tagNonHumanAmelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 09

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 09


Here is the next chapter and again it is self-edited. I am sorry for any mistakes and I hope that you can still enjoy the story as is. I do try to find as many of the mistakes as I can but please understand I am an amateur writer and do not have the benefit of a professional editorial staff.

I would like to thank willieone for all of her help as a proof/beta reader I cannot express my gratitude adequately.

Please enjoy and vote/comment. Lastly before some of you ask I am working on the next chapter.


"I would like for Gloria and myself to investigate the crime scene while Amelia interviews the investigator who was subdued by the perpetrators of the attack." Andrew replied keeping his tone business like.

"Richard Fenton the investigator is waiting for you in the van I thought it may help speed up the process. I have six teams out searching for your son and Tony. If I can be of any assistance please call me, my personal cell number is on the back of the card." Walter Astin explained as he handed Andrew his card.

"Thank you Mr. Astin. I will keep you up to date on our progress," Andrew replied taking the card and then offering his hand.

"Please call me Walter. I have made arraignments for rooms for you, your mate, and Ms. Vegas. If there is nothing else I can assist you with then I will leave you in the capable hands of Ms. Hobes." Walter said while shaking Andrew's hand. He then shook Amelia's hand and gave Gloria a friendly hug before leaving them with Marsha Hobes.

Marsha Lead the group to the van that held Richard Fenton when Andrew first saw him he was surprised he wasn't what Andrew was expecting. Richard Fenton was just over five feet tall with a slight build. Andrew doubted the he weighed one hundred pounds wet. Andrew noted that Richard reacted with humor as he watched Andrew assess him. Amelia had a similar reaction but was a bit better at hiding her surprise.

"The reaction that the two of you are having is exactly why I am normally excel at my job. Ms. Barnes I understand that you have the ability to read memories." Richard said humor coloring his voice.

"I am sorry about our reaction, you weren't what we were expecting and yes I do have the ability to read memories," Amelia replied confirming what he had heard.

"Not to worry like I said I use my height or lack thereof to my advantage. No one seems to take note of me normally. The reason I had asked about your abilities is that I believe that the person who incapacitated me ordered me not to remember what I saw that night." Richard explained. He was hoping that the rumors he had heard about her abilities were true he was not happy that someone had managed to get the drop on him and then fuck with his head.

"If you wish I can try to search your memories and find out if they did anything to you," Amelia offered.

"Please, I want to remember. Just tell me what I need to do." Richard beseeched.

"Just relax and please lower you mental shield," Amelia instructed. She gave Richard a few moments to relax himself then locked her eyes with his and gently started to probe his memories. She scanned his memories looking for the ones from when he was incapacitated. After she found them, she could tell that someone had placed some form of a mental block so she decided to help him to overcome the block so he could recall the memories. She guided Richard around the mental block and allowed Richard to access the memories. After Amelia had guided him around the block, she mentally stepped back allowing him to take the lead. She would keep him on the task of bringing those memories forward and would watch them with him. She watched as he now recalled the events of the night in vivid detail. Richard had been keeping an eye on Charles people to one see if they were just watching a vampires human family like Charles claimed and secondly in case they ran into any trouble so he could summon assistance if they ran into trouble. Walter felt it prudent to take these steps the last thing he needed was for a bunch of Charles' people to be killed after he had granted them safe passage.

The night had been long and boring and Richard was glad when Harry showed up an hour early to replace him. The two of them were talking when Richard felt the presence of another vampire but seeing that Harry hadn't reacted to her Richard thought it was just Ilesha Harry's mate. Richard knew that Harry would occasionally bring her along on long boring stakeouts. He didn't realize it wasn't her until he felt the prick of the needle piercing his skin then a slight burning sensation of the unknown drug they had given him. He knew that the scent was vaguely familiar but the drug took effect before he could identify whom she was. Even though he still couldn't identify it, he would recognize the scent if he ever smelled it again. Amelia made sure that Richard could access those memories and quickly removed herself from his mind. Amelia would be able to identify the female that had injected Richard by scent now. Marsha watched as Amelia probed Richard's mind she was surprised how much control Amelia seemed to have of her ability. The last time Walter had Keisha probe on of his investigator's mind it was to say very painful for him but Richard was totally relaxed and showed no signs of discomfort.

