tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmie Gets Taken

Amie Gets Taken


Walking home down the empty street, Amie carried her bag close to her side. She could feel someone watching and it unnerved her. She looked left, looked right and crossed the street to be more under the street lights, but as soon as she reached the other side, she felt a strong grip around her neck as she was dragged backwards down a dark alley and pushed into a van. Another strong male forced her on her front as she was kicking and screaming. He placed a sweet smelling cloth on her nose and everything went black...

The two men sneered as one jumped into the drivers seat, and the other sat with the beautiful girl in the back. Still wearing her club uniform, a small white blouse and short black skirt, her boobs dangled freely almost popping out of the tightly fastened top.

He admired her legs as she lay there still passed out in the back of the van, long and tanned. Running a hand up along her legs he almost drooled at the terrible thoughts he had in his mind; they were going to ruin this little fucking slut.

When she awoke, everything felt fuzzy and she struggled to move, realising she was on her knees and felt an ache on her knees. Bent over the lovestool, her ass was exposed with her hands bound behind her back. She whimpered as one of the men wearing a dark mask, exposing only his eyes, grabbed her hair roughly pulling her head up, sneering at her.

'Oh look, she's finally awake and come to play,' He laughed to his friend.

'Please don't hurt me,' Amie cried out.

'Shut up slut and do what you're told all we'll have to ruin that pretty ass of yours with some nice red belt marks,' The friend replied.

She was confused and sore, and didn't know who was who. Both the men were wearing masks and she could only identify them via their penis's. She'd always had a fear of cocks. Sure she lost her virginity to a perfectly nice boy in high school, but she had a reputation for being a cock tease and could never follow through.

She hung her head down and whimpered as she realised what was about to happen to her. One of the men dragged his hard throbbing cock across her face, leaving a small trail of pre cum on her chin, before pinching her nose and roughly forcing his cock in her open mouth. She chocked and gagged so he forced it in deeper.

It felt so good feeling the back of her throat and looking at her eyes, beginning to water. He thrust himself in and out of her mouth before holding it in place and pinching her nose again so she couldn't breathe. Watching her struggle, he finally pulled out and she gasped for air.

His friend spanked her ass hard with a paddle, frightening her and gently stroked her peachy ass softly, before hitting her again.

Her nipples were being teased and stroked as the other started playing with her pussy, gently stroking her inner thighs, she cried out and begged them to stop and let her go, that she wouldn't tell anyone. But the men only laughed and said their fun was only just beginning.

They blindfolded her so she couldn't see what was going on and it heightened her sensitivity. She felt her body was betraying her as a soft trail of wetness seeped out her tight cunt. She heard a man laugh ' Look, she's actually enjoying this, what a fucking whore.'

Pain ran through her body as she was suddenly entered by a hard cock, he drove his way into her, loving her moans and cries, begging him to stop. It felt so good, her tight wet sloppy cunt just taking him full force from behind.

The other, felt he was missing out and to give this whore a real good time, she needed to be fucked and have all her holes filled, so he shoved his cock back into her mouth; the two men filling her and thrusting whilst she just sat there and took it, unable to move, although she tried and struggled.

She felt herself almost on the brink of orgasm, completely ashamed to be feeling this, and just as she was beginning to enjoy it and NEED that cum, the men pulled out, not wanting to satisfy the whore she was.

One of the men pulled her hair back from behind, her back arching, with her hands still bound behind her back, and whispered into her ear how he was going to ruin her, this little slut was his to be enjoyed.

Her legs were freed and a strong arm went around her neck pulling her upright and moving her to a different part of the warehouse. It was dirty and dark, but she was forced back down onto the floor, her arms unbound. She felt hope that it might be over and there were going to let her go, but instead he flipped her over onto her back whilst the other guy stood there watching her, stroking his hard cock.

The first kneeled over her, whilst the second bound her arms once again, but this time tying each wrist to a metal bar attached to the wall. Her legs were free but she couldn't move, yet just tried to lash out with her legs, kicking and screaming. The blindfold frightened her as she couldn't see.

One of the men knelt over her face, forcing his cock into her mouth, slapping her face with it, degrading her to the fullest, he couldn't control himself and came all over her face. He used his hand to wipe more of it all over her pretty lips and then slapped her and called her a slut.

He went to clean up and left his friend to finish up, and he straddled her, forcing her legs shut together, grabbing her tits and enjoying himself, but all he could think about was fucking this whore so deep in her tight wet cunt. She wanted it, her juices told him how turned on she was even though she whimpered no. He spread her legs and drove a finger into her and she moaned. She was ready for his big cock, and as he thrust into her he couldn't believe how tight she was, every time he shifted, she moaned and winced, but he loved it.

Thrusting in her so deep, he lent over her and placed a hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming and she could barely breathe, he was in total control of her and there was nothing she could do, he wanted to make her cum and feel ashamed of herself.

He pinched her nose too so she couldn't breathe, just feel him deep inside of her and he shot his hot load into her, his dirty seed filling her. He watched her wriggle and struggle for air and released his hand at the last minute as she gasped for air her whole body shuddered in an intense orgasm and he slapped her across the face, punishment for cumming without his permission.

Both the men just got up and looked at her, just lying there shivering, covered in their cum. They walked away to get their things, leaving her there for later when they'd return...

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