tagLoving WivesAn Act of Kindness

An Act of Kindness


It all started out innocently enough. I can't believe I let it happen. I'm not that kind of woman. I would never... Well, I did, and truth is, I enjoyed it!

I'm 32, a devoted wife and mother of three beautiful girls, ages 5, 9, and 11. My husband and I have been married 12 years and attend church regularly. I teach a Sunday school class, he is a deacon. We have a storybook marriage, really we do. We always talk out any problems that come up, we always agree on major purchases, we love and respect each other. I don't think I look like a woman who's had three children, because I try very hard to take care of myself. I exercise every day, I eat right, and I think it's working. I'm 5 feet, six and weigh about 115. Curves in all the right places, not too many extras. When my husband and I go out, and I'm dressed up with makeup on, I still get second looks from men who see me. I have shoulder length brown hair, a pretty face, nice legs, and slightly larger than average breasts. I don't think I'd ever be thought of as a 'knockout' but I do ok, considering.

A few months ago, I took a job in a local factory as a temp, running a machine. All that was available was on the evening shift, from 3 to 11, so that really put a crimp on our family time, since my husband works in the insurance business from 9 to 5. We arranged for day care after school and then my husband spent the evenings taking care of the girls. Sometimes, though, he would have to go on a business trip and then his mother would keep them until the next morning - so they could sleep all night and not have to wake up to go home when I got off work. She lived near their school so it was no problem for her to get them to school in the morning.

I would never admit it, but I was actually enjoying my time 'away' from my family. I found that I looked forward to going to work every afternoon, because it freed me from the constant demands that were pulling me this way and that - the girls needed me to do things for them, my husband always had something he needed me to do. I was getting burned out, and this job provided much needed relief. Let him take care of them for a while, let him see how hard I work every day just to keep our family fed and school work done, clothes washed, the whole thing. Let him take care of all that, and he might appreciate me more.

There was one man at work who I became friends with. He was around 45, John was his name. He was in great shape for a man his age. I wasn't really looking, but I did notice that he seemed solid and muscular. His job was to keep all the machines running, and he would have to come around to work on mine sometimes. It started out that we would talk when he had to come to my machine - then he started coming around at break times and then lunch. We got into a routine where we would spend all our breaks and lunchtime together. We enjoyed each other's company and found that we had a lot in common. You know how, with some people, you just don't ever 'feel' that you can trust them, and you talk about trivial, meaningless things? Not so with John. I found myself completely comfortable talking with him about everything. I felt no need to be 'on guard' or careful about what I said. With John, we could talk about deeper meanings, thoughts, ideas, and dreams. He was non-judgemental and let me talk when he saw I needed to. He was a good listener, and offered only insights, never criticism. I looked forward to my talks with John. He paid attention to what I said, and he picked up on the unspoken thoughts.

I learned that his wife had died years earlier, and he lived alone, over an hours drive from the factory. I found myself confiding in him my reasons for working second shift, and we talked about a variety of 'personal' subjects. I was comfortable with him, moreso than I can remember being with any man. (actually, even my husband, but I'd never admit it). Yes, we did engage in some light flirting, some inuendo's, some teasing, but only because we were so comfortable with each other - we both knew it was only in fun and nothing would ever come of it. I actually found myself attracted to John - in a physical way - but of course, I'm a happily married woman...

Well, one day it started snowing. My husband was out of town overnight on business, and the girls were scheduled to stay at their grandmothers that evening. It snowed all afternoon and evening. Heavy snow. By 10pm, the radio was saying all highways in the area were closed. John and I talked at break time, and he said it looked like he'd be spending the night in his truck, since he had called around and all the motels were filled. He said he was prepared, having an overnight bag and several blankets in his truck.

I couldn't bear the thought of him trying to sleep in his truck in the middle of a blizzard like that, so I asked if he'd come to my house and sleep on our couch. He didn't want to impose and was very reluctant, but I insisted, and finally he agreed to stay. We decided to both go in my Navigator since it had four wheel drive and his truck didn't.

When we left the factory, we stopped by his truck so he could get his overnight bag, and I told him he wouldn't need to bring any blankets. I had an awful time getting home, since there was over two feet of snow on the streets then.