Amelia informed everyone what she had seen in Richards mind so the appropriate calls could be made in order to try to capture Harry so they could interrogate him. After she was done she set there for a few minutes with her eyes closed trying to regain her energy. Using this power still was a bit of a drain on her. This time was not as bad as the other times because Richard hadn't fought her. She could sense his apprehension when she first tried to enter so she waited until he was comfortable and relaxed before she entered his mind.

Richard was relaxing with his head against the headrest of the seat as he tried to identify the scent he now remembers, thanks to Amelia. He knew he had smelled it before but couldn't recall to whom the scent belonged. He knew he had meant the woman in question before, but couldn't for the life of him recall her so he figured it had to be in the distant past after all he had meant a lot of people since he was turned over eight hundred years ago. As he sat there, he wondered if Amelia could maybe help him to recall who this woman was. Noting that they were almost to their destination he decided he would ask her later on. "Ms. Barnes I cannot thank you enough for your help," Richard said as he bowed slightly.

"My pleasure I wish I could have identified that woman's scent. I know I have smelled it before." Amelia responded.

The van pulled up in front of Toni's and Shannon's home. Marsha led the others into the house and then stood out of the way to allow Andrew and Amelia to conduct their investigation. Gloria stood beside Marsha carefully watching Andrew for any signs he was losing control. Andrew and Amelia slowly circled the living room where the attack had taken place, looking for anything that the others may have missed. They couldn't find anything that the other team that went through her house had missed. Amelia was focused on trying to see what was going through the minds of the vampires who had done this horrendous act the trouble was they had left few clues that could help her. She noted for the apparent violence of the attack the room was remarkably undisturbed no overturned furniture or broken nick-knacks. There was very little blood only a couple small stains by where the body had laid. She went into the file and noticed from the autopsy report that Shannon hos no defensive wounds even though from the repost she had endured an extensive ante-mortem beating. The report had listed several broken ribs and her torso had extensive bruising.

Andrew wanted to see if his psychometry would work so he moved to where someone had outlined where the body had laid and placed his hand on the carpet. Immediately he had an image of Shannon frightened out her mind laying there while Toni in full vampiric mode violently raping her. Andrew watched in horror as the man he had trusted the safety of his ex-wife and child taking pleasure in hurting her he could see other vampires standing around the room but couldn't get a clear image of them. The image faded and then was replaced by the next image of Tony latched on to the side of Shannon's neck while two other vampires that Andrew didn't know were latched on to her wrist. Tears started to run down the sides of Andrew's face as he watched the woman that was the mother of his child die. He vowed that he would track each and every one of them down and feast on their blood.

Andrew knew that there were at least four other vampires in the room but they appeared a vague outlines one of which was directing things from a chair over by the fireplace. He quickly realized that Tony was a feral vampire, which meant that he had to be found and put down quickly. He slowly rose and stood there for a couple minutes fighting to regain the total control he needed, to be able to find his son. He felt Amelia's arms wrap around him form the back and felt as she laid her head in between his shoulders. "Love we will find him and we will also take care of those who a responsible for this," Amelia softly promised.

"It was Tony love he has been turned and he is feral. He was the one that raped and murdered Shannon," Andrew stated his voice choked with emotion. He was in such shock that he didn't even think that Amelia had already known because of their bond.

Both Marsha and Gloria were surprised by Andrew announcement that the husband had been the one who raped and killed her. Marsha reached for her cellphone and quickly dialed Walter's number if Andrew was correct and Toni had been turn into a feral vampire then Walter had to be informed immediately. While she waited for an answer, she wondered who was behind this attack and if it had anything to do with the attack on those vampires in Philadelphia. She had seen the reports on the cable news channel right after it had happened. She had heard a rumor that Amsu was behind it but once all of the publicity had died down the rumor mill quickly dried up. She was surprise when Elaine answered the cell. "Elaine is Walter available?" Marsha hurriedly asked.

