tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmsterdam Weekend

Amsterdam Weekend


I had the evening meal just about ready when I saw Chris's car pull into the driveway. He breezed into the kitchen in his usual way and gave me a hug and a wet kiss. "How's my best girl?" I smiled, as this was his usual comment; it was the same one he always used.

He went to wash up as I put the meal out on the table. I thought to myself, where had the excitement gone in our marriage? Yes, I still loved Chris, but I loved the old spontaneous Chris better, the Chris who would come in, sweep me off my feet, and make love to me there and then wherever we were.

We ate the first course in comparative silence with Chris scanning through the evening paper. It was only after I had served the main course that he looked over at me. "I've got some good news and some bad new for you," he said. "Which do you want to hear first?"

I shrugged. "Let's have the bad, and then at least the good might cheer me up."

"Well," he said, "the bad is that I've got to go over to Amsterdam next Thursday for a meeting with Endox. It's that new account I have been working on. They have invited me over for a final meeting and to join them for dinner on Friday." I looked at him, stunned for a minute. Friday was our wedding anniversary.

"You can't, not next Friday!" I said. "It's our wedding anniversary, not next Friday!"

He looked solemn for a moment, and then he broke into a smile. "Here's the good news. When I told Jake, my boss, I couldn't go because it was our wedding anniversary, he said I could take you with me and we could stay over the weekend at the company's expense."

I dashed around the table, threw my arms around his neck, and kissed him. "That will be wonderful, darling. I haven't been to Amsterdam for over ten years. I loved it when I was there in my student days."

I spent the next few days sorting out clothes and packing, and early Thursday we drove to our local airport. From there it was only just over an hour's flight to Amsterdam, and well before lunchtime, we were landing at Schiphol airport. After locating our luggage, we made our way to the arrival lounge and quickly located our Driver from Endox.

A short ten mile drive brought us into the town centre. The car pulled up in Dam square in front of the imposing elegance of the Hotel Krasnapolsky. A liveried doorman opened the car door and took our bags from the driver. Inside, a smiling receptionist greeted us, and we were quickly checked in and on the way up to our room. Well, I was expecting a room, but what we found ourselves in was a luxury apartment. I could not believe it! I was like a small, excited child dragging Chris from room to room. On a table in the spacious lounge we found a dozen red roses, a bottle of champagne, and a large box of Belgium chocolates. A small note from Endox said, "Welcome to Amsterdam."

We had just finished unpacking when the phone rang. Chris picked it up. It was from Endox. They wanted an early meeting with Chris that afternoon to sort out something before the big meeting tomorrow. I was a little disappointed to be left on my own so soon, but I told Chris to get off. There was plenty for me to do and the shops were close by.

After Chris had gone, I showered in the large bathroom with the sunken Jacuzzi and changed into a light dress and strappy sandals. It was a lovely day outside and I thought it was a pity to be cooped up inside. The doorman smiled and acknowledged me as I walked down the steps into the bright sunlight. Dam square was as crowded as I remembered it to be all those years ago.

People stood around watching the street entertainers and looking for bargains at the peddler's stalls. I found a seat in one of the pavement cafés and ordered a large cappuccino. I sat there for an hour watching the world go by. It was wonderful.

I spent the next couple of hours doing some serious damage to my credit card in the many large department stores that lined the road leading from Dam square. I purchased the most exquisite nightdress and some exciting undies that I knew Chris would adore, as well as a few other items that caught my eye before I returned back to the hotel laden with bags. A note on reception told me that Chris would be arriving back at the hotel at five-thirty. I checked my watch: that was in about an hour and a half.

Back in the apartment, I spent some time checking out my purchases and trying on the new undies I had bought. Then I went in and ran the bath. It felt quite an exciting experience to be wandering around our lovely apartment in my new undies. In the bathroom, I slipped off my bra and panties and slid down into the warm, soapy water. I turned the jets on and lay back. I must have been very tired after our journey and early start because I quickly fell asleep.

I woke up suddenly on hearing Chris's voice calling me. I rubbed my eyes. I felt chilly as the water had cooled down. I stepped out of the bath, grabbed a robe, and wound a towel around my wet hair. Just then Chris's head appeared around the bathroom door. He smiled. "Just wondering where you were. I've got Carl outside from Endox. He wants to meet you."

