Amy Ch. 06

byParis Waterman©

Amy was now leaning far back on the coach, giving John free access to her pussy. To her surprise he continued to tease her but hadn't ventured under her skirt.

As they watched the now totally nude Eve struggling but not having much success in undressing Mona, Amy's hand sought John's erection, and finding it, gave him a loving squeeze. His hand closed on hers, stilling it, and in a husky voice he said, "Not now. This is their time. Let's just watch and enjoy the show."

Trying desperately not to reveal her disappointment, Amy released him, but John kept his finger moving at a snails pace along her slit, causing Amy to bite her lip to keep from screaming.

Mona, still wearing her tight-fitting sheath, but with both breasts jutting out over the top in a bizarre fashion, carefully positioned Eve on the couch. One leg on the floor, the other draped across the top of the couch, exposing Eve's pussy to three pairs of lust filled eyes.

Then she stepped back to admire her work.

"Just let me get comfortable my love," Mona crooned to Eve as Eve leaned into her, not wanting to let her get away. Her groping hands mauled Mona's breasts while she planted kiss after kiss on Mona's face and neck as Mona struggled to wriggle out of her tight dress, and finally accomplishing it, tossed it aside.

Amy saw that Mona was now stark naked, and marveled at her figure. Huge, magnificent tits, no waist at all, and a perfectly lovely ass, if I were a guy I'd probably kill to fuck her, Amy thought. She's absolutely gorgeous and I'm absolutely soaked.

Amy moaned as John's roaming finger touched her again, separating her major labia through the protective folds of cloth still covering her. Her thighs parted automatically, granting him all the access he wanted.

He knows, she thought. He knows I want him to take me. Why doesn't he?

This is going better than expected, John thought as he continued to almost idly run his finger along the teen's virginal slit. I might come in my pants before Mona finishes with Eve, but I've got to save Amy for tomorrow, not now. If I work this right, she'll be my love-slave forever.

"Watch and learn," Mona purred lewdly, but loudly, looking directly at Amy. Mona then knelt between Eve's thighs, lowered her head, and blew softly on Eve's lusciously ripened pussy.

The young maid released an almost inarticulate groan and reached to grasp Mona's head, forcing her mouth down upon Eve's fevered pussy.

Amy was able to see a portion of Mona's tongue as it darted in and out of Eve's cunt and, unable to suppress the moan it brought to her lips, pressed John's hand hard against her pussy. Eve lurched upward as Mona's fingers caressed a breast, and then tightened around a stiffened nipple.

"Ohhh, I'm sooo wet!" Eve whispered to Mona, but everyone heard.

Mona began kissing and licking upward, running her tongue through the maze of thick black pubic hair that ended at Eve's belly button, and then licked up towards her breasts; caressing, nuzzling, and chewing on Eve's conical shaped breasts until Eve started to shake then screamed, "Oh, Madre Mia, yes, Mona, ess good, ess so good, bite it Mona, bite my nipple."

Mona bit down hard; Eve screamed again, and her whole body bounced around in a frenetic dance. Mona was holding on for dear life.

"John!" Amy cried out in longing and want.

"Hush," he said softly. "Not now, we deserve our own time."

"But Unc…."

"Not now. Let's watch. Let's watch them like you watched Janice and me fucking on the sofa in my office this afternoon."

Amy's hand flew to her mouth in surprise. "You… you knew I was there?"

"Of course I knew, I'm not stupid, you had an appointment and I deliberately took Janice at precisely the time you were supposed to arrive. I'm surprised you didn't realize it."

He turned from her to gaze upon the two women across the room, and then looked back at her. "Now let's watch them, they've only started," he whispered hoarsely, and his hand abandoned her crotch.

He smiled at her thinking he had her completely in hand.

"You and I will have our time tomorrow night and it will be very, very special, I promise you that."

"Oh!" Amy whimpered missing his touch, and then came close to a climax just from hearing his promise to take her virginity the next day. His words broke through her sexual haze and registered on her consciousness. He set this whole thing up. It's a ploy designed to seduce me!

John, allowed himself to become distracted, watching Eve's writhing hips as they churned into Mona's face as the porno star ate the young Hispanic out.

"Here," John said, glancing at Amy for a second, and taking her hand, dropped it on his erection. "Open my fly and take my cock out."

