tagLoving WivesAmy Meets Online Tag Team Partner

Amy Meets Online Tag Team Partner


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. The remainder of the story is true with the exception that names have been changed to protect the naughty. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a message if you like.


Every time I think back about the first time I watched my wife, Amy, fuck another man I find myself getting extremely aroused and desperate for it to happen again and again. We have been lucky enough to have found a suitable male on several occasions but each time we do it only makes me want it more. I have even reached the point where I encourage her to have sex with other guys without me. I know that many people don't understand why a husband would ever want his wife to have sex with another man so I will inform you as to why I get so turned on. My wife is the most amazing and sexy woman that I have ever met and she is an unbelievable lover. When I see her with another man I am overcome with pride knowing that what the lucky guy gets for an hour or two, I get to spend the rest of my life with. I am well aware of how lucky I am to have found the perfect mate so sharing her is the most extreme form of bragging!

Amy stands 5'5" tall, weighs about 130 lbs. and has a perfectly proportioned body. She has been graced with lovely C cup breasts, very muscular legs that lead up to an incredibly round and firm ass, and a vice like pussy that is as tasty as it is tight. Her sexual talents include an incredible ability to deep throat a cock and a rare talent... squirting! When she is really turned on she becomes very vocal and can often be heard screaming at the top of her lungs when she is cumming. An ability that has often helped us find both men and couples is that she is an excellent flirt and knows just the right compliment to offer at the right time. With minimal effort she can seduce nearly anyone she meets.

On the night of our most recent escapade I decided to take Amy to a local bar that we had never visited before. I had learned online that cops, paramedics and, most importantly, firemen got in free when they flashed their identification. I was well aware of my wife's weakness for firemen so I hoped that she would find one that she lusted after and that he would fuck her before the night was through. The bar ended up being packed and drinks were cheap so it was looking like we should be in for a good evening. In addition to the large crowd and discount liquor, we were both in playful moods which usually leads to some sort of wild events.

Amy and I managed to locate a vacant table near the bar where we could talk to each other without the need to yell. We could also see the entire club which allowed us to check out the other patrons and see if anyone caught our eye. We were in the midst of our third drink when Amy's cell phone rang, indicating that she had a text message. After taking a minute to read her message, Amy informed me that her text was from a local radio personality friend of hers, Tony.

"He's wanted to fuck since the night you met!" I teased, secretly hoping that I was right.

"No way! I think he's married." Amy stated.

"Like that has anything to do with it!" I joked.

During our next few rounds of drinks Tony continued to text message Amy and their conversation grew more and more flirtatious. I think that Amy finally started to believe that I was correct when I said that Tony was interested in her. I convinced her to test the waters by dropping subtle hints to Tony about the possibility of joining us at the end of the night. Over the next hour my wife traded texts with Tony twenty times or so. She was eventually very forward about what she wanted, clearly stating that she wanted to be tag teamed. I even got in on the action and sent Tony a message saying that my wife needed to be fucked by two cocks! As hard as we tried we could not convince Tony to join us and all I could think was "What an idiot!"

We decided to give up on Tony and move on to other possible partners so we took a stroll through the bar and made our way to the main bar in the center of the club. We were ordering drinks when my wife was approached by a woman that she had met in the washroom earlier. Debbie was a slightly larger woman who appeared to be in her mid to late thirties. Despite her full figure she was an extremely attractive woman and, like Amy, was also very flirtatious. The ladies stood very close as they downed a few shots and my wife insisted that I take a couple of pictures of her and her new friend. While I was taking a few drunken snap shots the girls let their hands start to teasingly roam about each others' bodies. I admired how tiny my wife's hand appeared when it rested on Deb's huge melons.