I looked down at my outfit. "Like this?"

Chris smiled. "You'll do," he said with a big grin. "Everything's covered."

He took my hand and led me out into the lounge. A tall, well built guy was standing looking out of the window. He turned as we came in and smiled. He apologized when he saw my outfit. "Sorry to disturb you, but I just had to meet you after all Chris has said about you." He took my hand and squeezed it in a firm grip.

Carl, it turned out, was from Sweden. He was chief engineer at Endox.

We all chatted for a while over a good bottle of wine that Chris had taken from the large, well stocked mini-bar. I noticed Carl glancing over in my direction from time to time. It made me feel a little excited as I was not wearing anything under my robe, and I guess he realised that. At last, with some reluctance, Carl said he must leave and that he would come over and collect us later to take us on a tour of the city at night. We all said our goodbyes.

Later that evening, we found ourselves in the hotel bar awaiting Carl's arrival. He suddenly came bustling in, a big smile on his rugged face. We had a quick drink and then hit the town. A place like Amsterdam takes on a different cloak at night. Gone are the locals and the worried looking office workers, replaced by hundreds of tourists, searching the night for the bright lights of the many restaurants, bars, cafés, and night spots.

We ate in a small Italian place. Carl was good company and knew his way about. He insisted that we forgo coffee in the restaurant and try one of the small coffee shops that Amsterdam is famous for. We finished up in the Bulldog, the first and probably the most famous coffee shop in Amsterdam. The sweet aroma of the air enveloped us as we walked in the place. The music was good and the strong, dark coffee was served by a smiling waitress. "Have you ever tried the special products available here?" Carl inquired.

Chris shook his head. "Never touched the stuff since my student days. It's too risky in the UK."

Carl smiled. "It's legal here. You should try some; not the really hard stuff, just the weed."

Chris was a bit reluctant, but I remembered what it had done for me when I was over here in my student days, and it was our wedding anniversary. Maybe it would make things interesting, so after a little persuasion, he agreed to try some. Carl took us downstairs to meet the friendly dealer, who showed us his products and gave us his advice on what we should buy. It was quite like the old days when I sat back and inhaled the cool sweet smoke deep into my lungs.

A bottle of wine and two more roll ups later and we were all in a very relaxed mood, but then Carl's mobile rang. It was Endox. There was a problem at the plant. "Will you two be okay? I will have to go." We walked out into the cool night air and flagged down a taxi for him.

We stood outside the Bulldog, not sure what to do now that Carl had left. I felt pretty good, and the way Chris was gripping my hand, I guess he was feeling the same. We walked slowly down the canal side following the crowds of tourist, and before we knew it, we were passing brightly illuminated doorways occupied by attractive, and some not so attractive, scantily dressed young ladies. As we stood and watched, young and old men were chatting to the girls and then disappearing inside. Discreetly drawn curtains

hid the carnal transactions from prying eyes.

I wondered what it must be like to be one of these women, to display yourself publicly to passers by, and to take strangers to your bed. I wondered just how many times a night they would lie on their backs with some stranger, thrusting urgently into them, only minutes later to be back in the window, standing, smiling, awaiting yet another client.

I suddenly saw that Chris was taking more than a casual interest in the girls. His arm was around me, under my light coat, and as we walked, he was gently squeezing the swell of my breast. "Do you like the display?" I asked.

He nodded, a slight wistful smile on his face. "There are some beautiful women."

I looked at him for a moment. "Would you like one?" He looked at me, stunned for a moment. "As an anniversary present from me."

"You're kidding me," he said.

I shook my head. "I was only thinking we ought to become more adventurous. Our love life is going stale."

He looked hurt for a moment and then he smiled. "It's not the same as it used to be. We do need to do something about it."

We were standing in front of three doorways where three attractive women dressed only in skimpy underwear stood behind the glass smiling at us. "Pick one."

Chris looked at me. "You really mean it, don't you?" I nodded. He shook his head. "I can't-- I shouldn't," he stammered.

