Amy Ch. 12

byParis Waterman©

The two women almost fell through the entrance to Mona's apartment in their haste to quench the heady desire that had engulfed them.

Once inside, Mona reached out to the young Guatemalan and grasped her blouse, pulling it tight against her stomach and breasts. Then her hands were at Eve's skirt, fiddling with the zipper, pulling it down to form a pool at the girl's feet, as Eve herself was shucking the blouse over her head, not having bothered to open all the buttons.

Both women were breathing heavily already, aroused by the earlier sounds emanating from John's bedroom when he took Amy's virginity and the current thoughts of what pleasures lay ahead for the two of them this evening.

Mona frowned with concentration as she encountered a problem. Her nipple stretchers caught on the fabric of her top and she attempted to free it before tearing the material. Eve smiled, and taking hold of Mona's reluctant nipple, freed the fabric and giggled as Mona tossed the top aside.

Eve's mouth closed on Mona's left nipple as the porno star wriggled out of her skirt. She wore nothing underneath except her shoes, which she kicked off one by one.

"Is like kissing someone with braces," Eve giggled.

"I never thought of it that way," Mona said and laughed along with the maid.

"But is delicious all the more," Eve said and bit lightly upon the taut nubbin.

"OH, YES!" Mona groaned happily. "That's what they're for --- bite the suckers! Suck my babies!"


While Eve played and suckled her breasts, Mona maneuvered both of them over to a big low chair and sat down. She held Eve's head between her hands to allow Eve to continue sucking and then released her face in order to remove Eve's bra and underwear.

Once Eve was entirely nude, Mona's hands roamed over her lithe body, caressing her back, her ass and finally traveling over the tuft of black pubic hair that adorned her mound.

"Oh yes!" Eve moaned out of the side of her mouth as Mona's middle finger briefly delved along her moistened labia; and then moved quickly away to the backs of her knees.

At first Eve moaned at the loss, but drew quiet as the older woman shimmied her closer and closer, until Eve's legs were straddling her thighs. Then Eve scooted the remaining distance to Mona's lap. Mona placed her hands on Eve's head and guided her back to her moistened areola.

Eve drew on each breast in turn, sucking harder and harder.

"Jesus Christ!" Mona gasped, "Keep that up and I'll come from having my tits sucked!"

Eve laughed delightedly, but never took her mouth from the deliciously elongated nipple held between her teeth.

"Oh Christ!" Mona exclaimed, "Do me, baby! Do me!"

Releasing the bud from between her teeth, Eve gasped, "Oh, yes! I do you good. I do you everywhere, hokay?"

Mona stifled a laugh and replied, "Hokay, baby, do me!"

With an alacrity that startled the more experienced Mona, Eve proceeded to do just that. Abandoning her magnificent breasts for the moment, Eve moved to the lobes of Mona's ears, nipping and licking each in turn and sending a torrent of ecstatic sensations through Mona's nervous system. Next came the hollow of her neck, which Eve kissed and sucked until a series of hickies were left in her path. With a long sigh, Eve moved on, returning ever so briefly to the pillows of Mona's breasts, kneading them and biting at the very tip before moving on to the plains of her stomach.

"Oh, God, don't stop," Mona moaned. "I love it! I love it!"

Eve continued to kiss and lick and bite and suck down to the juncture between Mona's legs, deceiving the enraptured older woman by not going to her center, but passing by to bite, nip and kiss her inner thighs, each in turn and moving south leaving her hot flesh only for the split second it took to switch from one leg to the other.

"I may be coming!" Mona gasped, "I can't believe that's possible. My tits yeah, that happened once but this . . . this is . . ."

Eve was sucking gently on the hollow of Mona's left knee.

"Jesus! I'm coming! I'm fuckin' coming!"

Even as Mona's hand went to her clit and rubbed frantically to prolong the orgasm ripping through her body, Eve never stopped, moving to the other knee even as Mona's hips gyrated wildly.

Eve paused briefly to move even lower, to the tender skin between the tendons of Mona's ankle and then her heel and finally to her toes; sucking them, licking the crotch between them, eliciting loud cries of delight from the still orgasming Mona.

When Eve bit the arch of her left foot, Mona had a shuddering climax and wondered where this youngster had learned these tactics of making love, for Mona had certainly been around, but never, ever had experienced anything remotely like what Eve was doing to her.

