. It seemed more linked to two sets of presumptuous fingertips lowering her pink boob-tube top. Her shapely breasts bared, the girl's eyes were looking back across her shoulder into Suzanne's eyes, pleading. Within two shots though, the fright was evaporating, replaced by a look of submission as the deep neck kissing persisted. The final front-on shots showed almost a look of mesmerised enjoyment with the girl standing before Suzanne front-on, eyes closed. She was now oblivious to the photographer, the one visible nipple urgently stretched out as Suzanne's long tongue swiped up the canyon between her young breasts.

"I know the photographer," she heard Beth ask Suzanne when she too started leafing through the shots. "It was Benny in fact who recommended you to me. Who's the other model though?"

"June's not a model. She's my youngest brother's new girlfriend," came the blasé reply. "I conned her into posing with me at very short notice."

Beth and Emily had exchanged a glance at that point. Emily knew Beth too was wondering about the last three shots. They were extreme close-ups of Suzanne's lips butterfly-kissing the tip of the excited nipple, the imprint of lipstick marks all around it on the young goose-bumped breast.

There was no competition really when Beth and the panel sat down to review all of the candidates. Suzanne was unanimously chosen as the model for the Hamilton Island tourism campaign. She had the stunning hourglass figure, spoke well, and had loads of personality and presence both on- and off-camera. It was then that Emily had suggested that Kevin and she would show her a little of the city by taking her out for the meal.

"I think I've had too much to drink," Kevin slurred, interrupting her thoughts. "Would you mind if I went home?"

Emily took her shoes off, picked up the other pair from under their seats nearby and swapped them for the empty beer glass in his hand.

"Can you take these home with you without losing them?" she asked. "We'll do without like everyone else here seems to be doing. I've set up her bed in the guest room so you can leave hers there. Take a taxi. We'll grab the car. We shouldn't be too much later."

Keys handed over, she waved goodbye until he disappeared, then gleefully skipped onto the dance floor, joining Suzanne for three or four energetic numbers before the band announced a break. In the relative quiet, she leaned forward and told Suzanne he'd left.

"Let's go too," Suzanne said grabbing Emily's hand. Barefoot, the two girls made their way outside and slowly hobbled to where the car was parked.

"I should apologise. You must have heard some of the things he was saying," Emily said self-consciously halfway there, her head bowed. "He's such an oaf when he's been drinking and a girl as pretty as you is standing anywhere in earshot."

Suzanne's grip on her hand brought them both to an unexpected halt. Turning to face the rueful Emily, she looked deeply into her eyes.

"Look, forget what he said or did. Instead, tell me you're glad you wore that mini instead of those plain Jane slacks tonight," she murmured, adding. "And thank you for calling me pretty. Coming from you, that's a real compliment."

"The dress did bring back fond memories," Emily admitted, starting to smile as she took in the infectiously gleeful face centimetres from hers.

"Well, I love it," an obviously pleased Suzanne told her. "You look positively stunning in it." There was a pause. "Can I ask what you usually wear to bed?" the odd question from the girl followed.

"On a warm night like this, a nightie," a curious Emily replied. "Why?"

"After those hideous slacks earlier, I want to run a fashion eye over it," the teasing eyes flashed. "I refuse to mix long-term with people who wear faux pas nightwear to bed."

"You're crazy," Emily jokingly laughed enthusiastically.

Suzanne glared at her in a theatrical way. "I'm deadly serious!" Then they both fell apart giggling, locking arms about one another and tottering on.

"All right. When we get home, I'll fetch it for you then." Emily offered, a flick of her remote unlocking the car.

"No. You'll put it on, my girl! You have to model it for me," Suzanne countered.


Twenty chatty minutes later, Emily left Suzanne at the bedroom door and tiptoed in. The light was on so she dimmed it.

She reached cautiously under her pillow with an eye on Kevin sound asleep on his side, facing her. He only had the top sheet covering him, pinned to his chest by a hairy arm.

Slipping out of her clothing behind the door, she threw the short garment on and eased the door open. Looking down, she threw her arms out wide like a game show hostess for Suzanne's inspection. Then clasping her hands behind her back, she turned a playful circle on her toes, shoulder length honey brown hair swirling about as she did.