"Like hell I will!" she shouted, and then stood up, her fury now obvious to a stunned Uncle John.

"Wait, I can explain!" he said, but Amy whirled away from him and ran into the guest room that had been set aside for her. And after slamming the door shut, locked it and then for good measure, braced a chair against the doorknob, securing her safety for the rest of the evening.

John followed her to the bedroom door, but didn't try to enter. He heard her barricading herself and knowing when he was beaten, tried to salvage what he considered a very bad situation. For he knew if Amy told his brother what had happened he might very well be a dead man.

"Amy!" He called out. "It's all right, you're safe. No one's going to hurt you, or force you to do anything you don't want to."

"Go away!" Amy sobbed, and threw herself on the bed, weeping as she hadn't since she was a little girl, feeling hurt, used and abused.

How could he? She thought as the tears coursed down her cheeks. How could he plan all this?

And as women are prone to do, she set out to analyze exactly what had happened to her since she first contacted her uncle to ask his help in getting her acting career started.

He had been sympathetic, and that alone had encouraged her to comply with his requests and keep them secret from her parents. They were not odd at all, considering that she wanted to be an actress. He had asked for several photos, recent photos along with her measurements and had also been very adamant about not telling her parents about his requests. The last part she had wondered about, but dismissed as probably something he needed to establish a rapport with her and to eliminate the need to go through her parents every time he needed something to pave the way for her. Had she not been so gullible (but what teenager isn't about such things?) she might have realized some of his requests were out of the ordinary and asked her parents opinion on the matter.

But Uncle John knew show people, had connections that could open doors, and Amy knew that without such help it could take years before becoming a star on Broadway. Amy had been forced to call upon her arch rival in school to help her with several of the photos Uncle John wanted. But Lilly Pokerhard had come through for her, using a Polaroid to take several shots of Amy in Lilly's lacy undies, and skimpy bikini's. Amy had flushed under Lilly's scrutiny, but convinced herself that a producer might want to see more of her than Lilly was looking at the moment. And so she had leaned forward, exposing most of her cleavage to the camera, and while afterward regretted posing for them, had to concede that she did look, as Lilly put it, "damn good."

She was puzzled when Lilly later donned the same outfits and had her take similar pictures of her, but realized that Lilly had the same problem she did, a need for someone who could keep a secret to partner in the photo session.

But now Amy wondered what Uncle John had done with the pictures. She had a sudden fear that he'd put them on the internet where everyone in her hometown might see them and ruin her reputation. She was just too young and too naïve to know that her pictures lacked the specific commodity the internet wanted, she was clothed in each picture, no matter how scanty the outfit, and the net wanted nudity and more. But Amy didn't know that.

Now she lay on the bed thinking the worst that her uncle wasn't a man of his word and that tomorrow she would have to take the train home with her tail between her legs.

Well at least I'll still have my virginity, she told herself consolingly. And my pride, but my dream is shattered, and she began to cry once again, lost in her great misfortune.


John flopped back in his chair and stared at Mona and Eve, but not really seeing them. He was thinking about how best to salvage the situation with Amy.

Mona was laughing, for neither woman had noticed Amy's indignant departure.

"Oh, you are excited," Mona said, as she tossed her head, and then pressed her mouth to Eve's dampened crotch.

Eve distinctly heard Mona draw in her breath as she inhaled the scent of Eve's aroused cunt. Mona's relentless hands continued caressing Eve's breasts, and she turned her face to one side and said, "You smell so sweet," and with a lewd moan, turned back to gently suck on Eve's outer labia.

Mona raised her head up and spoke to John. "She's got the thickest bush that I've ever seen," and then she sighed, "it's so fucking lovely."

"You think so?" Eve asked, pleased by the compliment, still managing to ignore Amy and John's presence. And then it struck her and Mona at the same time.

Where was Amy?

John noted the quizzical expressions on both girls' faces and ruefully grinned, then holding up his hands in a gesture of 'what can I say?' he murmured, "She's had enough for one night. She went to her room."

Both women accepted this and returned to where they had been a moment earlier. "Oh, yeah," the blonde haired actress replied, and tenderly kissed Eve's labia. "You're so beautifully made down here."