"He is right here but his hands are occupied so I answered the phone. What 's up?" Elaine replied humor coloring her voice.

"Are you free to talk? The information is sensitive." Marsha inquires wanting to make sure that they were in an area where the conversation couldn't be over heard.

"I am in my office. Now what is going on," Walter demanded his displeasure evident in his tone. His hands had indeed been filled with his mate's luscious ass as she set on the edge of his desk while he was feasting on her. As he waited for Marsha to explain what she wanted he started to slide his rock hard member into Elaine's white-hot sheath. Even after being mated for over a century he still wanted her as much if not more than the night he saw her standing on the balcony of the Marquise hotel in May of Eighteen ninety six.

"Sorry but it seems we have a bigger issue than we first thought. The human male has been turned and is apparently feral," Marsha quickly explained. As she waited for a response, she heard a string of curses that would have made a sailor blush then the phone went quiet for a moment.

"How do you know he has been turned and he is feral?" Walter asked needing to know how she came by this information. He grimaced as he slid out of his mate; unfortunately, this needed his undivided attention. Elaine gave him a sympathetic smile letting him know she understood.

"Andrew seems to have psychometry and claims he saw the attack when placed his hands on the carpet where the body was found," Marsha replied.

"Object read? Interesting. I will contact the search parties and make sure that they have this information then I will call the Ubertas Venator and get them mobilized. The last thing we need is a feral parvulus rampaging through the streets. Has anyone contacted Charles yet?" Walter asked as he was going over a mental checklist of what needed to be done. He would alert the local vampire establishments and hangouts. He was just about to call the head of the local Ubertas Venator when his phone rang.

"Hello Charles you called faster than I expected." Walter said with a touch of humor.

"Hello Walter. I know but I didn't want you to waste your time calling the Ubertas Venator. Gloria will hunt Tony down and I want to try to take him alive..." Charles started to explain.

"Why in the hell would you attempt that? You know that once a vampire has crossed over he cannot be brought back. He is just a dangerous rabid animal that needs to be put down," Walter Argued.

"I am not saying we won't put him down. I am hoping that Amelia may be able to pull some information from him that will lead us to the child." Charles finished explaining.

"I will agree as long as it doesn't endanger anyone and I also want to be kept in the loop and I mean I want updates as soon as you get them," Walter stated firmly.

"I agree to all of your terms. As far as the rogue vampire goes, I wouldn't expect you to endanger anyone life on a chance that we may get some information." Charles agreed thankful that Walter was being so reasonable.

Charles shared all of the information on the recent events starting with Amsu attempt on his daughter's life. He didn't include any assumptions as to let Walter draw his own conclusions in hopes of a fresh prospective from a neutral third party. After he had shared all of the pertinent information, Walter agreed that all of the recent attacks seemed related and promised to keep Charles updated on any new developments on his end. By the end of the call, the two of them had agreed to a tentative alliance.


Andrew moved to the chair, placed his hand on it, and saw the blurred image of a vampire he could sense he was old and seemed almost frail until he felt how powerful the vampire's mind was. Andrew felt a sense of dread coming from this vampire and as he watched him, direct the events of that evening, Andrew felt the oppressive air in the room that emanated from this vampire. He looked to the left of this vampire and saw Amsu standing there with a large smile on his face he heard him bragging about how this would hasten the war that was needed to bring the vampire race back to its former place of glory. Andrew refocused on the other vampire whomever he was he was malevolent. Andrew tried to make out any details he could about this new vampire but he couldn't make out any fine details; it was as if he was looking at an out of focus picture when he looked at the mysterious vampire even though the rest of the images were sharp and clear.

Andrew could sense that the mysterious vampire was almost bored; he seemed to be disinterested in the events unfolding before him even though he was the puppet master. Andrew could sense the vampire's only interest was the reward that he was promised. He suddenly had a flash of insight as to what the reward was and the bile started to rise from his stomach as his primal side came exploding forward.

