tagIncest/TabooAmor Prohibetur Ch. 16

Amor Prohibetur Ch. 16


Assume The Position!

Gary stepped into his house in a bad mood. He'd been driving around town all morning, working for a start-up competitor to Uber. That was his job now; basically he'd become a taxi driver instead of a financial consultant. He hated what he was doing, but he didn't have much choice in the matter. It was either drive, drive, drive these ungrateful chumps all over the place, or start selling off his furniture and crossing his fingers that he wouldn't lose his house later.

It wasn't going well for him. He calculated how much debt he was in and how much money he was making from driving, and he still ended up in the red. Part of the problem was that he'd believed the forecasts saying the financial downturn was temporary. He had trusted those people! The other part was his wife. Being a man who played with numbers for a living, Gary had known when and how severely to cut down on his expenses. There was nothing else for him to reduce in expenditures, unless he went on weeklong fasts and didn't eat! His wife, on the other hand, had cut down on her spending a little, then a little more.

Gary couldn't completely blame his wife for her spending habits. She wanted to buy nice things for him, for her and for their daughter Amy. His wife was one of those people that believed nice things equaled more love, and was ever hopeful that everything would very soon go back to how it was before. Gary studied the past trends, and at first he'd agreed with his wife's philosophy. Downturns always rebounded and became upturns. A good analyst like him could put himself in a spot where he was ready to spring back up like a happy Jack in the box. This time, however, what the news media was calling a minor slowdown was really a deep, deep recession.

Enough of that shit, Gary closed his mind up. He didn't want to think about it anymore. His last passenger was a chain-smoker who lit up one cigarette after another while Gary had taken that bitch to the airport. Maybe Gary should have refused the ride, as the woman hadn't bothered to mention she was a smoker in her profile. Still, the fare to the airport was the best one he'd had all day. He smelled like smoke and so did his car, but at least he was getting paid good money for it.

"I'm taking a shower and changing my clothes." Gary decided. His wife had told him to use The Power Of Attraction, whatever that was. It wasn't working, but neither was anything else, so Gary kept on hoping and wishing things in his life would get better through whatever mainstream magic that was. "All right. I'll feel fresh and happy when I get out of the shower. I'll have a lot of fares this afternoon, and they're all going to be big ones. This is going to be a good day. No, no, this is going to be a great day! Like my wife says, every gray cloud has a silver lining. That's right, when I walk out of this shower good things are going to happen to me! This is going to be the best shower ever!"

Gary strode into the bathroom full of purpose. After tossing his smelly clothes into the hamper, he turned the shower on and set the water to warm and comfortable. The stream of water felt good as it fell on his face and chest. For the next few minutes, Gary didn't think about anything negative. In fact, the way his brain went from tight to loose gave him the inspiration on how he could cut a couple of corners and save money. He was working out the kinks in his new plan when he heard a knocking on the bathroom door.

Gary was surprised that anyone else was in the house. His wife was at her six-hour a day job at the grocery store, while his daughter had classes at the junior college.

"Yeah?" He called out.

Some kind of reply came back at him, but he couldn't make it out clearly because of the closed door and the rush of water in his face. He leaned away from the stream. "I can't hear you! You're going to have to speak up!"

His wife said something about scratching up the car.

"Son of a bitch!" Gary snapped, instantly irritated. "Didn't I tell you about driving carefully? How bad is it?"

The voice was garbled, but he did hear that the new damage went all across one side. Apparently, his wife decided to find out what was tougher: the side of her car or a fire hydrant. That was enough to sent Gary into hysterics.

"Fuck!" The man cursed. "What I meant to say was fuck! I can't believe you did this! You know how tight our finances are right now! How the hell am I supposed to pay for that? Do you want me to chop my arm off and sell it to science? Is that it? What the hell am I supposed to do now? How about this? We sell your goddamned car and buy you a goddamned bicycle! We'll put a little bell on it so people can know you're coming!"

Gary heard his wife whining about how it wasn't her fault, but he cut her off before she got too far into her spiel.

