tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAmerican Mom Ch. 04

American Mom Ch. 04


It was late afternoon as Francine Smith arrived home from her Saturday morning Pennsylvania porn store visit. The day's activities had left her feeling relaxed and confident. She had felt enough self-admiration and assurance that she left the top buttons of her pink dress undone to reveal much more cleavage than normal.

The sun was still bright and the temperatures sweltering as she parked her SUV in the garage. As she opened the door from the garage she noticed a flash of red and blue scooting through the back yard just as Roger the alien entered from the Dining Room, distracting her attention.

Dressed in an ill-fitting business suit and comb over toupee, Roger waddled through the kitchen towards the garage. "Later Franny." He called out as he walked by. "It's going to be a busy afternoon at the car lot. Have a trailer full of Mini Coopers arriving this afternoon that are not going to sell themselves."

SLAM, went the door to the garage as Francine stood with a blank expression. Before she could move, the door swung open quickly. With a smiling face, Roger asked innocently, "Did you remember to get my Legerdemain like I asked?"

Roger stared with a quizzical look as Francine's expression momentarily went from smiling to zombified. Her soft mouth hung open as she stared off into space, tiny beads of sweat forming on her upper lip. Rogers gaze fell to her heaving breasts. He watched intently as her nipples began to harden and press against the soft material of her dress.

"Okee Dokee then," he sarcastically spit. "Maybe next time don't ask if someone else needs you to pick something up for them while you are out." He finished just as he slammed the door closed.

Francine stood transfixed in place for several minutes as she felt the thrilling changes running through her body once more. As her vision began to come back into focus, she could feel the adrenaline rushing through her body, pumping blood to her various erogenous zones.

Her mouth suddenly dry, she stumbled to the refrigerator and grabbed a Mike's Hard Lemonade, pounding it in several long gulps. Grabbing two more bottles, she left the kitchen and went to sit out in the back yard by the pool for a while.

With the sun still hot and the early evening breeze she relaxed back in her chair. Satisfied no one could see into her secluded spot, she opened her bottle of Mike's Hard and pulled out a joint she had rolled earlier. After a few lung-fulls, she decided to undo the top buttons of her conservative pink dress and catch some rays on her cleavage.

Lying back in the reclining chair on the lawn she halfway dozed off in the heat of the afternoon sun. She had been napping for about 20 minutes in a half-asleep state when she was awakened by a rustling sound coming from the bushes at the back end of the garage by the garden. The pretty blonde mother listened for a moment. "Damn birds."

After a few minutes she heard the noise again but still thought nothing of it. Looking down at the sweat pooling in her cleavage, she unfastened yet another button on her dress and spread it open revealing even more cleavage to the warmth of the sun, along with the edge of her pretty lace bra.

Just as she settled down to enjoy another few minutes in the sun, there was an almighty crash behind the garage, quickly followed by a strange groaning sound.

Francine quickly leapt to her feet and ran to the back edge of the garage to see what all the commotion was about. "Oh my goodness!" She exclaimed as she saw a ladder, and her son Steve lying in a crumpled heap in the hedge row separating the garden area from the rest of the back yard. He seemed to be in some pain. "Don't move Steve!" She cried.

Without hesitation the kind hearted, if buzzed, mother rushed as quickly as her stilettos would allow. She rushed through the gate and into the garden where her son had managed to crawl out from the bushes and onto the grass. As he lay there, staring up at the sky he could hear the "click clack" sound of her heels on the garden paver stones as she hurried to him.

"Oh Steve! Where does it hurt?" The worried mother asked.

"My leg." he groaned as he held the top of his thigh. "I think I've pulled something." His face was beaded with sweat and his expression was one of a person in great discomfort.

"Oh no!" Francine said, "Okay let's see what we can do." She looked down unsure of what to do. "Lay still Steve. Don't move it. I know a little bit about massaging muscles and stuff. Maybe I could try and massage it. Would that help?"

"I guess that might help." Steve replied in agony. "I'm sure it's probably a muscle pull or a bruise. It's got to be worth a try Mom."

"What were you doing on the ladder anyway Steve?" Francine asked as she stood over him.

"Uh...the ladder...Owwwwwww! My leg!" Steve cried out, attempting to distract his mother's line of questioning.

"Okay; okay. Let's have a look," she said as she knelt down on the soft grass beside him. Without much effort she saw him staring at her chest with some obvious interest. It was then that she excitedly realized the top few buttons of her blouse were still undone.