We finally made it, and I pulled into my garage and closed the door before we got out of the Navigator. Actually, I was concerned about the neighbors seeing a man who was not my husband coming home with me. Even though we're just friends, and there was nothing untoward going on, it's better for them not to know.

John thanked me again before we even went into the house, saying "I really appreciate this, you know. I hope your husband doesn't mind you dragging a man home!" I assured him that it was not going to be a problem. I had neglected to mention that my husband wouldn't be home, because I knew John would probably have refused to stay. I had also neglected to mention that the girls wouldn't be home, either. One problem though. John noticed the other stall empty, and asked where my husband's car was as we were going through the door into the house. I didn't answer until we were both inside and I closed the door behind us.

"Oh, I forget to tell you, he's out of town tonight. He'll be back tomorrow night. And I might as well tell you, the girls aren't home either. I knew that you would refuse to come if you knew we'd be here alone, sO I just failed to mention it. We're both grownups, and we know nothing's going to happen, so it's not a problem, is it?" I said, teasing him with a mischievous grin.

John just shook his head, saying, "YOu are something else, lady. Always thinking about others. YOu had to make sure I had a warm dry place to sleep tonight, and you KNEW I wouldn't even consider coming here if I had known. Thanks. And I'll be sure to be on my best behavior! Wouldn't wanna get myself thrown out in the snow in the middle of the night!"

I showed him the couch and led him to the guest bathroom so he could get changed. I went upstairs to shower and get ready for bed. When I came back down wearing warm pj's and slippers, John was on the couch watching tv, wearing flannel pj's. I offered him something to drink, saying that I usually have a glass of milk and a light snack after work, while I get wound down. John said that whatever I had sounded good to him too. I brought in two glasses of milk and some cheese for us to snack on, and sat at the other end of the couch while we watched the news. The weather showed the snowstorm was going to continue through the night, but they were forecasting for it to clear up by daylight.

When we finished our snacks, I went to the closet and made sure he had enough pillows and blankets to be comfortable. After taking our empty glasses and plate to the kitchen, I wished John sweet dreams and headed upstairs. He just said, "Thanks," as he got settled in on the couch. Halfway up the stairs, I yelled down, "breakfast is at 8 sharp!" and he acknowledged with "oh, ok!"

I went on to bed, leaving my door open as always. Lately, we seldom closed the door. Not much ever happened that we'd need to close it. I couldn't sleep. I was still awake a half hour later, and I remembered that I hadn't taken my daily birth control pill that I usually take every night before bed. Not wanting to wake up John, I crept slowly down the steps, on the way to the kitchen where all the pills and medications were in the cabinet above the sink.

Halfway down the steps I glanced over toward the couch. What I saw changed my life forever.

John was laying on his back with his eyes closed, stroking his penis! The blankets were thrown down around his feet and he actually had his penis out. It pointed straight up and looked huge! I had only seen my husband's before, but this one - it had to be at least six or seven inches long!! I was in shock. Totally mesmerized by the sheer enormous size of it. I knew it was wrong, and I should turn away, but I couldn't. I stood there riveted to the spot, mouth open, gaping in awe at John's huge penis. I remember the word 'gigantic' going through my mind, along with perverted thoughts of touching it myself. That moment transformed me.

Then suddenly I found myself actually wondering what it would be like to touch it. No one ever has to know, I thought. It had been so very long since my husband had been able to satisfy me, or even willing to try. I felt the wetness begin between my legs. The desire. The craving. From that moment it was as if I were in a trance. It was as if I was watching myself from above, slowly moving one step at a time. closer and closer to John. Silently, stealthily creeping closer, eyes locked on his c... uh, his penis. I watched myself reach the bottom step and start across the carpet to the couch. I silently crept toward him and quietly sat on the coffee table, eyes never moving from that monstrous c... uh, I mean penis. His eyes were still closed and his strokes were speeding up a bit. I swear I saw a smile cross his face. I had to touch it. I simply had to. I told myself I only wanted to help this poor lonely man who had been such a good friend to me, but in reality I wanted much more. I wanted his p...., no, I wanted his cock. I found a part of me emerging that had lain dormant for years - the sensual, wild, sexy part of me that only comes out in the middle of orgasm. The slut that just wants to fuck and be fucked. Nothing else matters but cumming.