Once I put the camera away I listened to their conversation intently and learned that Debbie was very interested in being with a woman and my wife quickly expressed her mutual desire for women. Debbie told us that she would love to get together with Amy but she was at the bar with some co-workers and she wanted to be discreet. Amy and Deb exchanged numbers and promised to meet up someday soon and see where things went. I started to think that we were never going to find anyone for a threesome. When Deb and my wife parted company I escorted my wife outside and we sat for a smoke.

"I love her, she is so hot!" Amy said of Debbie.

"I know, she is a bigger woman but she is really sexy. It's too bad she couldn't join us tonight." I replied, truly disappointed. "Have you seen anybody else that you like?"

"There was one really hot fireman that I saw the last time I went to the bathroom. I would have stopped to talk to him but he was with a big group of guys." my wife stated matter of factly.

I could see in Amy's eyes that she was really hoping that she could get her hunky fireman to come over and fuck her later on. I wanted to give her every opportunity to use her powers of persuasion so I suggested we go inside and order another drink. I followed my wife back into the club and noticed that she was surveying the crowd in an attempt to find her fireman. Once we were served our drinks we made our way back to our table and continued to talk about finding a third person for the night.

While I was informing my wife that I was extremely turned on by the prospect of picking somebody up in a club to take home, I saw her looking past me and onto the dance floor. I stopped what I was saying and looked over my shoulder to see that Amy was staring at her fireman. I am comfortable enough to admit that the guy was fairly good looking and definitely had the build of a fireman. When I turned around to finish my sentence Amy excused herself to go to the washroom once again. I immediately realized that her path to the ladies room would take directly toward the fireman.

I kept a close eye on my wife as she fought her way through the crowd until she was directly behind the fireman. She paused for a brief moment before wrapping her arm around his waist and introducing herself. They chatted for a few minutes and I could see in her body language that she was trying her best to seduce him. He must have offered to buy her a drink because they moved to the bar and waited to be served. The entire time they waited at the bar Amy kept her hand on his back and occasionally allowed it to travel over his ass. They did a quick shooter and then my wife leaned in and whispered something into his ear. It was going to be impossible for him to deny her!

Amy then slowly pulled her hand away from her fireman but not before giving his butt a light swat. She strolled away confidently and headed for her original destination...the bathroom. I laughed to myself as I watched the guy turn his head and check out my wife's ass as she walked away. My cock stirred in my pants when I thought about viewing my slut wife with another man that she was clearly attracted to. I sent her a quick text message letting her know how turned on she had made me by just flirting with him. When she exited the washroom she was sporting a mischievous smile which I thought must have been due to my naughty message. My notion was squashed when my phone indicated that I had a new message. I flipped my phone open and entered my inbox. Wow! My wife had taken a picture of her bald pussy while she was in the washroom and sent it to me with a note stating 'this is what you want to share.' Amy returned to our table after a quick stop to say hello to the fireman, just to remind him of what he could have!

"Your pussy is so good that I think that everyone should get some!" I quipped in response to her latest message. I wanted to reinforce how much I was into having a threesome tonight or even just watching her fuck some lucky guy.

We both felt like another cigarette and it was nearly time for me to refill my drink so we left our table and went outside again after a short stop at the bar. Just prior to walking out onto the patio I noticed that the fireman was standing near the front door chatting with friends and pointing at my wife. I appeared as if his buddies wanted to leave but he was trying to convince them to stay so he could get a crack at Amy. We continued to the smoking area and found a table in the corner where we could maintain our conversation. I kept pushing for Amy to ask the fireman to come home with us and she finally admitted that she already had.

"What do you think I whispered in his ear?" she asked rhetorically. "He told me that he wanted to but that his friend was his ride. He lives a long ways away and has no way home afterward."

"Why don't you go tell him that we'll give him a ride home tomorrow if he comes over and fucks you good!" I eagerly replied.

