Amy's Family Ch. 02


Because Richard and Amy were kissing they heard the couple but did not see them as they came into the shower block. Amy put her hand out to stop them squashing into her and her hand touched a firm masculine body. She had no idea that it was her brother. Bringing her hand down his back she stopped on his backside. When Tom realised that the woman was not going to remove her hand from his backside he ran his hand over her hip and down her thigh.

Alice moved her feet apart allowing Tom to position his penis between her moist labia. He pushed and his penis went into her.

In the dark shower block the two couples fucked while exploring each other's bodies with their hands. With his penis still deep inside Amy, Richard moved his head towards Alice who immediately brought her mouth onto his. When Tom realised what they were doing he followed their example and brought his mouth down and kissed the other woman. Amy pushed her tongue between his lips and saliva passed between them

Alice and Richard had been married many years and knew each other's bodies very well. Alice immediately knew that she was touching her husband and Richard just as quickly realised that he was touching his wife.

Tom and Amy did not know each other's bodies by touch and, neither of them had any idea that they were touching and kissing each other. Holding the sticky penis of the unknown man Amy massaged it until it was stiff and guided it to her cum filled vagina.

Tom pushed his penis deep into his sister's cum filled hole and she squeezed her vagina tight on his rod. They wrapped their arms around each other and holding each other tight brought their lips together in a passionate kiss.

"Come on Alice let's leave these two love birds together." Richard said.

Hearing Richard speak Tom and Amy realised they were having sex with each other.

"We'll see you two back in the clubhouse." Alice added.

Tom and Amy held onto each another knowing that to separate quickly would show Alice and Richard that something was wrong. Tom was excited because his penis was deep inside his sister and, it was still rock hard. He began to slowly and gently slide his penis out of her, but Amy's hands were on his backside and she did not move them away. Sliding his penis back into her he felt Amy press her pubic mound firmly against him.

"Don't stop." She said.

Tom pushed harder and, Amy squeezed her vagina tight around her brother's penis holding him firmly inside.

Kissing his sister Tom forced her lips apart and, at the same time he pushed his penis as deep as he could into her. Amy clung onto him as she came, her vaginal squeezes became spasms as his cum shot into her vagina. They were breathing heavily as they separated.

"Fuck! That was good! Hope your on the pill?"

"Of course I am. Mum made sure of that years ago."

- - - - - - - - - o O o - - - - - - - - - -

Tom drove home with Amy sitting next to him. She was sending a message to their sister.

"What are you doing?" Tom asked.

"Telling Debbie what we did."

"You can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"Because ... because you can't." Tom was worried at the thought of their older sister knowing what Amy and he had done in the shower block that evening. "Do you tell her everything?"

"Yes, I guess I do."

"Mum and Dad are staying with them. What if they find out."

"Trust me. Debbie and I have a code. They'll just think it's me being silly and miss-spelling words. They won't understand it."

Debbie, Malcolm, Sandra and Barry were on their way to bed after their day at the garden's nudist open day. Debbie read the message and gasped out loud.

"What's up?" Malcolm asked.

"Oh, nothing. I think Amy's been drinking." Debbie said recovering her composure.

Malcolm read the message and did not understand it. "She certainly can't spell."

"Told you she's probably been drinking."

Sandra read the message and did not understand it either. "I'm going to have words with your sister."

"What about?" Debbie was worried that her mother had understood the message.

"About her drinking." Sandra answered.

Sandra and Barry went to bed leaving Malcolm and their daughter to tidy up.

"You did all the driving today, you must be tired. Go to bed. I'll tidy up. I won't be long." Debbie said to Malcolm.

"Are you sure?" Malcolm hugged and kissed his wife.

"Positive. Now go to bed before I change my mind."

- - - - - - - - - - o O o - - - - - - - - - -

Hundreds of miles away Tom drove carefully trying to get his head around what happened in the shower block between Amy and him earlier that night.

"When did you know it was me you were having sex with?" Amy asked.

"When Richard spoke. When did you know it was me?"

"When I heard him speak. Would you have had sex with me if you had known?"

"What!" Tom sounded shocked.

"Would you have had sex with me if you had known it was me in the shower?" Amy repeated.

"What a question." Tom was reliving the pleasure he had had with his sister and looked at her with a big grin on his face.

Amy saw him grin and replied. "Thought you would. I would have too."

"I want to do it again."

"So do I."

