tagGroup SexAmy and the Polyamorous Couple Pt. 01

Amy and the Polyamorous Couple Pt. 01


I lowered my head as far into the pillow as possible to take a breath. The large woman sitting on my face tightly encircled me between brown thighs, restricting my movement to the point of complete constraint. The woman's moist flesh was a mere centimetre from my nose, and the instruction had been clear: use your tongue until I say stop. I took a second breath, revelling to the mild, sweet smell of the woman's pussy. It was clean and slightly darker than the rest of the woman's skin, and rivulets of arousal were forming at the bottom of her engorged lips. I lifted my head as far it could go; my confinement meant that I could move barely a millimetre. I reached out with my tongue and brushed the bottom edge of the woman's labia, sending shivers throughout the buxom goddess.

The woman shifted position, leaning forward and brushing my pale breasts with gentle fingertips. I couldn't see anything but the puffy lips above me, but felt those fingers trace a path across my nipples, down my belly and towards my lowest regions. I instinctively bit my lip, anticipating the titillation to come. Torturously, the fingers lifted off just before arriving at my clitoris. I wanted it, wanted it badly, and so buried my face in the other woman as far as I could go.

She tastes so good.

The coppery woman spread her thighs, just a bit, and I could hear again.

"I hope you're ready," the woman warned, pure amusement in her voice.

Weigh shifted and came down again, even lower, and I was engulfed in thighs. I closed, she extended my tongue and savoured the taste of the other woman. Fingers rolled lazily across my clit, jolting my whole body. I started shivering uncontrollably as something hard and warm began to tease my pussy. This was expected, and I tried to relax.

Here it comes...

I still shrieked in surprise and pleasure as the unseen man buried himself to the hilt.

Journal entry: Jan 1

It's been nearly 300 days since Quinne left, and I if I'm going to be honest, I really haven't been taking very good care of myself since then. I'm going to try to record my thoughts and make a more positive change in my life. It's time to start meeting people again.

Jan 7

I've been on a few dating websites and apps looking for people. I'm getting some interest - some girls, some guys, lots of dick pics. I've chatted to a few girls but I'm reminded too much of her. I don't want to fall into the same trap as before - Quinne took too much from me. She knew what she wanted, and I still don't. I want to find someone who'll give me the time I need and just allow me to be. Someone who wants me around but doesn't resent me for being slower. The doctor said there's nothing wrong with the way I am,

Jan 16

I've been chatting to this guy online for a couple of days now. His name is Darry (short for Darius) He seems pretty cool. He hasn't even sent me a picture of his cock or anything. He's pretty funny, relaxed and doesn't seem to want anything but to chat to me for now. It's nice.

Jan 19

Darry has a wife. I feel like an idiot. He says it's no big deal but I'm just not comfortable talking to a married man. He never brought it up until today but it's right there on his profile. I just missed it. It's just...shit. He's really funny and I felt like we had a bit of a connection. I think I'm going to take a break from this for a while.

Jan 26

Back on the wagon. I've had a few more request for contacts but there's an odd one. Darry's wife sent me a message. For a while I ignored it. Just the idea of facing some jilted spouse maxed out my anxiety. After hovering over the delete button for ten minutes, I eventually just opened it. Turns out she's kind of cool actually! Her name is Celene (Cellie) and she's looking to date too. She told me that they are in some kind of open relationship, but they don't go off and simply fuck randos. Darry and Cellie both look for potential dates, and they go on a date together. I've never heard anything like it.

Jan 29

It's still a bit strange but I'm chatting to both Cellie and Darry. I have three chats now. One with Cellie, one with Darry, and one with both of them. They're really interesting people. Cellie is a professional musician and plays the violin (not the cello! She told me she liked it but couldn't stomach the idea of being Cellie the Cellist). I saw a video of her playing on YouTube and she's really good. Darry works as a local news journalist - he didn't like the pace of contemporary news-making and found himself a job reporting on fairs and fires and fluff. Normally I don't think I'd find that lack of ambition impressive but he's just so chill that I kind of like it. The group chat is an interesting dynamic. They both have their own sense of humour and style, but they kind of bounce off each other. They have a good-spirited one-upmanship, and together they make dirty jokes. I can never tell how serious they are.