I had barely finished my last sentence when Amy got up and went inside to propose our offer the fireman. Unfortunately she returned a minute later and sadly revealed that she just saw him leave with his friends. All I could think of was how stupid this guy was to turn down a chance to have the best fuck of his life with a complete stranger that he met in a bar. I consoled my wife and told her that I would be more than happy to fuck the shit out of her when we got home. Amy liked that idea so we finished our smoke and went to hail a cab.

We must have intrigued the taxi driver on the way home with our conversation topics. We talked openly about how she tried to pick up the fireman and how hot her new friend Debbie was. We were both getting turned on all over again and we decided that we should look for a companion on one of our swinger sites online. Before we were dropped off at home I requested that Amy show the cab driver her tits which she did gladly. We paid for our ride and went into our apartment to find a playmate.

Amy logged onto the computer while I fixed us a drink to sip on while we searched for somebody to fuck my wife. We brought up a list of people who were online at our site and found that there were a few in our area. One of the first ones on the list was a 23 year old guy named John who lived about 45 minutes away and had just happened to have left us a message while we were out. His message stated that he found my wife "absolutely stunning from head to toe" so we decided to reply as Amy found him to be quite attractive also.

"Thanks, are you busy?" Amy typed.

While we anxiously waited for a response we glanced through our other messages and checked out the remainder of the people who were online. We both commented that we hoped that John came through for us because the rest of the online guys weren't very appealing. Just as we said this we were informed that we had a reply from John.

"Not really, and I love your pics." John replied, referring to the sexy pictures of Amy that we had posted earlier.

Now that we knew that John was inspecting our ad we decided to post a new picture, one that would entice him to join us. Amy chose a photo of her completely nude and spread eagle on the bed and uploaded it to our ad page.

"Wanna cum tag team me?" Amy returned.

Whether it was due to Amy's amazing picture or to our offer we knew we had his attention, John responded almost immediately.

"I'd love to, you're so hot!" John complimented.

"Cum over and see in person." we urged.

"I love the new picture and are you serious?" John questioned, obviously sceptical of our sudden invite.

"Thanks, we put up the money shot just for you *wink*, and DEAD SERIOUS!" Amy boldly stated.

"Where do you live?" John inquired.

We informed John where we lived and that he could call for directions and to make sure that we were for real. It was now that we sensed a hint of nervousness from John.

"Is this something I could take a rain check on or is it a one night offer?" John asked.

"Are you a coward or are you just shy? We want you here tonight!" we teased.

"I'm no coward, I just wouldn't get there until 5 a.m.!" John retorted.

"That's fine, we'll be up waiting for you!" Amy typed, hoping that he would finally succumb to temptation.

"Alright then, I'm calling you now." John agreed.

Within a few minutes our phone began to ring and Amy answered it in her come fuck me voice. They chatted for a couple of minutes while I went to fix us another drink. By the time I returned Amy and John were done talking so she passed me the phone so I could give him accurate directions to our place. I also asked John what he drank as we didn't have much to offer at the time and suggested that he bring his own. I said bye to John, putting an end to a somewhat awkward conversation, and hung up the phone.

When I set the phone down I leaned over and kissed my horny wife, letting her know how aroused I had become while we convinced a complete stranger to come over and fuck her. As we kissed I slipped a hand into my wife's pants and found that her pussy was already moist in anticipation of what was to come. I easily pushed a finger inside Amy's slick box and asked if she was ready for a new cock to play with. I watched as her eyes shut and she emitted a low moan that signified her excitement. I withdrew my hand and went to refill our drinks, apparently we were both a bit nervous and downed them pretty quickly.

During the hour or so that we waited to hear from John again I remained on the computer while Amy went to change into something sexy that would confirm our seriousness to John when he did arrive. She slipped out of her club wear and dug through her lingerie drawer in search of an outfit that would scream 'come fuck me.' She settled on a bright yellow lycra dress that showed off her every curve and ended just below her ass. Each time she bent over the dress would ride up slightly revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties. When she was sure that she had picked the right outfit we adjourned to the living room and flipped on the television to pass the time until John arrived.