I whispered softly,"could you use some help with that, John?" as I covered his hand with mine. Just as I expected, John panicked when he opened his eyes and saw me looking at his cock, reaching out to touch it. He quickly tried to put it away, blubbering excuses, but I quietly 'shushed' him and took over with his hand job.

"Don't say a word," I whispered, "this isn't happening. It stays between you and me, and only this one time, ok? Please let me do this for you..." as I wrapped my fingers around his cock and began to slowly stroke it. "Just lie back and relax, John, close your eyes and enjoy!" I said, quietly. John let his arms drop to his sides, sighing in resignation, "Whew...busted." As I held his cock in my hand, I was amazed at the heat radiating from it, at the sheer size of it, at the soft velvety skin, and the hardness just below the skin.

I dropped to my knees beside the couch, and began using both hands to caress his cock. My face moved closer and closer to his cock, as I wanted to get an up-close look at this monster. I knew I would never see one this big again, and I wanted the image burned into my memory. The musky scent seemed to pull me closer, and I brought my lips close to the tip. It bounced and touched my lips, leaving a drop of moisture behind. My tongue licked it off my lip and I found it to be a bit salty and tasted very nice. I wanted more.

I had never done this before with anyone. In high school, some of the class sluts described it in great detail, and I started to do it with my husband once, but he said it was perverted and I never tried it again. I leaned forward and closed my lips around the tip. I looked up, watching for his reaction. John's eyes flew open and his mouth dropped open in shock as my lips touched him. The smooth skin felt hot on my lips as I closed my mouth over the head of John's cock. My tongue circled the head as I held it just inside my lips. I looked up at John to see how he was doing. His eyes were closed and his mouth forming the word, "ohhhh" as I sucked him deeper into my mouth. I parted my lips slightly to allow some spit to drip out and coat his cock as I slid more of it inside. When I felt the head bump against the back of my throat, I moved higher to change the angle, which let his cockhead slip right on down my throat. I felt my gag reflex kick in,constricting my throat around his cockhead, and quickly pulled back a bit. John only groaned.

After taking a deep breath, I pushed forward, sliding his cock further and further down my throat, until my lips were against his pubic hair. I actually felt a huge sense of accomplishment! John's giant cock was completely inside my mouth! I slowly slid back and didn't stop until the head was just inside my lips, then after another deep breath, slowly pushed forward again. Over and over, deep inside my mouth and back out. By now his cock was glistening with a mixture of my spit and his precum, which bubbled out around my lips as I sucked him.

I became a wild slut, bobbing up and down his cock, fucking him with my mouth. Nothing else existed for me, I had to make that beautiful cock shoot it's cum, and I was torn as to where I wanted it. Even as I sucked him, I felt my pussy throbbing, and in my mind I wondered how that giant cock would feel - filling me like I've never been filled before. I was hotter than I've ever been before - and so very wet - I could feel the coolness of the liquid dripping down the insides of my thighs.

I made my decision in just a few seconds. Without missing a stroke, I slid my pj's over my hips, let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. I quickly unbuttoned the top, and threw it off. I was on my knees in front of my own couch, bent over naked, sucking a man's cock who was NOT my husband, seriously considering climbing on and FUCKING him right then and there!!

I pulled my mouth away as I climbed onto the couch and moved to straddle him, a knee on either side of his hips, "John, whatever you do, don't move!" I commanded him, my hands gripping his shoulders as I settled in on top of him. I felt his huge cock brush against my pussy hair as I moved into position. I leaned forward slightly, and used one hand to guide him to my pussy. I was wetter than ever, and his cockhead easily parted my drenched labia. I let myself sink onto his hard cock in one long, smooth motion.

"OH MY GOD!!" I screamed out as John's huge cock entered me for the first time ever. "OH, FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!!" I yelled, feeling myself totally and completely filled with hot cock. Never before had I felt anything that big inside me! I felt like a virgin again! I found myself pressing downward against him, wanting every fraction of his cock to fill me. I felt the tip pressing against my cervix, and revelled in the fullness and the hotness and the wetness of it all. I threw my head back and rocked myself forward and back on his cock, letting the steel-hard shaft press against my clit, feeling it throbbing with wave after wave of pure sensual pleasure.