"That's pretty ordinary," came Suzanne's whispered judgement. "You must surely have something better than that?" She grabbed a surprised Emily's shoulders and turned her about, frog-marching her back into the bedroom. They both looked at the source of the heavy breathing. Emily put a warning finger to her lips.

"Just so long as we don't wake him," her quiet words warned. "Not that that's likely. If Kevin falls asleep drunk, he's generally right out to it until the morning."

She silently opened a drawer, letting out a surprised cry as insistent hands from Suzanne pulled her back. Putting her own finger to her lips, Suzanne began rummaging, shaking her head until she finally pulled one out.

"This looks a little better. Try it on," Suzanne quietly insisted, passing it to her. "I'll kill the light."

She saw Suzanne move to the window and peek out. Pulling back the curtain, the girl let a shaft of moonlight into the room before padding to the door and hitting the switch.

Emily laid the new garment at the foot of the bed and shyly turned her back on Suzanne. The pale moonlight half lit her long back and behind as she lifted the nightie. It was just clear of her hair when she heard Kevin give a long snort and saw the bottom of his chin start to toss about.

She froze in fear, clutching the nightie to her chest for what was something like two panicky minutes but seemed like an hour. Then carefully, she stooped and without taking her eyes off his head for an instant, blindly felt around the end of the bed for the new one.

"Looking for this maybe?" came the teasing whisper half a metre behind.

Emily shot a panicky look around her shoulder. Suzanne was somehow topless, waving the missing nightie between two teasing fingers. Blindly extending the old nightie behind for an exchange, Emily kept her eyes riveted on Kevin in the moonlight. To her alarm, there was no replacement in her hand after it was taken.

A huge lump rose in her throat. She couldn't take her gaze off Kevin or say anything. Her husband's mouth was still ominously flexing. She shot another glance back to Suzanne's face. She too was keeping an eye on him but the expression on her face was more one of glee than horror. When Kevin's head finally lay still again, Emily allowed herself to take in a relieved breath, nervously wondering what she'd have said or done if he had woken.

She could sense the raw excitement in Suzanne's hand grabbing hers. A still stunned Emily let herself be towed around to her side of the bed, a modest hand covering the downy triangle between her long legs. In the moonlight, she saw Suzanne theatrically stoop over the bed and check Kevin's face from just a metre away. As she straightened up, a confused Emily could only stare in disbelief as Suzanne cheekily undid her mini and lowered both it and her G string as one down her long legs.

Stepping free, she pulled Emily right alongside and threaded an arm now about her slender waist. They looked like they were both presenting themselves as a gift to the unsuspecting Kevin. Surely, Emily thought with her heart in her mouth, if he opened his eyes he would wonder why she was standing there brazenly nude with their houseguest just two metres away.

When Suzanne turned side-on to her, Emily tried to convey her confusion. Suzanne's only response was to put a warning finger to her lips and point to Kevin. As Emily looked at her unknowing husband as she felt herself being turned to face the young woman by the insistent hands on her waist. As her warm skin met Suzanne's, fingers behind her back began to strum up and down.

Suzanne's face gazed down between their bodies. "You have the most amazing body," Suzanne whispered, her face leaning forward and lightly resting against Emily's, adding, "Please, for me, just wear what you've got on right now tonight. Good night."

Emily was trembling, unable to stop her face tilting as Suzanne's did. She felt their teeth just touch after the soft parted lips collided. Her mouths began to massage back with an insistent urgency. Then she felt the hands at her waist inch their bodies apart.

"Don't you dare put on a thing now!" she heard Suzanne's whispered reminder as the girl backed away.

She could only stare at the beguiling long back and behind swaying as the moonlit naked body proudly sauntered from the room. Swallowing and quivering, Emily got straight into bed. She had only been there for a minute thrilling at what had just happened when she realised she couldn't leave the two tell-tale sets of clothes just lying there on the floor.

Gathering them up in the moonlight, she sorted hers from Suzanne's at the foot of the bed. Suzanne's pile in hand, she heard the floor creak as she tiptoed out the door.

"What are you doing out of bed?" she heard the soft hiss. She could make out Suzanne's naked form standing in the doorway of the guest room. Silently, she offered up the bundle of clothing.

