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Amusement Park Ride


You just never know when one of those moments is going to come along that you will never forget; one summer weekend, Sandy Becker and her husband, Jim, were planning a fun day at a popular amusement park with some of their friends. Not only was she very excited about many of the thrill rides, but because she knew her husband's coworker, Mark, would be there as well.

Sandy and Mark had always had a flirtatious relationship, but, as she was married, and he was usually involved with someone, it never went further than trying to see who could make the other blush harder. Mark had been Jim's friend way before they started working together. Often, Sandy would find herself lost in reveries about Mark; no wonder: the 34-year-old man was tall, with nice wide shoulders and incredibly strong hands, which felt like they could crush hers if he wanted. He had wavy black hair, and a set of green eyes that seemed to stare deep into Sandy's soul in a brief instant. She tried to regain her composure as her husband asked her opinion on their agenda.

"Get a grip on, Sandy!" She thought to herself as her knees began to weaken and her pussy began to tingle. She quickly sat down and grabbed a glass of wine, as she continued to be stimulated by the sexy, forbidden images in her mind.

Sandy knew that she was very attractive; standing 5 feet 7 inches tall, with long, dark blond hair, somniferous almond eyes, and the most luscious lips, the wife's 27-year-old body was made for loving. It had always been said that she was "leggy" with a perfect set of long, slender legs and a narrow waist. Her figure was beautiful, due to a strict training routine, being 36C-23-39. Even in her discreet work uniform, she was stunning and that had brought multiple unwelcomed sexual advances from her peers.

Although she didn't like the idea of cheating, and had always turned down any propositions, she couldn't help but secretly fantasize about Mark, and the sizable bulge in his jeans, which made her ask herself whether it was all balls, or mostly cock. Sandy continued to think about the handsome man, and her pussy began to tingle more than before. She did not know why she was turned on so much by him, but her arousal was beginning to reach epic proportions.

"It's all set, dear... They all thought it would be a good idea..." Her husband snapped her back to reality. "Too bad Mark is not going to make it, though... It certainly won't be the same without him..."

"W-Why?" Sandy couldn't hide the disappointment in her voice. "What happened?"

"He has to look after his brother Josh..." Jim explained.

"Oh, please..." Complained the lithe, tanned beauty, throwing her long hair over her shoulder, eyes glowering, and pink-painted lips in a tight line under a cute, narrow nose. "Mark won't be able to make it because he has to take care of his lewd younger brother?"

"You don't have to be mean, dear... Josh is just a kid trying to find his own space..." Retorted Jim. "Mark's parents are busy this weekend and asked him for a hand..."

"He is a 18-year-old pervert, that's more like it! Mark constantly has to bust out his sorry ass, because the kid won't stop stealing porn from the next door rental!" Sandy pouted. "I'm sure there is something we can do to free him from that burden..."

"Come to think about it..." Her husband seemed to have an idea. "What if Josh joins us? I'm sure he would be thrilled to go... That would keep him busy and out of trouble... What do you think, dear?"

"You have got to be kidding me..." Sandy lifted her eyes, chin jutted. She couldn't stand the sight of the obnoxious kid, but that was the only way she would be able to meet Mark, and maybe try something more. She had an expression of grudging acceptance of her husband's latest crazy assignment: babysitting the sexually obsessed boy.

Walking away muttering, Jim's words could be heard echoing down the hall. Calling back, "We are leaving at nine am sharp, tomorrow, so be ready to go at quarter of with your duffel bag packed. We're staying the day..." Jim's eyes squinted in sardonic satisfaction.

*** Following day ***

Sandy stared at the landscape that filled the summer painting outside the car's window; at least she could enjoy the nice view. The heat waves flowed over, around and through everything, clutching them in its hot, clinging grasp. It was so bright that, at nine o'clock in the morning, the asphalt appeared to be covered in a thin layer of water, reflecting the sunrays and casting halos of golden light all around. Leafy trees stood like weary sentinels, swaying in the gentle embrace of the warm breeze, their skin glimmering in the soft glow of the reflected light.