As Francine tried to mull over what her son was doing on a ladder at the back of the garage, she realized that he was getting a spectacular view of her cleavage, together with a brief glimpse of her lace bra.

'Was Steve spying on me?' She wondered with a smirk. 'I've had suspicions for a while that he has been stealing peeks at me.' She though with narcissistic pride. 'I mean, after all, he is a normal teenage boy; with a really hot mom.' She smiled to herself as she continued thinking about what he had been doing as she worked on his leg, making sure there were no broken bones.

'On the one hand I'm pretty sure that was him running across the back yard when I got home, but on the other hand it makes no sense. He wouldn't have had a good vantage point from behind the garage to see me in the chair on the other side of the yard.'

She continued rubbing as she noticed a cordless power drill lying in the bushes. "What were you doing with the drill Steve?" she asked with casual curiosity.

"Oh; heh heh." he nervously giggled, "Dad asked me to tighten down...uh...well...uh...the downspout! Yeah; that's it. Dad asked me to tighten down the downspouts. And I fell off the ladder then."

The area where he fell was so secluded from the neighbors and their own house that Francine had recently begun using it as a private area to sun tan. Well, in truth, once she and Stan had their sessions with Roger the psychologist she had recently started back with a couple of old habits behind the security of the garden hedges. Francine had begun using the protective privacy of the garden hedges to tan in the nude, while drinking wine and smoking weed. Just like the average housewife and mother of two that she is.

Although the absence of any tools other than the drill would certainly suggest Steve was up to no good, she had no real proof. She couldn't help but wonder. It was a fleeting thought and she quickly put it out of her mind. 'He deserves the benefit of the doubt.' She decided.

Kneeling down she noticed she was displaying a portion of thigh to her son's gaze. Just as she thought she should adjust her clothing, a devilish thought popped into her head. 'What's the harm in letting him look? If it makes his day, especially after that nasty fall, then what the hell?' she thought to herself as she placed her soft hands gently onto his scrawny knee. 'This may be a golden opportunity to do a little harmless teasing.' She decided. Without giving it too much thought Francine resolved that was exactly what she was going to do.

Steve was wearing baggy old khaki shorts, so she carefully began to feel her way from his knee and upwards along his leg. "Tell me if I hurt you honey," she said in a kind, caring tone.

"Uh, yeah, sure; I will," he replied with a look of sexual tension on his face that Francine had seen before on the men who she had recently been teasing. It was the same look that used to annoy her when men stared at her, but that she was now beginning to realize she delighted in seeing.

Nervously he stroked his hair with the palm of his hand.

Francine knew exactly what she was doing as she felt her way along the inside of his thigh, gently massaging as she went. Her son's face was a picture of a boy clearly lost in the whole experience. He had no idea how obvious he was being as he just stared at his mother's cleavage and legs.

"Okay Steve, let's see if I can't help you with this pain." The pain was the last thing on his mind as his beautiful mother teasingly felt her way higher and higher under his loose shorts. Coupled with the incredible display of her cleavage and thighs, and he couldn't control the inevitable reaction of his rapidly swelling teenage cock.

Francine could see by the gradual tenting of his shorts that he was enjoying her attention. She continued to act innocent as she slipped her fingers up his thigh, under his shorts and started to gently rub. His balls were only a few inches away, yet still she manipulated and massaged further and further up. She knew exactly what she was doing.

The air was electric and Steve had suddenly become very silent. "Is this helping Sweetie?" She asked pretending to be unaware of the spectacular view she was giving him.

"Yea." he squeaked before quickly clearing his throat, "Yes; yes that's certainly helping."

"Good," she replied as she realized not only was her hand up his shorts, but also inside his equally baggy boxer shorts. This became obvious when she felt the back of her fingers brush against something warm. Her son gasped as if struggling to catch his breath and Francine realized that she was touching his ball sack with the back of her hand. It was only a light touch, one that she easily pretended not to notice, but it was a touch none the less. Steve Smith began to tremble with excitement.

Francine continued for a few seconds massaging his inner thigh with the backs of her fingers, lightly tickling at his scrotum. As she moved her hand around, she extended her little finger slightly causing its tip to stroke one of his balls. "How's that Steve?" She innocently asked, "Any better?"

The young teen was clearly thrilled by what his hot mother was doing. Unfortunately it left him incapable of speaking. All he could do was nod his perspiration covered head in agreement. After a few more seconds of merciless teasing, Francine slowly withdrew her hand back down his leg. She decided that was just enough, and that she couldn't continue for fear that he might soon get the wrong idea.