"Whoops," Suzanne murmured quietly taking them from her. "We could have been found out in the morning, couldn't we? I'll just drop them here inside my door for now. Let's see you back to bed."

Hearing the clothes hit the floor, Emily felt a hand fumble for hers as the young woman eased past. Meekly, she allowed herself to be led right back to her side of the bed. As Suzanne pulled the sheet back, a flourishing hand invited her to lie down. Crawling in, Emily eased onto her back next to the heavily breathing Kevin, the covering hand again between her legs as she waited for the sheet to be draped back over her.

"One last goodnight kiss," came the whisper. Nodding, Emily put up a welcoming hand to support a bare shoulder as it leant towards her.

"God, you are so beautiful," she heard as Suzanne's head descended. Through her breast, she felt Suzanne's soft palm. It must have only been seconds later when she realised the naked body was being gently lowered full-length onto hers. She was being sensually ambushed.

Despite Kevin's sleeping face a mere foot away, she took the other descending shoulder and guided the beautiful face towards hers until the silky hair cascaded about her cheeks.

Emily celebrated the daring union by opening her lips to encourage Suzanne's tongue tip in to touch hers. Swallowing it in whole, she both heard and felt a low appreciative moan from Suzanne echoing about within her mouth as the two tongues began playing.

Subtly Emily began bending her knees and parting her long legs. Suzanne's smooth thighs started to nestle further in between her own. When mound touched mound, Emily sighed back into Suzanne's mouth as the warm skin above commenced a slow, sensuous undulating motion.

It was all so incredible daring and thrilling. Emily realised that Suzanne was going through the motions of quietly screwing her right next to her sleeping husband. She turned her head slightly to check Kevin's face on her left and saw Suzanne do likewise.

"Let's sort of include him?" the girl above brazenly whispered deep into a tingling ear, pausing and taking her right hand from Emily's cheek. Lifting Kevin's limp palm from the sheet between them, Suzanne daringly reached back and re-positioned it on her naked behind then resumed the unhurried humping.

Emily felt she was about to burst inside when Suzanne propped herself up on her arms to grind away at the junction between her legs. She thrust her own mound up in response, an appreciative hand cupping one of the shapely breasts swaying above. Suzanne responded by easing her left leg back over Emily's right and pressing her sex firmly into the bone beneath Emily's thigh, face grimacing, eyes closing, grimly biting into her bottom lip. Within a minute, Emily heard the silent suppressed scream gurgle inside Suzanne's mouth and felt the girl's body seize up.

A grateful mouth fell onto hers and she welcomed Suzanne back down from her climax by softly kissing back upwards, hands on Suzanne's cheeks. They rested, Emily amazed at what had just been shared between them.

"Hold this for me," she heard Suzanne urgently whisper. She felt the girl reach back and suddenly Kevin's hand was being transferred into hers. As Suzanne's whole body began sliding south, Emily felt the tender mouth kiss, bite at and lick her soft breast skin, then kiss from her tingling nipple down to her sensitive navel.

Kevin had rarely gone down there so Emily had no idea what was coming. The illicit thrill of the mouth daring to continue, dropping down between her parted legs was nothing compared to the sudden shock-wave of electrifying sensations when Suzanne began mouthing her. Holding back one silent gasp after another, Emily knew she was too aroused to want to stop coming.

She found a timely pillow to muffle any moans, alarmed by the intensity building in her orgasm. A minute after burying Suzanne's name deeply into it, her chest and belly heaving began to subside. She opened her eyes and looked about urgently. In their haste, her hand had somehow lost Kevin's.

Surreally, there it was lying across the back of Suzanne's neck as if he was keeping the girl's head pinned between his wife's parted legs. A quick check confirmed Kevin's face was still totally oblivious although so close.

The two damp bodies lay united like this in the soft moonlight, glorying in their mutual afterglow. Suzanne started quietly easing her body back down over the foot of the bed. There she turned and slumped against the mattress, head up, still recovering her breath. Quietly rolling out of bed, Emily crawled around to her spent lover. Sitting beside her, she lowered a grateful hand to a clammy thigh.

She melted at the satisfied, triumphant smile all over Suzanne's beautiful face as the hair-enshrouded cheek gently tilted onto her shoulder. Emily had enjoyed her first experience with a girl immensely.

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