Sandy felt a quiet affection for the scenery and the spell it was casting over her. She could really use some time under that hot sun, but that wouldn't be the case for her, she morosely thought. She was feeling a bit frisky and decided to wear a white dress that clung to her body like a second skin. The thin dress shaped itself around her curves, emphasizing her large 36C tits, which stood proudly without any bra under the thin material. Her slim waist lightly accentuated by the cut of the fabric, and, while the eye would have been drawn to the low cut, loose neckline of the dress, showing 4 or 5 inches of Sandy's magnificent cleavage, which looked overmatched trying to confine her firm breasts. The dress was cut low to reveal her ample cleavage while short above the knee to reveal her fabulous legs and contour her perfect heart shaped behind, and the white thong she chose to wear underneath cut tightly around her luscious ass.

"Wow, dear... You really look beautiful... You know it drives me crazy when you wear that dress," Her husband whispered as he gently rubbed her knees.

"Yes, I know, lover... That's the point... Make all those other guys jealous that they can't have me," she lied, smiling; she couldn't wait for Mark to check her out.

Jim was getting aroused but there was little he could do at the moment, so he softly whispered to her "I'll deal with you later..."

Soon after, the group arrived at their destination; the park seemed to be crowded, with lots people enjoying themselves. They parked the car at one of the last remaining spots, and Sandy grabbed her husband's arm as they headed towards the entrance.


"Hey, guys..." Mark greeted his friends outside the main gate; he and his brother Josh had just arrived, as well. "Hi, Sandy..."

"Hi, Mark..." She grinned, trying her best to hide her excitement. "Glad to see you made it..."

"Why, Mrs. Becker, you look lovely today..." Josh interrupted; his eyebrows immediately raised and eyes thoroughly examined Sandy's full, pert breasts, nipples stiff from the car's air conditioner.

Sandy self-consciously held an arm over her breasts, heat rising in her cheeks as she felt the hard little nubs of her nipples poking outward. She almost regretted wearing her low-cut, soft, super-thin white dress and no bra. Tilting her head down, the faint silhouette of her pink areolas was just visible through the near-sheer fabric.

"Oh, great... The boy will never take his eyes off me the whole day... It's not my fault... I thought I was going to an amusement park to have some fun, not to a bizarre kindergarten." She thought.

After exchanging pleasantries with each other, the adults finally headed for the main entrance. Not without the dirty Josh sneaking a bolder look at Sandy, however; he couldn't help but appreciate the sight of her slender legs with lots of skin showing under the short skirt. His eyes lingered on her toned, bronze thighs, and then moved to the exposed bottom curve of her cute ass. Licking his lips, his smirk washed off fast when his eyes lifted to see Sandy furrowing her brow at him and tugging her skirt down a bit.

At that moment, Sandy noted that he was arranging himself via his hand in his pocket. "Dirty young perv," She thought to herself, rolling her eyes.


They paid the required fee at the entrance and decided to walk around the place first before choosing the rides to go on. The group intended to visit all the smaller attractions before heading to the major ones. Their first stop was something called 'the Pirate ship'; it was a suspended ship, swaying from one side to the other. The people on it were screaming and the group concluded it couldn't be that bad and decided to try it out.

Next, they went to do the bumper rides and it was fun; Jim said he'd watch so the rest of them went and rode the bumper cars while Sandy's hubby captured the moment on camera. The group were laughing and bumping into each other; the ride was too short though, the space wasn't enough for the cars and it was sort of an anti climax; they moved on to the next attraction.


A couple of hours later, the group was ready to experience the main rides; they had decided to grab something light to eat, first.

"Hey, Sandy..." Josh approached the beautiful wife, while she headed to get something cool to drink.

"Not now, kid," she quickly attempted to dismiss the eager boy, without showing the least sign of embarrassment. "And it's Mrs. Becker to you!"

"I thought we could skip the formalities," Josh insisted. "Considering how close you are to my brother... You seem to like him so much..."

"But of course I care about him," Sandy agreed. "He's very kind and sweet, more than I can say about you... So I say we stick to the formalities!"

"Oh, come on, I've seen the way you look at him..." Josh interrupted the gorgeous wife. "Mark is a good-looking guy, I can understand how charming he can be, but you can't deny all the sex tension between the two of us..."

"Sexual tension? Us?" Sandy was quite angry by his bold assertion, but couldn't help but start laughing out loud, almost hysterically. "You are a really fucked up kid... Do you even know what the expression means?"