"I don't want to hear it!" Gary shouted. "I don't want to hear it! This is what you're going to do! You march your happy ass into the bedroom and take off your clothes! You're going to make me a happy man in the bedroom, because you sure haven't made me a happy man while I'm taking my shower! Do you really expect me to go back to work feeling like I want to drive off a cliff?"

His wife started apologizing and saying she had to get back.

"Shut up!" Gary bellowed out, hoping his anger was coming across loud and clear. He'd really had it with her this time. "For once in your life, you shut your trap and listen up! I want you in the bed naked! If you don't do what I tell you, I'm taking your keys away from you and then you're taking the fucking bus! Get in the bed and assume the fucking position!"

His wife said she didn't know if she could do that. She sounded frantic out there.

"Assume the fucking position!" Gary repeated. "I'm sick and tired of paying for all of your bullshit. You hear me? Either you do that or you hand over your keys and you can forget about that stupid car of yours! If I have to fix it again and all I get is an oh, I'm really, really sorry, then I'm going to own that stupid car!"

Gary waited for more griping from behind the bathroom door, but it didn't come. His wife had better follow his orders, he thought, because she sure didn't listen to him any other time. The man stayed in the shower a little longer than usual, just to cool his steam off a little more. Then he remembered how he was always in and out of the shower in five minutes, while his wife and daughter would take over half an hour and drive up the water bill. That was enough to push his buttons again. Why was he the only one that had to suffer when times were bad?

As he opened the shower door to grab the nearest towel, Gary wondered how happy his woman would be if they did end up losing the house. He tried to change his wrecked attitude as he was drying his body. Just give her fat ass a good pounding, Gary thought, forget about the damage to the car, and get back on the road so the bills would get paid. That was the plan, he decided.

Gary wrapped the towel around his waist and left the bathroom. He strode down the short hall and into the master bedroom. Because he wasn't paying attention, he only caught a glimpse of his wife sitting on the bed. He saw her small head, her dark hair and her bare arm, as he stepped over to the closet to pick out the set of clothes he would wear later. His wife was focused on her phone as usual, which he hated, but then again so was every other woman these days.

"How bad is the damage?" Gary asked, as he pulled out a comfortable pair of khakis. He set them on the backrest of his desk chair.

"I don't know, dad." The woman on the bed replied. "I can't open the door anymore. I think it's stuck now."

Gary glanced over his shoulder, thinking he'd heard wrong. He was shocked that it wasn't his wife in bed, but his daughter. The two women looked similar, they had similar bodies, and they even sounded similar. Gary had mistaken the one for the other!

Because his daughter was staring at her phone like a zombie, she didn't catch her father's startled reaction. Quickly, Gary looked back into the closet. How the hell was he going to explain this to his wife?

"I can't believe you're making me do this." His daughter grumbled in a low voice.

Making her do what, Gary wondered. His brain was still stunned at the fact that the woman on the bed was not the woman he expected to see. He took a quick glance again, seeing his daughter's bare arm and part of her side. She was partly under the covers with her knees raised up, but from what he could see, his daughter didn't have any clothes on!

Get rid of her, Gary thought, as he faced the closet. He pushed his shirts about, trying to pick one out while at the same time wondering how he should handle the very awkward scene in his bedroom, which he did not want his wife to find out about. Think of it like a financial dilemma, he decided. There were two occupants in the bedroom, when he only wanted one. How would he reduce the liability without incurring more risk? How would he prevent the investor, his wife of course, from finding out about the market's sudden volatility and withdrawing her investment? This, Gary understood, was going to be a very tricky maneuver!

Gary pulled out a flowery shirt, wondering if the bright colors on it would attract good fares. After he put that over his khakis, he went over to his dresser for the rest of his clothes. His full outfit ready, the uncomfortable father went to stand by the foot of his bed, trying to come up with the right thing to say so his wife would never know about this.

His daughter saw him standing there. She set her phone at her side and shook her head. In a mocking way, she said, "Assume the position."

As Gary watched, Amy pulled the covers aside and turner her body around so that she was on all fours. He reached out, wanting to stop her, but then his hands would be on her body and he didn't want that to happen either. As stuck as he was in indecision, the only thing moving was his eyes.