Her hands went out to lay a series of gentle caresses on Eve's head and shoulders as the Guatemalan girl retraced her way back. Eve took special care to move slowly, agonizingly slowly. Higher and higher, she moved, but slower still, as if saying, "I'm coming to eat you, I am, I am."

Mona was trembling with anticipation as Eve's face pressed against the inner sides of her thighs, betwixt her shaven nest, and cried out joyfully when Eve blew gently on her folds.

Using a much faster velocity, Eve's tongue burrowed between the folds, which were wet and opened readily. Eve licked higher and the little man in the boat stood up to receive the gentle licks of her fastidious tongue as it swept the boat clean of any refuse that might have gathered in a nook or nearby cranny.

Mona cried out and held Eve's head to her cunt, clenching her ears between her thighs and came for the third time.

Perhaps three or four minutes of bliss passed. Their eyes met again and they moved into another torrid kiss. They were still kissing when Mona, having recovered slightly, sought to repay the young girl and sent an educated finger downward and separated Eve's labia to send the finger out to penetrate Eve's juicy cunt.

"OH, MISS MONA!" Eve shouted joyfully.

The new movements forced them to shift their bodies somewhat, but Mona kept the finger moving and soon added a second and then a third, as Eve grew even wetter. All the while, Eve's hips were churning into those lovely fingers, trying to capture their full length inside her.

Mona's free hand was now busy squeezing and kneading the flesh of Eve's ass and Eve obviously loved the play, rough as it was.

They were both perspiring although their movement was limited. It was never clear who increased the pace first, but Eve was holding Mona's shoulders tightly as she rocked back and forth until Mona's fingers switched to Eve's clit causing Eve to come. It wasn't an earth-shattering orgasm, but one that came with a delightful suddenness, catching the young girl by surprise, almost from the first touch of Mona's finger over her stiff, hooded nub.

Mona knew what she was doing and kept at it, dragging her fingertip slowly from between Eve's legs towards her clit, causing Eve to inhale quickly in anticipation of the forthcoming sensations and moan loudly when the finger actually began to circle around her aroused nubbin.

"Madre Mia!" Eve sighed. "I . . . think . . . I'm coming!"

Mona laughed raucously and quickly exposed Eve's stiff clit to her view and started to tap on it quickly with a fingertip. The reaction was immediate; Eve clenched her thighs over Mona's hand. Her face was in a kind of grimace as she coped with the overwhelming vibrations between her legs.

Aside from their heavy breathing, the only sound in the room was that of Eve's thighs slapping back and forth onto Mona's hands as they moved even faster. Mona struggled to keep her busy fingers inside her friend. Then Eve was pushing down on her hand and, groaning loudly, came hard.

Mona quickly reacted by sending the three fingers deep into Eve's cunt heightening the orgasm even more.

And just as Eve was coming down from her wonderful climax, Mona sent her tongue plunging into her wet, velvety hole, pausing only long enough to sample the wonderful scent the aroused Guatemalan girl was giving off.

Eve's hands had clumps of Mona's hair in them, threatening to pull them out by their roots, and Mona had to stop and calm her enough so that she released them before returning to devour the girl once more.

Eve was unable to resist this treatment, and could only tremble and moan her anxious pleasure. Mona tore her mouth from Eve's genitals and, slithering up her body, found her mouth and kissed her hungrily. In the midst of this torrid kiss, Mona maneuvered herself so that she was on top of the prostrate girl. Both found the heat of their bodies intense and began to squirm as one; gasping as their cunt's ground wetly together.

"Oh yeah!" Mona groaned.

"Oh, my . . . Madre Mia!" The youthful Guatemalan sobbed. She wrapped her thighs around Mona's hips causing their breasts to squash tightly and flattened out as the porno star began a fierce rutting that Eve promptly picked up on and joined. Their juicy cunt's slithered over each other with such rapidity that both began to climax at the same time.

"Is sooo wild!" Eve screamed delightedly.

"Bet your ass its wild!" Mona replied huskily as they spasmed wildly against one another. A long minute later they lay still, entangled in each other limbs.