Amelia was standing next to Andrew wondering what he was seeing in his images. She could feel his disgust and anger at the images he saw but she could tell he was in full control of himself. She sensed he was trying to probe deeper into what he was seeing when all of the sudden she felt his primal side come rushing forward. His eyes darkened and he almost immediately transformed into his baser self. She quickly wrapped her arms around him and tried to push into his mind sending calming images to him however this time she was meeting a wall of resistance. The good thing was that she still had enough sway of him for the moment to keep him rooted where he was even though she could sense he wanted to run or possible outrun something. His thoughts were all over the place and for the first time since his change, she could sense gut wrenching fear from him.

Marsha was briefing Gloria on her conversation she had just had with Walter when they both felt Andrew baser side explode forward. Gloria grabbed Marsha and moved her outside of the house. "Amelia is going to need to get his undivided attention in order to try to talk him down." Gloria explained as she wondered what set Andrew off he had been showing excellent control even with the added stress of the murder of his ex-wife and the kidnapping of his son. She could only assume that he had seen something in his visions that had caused his loss of control and she prayed that it was not the death of his son.

Andrew struggled to maintain control as he felt Amelia's arms wrap around him. He could feel her attempt at calming him but even with her support he was losing control he desperately wanted to get his hands on the vampire he saw setting there Andrew wasn't sure how he knew his intentions but he did the bastard was going to take his son and make him his. He could see the perverted ideas he had in store for his son and he wouldn't allow it. The only thing that kept him from completely crossing over was that somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he had to remain calm in order to be able to track his son. That thought added to the combination of Amelia scent and the constant wave of her calming reassurance that they would find his son before it was too late gave Andrew the strength to bring his baser side back under control for now. As he calmed he picked upon final image it was the front of the hotel he staying at when this attack had happened.

While Amelia was holding on to her mate trying to calm him she started to pick up some very disturbing images from Andrew's mind at first she thought he was seeing what had happened to his child but after a few minutes she realized this was what one of the vampires was planning to do to his son. She knew she had to keep control of herself in spite of these sickening images or Andrew would lose what little control he had at the moment.

Andrew took about fifteen minutes to finally recompose himself afterward he explain what he had saw in his visions to the rest of the group. Gloria called Charles while Marsha contacted Walter and the both of them relayed the information to their respective leaders. Walter promised to contact all of the local vampire establishments and coven leaders to alert them to be on the lookout for the vampire that Andrew had described. Charles started calling the other enforcer hoping to get a lead on the identification of the new vampire.

After Andrew finished telling the others what he had learned he started to wonder how he had done never before had he been able to pick up intentions and thoughts it was always like watching a movie he could only hear what was being said. He realized whomever this new vampire was he was trying to bait him into a confrontation. Andrew relished the idea of getting his hands on this bastard. He would take great pleasure in ripping him into small pieces as he feasted on his blood.

As Andrew moved around the room he suddenly got this over whelming feeling of anger and something else he couldn't quite identify he hadn't realized he had placed his hand on the door back of sofa. Andrew could only pick up a partial image of what was going on and it didn't make a lot of sense. He could hear Amsu angrily stating he was betrayed by someone and that he would find a replacement. He heard Amsu promise that the replacement would be there by the end of the week then he turned to someone else and ordered that he find the bitch that had betrayed him and bring her head to him or it would be the person who he was speaking to head.

Andrew shared the images he had garnered with Amelia and his suspicions that the unknown vampire was trying to bait him into a confrontation. Amelia wasn't sure that it would be a good idea for just the two of them to confront him on their own. She could sense that he was old almost as old as Amsu and the two of them had yet to master their abilities. Andrew had trouble with controlling his pyro abilities. He could use them at will but the results varied; sometimes they would do exactly what he wanted and other times the fire would quickly get out of hand. The last time they had worked on his control he was just supposed to light a candle with them he would up igniting every burnable object in a spectacular fashion. Hell he even managed to cause the fire resistant wallboard to spontaneously combust. Thankfully, the fire suppression system kicked in and doused the flames before there was too much damage after that fiasco Charles thought it would be pertinent to forgo farther training until they could find a safer location. He had advised Andrew to use that ability only in extreme emergencies.

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