Then I slowly began to raise up, higher and higher, until only the tip was still inside me. This time, I dropped onto it, ramming it deep inside me once again, feeling it fill me instantly. While grinding against it, I pressed backward, pushing the shaft against my clit, wich shot pleasure through my entire body. I collapsed forward against John's chest, pressing my breasts against him, finding his lips and kissing him as my hips automatically raised again, fucking him slower now, slipping him in and out of my hot wet pussy, settling into a slow steady rythm.

Our tongues intertwined as we kissed, hot and wet, while we lay there fucking. I was totally in awe, never having felt such pleasure within my body - ever. We fucked for what must have been an hour, him thrusting up into me, and me pressing my pussy against him. I raised up a bit and fed him a nipple which he happily sucked between his lips while we fucked. Then the other one, then our lips met and we kissed more. I felt so very FILLED, every crevice, every fold of my pussy stretched to the limit by his huge cock. We began a cycle, first just pressure and not much movement, then slow in and out stroking, then I kept him imbedded deep inside and just let my pussy squeeze him, rocking forward and back ever so slightly.

It happened all at once. It was like a tidal wave that came crashing over me out of nowhere. When I felt it begin, I grabbed John's shoulders and raised myself up on stiffened arms, pressing my pussy down harder against him. I cried out, "OH GOD, JOHN!! OH FUUUUUUUUCK!! OH, GOD, I'm CUUUUUMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!" as I felt my pussy spasming and his cock shooting jet after jet of hot cum inside me! John's hands held my hips and guided me up and down over his cock as it filled me, using my body to fuck his spasming cock.

I collapsed against him as wave after wave of orgasmic ecstacy washed over me, his cock still throbbing inside me. I felt his hands cup my ass, pulling me hard against him as he filled me with his cum. I can't remember feeling this close to anyone ever before. This was without question the most intimate bond I could ever imagine between two people. For just this moment, this man's magnificent cock was my entire world. We lay there entwined for several minutes, as our breathing slowed and our heartbeats returned to normal, both of us covered in a sheen of sweat.

John began to speak, and I quickly "sshhh'd" him with a finger to his lips,"don't say a word, John, this is not happening. YOu're just having a dream..." as I began to disengage myself and slide down lower, kissing his nipples and then his belly along the way.

My lips found his soft, slippery wet cock, and I sucked him inside my mouth, surprised at the sweetness of our combined juices as I licked him clean. I gave his cock a final kiss and found my pj's, slipping them on quickly.

I stood and whispered,"remember, John, this never happened....goodnight, and pleasant dreams to you, my friend!" as I turned to leave. In the dim light, John smiled and mouthed the words, "thank you" as I turned away. I made it to the kitchen, then got back to bed, promptly falling asleep - totally fulfilled - more satisfied than I ever remembered in my entire life. I'm sure I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

Next thing I know, I smell bacon. A glance at the bedside clock confirms that it's 8am. Then the memory of last night flooded my mind. All I could think was Oh MY GOD, what have I done? I quickly threw on a robe and headed downstairs. John was at the stove, presiding over the bacon and eggs. He looked up and smiled, saying"Good morning, sleepyhead! I was up so I thought I should get things started...you DID say breakfast was at 8...sharp!"

No mention of last night. Good. For just a moment, I was beginning to wonder myself just what actually happened. That WAS real, wasn't it? Is it possible that I dreamt it? My tender pussy - still leaking John's cum - told me it really DID happen.

I smiled back at John, saying,"Uh, well, I guess I overslept! Actually, I had a REALLY nice dream..." as I grinned at him.

"Well, as hard as you work, you deserve to sleep in once in a while! I'm glad to be able to help out a little," he said, grinning back at me as he flipped the bacon over. "I mean, after all, you *did* take me in like a poor stray dog - just trying to earn my keep, ma'am," John said, "And, I had a pretty nice dream myself..." He grinned for a second, then turned back to the stove.

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