Francine took the opportunity to suddenly look down at her gaping blouse. "Oh my word Steve. Look at me. Oh how embarrassing! Couldn't you have let me know?" She scolded. With that she pulled her hand out from his shorts. Standing up quickly, she began to button her dress back up. Steve felt waves of disappointment wash over him, although The tightness of her blouse stretched across her huge knockers did provide him some solace.

All was not lost however. He noticed that in standing astride him this way he could see straight up his mom's skirt between her legs. Not caring now if she saw him looking or not, it was clear this was an opportunity not to be missed. He could see her bare inner thigh.

'With a slight duck of my head I might be able to see her panties.' He thought to himself. As he tried to work up his courage, Francine saw him looking. Still in full teasing mode, she gave him a few seconds to enjoy the view before eventually stepping over him and moving to one side before he could see that she was wearing no panties.

Francine felt she had now gone far enough. 'So my son is clearly a dirty boy under that innocent looking exterior.' She decided. 'He must have some oversized underwear on.' she continued in her thoughts, 'They were bunched up so much in the front that it made it look like he had a python balled up in there.'

She smiled, dismissing the thought further as she realized she had managed to tease him as far as she dared. She knew only too well what she could drive men to do, and not wanting to push her luck with her own son she decided enough was enough. "Let's get you in the house," she said.

His reaction couldn't have been more obvious as he pulled his knees up, attempting to hide his erection. "Uh...I don't know Mom. I don't think you are strong enough. Can you get something for me to lean on so I can pull myself up...maybe one of the decorative canes in the upstairs hallway?"

"That sounds like a good solution Steve." Francine said as she turned and entered the house. When she got upstairs she found an appropriately sturdy walking stick in the cane stand located at the end of the hallway.

"Good thing Stan wanted these stupid things as a decoration." She said as she grabbed it and hurried to the stairs to go back down. It was then that she saw the closed door to Steve's bedroom. She didn't know why, perhaps just plain curiosity, but she felt the urge to have a quick peek inside.

Knowing Steve was still laid out in the garden she knew there was no chance of being caught, and so she opened the door and crept in. She had not been in his room for a few days, and it looked exactly as she expected, a mess. "Typical teenage boy." Francine muttered. As she was about to leave, something caught her eye. A chair was positioned just to one side at the window facing the back yard. In the chair was a towel covering something boxy looking.

Francine went to the window and looked out. The window was located in the very corner of the house with a view into the backyard. She looked around and was surprised to see Steve lying on the ground on the other side of the garden hedge behind the garage.

"That little perv has been watching me sunbathe in my private spot." Francine laughed out loud. She looked down at the towel on the chair, and quickly pulled it back. Underneath the towel was a professional grade Canon digital camera with a huge telescoping lens. Marked on the side were the words Property of Pearl Bailey High. "I guess there are some perks to belonging to the camera club." Said Francine as a million thoughts raced through her mind. 'How much has he seen? How long has he been doing this?' she wondered.

Grabbing the camera, Francine turned it on. The view screen on the camera was huge. She began to go through the photos. It took several minutes before she first found photos of interest. The first ones were of his sister Haley, lying out by the family pool. "So Stevie has a crush on his big Sis." She chuckled. "Or at least he thinks she looks good in a bikini."

As she clicked through the photo's she muttered in her own defense, "My tits are way bigger and nicer than Haley's are, Steve. Hummpf!"

Soon Francine's suspicions were confirmed, and her ego soothed. Photos began showing on the viewer of Francine entering the secluded garden area with a lounge chair, towel and cooler. When she set the chair up she was unknowingly facing perfectly in Steve's camera view. There were up-close photos of her setting up the chair, smoking a joint, and applying tanning oil. LOTS of photos of her applying tanning oil.

"Uh oh..." Francine said after seeing forty or fifty photos of her lying on her stomach, legs spread wide and her top undone to prevent tan lines. She knew what was coming next.

The series changed to her turning over, and setting her top down on the ground in one swift motion. The next several hundred photos showed Francine laying on her back, her big tits gently heaving from the center of her chest as she applied copious amounts of tanning oil. "That little devil caught me teasing my nipples." Francine said in astonishment of the fifty high quality close-ups of her pinching and teasing her oil soaked nipples. "I look so beautiful in the photos." She remarked. "And he really is a great photographer." Francine said with pride as she started formulating a plan to take advantage of his skills.

Francine left his room and hurried back down the stairs and out into the garden. Giving him the walking stick, she made her excuses and quickly left. Steve was left somewhat confused by her sudden hurried departure and couldn't help but wonder what had just happened.

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