His daughter was nude except for her panties, which were red and lacy. Amy's hair was longer than his wife's, as his spouse was in that weird stage where older women thought that short hair was better than long hair. Amy's form was slender, with a lot less fat than what Gary was used to seeing on his wife, but her ass did curve out nicely from the pose she was in. His daughter's breasts were B cups, hanging down just a little, unlike his wife's larger set that looked like upside down bells.

"Well, come on!" Amy complained. "Get it over with! I'm going to miss my class if you don't hurry up!"

Gary's mind had been in a surreal state where he didn't know what was up or down. Hearing those words took him back to the shower, where he'd basically demanded that his wife strip down and get ready for him. His brain still refused to make the connection that it was Amy he'd been talking to. At the same, he couldn't help staring at her body.

Get rid of her!

"I didn't know you were so pressed for time." Gary said, reverting to the business mode he used with his clients. "We can talk about this later."

Amy slipped off the bed to stare at him. It took all of Gary's concentration not to look at her tits.

"Are you going to take my keys away or not?" She demanded to know.

"We'll talk about it later." Gary said, automatically.

Amy walked up next to him. She leaned her head closer and shook it, while giving him bulging eyes. This time, Gary had to concentrate on not laughing. That was Amy's angry face, meant to convey great fury and to cower her enemies. He'd always found that face funny, like the face a witch doctor might use to scare villagers.

"Assume the position." Amy mumbled as she left the room. "Why don't you assume the position?"

Gary couldn't help but observe her tight butt and legs walking away from him. He also noticed how hard his cock was under the towel, too.

The next morning, Gary woke up with a cock the size of his forearm. Well, okay, that was an exaggeration, but he couldn't believe he was that hard after all he'd done to his wife the previous night. He'd been so horny he attacked his woman in bed not once, not twice, but three different times. The last time, his wife stared whining about how sore she was and how she had to work early that morning. Somebody from work was out on a doctor's appointment, she said, so her boss had no choice but to give her eight full hours as opposed to the typical six.

"Leave me the fuck alone, Gary!" His wife had growled, before she'd gone off to sleep in the living room.

Gary sat up, observing that it was half past nine. His wife was already gone, he realized. Hoping she'd left him some kind of breakfast in the microwave, he left the bed and strode down the hallway clad only in his boxers.

For some strange, mysterious reason, he automatically stopped at the door to his daughter's room. It started sinking into Gary's head that he'd dreamed of Amy assuming the position on his bed. That's why he'd sexually assaulted his wife the night before.

"Stop it, just stop it." Gary shook his head.

He forced himself to finish the brief walk into the kitchen. Good, he thought. His wife had set a plate with two egg and cheese sandwiches in the microwave. He would sit down to enjoy those sandwiches, just as soon as he went into the bathroom for a quick shot of mouthwash. This time, he had to tell himself not to stare at his daughter's door.

Gary did stop, right when he got to the bathroom. The door was open, but he halted at the threshold. It hadn't been open the previous day, when his daughter was standing there informing him of her latest vehicular mishap. That started to rile the man up. He'd seen the damage on Amy's car, and it was very similar to what his wife had done just a few years before. What the hell was it with women and fire hydrants? Was there some kind of collective memory, from a time when women and fire hydrants had been mortal enemies?

"One thousand to twelve hundred bucks." Gary murmured, shaking his head as he went into the bathroom. He took his dosage of mouthwash, swirled it around, dropped it and strode back out. "One thousand to twelve hundred bucks."

That was money he didn't have. That was money that was probably going to be grafted onto one of his credit cards, permanently. He was barely paying off the interest on his stupid cards as it was!

"Take a deep breath, Gary." The man tried to control his rising madness. "It won't do you any good to get all riled up and then head out on the road. It was bad enough that you didn't attract any big fares yesterday, when you were broadcasting happy thoughts. Imagine what kind of chumps you'll get if you're feeling like shit?"

Maybe he should give his daughter a hard time, he considered. Maybe it would sink in that she shouldn't drive around so carelessly. A couple of strides and he was at her door, turning the knob and pushing.

