Amie Does Black Lovers for Hubby


She looked towards me and gasps, "Honey, he is deeper in my cunt than you will ever be and I want his semen shot deep into my womb. I have never fucked such a man!"

He was now pounding her harder and faster than I have ever seen and finally his ass cheeks tighten and the shaft of his bare black cock is now streaked with his white gooey love juice as he blasts it deep within her. It was then I noticed the unmistakable smell of sex filling the room. With a few last thrusts he collapses onto her and they kissed deeply in a quivering mass of black and white sweaty flesh. She is laying underneath him wimpering and shaking saying over and over again, "That was so nice, that was so nice!" By this time his friends were now naked and as Dwayne rolls off her they crawl onto the bed with Amie and start feeling her up.

"I thought they were only going to watch and she was only going to fuck Dwayne. I don't think I like this gang bang thing." I protested.

Catching her breath Amie tells me in her soft Southern drawl, "I told you I was going to do anything my lover wants me to do so get over it and enjoy the show."

She now stretches out with her arms above her head and spreads her legs she opens her cum soaked pussy for all the see. . She looks as Dwayne and says, "I am ready for just about anything, you can even tie me up. I have some restraints in my bag. I am also ready for a refill, my cunt is starting to empty and need some more sweet black man cum."

"Oh we'll take you up on that bondage in a bit" Dwayne says "While I figure it out you can play with my crew." The three of them, one who appeared be around fifty and while not fat was a bit chubby (It turned out he was one of their uncles) the second slender man with his hair in cornrows and several tattoos, and the third with muscular build but quite short. They all had large cocks (though none like Dwayne's!) all considerably bigger than my 6 inch cock. I was wondering how Amie would feel about my cock after this evening.

The older pudgy man got between her legs and placed his cock into her drenched pussy and as he did the other two got on each side of her and sucked on her titties. In no time his bare black cock was sliding in and out of her sweet cunt already lubricated by her juices as well as Dwayne's cum. As he picked up the pace she sucked on the slender man's cock as she stroked the other with her right hand.

I noticed that I now had a raging boner that was straining against my pants and something in my brain had switched off the jealous feelings I had earlier and I now wanted to see Amie take all that bare cock and to really enjoy herself. "Fuck them you little slut! You are now a cum dump for black cock! You are nothing but a whore for black cock aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes! Give me all that black dick, it feels so good, I need it so bad!" Amie murmurs softly. "My family should see me now, fucking these handsome black men."

Dwayne emerges from the bathroom with leather cuffs and rope in his hands. I noticed his cock was hard as a rock, it crossed my mind that maybe he was taking Viagra or something because he had recovered so fast.

He sat in a chair and watched Amie do his friends, lightly stroking his cock. The guy who was fucking her face finally shoots his load into her mouth, holding his cock in her face until she had licked him clean and swallowed every drop. When he was done she let go of the cock she had in her hand and turns her attention to the man fucking her pussy. "Come on sweetie." She cooed to him reaching up and gently fluttering her soft fingers over his nipples. "You can do it, I want your cum in me!"

That was more than he could stand and moaned loudly as he emptied his cock into her, Amie was also cumming at the same time. "That was incredible, you are such a sexy and gorgeous woman." He tells her and kisses her deeply. He must have been real appreciative of the chance to fuck such a beautiful younger woman, young enough to be his daughter.

As he pulls out of her and staggers away Dwayne goes to the bed and pulls her limp body towards the edge of the bed. When she sees his hard cock she instantly perks up and reaches out and cups his balls in her hand, pulling him towards her and she starts licking the head of his cock saying, 'You are ready for some more Lover? I want you again too." She sucks, licks and murmurs things about his beautiful cock. She does this for a few minutes and when he pulls her head away, she looks disappointed.

He crawls up onto the bed on his hands and knees and points his ass at her and says, "Stick your soft tongue in my black ass Amie!" She hesitates for just a few seconds but then crawls up behind him and reached between his legs with her right hand and grabs his cock. As she does this she spreads his muscular cheeks with her left hand a dives her mouth into his rectum. Stopping for a bit to exclaim, "Every inch of you is delicious!" She then continues to run her tongue from his scrotum to his anus and back again, he is moaning loudly as she does this. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I had never even considered asking her to rim me and she had never offered. Once again I was floored!

Finally he pulled away and gets off the bed and picking up the restraints he tells her to lay on her belly and place 2 pillows under her tummy. His friends help him tie the ends of the ropes to each corner of the bed frame, he then grabs her wrists and fastens the leather cuffs to each leaving just a little slack. He then cuffs her ankles and spreads her legs out wide, there she was with totally exposed with her ass up in the air, her cunt dripping cum onto the bed.

"What are you going to do to me?" She says weakly

"You said we could tie you up." Dwayne says to her. "Now we are going to do anything we want to you and you can do nothing about it. As a matter of fact, I going to start by fucking your ass! No woman has ever let me do her ass, they think I am too big, what do you think?"

Amie is now breathing hard and she gasps "I'm sure it is too big but I told you I will do anything. But please be gentle, don't tear me up badly." She looks over at me and says, "What do you think now Honey? This black bull is going to tear me up with big black cock and you're just going to let it happen aren't you?" Your going to get off seeing him ravish my unprotected ass aren't you?" He is going to do this and I have never let you fuck my ass have I?"