"How about the blond in the middle? She has big breasts and you like big breasts, don't you?" I asked. He shrugged. I went over and knocked on the glass. The girl slid open the door. She smiled, and to my surprise, in an American accent, she drawled, "Just what can I do for you, honey?" When I told her, she smiled. "It's your money, darling, and it gets you whatever you want down here."

Chris was standing where I had left him, an incredulous look on his face. I beckoned him forward. The blond smiled and held the door open for us to enter. Then she drew the curtains across the glass. The room behind her was small, containing just a small bed, a night stand with a light on it, and a small wash basin. "Well, honey," she said, smiling at Chris, "I've seen some things in my time, but this is the first time I've been paid by the wife to see her husband get blown." Chris was still in a daze as I paid the girl and sat down on a chair.

She pushed Chris down onto the bed. "I guess you want to see the goods," she said with a grin. "Your lady here says you are a tit man." With that, she released her bra and displayed her magnificent orbs that by my guess were easily an E cup and possibly bigger. Chris looked at them in wonderment. I still don't think he realised what was happening. She lifted up his hands and placed them on her breasts. He caressed them gingerly. "Quite a handful, aren't they honey, and they're all mine."

She then got on her knees in front of him. He didn't object, just looked at me as she unzipped his pants. She pulled out his cock that was still only semi hard and began to work it in her expert hands. Chris was till stroking her breasts as I saw his cock begin to reach its full potential. She reached in a drawer of the bed stand and came out with a condom, tore at the packet with her teeth, and unrolled the sheath along the length of his cock.

Next, I watched as her mouth engulfed his weapon and her head began to bob in his lap. It was an awesome scene. Here we were, my darling hubby sitting on a bed in a grubby quarter of Amsterdam's red light district while a half naked blond, her large tits swinging, blew him. I could not help pressing my fingers between my thighs, feeling the ache in my pussy. Then I looked up as Chris began to groan. I watched as he pulled on her nipples that were by now hard and extended. Then suddenly, with a cry, he came. He sat there for a moment as she withdrew her mouth from his cock. She slid the condom off his wilting manhood, and tied a knot in it before dropping it into a waste bin.

As Chris redressed himself, she stood up and slipped back into her bra. She turned to me and smiled. "It was nice to meet you folks. You should come by again sometime." Then she opened the door and let us out.

Outside in the cool night air, Chris looked at me and smiled. I pulled him into my arms and kissed him tenderly. "Happy anniversary," I whispered softly into his ear.

He put his arms around me and held me tightly. "Do you know what I need now?" I looked at him. "A fucking big drink." We laughed and headed for the nearest bar.

Over a bottle of wine, we smoked more of our grass. We were like two teenagers. We held hands, we kissed, and we cuddled, something we had not done for some time, well, not in public anyway. On our way back to the hotel, Chris pulled me into darkened doorways and we kissed, his hands and mine urgently exploring each other's bodies.

Back in the hotel, the bemused night porter handed us our key as he cast his eyes over our disheveled clothing. In the lift, we clung to each other. I felt his hand slide up under my skirt and pull at my panties, easing them down over my hips. Then he was cupping my pussy, his fingers sliding easily into the warm wetness.

At last we managed to make it to our suite, but that was as far as we got. Buttons popped and cloth ripped as we tore the clothes from each other's bodies. Naked at last, we fell onto the large sofa. Tonight I didn't want the foreplay; I just wanted to feel Chris inside me. I spread my legs and clasped them around him as he slid between them. Then he was easing himself inside me, his hard cock filling me. My fingers raked his back as I thrust myself up at him, wanting to feel every last inch deep in my body. Then I lay back, and slowly at first, and then with urgency, he began to fuck me. It was incredible, it was wonderful! Maybe it was the weed, but I had not felt like this for months, even years.

I don't know how long we went on for it seemed ages. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through my body. Once Chris had cum, he only needed a short breather and he was ready for more. At last, tired and exhausted, we assisted each other from the sofa and made it to the bathroom. We revitalized ourselves under the stinging shower, and wrapped in warm towels, we went back to the lounge to find a much needed drink.

It was only then that I realised that we had not bothered to draw the curtains. We were on the forth floor, but around the square, there were other buildings overlooking the Krasnapolsky. Had our urgent lovemaking been observed by secret watchers from another hotel, or even maybe a strolling night watchman in a darkened office building close by? I shivered slightly at the thought.

