tagInterracial LoveAn African Boss

An African Boss

byauthor on Africa©

David sat quietly in his car at his villa's gates while he waited for his African gardener, Rufus, to arrive and open them for him. He took the opportunity to take in the rich colour of the flowering trees as they blossomed in the warm glow of the late afternoon African sun.

It was one of the best times of the day. The 4pm rains had swept past and the lush greenery and colourful flowers and trees seemed refreshed and renewed. With the worst heat of the sun passed he expected a balmy and peaceful tropical evening.

Rufus arrived and quickly unlocked the gate. He kept his face averted from that of his white employer and looked troubled. David swept through the gates and up his leafy drive, dismissing thought of Rufus as he anticipated a pleasant evening with his lovely wife Sarah.

As he came within site of the villa his heart leapt into his mouth. His blood raced with a shot of adrenalin. His cock twitched and throbbed in anticipatory excitement.

Parked in front of the villa was the company Mercedes of his African boss, Igwe Orizu. Dominic, his black chauffer lazed by the car idly chatting to Chuku Olanes, Igwe's brutal looking bodyguard.

David parked his car on the far side of the driveway, unwilling to go too near the now grinning and smirking pair.

He sat for a moment in the car. As he sat his cock now fully erect throbbed in his trousers straining the material.

Inside the villa his lovely wife was undoubtedly already entertaining his boss. Entertaining in a manner that would not be platonic, or simply social. His cock throbbed again at the image of his lovely white wife naked and submissive to the demands of his rampant big cocked African boss.

Igwe had appeared a charming and delightful boss from the moment of the first interview, which his wife had attended. From the moment they had sat with him in the rented office in London he had been all bonhomie and good humour. David had been expecting a gruelling interview. Igwe had behaved from the start as though it was all a formality and as though the job was already his.

Reflecting on this David was aware that the job might well have been his from the moment Igwe looked at the accompanying photograph of his lovely blond wife Sarah.


Sarah was at that moment lavishly sucking on the mammoth black monster that had taught her the delights of feminine submission. Her normally feisty nature had evaporated in the presence of the natural dominance of Igwe Orizu.

Her taste buds absorbed and thrilled to the taste of the masculine throbbing aroused manhood. The pungent smell threatened to overcome as she eagerly bobbed her lovely blond head over the black pole. Her soft sweet lips slid nibbling over the gnarled throbbing veins of the heated blood that stiffened and hardened the thick and lengthy specimen of hot black cock.

Igwe grinned, and glanced across at Oba Abere, Vice President of African Conglomerate Trading. His hand lightly caressed the curly blonde hair of the Englishwoman seeking so tirelessly to give him pleasure

"These suppressed English housewives make the most magnificent sluts once broken in."

Sarah heard herself described a slut and her pussy throbbed and twitched. Once such a term addressed to her would have shocked and horrified her. The idea that she might have ever behaved in the way she was now, would once have brought her deep shame.

Not tonight, with her lips lovingly pleasuring her husband's demanding African boss, she thrilled with excitement at such a term directed at herself. Her breasts strained with excited fullness and she sought to thrust the firm globes forward seeking more attention from these dark lusting men.

"Would you believe this little honey had never swallowed male spunk before I spurted my load down her throat. Now the lovely little slut can't get enough of it!"

He grinned across at Oba. As if on queue male seed surged up his cock. Sarah conscious of the conversation pulled back from the leaking cock and allowed a ball of thick spunk to appear. She grinned across at Oba before she stretched out her tongue and quickly taking it on her tongue.

She paused for a moment. Her eyes passing from Oba to Igwe before withdrawing her tongue, she eagerly savoured the pungent male seed that seemed so delicious to her now.

Oba grinned and rubbed his aroused cock. Sarah saw the motion and shivered. She quickly returned to Igwe's demanding cock eager to bring him to a climax so she could move on to Oba. She had grown to love the expression on an African's face when she took his cock between her soft lips for the first time.


David stepped out of the car. Avoiding the chauffeur and bodyguard he decided to walk the long way around the villa and enter through the patio door. That way he could avoid the knowing grins of the two African employees.

Even as he did so his head seemed to pound with a rush of blood. His path would take him past the window of the main bedroom. He doubted that Sarah or Igwe would have closed the curtains. It would not be the first time he had spied on his lovely wife splayed on her back as a randy and rampant Igwe thrust and pounded between her shapely lithe white thighs.

He had never dreamed that the sight of his lovely blonde wife being brutally and vigorously fucked by a randy black man would be so exciting.

He adjusted his trousers as he walked to try and hide his own throbbing erection from the grinning African employees.

As he rounded the corner for the villa he headed for the deeper bushes just near the far corner. He knew from there he would be relatively well hidden but would be able to see into his bedroom.

His stomach seemed to be in his mouth as he slipped inside the bush.

Before he was able to see into the bedroom he could hear the urgent coupling taking place. Since their arrival he and Sarah had placed mosquito nets over the windows. That allowed them to leave them open to help ease the stifling heat of the African night.

From those windows came the urgent heavy grunting of a rutting male, matched by excited feminine squeals.

There were no voices.

Just squeals and the excited yips of an over excited woman, mixed with the heavy gasping breath of an over excited male taking its pleasure of a compliant willing woman.

His hand stroked over his own cock. He wondered if he dared take it out and play with himself. It would be embarrassing if he were to be seen by his gardener or house domestic.

He glanced through the bush into the bedroom.

A large black body heaved and humped on his bed. It was not Igwe. Big and powerful as he was, this African was bigger, bordering on corpulent. Not that it seemed to reduce his vigorous activity.