"O-Of course... I-It's... Huh..." The boy attempted a witty comeback, but decided to simply remain silent.

"You know, kid..." Sandy addressed him, after regaining her composure from all the laughter. "Even though you are nothing but a twisted, perverted individual, at least you have the guts to approach a woman, which is not something common nowadays; I'll give you that... However, don't embarrass yourself thinking you have the slight chance with me..."

"When it comes to women, I certainly do a whole lot more than talking," he harshly stated, upset that she would always look down on him. "You may be calling me a kid and laughing now, but let's see who will be the one laughing when I shove my big cock all the way up your tight little pussy... I bet you will scream like a virgin when I bury my fat dick to the hilt into your hot cunt and show you what is like to be truly fucked... Who knows, maybe you will even fall in love... Hummm, I wonder if you are shaved too..." Josh pushed his luck.

"Excuse me?" Sandy's eyes turned red, the boy had gone too far, she couldn't believe his audacity. She remained self-confident, though, and decided to teach him a lesson. "Well, if you must know, I keep my pussy neatly trimmed, just the way my husband likes... Oh, and I can assure you that I am virgin-tight indeed! I would certainly love to feel a big, fat cock stretching me... Tearing me open... I would do more than just scream... I would beg to be fucked like a little whore... I would ride it bareback and take endless loads of hot cum up my womb like a cheap slut... Hell, I would even milk it dry, swallowing every last drop... Too bad you won't ever be able to see for yourself, asshole! And if you ever talk to me like that again I will have your ass thrown in juvie, am I clear?"

Josh wasn't expecting Sandy to be so straightforward nor blunt; he had never felt his cock so hard in his entire life. He didn't know what to say and just lowered his gaze to the ground.

"That's what I thought," Sandy smiled and walked away, having achieved her goal. "Now go jerk off your pathetic penis somewhere far from here, before I change my mind and have you tossed in jail, loser!"

"Bitch!" Josh mumbled, after he was sure she couldn't hear him.


After several hours, the group of friends had taken her on every single ride in the park! Sandy was feeling so emboldened by this experience that she wanted to make her day a real thrill! As they were walking through the park, she had noticed a Japanese style garden that was isolated from the main throng of people. She asked Mark to go there with her to relax from all the adrenaline they had been pumped up with, and catch up.

So, Mark followed her in. They found a secluded hedge deep in the garden near a pond. There was a lamppost that was a little over grown by the hedge as it faced the pond. No one was around them at the moment, so Mark stood there and leaned against the post, which gave him a relaxed stance while he gazed into the beautiful pond. Sandy stood right next to him.

Without warning, she loosened his belt a few notches and then slid her hand down inside his briefs to find one surprised cock! She began to rub it, and, as she did that, it rapidly grew to full size. Mark couldn't believe what was happening. Here they were, in broad daylight, at a very crowded theme park and she was stroking his cock right then and there! He was more nervous than her now about this thrill ride. He was so afraid that at any moment anyone could walk around that hedge and catch Jim's wife with her hands down his pants stroking this big bulging cock! Now she was in control of this ride for sure. It was such a turn on for her to have such spontaneity in doing him like that. Mark was getting so much pleasure from this ride, much more than any of the ones we had been on all that day.

Mark was close to cumming, when the thing he feared the most happened. A group of old ladies came strolling nearby where they could see the daring couple. Mark froze and immediately told Sandy what he had seen. She couldn't see them because she had her back to them, and all her attentions were on his large cock.

As soon as he told her, like a flash, she hugged him with her free arm, while her body pressed tight to his to hide what her other hand was doing. She then laid a big deep kiss on him. Her tongue began to passionately dart in and all around his mouth. As group of women spied them, they assumed they we engaged in some heavy kissing and hugging. So, they decide to give them their space and move on out of sight. They had no idea what she was up to. Sandy could be fast on her feet when she wanted to.

As soon as she realized that they were back alone again, she began to work his cock like a woman on a mission! All the while, Mark was still paranoid about being caught. Sandy had built up so much courage from all the thrill rides of the day that this one was no different to her!

"Maybe we should go to a more 'reserved' place..." Mark winked at her.