As soon as they were home they hurried into the house and, standing inside the front door ripped each others clothes off. Amy put her mouth onto Tom's and kissed him tasting his saliva. She rubbed her clitoris against her brother's hard penis while hundreds of miles away Debbie stood alone in her kitchen composing her reply to Amy's message. Amy and Tom heard it arrive and ignored it.

"Let's go into mum's and dad's bedroom." Tom suggested.

"No, we can't do that. I won't feel right having sex in their bed."

"That's what makes it so good." Tom replied.

Tom rubbed his hands over Amy's breasts while she gently massaged his penis.

"Let's use the bed in Debbie's old room. It's bigger than either of our beds." Amy said.

Amy picked up her clothes and, her phone and, quickly read Debbie's message.

"Debbie says, Malcolm and mum read my message and didn't understand it. She wants to know how it all happened?" Amy said.

Tom grabbed Amy's clothes out of her arms and dropped them on the floor by the front door and, taking her by the hand lead her into Debbie's old bedroom. He lay his sister on the bed and, gently rubbed her breasts.

"Your breasts are beautiful."

"Thank you."

Spreading her legs apart Amy guided her brother's penis against her opening, then putting her hands on either side of his face she guided it down to hers. They kissed. Tom felt her phone against the side of his face.

"Why have you ..." kiss "still got that ..." kiss "phone ..." kiss "in your hand?" Tom asked.

"Because ..." kiss "I was about to ..." kiss "answer Debbie when you ..." kiss "grabbed me ..." kiss "and brought me in here." Amy rubbed her clitoris against him moaning with pleasure.

Hundreds of miles away Debbie could not believe what she was hearing. Looking at the screen of her phone she realised that she was looking at the side of her brother's face. She was shocked. Putting her hand over her mouth she fell backwards against the kitchen door.

Taking the camera phone from his sister Tom pointed it at her face and slowly moved it down her body. The image of her writhing in pleasure appeared on Debbie's screen.

"What are you doing with my phone." Amy asked while rubbing her clitoris hard against her brother.

"Pretending that Debbie can see us."

Debbie watched the screen while listening to her brother's and sister's excited voices.

"I know something she'd like to see." Amy put her hand over her brother's hand and pointed the camera-phone at his hard penis. "She'd like to see your penis." Neither of them realised that the camera was switched on and was sending the pictures to Debbie.

Standing in her kitchen with her hand clasped over her mouth, her eyes open wide Debbie stared at the screen as she saw her brother's hard penis moving in and out of their sister. She was watching them fuck. She was excited and propped the phone up against the cook book stand. Pulling down her shorts and knickers she began to play with herself. She rubbed her fingers along her labia making her fingers very wet.

"Ooooooh!" Debbie could not stop herself from moaning as she rubbed her clitoris and orgasmed.

Both Amy and Tom heard the moan and realised that it had come from the phone. Looking at the screen they saw their older sister with her shirt up around her neck and one hand rubbing her breasts and the other on her crotch.

"Don't stop. I want to see what you're doing." Debbie pleaded.

Amy and Tom looked at each other and, smiling pointed the camera phone at Tom's penis as it moved in and out of Amy's vagina. At the same time they watched their older sister playing with herself.

Tom's cum shot into his twin sister and pointing the camera phone at Amy's vagina he showed Debbie his cum seeping out. Debbie could not control herself and another orgasm followed when she saw the picture.

"Shit, you two are perverted." Debbie whispered into the phone.

"Yes, but I bet you wish you were here with us." Amy replied.

"No, I don't." Debbie knew that her lie would not convince her sister and probably not her brother.

"Debbie likes you a lot. More than a sister should." Amy said to Tom.

Tom was shocked and his face showed it. Amy held the camera-phone so that Debbie could see their faces and, she gave their brother a lovers kiss just to make her sister jealous.

- - - - - - - - - o O o - - - - - - - - - -

Barry and Sandra slept well that night and woke early the following morning. They dressed and went into the kitchen where Debbie and Malcolm were already eating breakfast.

"Are any of you interested in visiting the Bio Dome? We could go together." Malcolm asked over breakfast.

"I'd love to go." Sandra replied.

"No!" Barry replied, he was only interested in gardens if he could sit in them.

"I'm not interested. It's just you two of you." Debbie had the same level of interest in gardens as her father.

"It's too far to travel there and back in one day. We'll have to stay overnight. I can book it through the travel office at work." Malcolm said.

"Hey dad, I think your wife and my husband are planning a dirty weekend away together." Debbie joked.

"Your mother snores. He'd better take ear plugs." Barry replied.

"No, I don't snore." Sandra gave her husband's arm a playful slap.

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