It must be Nasam Togbi!

Nasam Togbi was the President of the African Conglomerate Trading. He had been at the office this afternoon meeting with Igwe negotiating a new contract for the supply of construction materials. It had been a good friendly meeting. He and Igwe had been on great terms from the beginning, though as he knew well that could be a mask hiding Igwe's true feelings.

Now Nasam was hear in his bed, fucking his wife. Presumably Igwe's offer of the curvy blonde wife of his new accountant had been part of the deal.

His hand returned to his cock. He could not restrain from touching himself. It had amazed him how his wife had so quickly succumbed to the attentions of Igwe. Even more so when she had allowed him liberties and perversions that she had through 19 years of faithful marriage denied him. It was as though she was a besotted teenager.

Now inside that bedroom she was allowing a middle-aged overweight African take his pleasure between her legs, and clearly enjoying it herself. He could see her blond hair splayed across the pillow but her body was hidden from sight beneath the heavy overbearing black body.

He edged closer.

Seeking a better angle.

A better view of his wife.

"Ooooooh, Yes!! Yes!! Ooooooh."

Lithe white legs seemed to shoot up into the air on either side of the heavy thrusting black body. He watched mesmerised as they seemed to quiver and shake. She was unmistakably having an orgasm.

Not that Nasam slowed his heavy excited thrusting, between those shapely white thighs.

His body rose up above the white woman below him. Immediately those shapely legs seemed to edge higher and point away up towards her head. Splaying herself wide and open to the thrusting African.

David had a clear view of Nasam's long thick cock glistening with lubrication as it poised for a moment above the splayed offered womanhood. Then his body heaved forward and that huge cock seemed to disappear into the squirming woman beneath him.

"Oh God! No! Please God No!"

The figures on the bed ignored him and the sound of slick wet flesh slapping together came to him through the window.

It was not his wife on that bed....it was his teenage daughter!! His eyes were glued to the outrage being enacted on his own bed.

Nasam, black, overweight and aroused rose again over the shapely naked body of his teenage white daughter. That thick cock slid from her, glistening and dark, then thrust heavily and deeply.

"Oooooooh! Oh Yes! Fuck Me."

David's head swam with a mix of horror and outrage. A man should not hear those words from his own daughter. Especially not when a man nearly three times her age and black was humping and thrusting above her.

His cock had no such qualms and remained fiercely erect.

"Oh God," he whispered. His eyes riveted on the forbidden sight of his lovely blonde daughter being vigorously fucked by a black man.

Tammy was 18 years old. She was a pocket Venus version of her mother with the same blonde hair, the same shapely figure, and the same sapphire blue eyes.

He could not take his eyes off the sight before him as Nasam rose above her again. He paused, motionless above her, and David watched the greedy lust on his face as his eyes took in the blonde vision of English girlhood beneath him.

Shocked and confused David noticed the full, firm, thrusting mounds of his daughter's breasts, the darkened peaks of her nipples standing proud and erect. Nasam's head darted down and seized one of these pert full nipples between his teeth and nibbled and bit.

He watched as his daughter excitedly bucked and thrust her white breast into the greedy mouth of the corpulent African businessman. Nasam ravished the firm bud with his teeth.

Unconsciously David's hand returned to his cock.

Nasam laughed and released his grip on her nipple and thrust vigorously. Tammy bucked and squirmed beneath him as he began a series of rapid thrusting.

Tammy's head flopped to one side. David drew back afraid of being seen. He need not have worried. He recognised that over-glazed look in his daughter's blue eyes. A look he had grown used to seeing in his wife's eyes. David's daughter was too far gone in lust to be able to recognise anything other than the pleasure giving African plundering her innocence.

David had not been aware that his daughter had been drawn into Igwe's circle of depravity and corruption. He knew from his wife's tales just how kinky and perverted he was! How long had his daughter been in the lecherous clutch of his African boss and his favoured colleagues?

No doubt the contract signed that afternoon had been sealed by Igwe, not with the offer of his wife, but with the innocent body of his daughter.

At that moment his daughter began a feverish humping. Thrusting herself firmly upwards to meet the rampant hard black cock pumping downwards into her feverishly clasping womanhood.

David watched in awe as Nasam flexed his buttocks several times then went into a spasm atop his gasping eagerly accepting daughter.

The African was pumping his seed into the unprotected sheath of his nubile daughter.

David jumped as a strong hand clasped his neck.

He nearly died of shock and shame at his being discovered peeking on his daughter submitting to the lust of the older African businessman.

His next thought was fear at the strength in that hand clamped on his neck. He looked around into to the leering aggressive face of Igwe's bodyguard, Chuku.

Chuku nodded towards the bedroom and grinned. It was not a grin that inspired humour. David felt a flush of shame cross his face.

Chuku pressed hard on David's neck and he crumpled to his knees. He struggled to get back up but Chuku looked down at him and effortlessly held him in position.

Suddenly David became aware that Chuku had an erection. His shorts were bulging close to his face. The sudden implication horrified him and he recommenced struggling. Chuku held him effortlessly in place.

David ceased struggling, and looked up fearfully at the leering bodyguard.

"Now we find if you can do this as well as your daughter!"

"What! No...Oh Please No." David was horrified at the thought that his young daughter may have been held in place and made to pleasure this leering hulk.

The quiet of the African evening was broken by the sound of a zip being lowered...

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That poor pathetic father...

So twisted and deranged, that I was completely mesmerized!! Does this sort of total domination exist?

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