We were standing looking through the large window with Chris slightly behind me. Below us, the square was becoming quieter as the last of the night people made their way home. The pavement cafes were ready for closing, and bustling waiters, eager to get home to their loved ones, cleaned and cleared away the tables.

As we stood there looking out, I felt a slight tug on my towel. My hand reached to grab it, but Chris restrained me and the towel fell away. I was standing naked before the window. The light was on in the room and anyone looking in would be able to see me clearly. I tried to move but Chris held me in place. I felt scared but excited at the same time. "Chris, someone might see me," I pleaded.

"So what, who knows you here?" His hand slid under my arm and he began to caress my breast. I could sense the nipple was already hard.

I glanced at the glass to see my reflection in the darkness outside. I was totally exposed, everything was on display, while gently and tenderly, Chris caressed one of my breasts. "Touch yourself, my darling," he whispered in my ear. I couldn't believe what he was asking of me. Not only did he want to expose me, but he also wanted me to touch myself in front of whomever might be out there watching. But I just couldn't refuse him. I moved my hand to my pussy, and slowly and with some reluctance at first, began to touch myself. Quickly, a need took over, and soon I was beyond caring as my fingers thrust rapidly into my by now wet, streaming hole. Within minutes, I was bringing myself to a mind blowing climax.

He left me standing there for a moment as he turned and pulled up a chair. He instructed me to bend over and rest my hands on the seat. I just followed his instructions blindly. He gripped onto my hips, and then suddenly he was thrusting into me. I glanced again at the window and saw the reflection in the glass. What a sight we made! Two naked figures, me bent over, my large breasts swinging as he thrust into me, and Chris with his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I have never been so turned on in my life. We had both cum several times in front of the window in view of God knows who. It was the most amazing sex I had ever had, and it will be something I will remember with affection for some time. At last we made it to bed, and among the cool Egyptian linen sheets, we fell into a satisfied sleep only to be awakened in the morning by a smiling waitress with an appetizing breakfast tray.

It was Friday and Chris's big meeting with Endox. I watched as he dressed in his smart dark suit, and we kissed goodbye when reception rang to say his taxi had arrived. I snuggled down into the bedclothes and soon fell back to sleep, dreaming about the exciting night we had. Later, I got up and took a leisurely bath, and after dressing, I went out and did the tourist things you are expected to do in Amsterdam: a trip on the canals and a visit to the Anne Frank house.

When I arrived back, Chris had already returned. He had had a good day and things had gone well.

All the contracts were signed and tonight we were invited out with the directors of Endox for a celebratory meal. We opened a bottle of crisp, white wine, and Chris poured two large glasses. "Last night was some night," he said. "It's been a long time since we have behaved like that."

I smiled. "It was rather fun wasn't it? Can't think what the people out there thought of us," I said with a smile, glancing across at the window in front of which we had made love. We both laughed.

"You really enjoyed it, didn't you, being exposed like that." Chris looked at me over his glass, saying this as a statement, and not a question.

I nodded slowly. "It was a little scary at first, but then the thrill of what we were doing kicked in. It was not knowing who was out there. There might have been just one person, there might have been dozens, there might have been nobody. I have never orgasmed so wildly and for so long."

Chris smiled. He reached out and took my hand and squeezed it. "I love you," he said tenderly. "I know things haven't been going too well between us, but I want us to start anew, make it like it was when we first met." I squeezed his hand back and smiled at him.

Chris took a shower while I laid out our things for tonight. I had a new dress that was a surprise for him. We kissed as I took his place in the shower. I felt closer to him at that moment than I ever had. He was just about dressed when I came out of the shower. He took the towel and tenderly dried my naked body. He kissed the tips of my breasts making my nipples stand out. I would have loved him to take it further, but we were running short of time.

I saw Chris watching me as I slipped into a brief black lace thong, then sat at the dressing table and eased on my lacy topped holdups. Like most red blooded men Chris loved me to wear stockings. I picked up the dress from the bed and stepped into it. Chris nodded his approval as I secured the strap around the back of my neck. "Wow, that's a bit daring," he grinned, looking at the deep vee that intersected my breasts and finished almost at my waist.

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