Meanwhile, Janice, John Prentice's receptionist and girl Friday, was sitting alone at the Ivy Cottage Lounge nursing her third gin and tonic. She was obviously despondent, for she was positive that John was going to or had already dumped her for the upstate teenager. He had talked of nothing else for the past several days, even while humping away at her on the office couch.

Janice had hoped to land him as her husband. But to lose him to a kid . . . that smarted and while she still retained her looks Janice knew she only had a couple of good years left in her firm little body.

She was surprised when the cute female bartender appeared in front of her and said, "The gentleman over there would like to buy you a drink."

Janice turned to see who it was and noted a fairly handsome guy in his mid-thirties smiling at her. She gave him a wan smile and nodded in appreciation.

He was standing next to her before the bartender finished making the drink.

"Hi, my name's Sam, Sam Whalen. May I join you?"

"Thanks for the drink, Sam. I don't know that I really need it. I've had my quota for the night, but thanks all the same."

"Might I ask why a good looking woman like you is so down in the dumps?"

Janice looked directly into his blue-grey eyes, 'Nice,' she thought and then answered him honestly.

"Very perceptive Sam, I'm Vera," she lied. "Down in the dumps sums it up all right. My boyfriend gave me the heave-ho this afternoon."

"You two were serious . . . in your relationship?

"I thought so," Janice said while making a mental note to remember she had told him her name was Vera. "I mean, we'd been seeing each other for quite a while and to make matters worse he's my boss."

"Ouch! Sam offered and appeared sincere.

Janice took a sip of her fresh drink and tried a smile. The bartender brought Sam another beer and he cradled the glass in his hand wondering what to say next.

"Well look at the bright side," he said. "You've got looks and youth on your side and there are plenty of guys around who'd love to take you out."

"Like you, for instance?" She said without looking at him.

"Hey, I'm not hitting on you," he said defensively, because in fact he was.

"You're not?"

"No," he said and tried to mollify her. "I saw an attractive woman at the bar, obviously alone and just as obviously feeling bad. I . . . I'm getting over a messy divorce --- she was with two black guys when I came home one afternoon. I . . ."

Janet touched his arm and felt an electrical current surge into her hand.

Her voice had gone dry as she croaked out, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean . . ."

"It's all right Vera," he said quickly, "I'm getting over it. I tell myself that while the whole thing . . . well it was messy as I said, but the good part was I caught her and was able to prove it because I had the local minister with me when I walked in."

Janice found herself laughing and it felt good.

"I . . . I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh at your problem, it's just that . . ."

He smiled at her and covered her hand with his. "No, it's all right. It is funny when you think about it. At any rate, I gave her nothing. I kept the house and car and stocks and bonds. I got everything. Thank God we didn't have any kids. I wouldn't have wanted them to go through anything like that."

He thought he should add some more information and said, "That was four months ago. I haven't been on a date or hardly spoken to a woman until now."

Janice began to lower her guard. He was good-looking. He was nice, very nice, and if his story was true his luck was at least as bad as hers. 'Birds of a feather,' she thought and turned to him and caught him looking at her dress.

"It's an old thing," she said reflexively.

"What is?" He asked not realizing he'd been caught staring at her.

"This dress," she said and fingered the material. "I'm embarrassed to say it, but it doesn't fit me the way it used to." Then thought, 'My God, what am I saying to this man?' She suddenly realized he'd been looking at her body and not the dress.

His blue-grey eyes roamed up and down her body. Janice tugged at the dress self-consciously, "What," she said, "too tight?"

Sam took a long drink of his beer before answering.

"You want the honest truth?"

"Yes, of course," she said, wondering if she really wanted to hear this.

"Your tits," he said quietly. But loud enough for the bartender to hear and move closer to ensure that she could hear more.

"What?" Janice croaked.

"Your tits, I just can't believe how big they are."

The moment of respite afforded by having him repeat himself allowed Janice to compose herself and say, "Oh, well actually they're not. I'm wearing my roommate's push up bra. It's at least a cup size too big for me." She touched her left breast for emphasis.

"Imagine my disappointment," he said with a huge grin.

"Hmmmm," she murmured smugly and thought 'The evening has certainly picked up. Now the question is, do I want to be?'

She answered her own question by arching her shoulders back the way Miss Hoyden had instructed the girls in her tenth-grade class.

Forty minutes later they stood outside her apartment door. She turned to him and said, "Thanks for the lift home, I really appreciate it. You have my phone number, call me. I'd like to see you again."