"Yeah, I'm going to let him do it. You never let me fuck your ass but he will, you will let black men do anything to you won't you?" I responded.

Yes, anything. Anything at all!" she says.

"Then fuck the shit out of that tramp's ass!" I exclaimed.

He positioned himself behind her and places some lube on his fingers, he works one finger into her ass and then another. The whole time she is squirming around uncontrollably straining against her restraints as her greases up her ass. He puts a bit on his cock and grabs her by her hips and places the head of his member against her anus. "Here it comes! Relax and enjoy this." He says as he works his cock into her. She involuntarily tries to pull away but he just pulls her back towards him with his strong hands.

"Too, too fast! Please go slow!" She pleads

He now had maybe half of his cock worked into her and was starting to set up a rhythm, stroking slowly and with each stroke reaming her out a little more. I couldn't believe how much he was stretching her out. She was gasping and moaning trying to push back towards him but her instinct was to pull away. He would have none of that, pulling her back and pushing real hard and now had half of his massive cock into her.

"Your tearing me apart!" she screams "Easy, please easy. Ooohh!" Gradually though she seemed to be relaxing a bit and starting to buck her hips in unison with his strokes. "Ahh, that feels better Lover, do it! I love that monster in my ass! Please fill my ass with your cum, please!" She was now begging. I also couldn't believe how turned on I was!

No matter how hard he tried he still couldn't get all of his cock into her but he was stroking her pretty damn hard and finally with a grunt and a moan he releases his cum deep into her pretty ass. He was dripping sweat all over her backside and he relaxes and just keep his cock in her for quite a while. Finally pulling out with a funny suction sound.

"Oh, that was so intense!" Amie exclaimed " I feel like I have been filled by cum from the gods!" She made no attempt to get away from her bonds and just laid there very relaxed and totally exposed to everyone with cum dripping from her cunt and ass.

A joint was lit and handed around as she dozed. They talked about what they would do to her next, one of them still hadn't cum. He would get his chance soon enough! After a fifteen minute or so break Dwayne released her bonds and the guy who had just gotten a partial handjob lays on his back and says "Ride my cock with your sweet cunt."

She didn't hesitate and immediately mounted him pressing her tits on his chest. She leans forward and says, "Does anyone want my ass" I have never done a double penetration." The slender man who had cum in her mouth now positioned himself behind her and sticks his big cock into her now loosened ass. I could see now that nothing was off limits for my wife that evening, each man took her repeatedly that night with each one cumming in Amie's sweet cunt, her ass, and her mouth numerous times. She indeed gave herself entirely to Dwayne and was incredibly submissive to this black stud. Dwayne filled her little pussy three times himself and the last time was after the rest had had left. He was getting ready to leave and Amie was lay one the bed and she says, "Aww, are you leaving so soon? I'm going to miss you."

"Gotta go, you know where to find me." He answers.

"One more time...please?" She pleads.

"Your twisting my arm!" He says as he takes off his pants. "I hope you don't mind if I don't eat you out, you are a mess down there!"

"No not all, just fuck me with your beautiful cock!" She says.

He crawls between her legs and kisses her deeply nibbling her titties and nuzzling her neck. She spreads her legs wide and her slowly enters her pussy for the third time. "Oooooooh, She exclaims. "That feels so good."

He is now stroking her long and slow, his cock sliding easily in and out of her. He says, "Are you sure you don't want to go home with me Sweetness? You can have this every night."

"I know how to find you!" She exclaims.

With that they set up a rhythm and got down to good stroking, they switch positions once with her on top riding him like a cowgirl. He finishes on top both their faces contorting as they cum together. When finished they lay together intertwined for a long time. He finally pulls out and goes to the bathroom to clean up, he dresses and soon it was just Amie and me. I stood over the bed looking down at her, she was passed out face down cum dripping out of her ass and pussy. Dried cum was also caked inside her thighs and all over the sheets. When I rolled her over I saw now she was also had a few bite marks here and there and her titties and neck had several hickies.

Her eyes flickered open and smiles at me, "I really enjoyed that, thanks for letting me fuck those wonderful black men this evening. Do you want to fuck me now?"

I really needed to do this, to reclaim what was once exclusively mine. I stripped and joined her on the bed, "You were amazing! I never thought of you this way and you are an incredible lover." It was like the best porn I have ever seen." I got between her legs as so many had done before that night and she let out a loud moan as I entered her. I kissed her and I could smell the scent of the 4 black men on her, it was incredibly erotic and I just knew I wouldn't be lasting very long! She was clutching my ass and bucking me hard and in no time at all I let loose with a stream of cum I had been building up all night. My semen intermingled with the 4 black men's cum. It was now competing with theirs in a race to her womb. It was a nice end to the evening!

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Latina married BBC whores

Both of the Latina married whores I own loved the first time I had them stripped naked by several good nigga Bulls in front of their submissive whore CuckHubbies.
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Another black cock cuckold goes down

I've watched three previous wives go black and found it never stops with just one. They've all told me that I could settle for sloppy seconds or none at all. I tried the sloppy seconds for awhile but sincemore...

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