We had only been in the living room for a minute when the phone rang indicating that John was down in the lobby waiting to be buzzed in. Amy answered the phone and told John to come up to our floor and that she would meet him at the elevator. The thought of my slut wife standing outside the elevator in her very revealing dress waiting for a complete stranger that she was going to let fuck her was greatly arousing. I also was aware that at this hour many people would be leaving for work so there was a good possibility that when the elevator doors opened anyone could be standing there and get a great look at the naughty girl on the seventh floor.

While I was alone in the apartment I shuffled over to the love seat which would force Amy and John to sit on the couch together and hopefully help the festivities begin. Just as I got comfortable in my new seat I heard voices coming from the hall and I realized that the moment of truth was at hand. The door opened and my wife entered the apartment followed closely by John, who seemed understandably hesitant. I said hello and offered to make John a drink but he informed me that he had brought his own so I told him to make himself at home.

John and my wife each took a seat on the couch and we chatted about the swinger site and how much success we have had finding interesting people. John admitted that this was his first time meeting anyone that he had chatted with online and we divulged that this was our second time. We filled John in on our last experience with Trina and her hubby and Amy even showed John a photo of Trina and herself kissing that she kept in an erotic photo album. Amy and John flipped through all of her photos and I noticed that the further along in the album they got, the closer together on the couch they moved. From my seat just a few feet away I could see that with the way my wife was sitting John could clearly see her clean shaven pussy if he chose to look.

"I have to go to the washroom. When I come back let's go look at the rest of my pictures. The really hot ones are on the computer!" Amy enticingly said to John while gently allowing her hand to rest on his thigh.

My wife stood up, adjusted her dress, and strolled down the hallway to the washroom. John's eyes were fixed on Amy's round ass the entire time it swayed down the hall. It wasn't until she entered the bathroom that John broke his gaze and reached for his beer and a cigarette.

"Pretty nice, isn't it?" I asked John, referring to Amy's firm booty. "Just wait until you get your hands on it!"

John and I talked more about meeting people online and were soon rejoined by my wife. She interrupted our conversation when she reached for John's hand and suggested that they go look through the remaining pictures while I pick out some porn to watch when they return. As I flipped through the pages of our DVD collection in search of a suitable porn to choose I could hear muffled voices coming from the other room. It seemed the two of them were getting along well and I hoped that my wife would make a move while they were alone. I tried to listen to what they were saying, with little success, until they made their way back to the living room.

I had managed to find an appropriate movie, one that contained plenty of threesome action, and placed it in the DVD player before mixing a drink for Amy and myself. When I returned I saw my wife bent over the arm of the couch while she reached for something leaving her bare ass and puss exposed to John. I was well aware that she knew exactly what she was showing to John since there was no need for her to bend over in order for her to reach the end table.

"I think I scared him." Amy informed me, "I tried to kiss him in the computer room but he pulled away. He doesn't know what he is allowed to do."

"We invited you over to fuck her, so I hardly think that a kiss would be inappropriate!" I joked, "As far as I'm concerned you can do whatever you want as long as she is okay with it."

I was glad to see that John was treating both Amy and I with some respect and I hoped this would continue for the rest of the night. The three of us sat in the living room, watched some porn and got to know each other a little better. Amy kept flirting with John which I am sure was driving him nuts. The way he was looking at her as she spoke showed that he desperately wanted to pounce on her and fuck her right then and there. I knew how much my wife enjoyed the chase so I was certain that she was having a great time and her pussy was probably dripping.

Just when I thought my own cock was about to burst from watching my wife tease John she stood, started down the hall to the bedroom, and asked us to follow her. I wasted no time in doing as I was asked. I hopped to my feet and nearly ran to the bedroom, my rigid cock leading the way. I figured that John would be right behind me but he was nowhere to be found when I reached the room. I guess he was still a little nervous and hesitated for a moment.

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