Sam nodded and reached out, took her in his arms and smothered her mouth with his.

She was surprised at how nice his kiss was, hot but soft, and made sure to keep her lips sealed. But as the kiss lingered on, she placed her arms around him too and let herself melt against him because he felt so good and solid under her hands.

When they parted, she said, "Whew! That was a surprise."

His fingers slid down her neck and made her shiver.

"Let's do that again," he said, "this time with feeling."

Janice laughed and feeling good about herself for the first time that day, kissed him and opened her mouth to accept the tongue she knew was waiting.

"Hey!" she said, tearing her mouth away as he drew his fingers over her breast.

"It's the bra," he said, "I can't tell fact from fiction here," and made her laugh again.

"Press harder," she told him and when he did, she lost track of the entire conversation.

He kissed her again, this time groping her as soon as her tongue followed his into his mouth. The pressure of his hand on her breast felt so good that Janice leaned into him as she kissed him, wanting him to push against her so she could feel his hardness.

"You see?" He said, "We were meant for each other, at least for the moment. I only hope that the moment lasts for the rest of the night."

His thumb slid into the neckline of her dress. She moaned softly. He kissed the hollow of her neck.

She moaned louder.

"I don't believe this," she said as she pulled away.

"What's the matter?" He asked as his hands caressed her shoulders.

"Wait!" she said exasperated with herself.

"What is it? Did I do something wrong?" He asked.

"No, nothing like that, she replied, "but it would be better if I opened the door and we went inside before someone starts video-taping us here in the hallway."

"Right," he said, "Absolutely right."

Janice fumbled in her purse for the key, and finding it, let them in. Sam looked around. It was a neat, non-descriptive apartment with functional furniture, but nothing of real value. He knew, for he was in the antique business and bought and sold furniture every day.

"I need to tell you something, she confessed."


"My name is not Vera, its Janice."

"Hello Janice," he said and managed to kiss her lightly before she pulled away.

"Are you really Sam?"

"Sam I am," he smiled.

"I . . . I'm sorry I lied to you," she said contritely.

"It's all right. I understand. You meet a stranger; you don't know where the conversation is going. Women have done that to me before and I do understand its kind of a safety net for them, am I right?'

"Yes, you are," she said and felt absolutely terrible about her deception, so much so that she said nothing when he ran his fingers lightly down the back of her dress.

"Where's the zipper on this thing?"

"I am not having sex with you," she said, moving away, but not too far.

He pulled her toward him gently so he could look over her shoulder. "Ah, there's the little devil," he said reaching for the zipper.

"No," she said firmly, pushing his hand away. "I'm not having sex with you, not tonight anyway."

He pulled her against him, making sure she felt his manhood and kissed her roughly. Janice found herself responding despite her protests. She reasoned that he was a great kisser and she hadn't met that many really good kissers in her life. John was good, but not this good and Janice felt herself giving in as she wondered how proficient Sam was in other areas.

Sam jockeyed her to the couch and fell backwards on it with her on top of him.

"Any other lies you want to clear up?" He asked with a winning grin as he looked up at her.

"There aren't any. We don't know one another yet."

"You mean you'll lie more often after we get more familiar?"

Exasperated, Janice took a deep breath and promptly felt his hand on her breast.

"Don't grope me. I don't like it. I think you'd better leave now."

"It's too soon to leave. The night's still young," he said, but removed his hand from her breast.

Janice couldn't believe that she was disappointed about it.

"I think we should kiss a few more times before I leave,' he said, and kissed her again. Janice opened her mouth to protest and found his tongue preventing her from saying a word. But soon she was responding to his kiss, using her own tongue as she urged her hips upward to better feel his hardness pressing against her.

'I'll force him to leave right after this kiss is over,' she promised herself. Ten minutes later they were still kissing, but now her dress was up around her hips and his hand was lightly massaging her mound and she wasn't thinking at all; only reacting to his mouth and touch. She wanted him to be rougher with her. John had tossed her around like a plaything and she'd loved it, but this gentleness was good too, although in a different way.

Two minutes later her dress was off and his shirt was half unbuttoned from his chest. She thought he had a beautiful chest and was licking his nipple; pressing her lower extremities against him to better absorb his heat and hardness

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