John saw the flush course through Eve's hazel colored body at the complement. Then Eve lay back, legs parted, waiting for Mona to continue her ministrations. Mona hardly needed an invitation. Once more, the two passionately embraced, mashing breast against breast.

Mona broke the kiss first; but only to lick Eve's face all over, running her tongue over her eyelids, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Then she pressed kisses where she'd licked, before moving her attention further down.

John left the room only to return a moment later carrying a box which he placed beside the sofa on which Mona and Eve were making love. Reaching into the box he removed a rather long dildo, and holding it in his left hand, patted Mona on the rump with his right.

"I've left you some toys to play with if you like," he said, and nodded toward the box.

Mona's mouth left Eve's breast long enough to impart a quick, "Thanks a million, Johnny boy," and then returned to torment the Hispanic girl once more with fiery kisses and dexterous fingers.

Eve's groans of contentment filled the room.

John started to return to his chair; but thought of something, and turning to the female couple called out, "Time out, everyone. That means you too, Mona," he laughed roguishly, partly at Mona, partly at himself, for he was walking around his apartment with his stiffened member hanging out of his trousers.

"Let's have another glass of wine everyone, shall we?" He said, pouring some chardonnay into several wine glasses.

"Always the party-pooper, Johnny-boy," Mona said, but quickly reached for her glass. And when Eve made to reach for her glass, Mona stayed her hand.

"Let's save that for later, shall we?" She said making a conscious effort to mimic John.

"Let's see how you like this?" Mona said still holding her glass -- but moving it so that it hovered over Eve's twin peaks.

"Don't!" John called out. And his cry brought a curious Amy to the door, to which she pressed an ear, and concentrated on listening to what was happening outside. Her tears were still drying, but the sensations in her young pussy were still on a rampage. Her fingers groped blindly -- until one lodged in her slit -- and letting it sink into her wetness, she slowly fingered herself.

But Mona refused to heed John's words and poured just a little of the wine into the cleavage between Eve's breasts.

"Oh!" Eve gasped.

Amy wondered what was going on. Why had Uncle John yelled "Don't"?

Mona's tongue began licking up all traces of the wine while Eve writhed under her. Amy carefully opened the bedroom door a tiny crack. Jeez, she thought, it's like this afternoon all over again. What's that expression that's used for that? Déjà vu? Yeah, that's it. Déjà vu.

John sat back down and absentmindedly stroked the long dildo in his hand. What was done was done, he told himself, and grimaced as Mona repeated her performance a moment later, risking a stain that would ruin his finely upholstered furniture.

Then with Eve moaning, obviously wanting Mona to go further and faster, Mona called a temporary halt to her seduction, stood up, and walked over to John.

"Feel them," she said lifting her breasts up and offering them to a very startled John Prentice.

His hands reached out, each one taking a firm grip on Mona's breasts, hefting them, and once again he found himself amazed at their weight. Then he leaned in and took the right nipple into his mouth, licking it with his tongue and discovered he was suddenly enjoying himself again.

Across the room, Eve was fretting, thinking she had been abandoned by her new lover and would be left to go without satisfaction. In the bedroom Amy's fury returned. 'That pig!' she thought, he's nothing but a womanizer.' Still, she edged the door open just a little more.

"Please, Miss Mona" Eve pleaded, "Let me do that for you!"

Eve was ready, oh so ready. But now, she thought, Mr. Prentice was going to take Mona away from her. It wasn't fair. Yet Eve's conditioned reflexes kicked in as she remembered her place in this gringo society --- the bottom rung of the ladder.

She moaned in anguish, wondering what it would have been like to taste this woman's breasts. She had never tasted Juanita's, it had been her own breasts that were sampled back then, how old had she been? Ah, but she had tasted Juanita elsewhere, and from the deep recesses of her mind she brought back the strange intoxicating flavor that was Juanita's, and hoped she would be permitted to sample Mona's this night.

Mona returned to Eve and bent close. "Oh you will soon enough, my love." Mona whispered to her, as if reading her mind.

Mona noted the longing in Eve's eyes, and sat beside the Guatemalan girl and pulled her tight against her, cupping her buoyant breasts with both hands.