Jan 31

I'm having a couple date. I've never done this before. I've been talking to them individually and trying my best to keep up with them in the group chat, but they both seem to like me. They asked me out. It's a bit strange. How do you date a couple? They say they've done it before and can "show me the ropes". That would normally send my blood pressure back to crazy levels but they're both so chill that I'm comforted rather than flummoxed.

Feb 2

Last night was not at all what I expected. Before I met Quinne, my dates were like job interviews. They went on for too long and involved a lot of talking about myself or themselves. It all felt so artificial. My thing with Quinne was...spontaneous. Many things that happened on the fly without thinking. Or talking really. My date with Cellie and Darry was completely different - it was more like hanging out with friends than actually dating. We spent the whole evening chatting at their favourite bar - a hipstery place which served craft beers and specialty fried cheeses. I drank quite a bit. To be fair, so did they. It was like we'd known each other for years. Darry told me stories about how they got married, and Cellie would say cheeky things about him. They both joked with me for hours. I told them about some of my bad boyfriends and they got a laugh out of those stories. I didn't talk about Quinne though.

They told me a little about how their dating works. They don't do one night stands. They're polyamorous - they love each other and they sometimes love a third person together. They seem to have more affection than the average person, and they don't get jealous of one another. If they both click with someone else, they invite that person to be a part of their lives. It's romantic as well as sexual. Darry touched my hand and smiled at me warmly while he explained. I choked up my beer a little bit when I felt a foot teasing the inside of my thigh under the table; Cellie stuck out her tongue and gave me a cheeky grin.

At the end of the night, we were pretty toasty. We shared a cab home. I got out of the taxi and the both got out. Darry kissed me. I burst out laughing, saying that his wife could see us making out. Cellie laughed too, grabbed me and kissed me hard. Men and women kiss so differently! But both are fun!

They asked me to come over to their place tomorrow. They left together and I could see them touching each other in the backseat. I've masturbated after a date before, but never because of one.

Feb 3

I have my second date with Cellie and Darry tonight. The doctor says I should try to be in the moment whenever possible, so I'm getting my crazy on paper first. I'm not sure what's going to go down tonight. Cellie's gorgeous - beautiful tanned skin and thick, womanly curves. If I'm honest with myself, I'm pretty envious of her figure. She's not bold and hypersexual like Quinne. Cellie's just comfortable with her body. Her hair seems so naturally curly, like a classic 60s soul singer. Darry's pretty good looking too. I like his broad shoulders and he's got this weird asymmetrical haircut that's just so striking. It's shaved bald on one half and nearly shoulder length on the other. It's been years since I've been anywhere near a man. I don't know if I'm going to enjoy a man at all again.

Cellie sent me a sneaky message early this morning saying that her husband isn't too big - "he's just the right size for everything". I think I can do this. Time to be in the moment.

I knocked on the front door and resisted the temptation to check the time again. I was punctual, and I wanted to just enjoy the moment without being painfully neurotic. The wooden door swung open and Cellie pulled me in with a big hug.

"Amy!" she welcomed. She held me in tight embrace for a few seconds, and I could smell her freshly shampooed hair. It smelled like peaches and lilac. Cellie put a hand on each of my shoulders and looked me up and down. "Don't you look sexy tonight? Little black dresses look great on all women, right?"

My face grew warm. "Well, we are having a date..."

"Don't stress, Amy. You look great! I almost wish I'd dressed up more. How do I compare?"

She struck a classic pose, cocking her head backward, placing one hand behind her head and one on her right hip. I resisted the temptation to bite my lip. Her buxom figure was so much larger than life, but her broad smile and bright eyes exuded sexual confidence.

"Pretty...hot, I think."

She raised an eyebrow. "Pretty hot?"

I nodded and gave her a smile. "Definitely pretty hot."

Cellie laughed and grabbed my hand, leading me towards the kitchen. "I can live with 'pretty hot'."

A wonderfully earthy smell filled the kitchen, and Darry stirred something slowly over the stovetop. He wore a well-fitting collared shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He looked up from the pot and smiled, waving me over.

"Amy! Cellie! Come taste this! What do you think?"

We moved over to the kitchen bench and Cellie released my hand. She dipped a fingertip into the viscous yellow liquid, and raised it to her lips. She gingerly sucked the sauce and thought for a moment.