Amy was sleeping on her side, with the covers lying next to her. She wore an oversized tee shirt and men's boxers, the same as her mother did at night. From the way her clothes were positioned, Gary could see part of her middle and all of her legs. His head started to spin, as he thought of what she was wearing and how it was bunching up on her, and compared that to what she had on when she'd been on his bed the day before.

Gary looked down at the front of his boxers, where his manhood was still erect. That hard-on hadn't dissipated the whole time he'd been awake.

"Oh, this is sooo bad." Gary remarked, as he pulled on the fly and let his cock slide out into the open. He'd never imagined standing at the door to his daughter's bedroom, with his hardness poking out of his boxers like a monument. Then again, he'd never imagined Amy on all fours on top of his bed, either.

"I should leave." He half-decided. Thoughts of losing twelve hundred dollars ran through his head, telling him to stay put. He could just imagine what his daughter would tell him if he let this slide.

"I'm really, really sorry, dad." Amy might say. "Are you going to fix it or not?"

And he would have to, wouldn't he? Amy's mother didn't like the idea of Amy taking the bus, and her junior college was halfway across town, and this and that and here you go, Mr. Mechanic, knock yourself out. You take this credit card, and you take your wife and children to Disneyland, at my expense! Money, money, money, that's all that his wife and daughter expected from him. It would be nice to be appreciated every so often, wouldn't it? That was much better than being taken advantage of!

Thoughts like that prompted Gary to dare take a couple of strides into Amy's room. He scanned over her shape, listening to her soft snores. Her boxers were in such a state that he could nearly look all the way up her legs. The tight, little curve of her butt...

Gary reached out, pulling the bottom edge of the boxers to cover her up, because a small war was being waged inside his head. Maybe, if those boxers weren't revealing so much, his good sense would win that war. That was easy enough, he noted, once he'd pulled them to cover her butt.

But... But... Butt!

It would be just as easy to pull the boxers down from the top, as it was to pull them from the bottom. Let's just have a look, shall we? Just an eensy, weensy peek. Gary took a breath, because he needed one, before he reached out for his daughter's waist.

He pulled her boxers halfway down her ass, shuddering at what he was doing, and at what he saw as the end result. Half of Amy's butt was right there, staring at him! Another round of dedicated tugs later, and her boxers were down at her thighs.

"Gary, Gary, what are you doing?" The aroused father asked, as he locked his eyes at the tempting sight of his daughter's entire bare ass.

"My wife's going to kill me." He whispered. "She's going to cut my dick off like those crazy women do to their cheating husbands."

If he leaned over the bed just right, he might be able to rub his cock on Amy's butt. Gary tried that, having a tough moment in figuring out where to put his arms. His weight was tilting the bed over slightly. His cock ended up resting on Amy's leg, which was nice and thick, mind you. After adjusting his stance, Gary got his cock to rub against her butt, and... There! Now he was poking his cock right in the middle, right between those two tight little cheeks.

"You're going to burn, Gary, you're going to burn for this." He mumbled.

The vision of the damage on Amy's car was enough to keep him from running off. That certainly was no scratch, no sir! That was a bona fide gouge; a vicious attack from what must have been a stalwart among fire hydrants! Oh, that was a jousting match between car and fire-plug that had left the car decidedly humiliated!

"Twelve hundred dollars." Gary squealed through tight lips.

He reached out to hold Amy by the waist and thigh, before he started rubbing his cock into that forbidden cleft between her cheeks. Back and forth he went, tantalizing the end of his manhood as it became immersed in an inch or two of young flesh. No, no, no, that wouldn't be enough, he decided. What if... What if he got his cock between her thighs? Than Amy's legs would hold all of it and he could rub right down the middle until he couldn't take it anymore. He imagined spurting out, spilling all over her thighs and causing her to freak out when she felt all that ooze on her.

Gary tugged at her boxers. He got to a place where he couldn't pull any more unless he used a little force. Screw it, he thought, as he gave one good yank to bring the garment past the fatter part of her thigh and down close to the knee. She did shift around, but the boxers were barely in place now. With one calculated tug after another, he was able to pull them all the way off.

"That was the hard part." Gary whispered. "Now comes another hard part."

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