"Where?" She devilishly smiled.

"How about the 'Haunted Mansion'?" He proposed.

"Uhmmm... Kinky..." Sandy removed her hand from his pants and licked it clean as if it was an amusement park treat, just to tease him. "I like the idea... Meet me there in 15 minutes..."


Sandy entered the 'Mansion', the walls of the room were dark, bloodstained versions of their former selves, and it ran from the walls and began to spread across the floor toward them. The pavement had been replaced with cold, rusted metal grating that clanged with every step they took. Sandy stepped out of the room, the corridor outside was warm and dark. It stretched off to the left and right. It went down as well, the floor nothing more than rusty chain-link fencing over a black void. Vertigo threatened to topple her. She leant against the doorway for support. From some distant place, weird sounds could be heard, a grinding, squealing noise of metal in pain.

The blond wife stumbled out into the corridor. The walls were metal, bare and rusted in places, and coated with peeling paint in others; the set up looked very real to her. She turned to the right and set off down the hallway, the grating floor groaning beneath her feet. There were doors set into the walls at regular intervals, but none that she could open. They all seemed to be locked.

Up ahead another corridor bisected the one Sandy was in. There was a squeaking noise as well, that rose and fell with regularity. It was getting steadily louder and, therefore, closer, but from which direction she couldn't tell; it just kept getting darker and darker. She reached the intersection of corridors and looked; nothing to the left or right, and nothing straight ahead.

Sandy returned to the intersection of the corridors to decide her best course of action; maybe it wasn't the best idea to try her bold move in a place like this. This particular spot was very dark, almost pitch black. Suddenly, she felt the presence of someone sneaking upon her.

"M-Mark?" The blond wife hesitated, clearly afraid.

In the darkness, she couldn't distinguish any facial features, but she noticed Mark nodding, as he pulled her close to him and started kissing her full on the lips, his hands all over her hot body, pulling her even closer to him as he grabbed her ass.

"God... You scared the shit out of me..." Sandy laughed, relived. "Are you sure no one is gonna show around here?" She teased him; he could feel her delicate hands rubbing the bulge in his pants, until she couldn't take anymore of the teasing and just release his huge erection from its confinement. It was so large that she started stroking it with both hands, trying to get it even harder.

Soon enough his hand was inside her panties and rubbing her already wet pussy. Sandy was losing herself in all of this, she felt her head slide down his chest and stomach until it was eye level with his cock. Then she did it, she stuck her tongue out and swirled it around his cock head.

Sandy grabbed his stiff man-root just under the head and relished the raw heat from his throbbing, swollen cock. Eyes locked onto that huge thing, Sandy surprised herself, even, by leaning forward and opening her mouth over the big, enlarged, head, washing it with her tongue. Her soft, pink lips, closed around the head and she sucked, moving her mouth down a bit on his shaft, and then back up to his head, always applying pressure with her tongue -- a trick learned over the course of her sexual life.

The beautiful 27-year-old blond wife was down on her knees; her mouth and throat stuffed full with another man's dick, not just another man's though, her husband's best friend. She sucked furiously on his hard, 10-inch shaft, her red lips sliding up and down fast while she bobbed her head ruthlessly up and down the entire 10-inches.

His cock was way too big to go all the way down on, but she tried anyhow, wanting to feel it go all the way back into her mouth. She got about five inches in and gagged a bit as his huge head began to go down her throat. Not quitting yet, she willed her throat to relax, and took two more inches of his shaft between her lips. The head, so deep down her throat now, caused her to gag violently, so that she had to pull it out of her mouth quickly, leaving gobs of saliva that made strings between her tiny lips and his mammoth penis head. Mascara ran down her cheeks with tears from the gagging.

"You're too big, Mark", stated the stunning wife between throat clearings. "But I love it."

Without another word, Sandy dove again, forcing the huge head deep down her throat until the gagging was unbearable, and then sucked all the way back up to his head, culminating in a licking of his little slit. Her beautiful, golden locks of hair cascaded down onto Mark's lower abdomen and thighs, loving the feel of her soft, silky hair against his skin. She gripped the base of his shaft with both of her small hands and jerked up and down, following the path of her squeezing lips, and got into a rhythm.

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