"I think it might be ready." She dipped her finger in again and then held it up to my face. "What do you think?"

I looked at her, unsure of what she meant for me to do, and then at Darry. He smiled and nodded. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around her finger. I sucked the sauce off gently as I pulled my mouth off Cellie's pinkie. She giggled a little bit.

"Needs a bit of salt. It's good cheese though - if you dip with meat, it'll be perfect," I said.

Both of them looked at me blankly for a moment before laughing.

"You really know your cheeses, don't you?" Darry grinned.

I dipped my ring finger into the pot and slurped up some of the warm cheese.

"What can I say? I like cheese,"

I heard the clinking of glasses and turned to see Cellie place three champagne flutes on the benchtop. I watched intently as she twisted off the metal tip protecting the cork and, with one deft movement, popped the top off. Bubbly liquid spilled from the bottle and she hastily put the top to her lips. Champagne overflowed from her mouth and splashed over her low-cut blouse. I was transfixed by the sight of it for a moment before sure caught my eye and chuckled. Darry nudged my arm.

"Won't be the only time we pop a cork and get a mess all over her face," Darry said, winking at me.

"That's filthy!" Cellie cried, mock indignation in her voice. She leaned over to me and whispered in my ear. "It's my second favourite part though."

We sat around the kitchen bench for nearly two hours, sipping wine and nibbling on cheese covered treats. I felt myself more at ease as time went on but it wasn't the alcohol or food. They were nice people, just kidding and joking around, making me comfortable and not pushing anything. They could see my nervousness and Cellie would make a joke at her husband's expense, and when I'd laugh (or hiccup) she'd rub my knee and laugh with me. Darry often made self-deprecating jokes and I'd find myself smiling; I was just enjoying having these friends.

I could see that while no one was getting drunk, Cellie was becoming increasingly affectionate with Darry. She would tousle his hair, give him a peck on the cheek, or touch his legs. Occasionally, she would come close and I could feel her breasts press into my shoulders.

"Tell us something no one else knows about you Amy," Darry asked.

"What kind of thing?" I took another sip of wine and savoured the sweet flavour.

Cellie's hand slithered her hand down his body towards his crotch. "Tell us about the last time you orgasmed," Cellie tittered. I nearly spit out the champagne.

"Isn't that...a bit much?" I stammered.

She looked me in the eye as she slowly rubbed the front of his pants.

"Tonight's all about getting to know about one another. We want to know you, how you work. If it's too much, you don't have to tell. No kink shaming here," she said.

"You really want to know that?"

Darry inhaled sharply as his wife caressed the front of his pants. "We want to know everything," he replied. "Only if you want to share though. We like to hear details."

I took a sip from my glass and thought for a moment.

"Well, to be honest, it was just before I arrived here," I confessed.

Cellie leaned towards me with a smile and then turned towards Darry.

"Ha! Told you! She likes to prepare for a date!" she tapped the centre of his forehead. "You owe me the usual."

He stuck out his tongue just a bit and nodded, then turned his attention back to me.

"So how'd you do it?"

I bit my lip and looked at my glass.

"I like to...I'm...I guess I'm a bit of a water baby. When I'm on my own, I like to spend some time in the bath."

Cellie resumed stroking her husband's pants, and I could see that they were becoming increasingly tight at the front. A pronounced bulge was emerging.

"I like being surrounded. Engulfed, I suppose. It's like being cradled when you're in a hot bathtub. Sometimes I make it almost unbearably hot..."

Darry moaned gently. Cellie looked at me with sultry, semi-closed eyes. "Why's that, sweet thing?"

I felt warm. Really warm. I hadn't drunk that much wine, and I felt like my senses were highly attuned.

"The hot water, it makes your skin really sensitive. For a long time I thought I didn't really have any...any appetites but when I'm under water I feel..." I searched for the word for a moment. "...in tune with myself. My...parts become very sensitive, and I like to play."

"How do you do it?" Cellie kept her eyes on me but with one hand and several short, agile movements she had undone Darry's pants.

"This is going to sound strange, but I always spend a few minutes before getting in nude, especially in the air conditioned rooms. The bath always takes a few minutes to fill up anyway."