Eve moaned loudly as Mona's fingers rubbed against her stiff nipples; and groaned with passion as Mona's lips sucked lightly along her neck, her cheek, and then finally ran her tongue along the inner edge of the dark haired woman's ear. Eve had never been happier than this moment; she felt so warm and secure and she wanted this moment to last a lifetime. The only thing that made the waiting bearable was the knowledge that it would only get better.

Mona turned Eve around and kissed her softy a few more times before returning to Eve's succulent buds -- sucking one of the hard nipples after the other -- as her free hand lightly massaged its way over Eve's stomach, as if warning her of what was coming.

For a change of pace, Mona took Eve's hands in hers and guided them under her huge breasts, pressing them firmly against her taut flesh. Eve squeezed them softy, feeling the pebbled texture of Mona's warm areolas against her smooth skinned fingers. Mona lifted one of her breasts and offered it as a gift to Eve who leaned down and kissed the center of the dark areola she had admired a moment earlier.

Unlike her own breasts, Mona's were not all of one hue, but a combination of her natural pale color and dark tan resulting from a series of furtive nude sunbathing dates that had not completely tanned her breasts and groin areas. Her large nipples and wide areola were a dark brown, several shades darkener than the surrounding skin. Eve tickled the stiff nipple with her tongue, before taking it into her mouth.

"Yesss," Mona moaned as she felt the wet embrace of Eve's mouth. "You do that well."

In reply, Eve let the hard nub slip from her lips, and ran her tongue across the wide circle a few more times before taking it fully into her mouth. After a few more minutes of play, Mona shifted her other mound to Eve's eager mouth giving her neophyte lover a chance to feast on that one as well. As she worked her way across this new morsel, Eve was intoxicated by the erotic combination of Mona's natural scent and the perfume she wore. It was strongest in the deep, dark valley between her breasts, a place the Guatemalan girl was quickly becoming very familiar with.

Satisfied that Eve had enjoyed herself enough for the moment, Mona lifted both her breasts and rubbed them against Eve's own. They kissed as their hot nipples rubbed; their tongues becoming one.

Mona said, "Darling, don't you want to suck my pussy now?"

Eve failed to respond. She was in shock for this was her dream come true, and she couldn't bring herself to realize it.

Not understanding the young girl's dilemma, Mona changed course and asked, "Will you suck me off first, or shall I do you?"

Finally Eve shook off the burden of denial and lowering her eyes purred, "Ummm, yes, I will lick you first." That finally said, she began to slide down Mona's body, spending a moment kissing her breasts and running her tongue up and down the cleavage between them before moving down to Mona's stomach.

John stretched his legs out, and after a furtive glance at the closed bedroom door, held his erection in one hand and compared it to the large dildo in the other. He was not as thick as the dildo, or as long, but he came close on both counts. Having satisfied himself on the matter, he returned his attention to the two women cavorting on the sofa across the room.

"I have a better idea my love," Mona was saying to Eve, as she ran her glistening tongue across Eve's red lips.

"So do I," John said, "I want to direct this sordid little love scene.

"That's fine with me, love," Mona said happily.

"Es okay with me too, Mr. Prentice," Eve chimed in. Her self confidence had been restored by Mona's return to her and the knowledge that in a moment she would be between this movie star's legs, feasting on her fame.

"Call me John for now, John said with a leer that was unmistakable.

"All right then, let's go!"

Neither woman moved.

John, momentarily stymied, realized his mistake. "Okay, what I should have done was set the stage, and I will. Mona, I want you to start by kissing Eve's ass."

Eve was slightly put out by this, but was also excited by the fact that Mona was going to do something she had never experienced before. Eve clambered off the sofa, and got down on all fours presenting her ass to Mona.

"No, no!" John bellowed. "Get back on the sofa. Just turn around so Mona can get at your behind."

Dutifully, Eve knelt on the sofa, facing the back cushions and pushed her rear out toward the waiting Mona.

After giving John a lascivious smile, Mona turned to Eve's hour-glass waistline and leaned forward to peck a series of light kisses on each plump ass cheek. But the devil in her made Mona move her palm over Eve's hairy mound, and run a single finger up and down her slit.

John, now leaning forward in his chair, still holding himself and the dildo in each hand, said, "Eve, ask Mona to really kiss your ass."

"Si, Mr. Prentice…"

"God damn it Eve, don't answer me, and don't call me Mr. Prentice for the rest of the evening, understand?"

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