Cellie looked away from me for a moment to look at Darry's crotch, and slowly, carefully, withdrew his cock from his pants. It was hard and slightly darker than his normal fair skin colour. It wasn't enormous, and in fact it may have been slightly below average size. Cellie's fingers were quite large and threw off my sense of proportion. Still, she seemed to revel in running her fingers along the underside of his shaft. Darry stiffened for a moment in his seat and swivelled slightly to give her better access. I could see from the look on his face that the move was deliberately meant to also give me a better view. I wasn't titillated by his penis on its own, but the two of them together and their focus on me was...well...I felt warmer again.

"Why the cold air?" he asked.

I took a tiny sip. "I like to plunge into the bath quickly, and when my skin is cold, I feel this explosive burst of heat. It's almost painful. In a good way," I said, too quickly, and suddenly stopped. "Is that weird?"

Cellie continued to brush her fingertips across the shaft of Darry's cock, and placed her other hand gently on my knee. It was reassuring. "Not at all. It's not weird to like strong sensations, is it Darry?"

She brushed her fingers across the tip of his penis and he shuddered in response. "Not weird to me," he breathed. "What happened next?"

"I sit there in the scalding water for a while. A couple of minutes, just long enough for all the pain to go but the heat to remain...well...hot. I don't usually use toys. I tried that once in the tub and they get too hot for me to handle. I like to use my fingers."

The full-bodied woman shifted her weight slightly and grasped her husband's cock. She stroked it up and down, in slow, unhurried movements. They both looked at me with relaxed expressions and waited for me to continue.

"I'll just say it. I just play with my clit. I'm not a big fan of putting anything else in - I don't think I've ever orgasmed from penetration on its own. But I can always cum from action on my clitoris."

Cellie's stroking became faster and I felt the hand on my knee move up my leg onto my thigh. I breathed deeply and shuffled my chair a little closer to her. She smiled at me. It was a little thing, ever so slight. It was...coy? Or demure? She took my movement as an acceptance and caressed my thigh at the same time as stroking her husband. My dress was riding high, exposing a significant amount of leg and Cellie ran her hand back and forth, from knee to my upper leg.

"When it's that hot in the water, my clit gets really, really sensitive. It's painfully sensitive at first, but when the heat goes down just a tad, I can orgasm more than once," I admitted.

Darry's eyes were fixed on his wife's brown hands on my thigh. Cellie noticed him looking and slowed her stroking on his cock to move into my inner thigh.

"I have this little spot at the top of my clit that drives me crazy. If you press it, I don't feel much. But sliding over it with a finger sends me way over the top. The faster you go, the longer it lasts."

"That's pretty hot," Darry said, his voice low and husky. His wife returned her attention back to his penis, increasing to a fast pace of manipulation.

"Were you thinking about tonight?" Cellie followed. Her hands seemed coordinated, practiced. I could feel the warmth from her hand and wanted her to go in deeper. Darry was breathing heavily now.

"Yeah, I...I had some fantasies about tonight. About the two of you."

"Something like this?" she asked, pumping the cock harder and faster.

"Maybe...maybe something more...something...woah!"

I had a sudden rush of sensation as the dark skinned woman moved her hand all the way inward, and brushed my outer lips. Cellie eyes widened slightly in surprise and her expression settled on a wry smile.

"Someone came prepared for the evening," she said, nudging her husband. She slightly arched her head in my direction, directing his attention towards my legs. "What do you think of the view, Dar?"

With each movement of her hand, she pushed my dress further up my leg until I was almost exposed. Her other hand was faster again, becoming a dark blur across his cock.

Be in the moment.

"I even shaved it all off. What do you guys think?" I asked, pulling my dress up past my hips and revealing my hairless pussy. Darry caught sight of my exposed vagina and suddenly groaned. His wife's ministrations sent a torrent a sperm rocketing out of his cock. His body shuddered, sending hot semen across her hand and his legs. Cellie continued to pump on his penis as he came. He continued to groan in pleasure as he spent. She grasped the shaft in a fist as his orgasm began to subside, bringing out one final, hard shiver, and one last spurt out. It sailed out the distance between us and hit the top of my thigh. The sensation was bizarre; a sudden hot liquid landing on my body, settling, then cooling down.

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